Who Built the Pyramids and When?

Giza Necropolis DrawingIn this approach we will find some fascinating details as well as some that will confound the reader. The question should come to mind; “how can it be both times?” In order to appreciate the wholeness of this aspect of our pondering we need to look at a world-wide fascination of ancient peoples. What is this world-wide phenomenon? In one word, it is Astronomy.

As we mentioned in the previous post the oldest civilized peoples all were very adept students of the stars. Their rituals and beliefs very much focused on the skies. They measured the movement of the Sun, the Moon, and the constellations. Their were Sun gods and Moon goddesses and the stars were home to the Gods. They followed the path of the Sun, the Moon and the constellations across the skies. They knew the cycles of the Sun and Moon and Earth. They could predict the eclipses and even the arrival of comets. One of the most famous stories known to us today tells of 3 magi that travel for 2 years to find a baby born under very special astronomical conditions. It has been theorized that the ‘bright star’ the magi followed to the birth place of this special child was a comet or a conjunction of planets with certain constellations, this is merely mentioned to show that the stars were of great influence across the peoples of the world in ancient times.

egypt-godsMoving forward, we know that the Egyptians believed that in Zep Tepi, or the First Time, that the Gods came to Earth and lived here and created people and lived with the people. This belief is similar to many other peoples’ beliefs about how we came to be. And it is another belief that after Zep Tepi that the Gods returned to the Stars. This belief is probably what made astronomy so important for them. In effect to study the stars or heavenly bodies was to study the Gods.

Since mainstream Egyptologists consider the Zep Tepi to be ‘just a story’, even though they used the lists of the Pharaohs in the same texts as historical reference to real persons, they have not looked seriously at the events from a historical point of view, neither have they tried to figure out when Zep Tepi occurred. This of course leaves us wondering how much of Zep Tepi is accurate and just when did Zep Tepi happen. Remember that Homer’s poems The Iliad and Odyssey were just stories until the real city of Troy was discovered in Turkey. The discovery proved that at least in regard to the description of Troy, Homer was accurate. It has since been discovered that most of the 10 cities that were mentioned in Homer’s prose were real cities and contemporaries of Troy. Why do we care about the cities in lines of Homer being real? It is proof that just because we have not found the proof of the stories of the ancients this does not mean they are not true. How does this relate to our search of Giza? Well, regarding the search for Zep Tepi, maybe it relates very well. There has been no search for Zep Tepi, but there has been questions regarding when all or part of the Necropolis was constructed.

Sphinx_partially_excavated2We have questioned the erosion of the Sphinx, as well as, its placement and the lay out of the Pyramids. The Sphinx has the body of a lion, we do not know what the original head of the creature might have been, it is the author’s belief that statements naming Kufu, Khafre or any other pharaoh as the model for the face are incorrect and without real merit. However, for now the matter of whose face is or whose face should be bore by the immortal lion is mostly irrelevant. That being said there may come a day when the discovery of the truth makes it very relevant and helps to explain the complete secrets that have thus far eluded us. If you allow for the known facts, a lion’s body and the high interest with the stars and the lion looking east, this points to an epoch of time, and that is when the Sun rested in the sign of Leo. The alignment of the Pyramids in relation to the stars of the belt of Orion, also point to the location of Orion during a specific time in the past that can also be found during the time of Leo. These 2 factors would support a time of approximately 10,500 BCE. The builders left other clues for those that are willing to listen; the very elaborate ‘ventilation’ shafts of the King’s and Queen’s Chambers ironically enough have doors, an odd thing for ventilation, and point to other specific points that would be reasonable to assume were of interest to the ancients. The points in the skies where these shafts point are to the exact locations of very important known stars. These stars that the shafts point to are Sirus, and Beta Ursa Minor from the Queen’s Chamber and Zeta Orion and Alpha Draconis from the King’s Chamber, but during the epoch of 2500BCE.

Diagram of the Great PyramidToday, in our time of super computers and high tech gadgets and programs and knowledge we have software that will show us the skies for any time that we want. If you want to know how the heavens looked over your house in the time of the dinosaurs you can and if you want to know what you might see in 50 or 100 years you can see that as well. What an amazing and wonderful thing! However, we have yet to find any similar technological items from ancient times; therefore, how did the builders of the Giza Necropolis know either what the skies looked like in 10,500BCE or how they would look in 2,500BCE? Is it not interesting that both times seem to be marked in the eternal monuments. What was so very important about the 2 different times in history for the ancient Egyptians? If the builders were in 10,500BCE how did they know where the stars would have been 8,000 years in the future? Yet, if the builders were of 2,500BCE, how did they know where Orion was located 8,000 years prior; and how did they know the measurements of the earth?


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