Who Needs God Anyway?

Thus, if you are wondering how you can truly assess either your own religion or religion in general as a valid and necessary part of your life or something that should be history, then Timothy Chen thinks he has the answer for you in his new book The Religious Transaction. Chen was raised in a religious home and continued to practice while off attending college. However, in early adulthood, Chen faced some challenges that led to him questioning everything about his belief system, which was based on his religion.

Witching Badness

While most witches are white witches, there are some that have certainly been dark!

Witch, Right Kind Of Wrong

There has always been and will always be outcasts and misfits and those that seem to live in their own reality and by their own rules. Yet, none seem to have caused as much mayhem and been so persecuted as those labeled “Witch.”

The (A) History Of Witches

The origins or history or witches is very much dependent on the researchers definition of just what a witch is. If you ask a ‘witch’


It’s that time of year again! Join in on getting our scare on, this year with true historic horrors!

Consider This

What makes an ‘expert’ and expert? What matters more in discovery and invention? Titles or passion? Research/learning or publications?

Grain Silos

Did I hear that right? Dr. Ben Carson believes that they pyramids of Giza were Silos.

Gnow Your Gnomes

We have grown up with tales told at bedtime that include all sorts of wonderful and scary creatures, some are warm and furry, others are ugly and mean, and still others defy imagination.

Come Forth And Do My Bidding

s we have seen, there are many creatures that are neither living nor dead. The number of such creatures lends to many beliefs. First, that their are many creatures that defy our understanding. Second that there is something after or more than this life. Third, that the natural and supernatural overlap each other. So let us continue our venture into the land of the night and the realm of the undead…..

We will travel to the Caribbean and the Island of Hispaniola, the country of Haiti, the land of Voodoo.
Across the beautiful tropical isles of the Caribbean is a complex and intriguing mix of Christianity and the ancient religions of Africa. Voodoo is one of the major old practices of the region. Zombi, a possible origin of the word Zombie, is actually a West African deity. Another version of the origin is the use of the Kongo or Dahomey word nzambi or soul. Once mixed with Haitian Voodoo the word became zombi.

According to Voodoo, the body can die one of two ways. The first is a natural death which is just as it sounds, from illness or very old age, the second is unnaturally, murder or tragically, before their time. When that happens, the soul is stuck waiting by the grave for the gods to allow them to move on. So let us continue our venture…

Did You See That

It seems that the night is full of things that we do not see in the light. And it is those things, that it seems, we have been taught to fear, through the ages.

Other Undead

I would like to add that there some other undead beings or creatures that roam around: