Patriotism or Self-Promotion

Last week anchor Liz Wahl quit on air from her post at RT. Her claim was that she did not like taking money from Russia, nor for “white-washing Putin’s actions”. I am some what confused and certainly unimpressed by her “patriotic” actions. Wahl has been an anchor for RT for some time, has she never read her contract or her paystub? How did she not know that her money came from Russia? Is she not a journalist, did she not know whom she was seeking employment from, did she never figure out that the R in RT was Russia? All those questions, certainly makes one wonder why she was ever hired by RT to begin with. I do understand why she was on the desk and not out in the field; she could not conduct an interview or broadcast without extreme assistance of her legal pad. Matter of fact even upon finding her “Patriotism” she was so passionate and determined about her decision that she sat melancholy and despondent with legal pad in hand, reading her new found passion like a school child reciting a list of unappreciated historic dates.
I also find it ironic that she doesn’t like that her previous employer was pro-Putin. Does she actually believe that any mass media outlet is not biased? Is she that naive that she thinks that the likes of CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, or BBC are not biased in their presentation of the news? Does she not think that they do not “white-wash” stories to the benefit of their audience and producers and ratings? This is just another example of how lacking our education system is that we produce individuals in fields where open-minds and free-thinking are primary components yet the individuals have no idea how to think for themselves, how to seek the truth, how to investigate the event without having a biased point of view. Of course the government and big business do not want reporters and a press that seeks the truth, that thinks for themselves, that is out for the common good of the people. That is why big business bought up all the news outlets. How can you call any mass media outlet unbiased when 6 corporations own over 90% of the news published in most countries.
I am sure that Wahl will find her 15 minutes of fame in US mainstream media, they cannot wait to exploit her antics in their very biased anti-Putin stance. Therefore, she will be a praised pawn for the very pro-Obama pieces, especially during the Ukrainian unrest. She should enjoy her 15 minutes and charge top dollar for her selling her legal pad patriotism and invest that money well, she has no real future in journalism, she is not smart enough, nor is she pretty enough to be of lasting rating for anyone worthwhile in the industry.

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