What’s With The Doll, Mack?

So about this time last year, I shared a great weekend one-night-stand with you. His name was Raymond, Ray for short, but everyone calls him Mack. Well, how about a spring break fling?!? Why? Cause it will take at least your Spring Break to experience Mack’s new mystery.  Let me confess upfront, this new adventure…

Simply Unbelievable!

Earlier this year, we shared a book about the murder of Melissa Witt and encouraged readers to learn her story and help if they could. Every missing and murdered person deserves for their truth to be told and their justice to be sought. We shared how you could help with Melissa’s truth and justice and…

To Garden Or Not To Garden

I am a non-gardening gardener. I helped as a child in my grandparents’ garden. I love the concept and idea of family gardens. I think gardens and growing your own food is important on many levels. However, partly by lifestyle and partly by personality, I do not seem to be very good at growing plants….

Book Date for the Circumspect

Looking for something not too exciting or too fast? Want a mild distraction, not something that will leave you wanting more? You only want this weekend at most. You don’t want any risk of any strings being attached. You aren’t looking for something serious or intense. Then we have the perfect fix for your nothing…

Who Killed Melissa Witt?

That being said, Melissa is just one of the many daughters, sisters, mothers, girls, women that go missing every year. Most end up murdered and many are never even found. According to Statista Research, in 2021, 194,673 females under the age of 21 were missing, which is more than 3 times the number of missing females over the age of 21.

Curious About Off-Grid Living

The basic aspects of deciding how far off the grid you want to be and where is the best place to be for the new life you want is the basic premise for the work. Which states rank best for different aspects of off-grid living, from types of building restrictions, such as what size of residences are required, to different water access rights, can you use the water on your land, are listed in Top 10 lists.

Sadistic Pleasures is Grim Reminder

Did you know that at least 52 countries are experiencing armed conflict right now as you are reading this? And that 18 of those are wars, whether major or minor. And five have been on-going, in some form or another since the late 1940s.

Most of us will never be POWs or civilians caught in the midst of war, thus, hearing and learning from the experience of those subjected to such experiences is even more important. And that is where Sadistic Pleasures by Ashken Arakelyan comes in.

Jack? There’s No Jack Here

While the plot sticks fairly close to the historic tale, there is absolutely no mention of Jack. All the horror takes place around Dury Lane, a different East End slum. Over crowded with the poor, lost, desperate outsiders of society. London probably had more than her fair share of poor trying to eek out some form of survival, having lost their belief in even eking out a living during the late 19th century.

Time Not Travel Stopped

It doesn’t live up to the title potential. The author might know the topic of history and or prehistory, but he doesn’t know how to truly weave a compelling story conveying his knowledge.

Black Widow: Right Hero, Wrong Story

Disney has murdered EVERY movie franchise they have acquired. They have taken some of the icons of American Film and completely eviscerated them, dismembering them into paper-shell jokes. Their writers write not for the love and desire of storytelling. No, they write stories for virtue signaling and political statements, to prove support of trendy special interest movements. The sad thing is; they do no service to the propaganda, their stories are so shallow that nothing supports their farce.

How Joe Killed A Book!

If you have come across the book Blaze In, Blaze Out by Joseph Lewis, but have not picked it up yet, be forewarned that you will get more than you think you are from the synopsis and less at the same time. It is literally 2 stories clashing all the way through. The clash is due to the divergence of the plots that would appeal separately to different audiences with such a minor overlap as to be negligible for true reader enjoyment.

Zero Per Cent Chance Of Truth

In the work A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse Our Journey from the Age of Prosperity to the Era of Environmental Grief by Vítězslav Kremlík you can follow the dramatic change in science and the press over the last 50ish years that has brought us to such heated and politicized attacks.