Zero Per Cent Chance Of Truth

In the work A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse Our Journey from the Age of Prosperity to the Era of Environmental Grief by Vítězslav Kremlík you can follow the dramatic change in science and the press over the last 50ish years that has brought us to such heated and politicized attacks.

What’s happened with Science!

Ironically, we used to consider those that could not understand the things that they could not see for themselves to be ignorant, currently we do not question those that will not attempt to understand anything they cannot see in their petri dishes.

On The Rebound

After a break-up we all need a rebound. My short list included Linux Mint and Zorin. Who did I choose?

Bright Greens Apocalypse

The sad thing is that now we know that they really were onto something. It can be a really hard thing for someone

Windows Walk Away

Part of what makes leaving Windows behind is leaving the software behind. Let us guide to new and better software!

Where Do I Start?

How do I get from Windows to Linux? We are here to help you make the move!

Dear Windows, Good-Bye, Without Love

Are you tired of Windows? Are you looking for a better OS that gives you what you want without stealing your soul and life?Linux has what you want!

It’s all about chemistry!

If you feel like you’re being stuck in a bad marriage with either Windows or MacOS, than you know it’s time to leave things behind and move on.

Little Steps Are Still Steps

At some point we all ask where did we come from and how did we get here. But the answer is not a simple as textbook theory!