Questions Most Pondered

In this article, I share with you some of my most pondered questions about human origins and ancient civilizations.

Grain Silos

Did I hear that right? Dr. Ben Carson believes that they pyramids of Giza were Silos.

Hancock V Hawass

So on 22 April 2015, there was supposed to have been a debate between, Graham Hancock and Dr. Zahi Hawass, in Egypt. The topic was about their differing views of the history of Egypt and human kind.

Egypt in Both Headlines

It had been my initial plan to move out of Egypt at least for a bit in our journeys of thought, but as such would have it Egypt had other ideas,…

Who Built the Pyramids and When?

As we mentioned in the previous post the oldest civilized peoples all were very adept students of the stars. Their rituals and beliefs very much focused on the skies. They measured the movement of the Sun, the Moon, and the constellations. Their were Sun gods and Moon goddesses and the stars were home to the Gods. They followed the path of the Sun, the Moon and the constellations across the skies. They knew the cycles of the Sun and Moon and Earth. They could predict the eclipses and even the arrival of comets. One of the most famous stories known to us today tells of 3 magi that travel for 2 years to find a baby born under very special astronomical conditions. It has been theorized that the ‘bright star’ the magi followed to the birth place of this special child was a comet or a conjunction of planets with certain constellations, this is merely mentioned to show that the stars were of great influence across the peoples of the world in ancient times.

Meeting the Ancient Egyptians

Ancient peoples were obsessed by the heavens and all the happenings in the skies. So complete was this obsession that the first things that we seem to have been students of were the stars. Their rituals and beliefs very much focused on the skies. They measured the movement of the Sun, the Moon, and the constellations. They were aware of eclipses and even comets and asteroids that visited our skies. If it was above it was studied.

Meeting the Ancient Egyptians

The Giza plateau was not chosen cause it was a lovely flat open plain suitable for enormous building projects it wasn’t. However, its location seems to have been very specific. Math is considered the universal language, it is thought that no mater where one originates in the universe the rules and laws and language of math remain the same. I would hold that in general that concept is accurate, but there is still the challenge of writing an equation using Roman numerals or Arabic numbers and it being instantly understood by one whom knows neither writing style. That being said one way around that would be to show equations in a manner that ALL would arrive at the same answer regardless of their writing method. What exactly am I saying? Well lets use the Pyramids as an example, an illustrated example:

Meeting the Ancient Egyptians

Beginning with their concept of duality, we will attempt to understand just how the Egyptian saw thyself in relation to their culture and their world. Their religion was a part of every aspect of their everyday lives. It is in the religious practices and belief that we can find an illustration of their concept of duality. In simple terms, the Egyptians believed that all things on Earth were reflection of things in the sky. The Egyptians also believe in an afterlife, not only was that afterlife in the skies, it was almost more important than life on Earth.

The Journey Begins

There are many ancient sites and artifacts that are known the world over. Some of these sites are mysterious and shrouded in wonder and enigmas, while others seem to be fully and or completely explained, at least according to the experts. Starting our ramblings through the moments of our history at one of the most recognizable locales on the planet seems appropriate for our journey.