More Brutality in the Name of God

So a day or so ago Brazil’s president offered asylum to Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva appealed to his “friend Ahmadinejad” to allow Brazil to take in the imprisoned woman. Most people are probably not aware of the story of Sakineh.
Mrs. Ashitani is a widow and was arrested 5 years ago and convicted and punished for “illicit relationship” with 2 men. All parties were flogged for this crime. Later her case was “reviewed” and she and one of the men were charged with the murder of her husband and adultery. While Mrs. Ashitani was not found guilty of the murder of her husband she was found guilty of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning. Now if just the mere statement death by stoning doesn’t seem like over kill for adultery then wait till you hear how stoning is to be carried out as a sentence.

Ex-wives usually know (them) best

Ex-wives usually get a bad wrap. They are called not-so-nice names and considered to be vindictive and irrational. Then again those claims are made by the men who screwed them over. I think ex-wives can be a good source of information about their ex-husbands. In the process of going through a divorce, as well as, having spent considerable time with the person prior to the divorce (unless you are Britney Spears) most ex-wives get to see ALL sides of the man.

One Defeat is all you need when it Counts


I have been hoping for it and it finally came and it came when it mattered most. Way to go university students of Venezuela!!! They looked at the issues and decided that they opposed handing more power over to Chavez. Good on them for sticking to his preaching of democracy and giving it back to him in the ballot box. The results were close, 51% to 49%, but the opposition won. This was the first defeat that Chavez has suffered since taking the Presidency in 1998.

Common Sense Please

Once again I seem to be coming back around to the same topic. If we want the people of the ‘third world’ to be more like us, at least politically, we need to improve their standard of living. We cannot expect people to be concerned about the integrity of their national governments when they are going hungry, living without electricity and running water, being terrorized by local war lords and revolutionaries and drug cartels. We do not seem to grasp two things with the world; 1, not every one has all their basic needs met, and 2, not everyone wants to be just like us. In my opinion the first is not acceptable—I believe that everyone should have the freedom and security to live their lives and meet their basic needs without fear. As for the second, I do not believe that we need to force our way of life down the throats of others as the only way to create allies. Pe

Chavez socialism is abusive relationship….

As I have been reading the articles concerning Hugo Chavez and his antics — I keep telling myself that this is an abusive relationship. If you start with the beginning and follow through to now- Chavez’ rise to power has been a step by step climb taken from any DV relationship.