Where A Book Can Lead

If you are a lover of books and ancient history, here are a couple books that you should check out!

Witching Badness

While most witches are white witches, there are some that have certainly been dark!

The (A) History Of Witches

The origins or history or witches is very much dependent on the researchers definition of just what a witch is. If you ask a ‘witch’

Join Us For The Journey

I got the bright idea to add a podcast to my writing and research. Check it out for some interesting chats!

Have you met Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

Long before feminists movement and equal rights laws, there were women making it in “The Man’s World” and making it very well!

Our 100 Year Loss

Did you know that the flag of only ONE other nation, besides the US has flown over the White House?

Ancient Secrets from Ancient Map Makers

According to most textbooks and published material on the subject, humanity became ‘civilized’ no more than circa 6,000 years ago, or ~4,000BCE. The first centers of civilization were the Fertile Crescent

Tectonics – Shemtonics

The last factor that we will discuss that leads to most errors, limits and misunderstanding within the pursuit of historical knowledge is change.

The Only Guarantee of Freedom

During the 18th Century, the British Colonies in America found themselves feeling more and more oppressed by a government that not only was not listening to them, but was so removed from them that they had no idea about the lives or issues facing the daily lives of the colonists. Ironically, most of the leaders of the Revolution were originally willing to remain British, if only their country would treat them properly. The first attempts to bring about change between the Acts coming out of Parliament and the quality of life of the colonists was in the form of editorials and pamphlets or the use of free speech and freedom of the press. When that brought no relief then the colonists sent envoys to plead their case in person in front of Parliament and the King. Benjamin Franklin was one such envoy and was actually initially a very loyal subject of the crown; that was until he was shown first hand exactly how poorly the Crown looked down on His subjects from ‘across the pond’. It was after this experience that Mr. Franklin returned to the Colonies to sadly state that there would be no comfort found under the rule of the Crown. Thus, the Revolution became necessary.

The Journey Begins

There are many ancient sites and artifacts that are known the world over. Some of these sites are mysterious and shrouded in wonder and enigmas, while others seem to be fully and or completely explained, at least according to the experts. Starting our ramblings through the moments of our history at one of the most recognizable locales on the planet seems appropriate for our journey.

The Evisceration of Yugoslavia as told by Dean Henderson

Today, I am posting links to a series of articles on the break up of Yugoslavia. The Evisceration of Yugoslavia, Part 1: BNL, Yugo, and Eagleburger  The Evisceration of Yugoslavia Part II: Nazis, Bilderbergers and Clinton Liars The Evisceration of Yugoslavia Part III: CIA Islamists, Halliburton and Fake Massacres The Evisceration of Yugoslavia Part IV:…