Questions Most Pondered

In this article, I share with you some of my most pondered questions about human origins and ancient civilizations.

From Giza to Gobekli Tepe

As thick as the dogma dam is Gobekli Tepe is the first crack in that create the means by which the flood of new research and new ideas can flow!

Stepping Into The Pacific

Almost like an oft ignored cousin, the Pacific region is not as popular in anthro circles, but they Islands have a lot to offer.

Can We “Write”

Man supposedly has been trying to communicate since the beginning, but just how long has he been ‘writing’?

Join Us For The Journey

I got the bright idea to add a podcast to my writing and research. Check it out for some interesting chats!

I Believe

Why do we think that we know everything? Why do we even think that we know most things?

Little Steps Are Still Steps

At some point we all ask where did we come from and how did we get here. But the answer is not a simple as textbook theory!

Consider This

What makes an ‘expert’ and expert? What matters more in discovery and invention? Titles or passion? Research/learning or publications?

Neanderthal Public Image Improving

It has long been the expert opinion that modern human did not mix with other hominds and that modern human was the lone survivor cause we were better. Maybe our best came from our cousins and not us.