Extrajudicial Murder

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While traveling in Vietnam, President Obama announced another “successful” drone attack in Pakistan. It appears this time he might actually be correct. From photos of the scene it looks as though a single vehicle carrying the target and at least a driver if not others was hit without damage to other vehicles or individuals; however, this is the exception and not the more common results of Obama’s favored covert drone war on terror.

In case anyone has forgotten, Pakistan is a sovereign country, that we have not declared war against and was not officially consulted prior to the attacks. Before we go further, how do you think it would go over if say Columbia initiated a drone attack of a ‘known’ cartel leader inside U.S. borders? (And we do not even have to consider any collateral damage for this rhetorical hypothetical scenario.) 

drone attacks damage
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It has been reported in The Washington Times that while Obama claimed he wanted to get America out of war, he merely wanted to change the way in which the war was fought. Whereas Bush fought his wars openly, Obama wants to fight his in the secrecy of ‘national security’ redaction. For Obama the cloak of ‘national security’ has been his greatest weapon both abroad and within the Beltline. However, the headline of that Washington Times article told the sad truth of his war….. “Obama-led drone strikes kill innocents 90% of the time

Pakistan Drone Attack NumbersThe information for the above article is based on a 5-month long mission in Afghanistan that was, based on the numbers, a complete failure! The complete exposé can be found at The Intercept. The original article states what EVERY American should be thinking, but seems completely unfazed by. “This outrageous explosion of watch-listing — of monitoring people and racking and stacking them on lists, assigning them numbers, assigning them ‘baseball cards,’ assigning them death sentences without notice, on a worldwide battlefield – it was, from the very first instance, wrong,” the unnamed source told The Intercept. Luckily for some of those that have been detained as our enemy or the families of those death-listed there is someone in the States that is working for justice and not revenge being served. As Reprieve started freeing GITMO detainees, George Bush’s Attorney General told them “if you don’t let us imprison and interrogate these guys, we will just kill them.” The drone program amounts to little more than a killing spree of fear and hate that increases the profits for defense contractors flying under the guise of foreign policy’s agenda of keeping the world safe and spreading democracy. Neither of which has improved over the course of the decade and half since 9/11.
Yemen Drone Attack NumbersAs a matter of record, the countries, in which the drone program has been the primary weapon of choice, have seen greater violence and instability. In addition to having less security and democracy and living in constant fear, their citizens have been deemed unworthy to have any access to any proper legal process. This ‘justification’ that a group of people, no matter how ‘evil’ they appear to the world, is not allowed access to the legal process of justice to determine guilt or innocence is completely immoral and by action shows the unworthiness of those justifying and carrying out these executions without the order of a proper and public conviction of crimes.

Based on numbers found in an article in The Guardian at least 6 different targets were ‘hit’ 5 or more times and at least 5 different targets resulted in collateral deaths of over 100 individuals each, with another 35 targets resulting in the collateral deaths of on average over 25 others. The inexcusable fact is that these numbers which are based on 2014 figures are lower than the current truth, if the truth were to ever be told.

Afghanistan Drone Attack NumbersIn 2013,  Obama declared that no drone strike was taken without “near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.” adding that “nevertheless, it is a hard fact that U.S. strikes have resulted in civilian casualties” and said “those deaths will haunt us as long as we live.” Apparently, based on the continued use of these weapons and the continued skirting of accountability, the haunting only lasts till the next morning when he signs the next day’s “kill list”.  It seems that the label of ‘national security’ like a spoonful of honey makes it sweet enough to swallow.

In the course of this very covert public war on terror, at least 8 American citizens have been murdered without due process or judicial precedent. The more troubling fact is that not all drone attacks are target attacks on ‘known’ and ‘identified’ terrorists, some are so-called signature strikes based on indications that people on the ground were likely with Al Qaeda or allied militant groups. Another words, the US government is intentionally murdering foreign citizens based entirely on association and possible behavior and or location, without any real or tangible evidence or even identification.

Somalia Done Attack NumbersWhile it is true that drone attacks have killed alleged terrorists, they have also killed innocent civilians, American citizens, misidentified targets, and victims of the terror groups. Military and intelligence officials argue that in most cases they were confident that they were killing only dangerous militants. However, when they are questioned about the misses and civilian casualties, they insist they did not know that the civilians were present and or that the target was absent. This proves that the intelligence on the ground is haphazard at best and that the method of drone attacks needs to end until such time as it can be carried out within the bounds of proper legal precedent without civilian casualties being the norm and in great excess of the actual stated intent.

Refugee Crysis In Safe Haven

Migrant group illegally crossing Europe

The world economy is weak. The job market is more famine than feast. And Europe is facing an unending influx of migrants. Over the last 4 to 6 years Italy and Greece have been crying, begging, pleading for help in dealing with an overwhelming invasion of illegal immigrants. They are being called refugees, but a large majority are not true refugees from the Western bombed nations of Libya and Syria, they are simply opportunists from Central Africa and Central Asia that are taking advantage of the plight of displaced civilians in the aforementioned countries. They are freely flooding into Europe by any and all means possible. They come with nothing, thus they are in need of everything for the countries that are stuck taking them in. They are creating an unbearable debt on the smaller and weaker countries of Europe without any intent of ever returning anything of value to those countries.

migrant route 1Not a single one of these refugees is doing anything the legal or proper or right way; yet, they are all reaping all the benefits denied those that try to do things properly and legally. The burden on the people of Europe via loss of benefits and increased taxes to cover the costs is rude and insulting.

Do not get me wrong, I have all the sympathy in the world for REAL refugees, the ones that have no home left cause NATO bombed it off the map, the ones that have no village cause it has been leveled by the Western backed ‘moderate rebels’. But, I cannot believe that EVERY refugee left without documents. The nature of life in both countries is not new, we are not talking about a sudden natural catastrophe, civilians knew how unstable and uncertain life was. Call me mean or callus, but why didn’t EVERY civilian family have a bug-out bag ready to go at all times and why were these people not carrying documents with them at all times just in case, homes get bombed while you are at the market, village gets overrun while you are at work?

And the excuse about traffickers taking documents from refugees, well that shows illegal intent from the start….if you are a genuine refugee than you know that you have a very legal way out, it might not be as comfortable and first-class as you want it, but beggars need to stop being choosers. I have to completely disagree with the European Union’s sudden ‘welcoming’ of refugees that Italy and Greece have been drowning under for years. This action has only increased the burden on them and other smaller EU members as well as, unconscionablly encouraging the invading non-EU nations without recourse or proper compensation for the invited invasion upon those invaded nations.

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It seems to me that since NATO actions have been at the behest of Middle East allies, that they should be the ones taking in all these poor Sunni refugees. Yet, no refugees have sought safe-haven in any Middle Eastern country. Why is that? United Arab Emirates supposedly has a very robust expanding economy. Saudi Arabia is the new head of the Human Rights Council of the UN, so what better place to seek safe-haven, right. And it is much closer than Germany! France! Britain! Sweden!


This is the first of 3 articles focusing on the migration crisis invading Europe.


Nobody Did It,

Well, Maybe Someone

Metrojet Flight 9268 2

Over the weekend, Metrojet Flight 9268 fell out of the sky over the Sinai. All 224 persons on board perished in the crash. As of yesterday, 33 victims had been identified. The first reports, more like denials, was from Metrojet, itself, stating that neither mechanical or pilot error were the cause of the crash. This statement was released even before the black boxes had been secured and delivered to Moscow. This Airbus plane had survived a ‘hard landing’ some 14 years ago, which resulted in the tail of the plane coming in contact with the runway upon landing. It is known that if injuries to the body are not properly repaired then the structural integrity of the aircraft is compromised forever. The compromise is in and of itself a ticking time bomb.

The next denial came from Egyptian and Russian officials that Islamic State was not capable of shooting the aircraft out of the sky. The flight was at 32,000 feet when it apparently broke apart. The US and UK seemed to back up that denial as well, and whom would know better what arms have been supplied to Islamic State via Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Although, it would be an advantageous public relation event, if the plane is found to have been a terrorist attack. Ironically, it would be advantageous to both sides; the US and UK would try to show how Russia ‘asked for it’ or ‘Putin brought it on his people’ by getting involved in Syria, yet, at home for Putin, the Russian public will be much more supportive of the Russian involvement in Syria, not just to stop US/NATO aggression, but also, if Islamic State is to blame, that makes it personal with the Russian people, who have had a much closer and longer war with terrorism than the US or UK. The Russian people are much more personally aware of terrorism; for them, unlike in the US, it is not something that happens somewhere else, across the ocean, it is something that happens even in their own cities. It is something that disrupts their lives and has for years. It is something that they are in fact tired of and ready to be rid of.

Metrojet Flight 9268
via AFP Russian Investigators on Site

The US has presented reports of a heat flash immediately prior to the crash. And as supporting ‘evidence’ numerous American and British officials, including Congressmen and Intelligence Officials, as well as a Spokesperson for the British Prime Minister have all stated that it is most likely a bomb on board the passenger jet that brought it down. These claims have been talked down by Russian and Egyptian officials, however, the US State Department issued a travel warning to Americans in Egypt, especially in the Sinai and London has told British Airlines to suspend flights from Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh airport. There have also been varying degrees of concern expressed by Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands to name a few.

The true losers here are Egypt, whom is struggling with regaining stability within its borders and rebuilding its reputation with international tourists, and the Russian people, whom lost loved ones in the crash. Once again terror has done what it is best at, attacking innocent, unarmed, defenseless civilians. If the US truly was against terrorism and terrorist organizations then they would have stayed out of regime change in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and numerous other places. If there was an honest Global War on Terror then the US and NATO would want all the help they can get from every country, including Russia.

2 years after in Libya

So, two years ago, NATO stepped in to help the rebels over throw the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi. Yet, with the removal of Gaddafi’s regime an immense power vacuum in the country has opened up that no one seems to be able to fill. The result is that militias and war lords now run areas of the country, a lot of whom are extremists and affiliated very closely with, of all groups, Al Qaeda. Of course, it is pretty common knowledge that all the Islamic extremist groups are affiliated and work together when the need arises even if they do not share identical ideologies. Not only does the US government have basically NO presence in Libya to help stabilize the situation and ensure a transition to a fair and legal government; there is some question as to if they did not intentionally, at least, endanger embassy and security personnel or at most, sacrifice them for some convoluted reasons. At the same time we are still waging a war on terror.
Just what is the US government and its allies doing to combat terror globally? They have waged a driven and extremely motivated war on journalists, whistle-blowers and the law abiding citizens of countries all over the world. They have done very little to truly limit the growth of extremism, Islamic or otherwise. The public statements from agencies of the US government would have you believe that their methods have prevented and or interrupted some 20 plus terrorist operations that would have inflicted injury on US targets. However, there is some dispute about the honesty and accuracy of these numbers; some media sources have stated that at least 17 of these successful interventions were actually created by the US government. That agents of our law enforcement and security agencies have in fact sought out “susceptible or easily manipulated” individuals, befriended them, coached them and encouraged them to carry out acts of terror against the US; then arrested them for terrorism or various other crimes. These actions by our law enforcement and others while may not be illegal is certainly immoral. And the implications of their actions should concern ALL citizens of any country of the “free world”. 
And now we are speaking of military intervention in Syria. How? By supporting the very groups that have been labeled as terrorists. The fact that the governments of the US, UK and France while they are violating the rights, privacy and trust of their own citizens now are openly stating that they will support, arm, aid, and even ally with terrorist enemies. Yet, not one leader of those governments will come under investigation or be charged with treason, even though they are openly and publicly committing treason on each news broadcast. 
When will it be enough for the public to have had enough? When will it matter enough for the public to get mad? When will it be enough for the public to realize that the government no longer does it job? When will it impact the public enough to fight back? Unfortunately, the answer seems to be, when it is too late.
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Benghazi Is A Phony Scandal, But

In the last few days the US government has closed twenty-one embassies and consulates in North Africa and the Middle East. This Ramadan has been the most violent in years in Iraq. So much for the Holy Month. The positive is that the Holy Month is coming to an end. Ramadan is the ninth month of the calendar and “The month of Ramadan is that in which was revealed the Quran” thus making it holy. It would appear that what has been lost is that Ramadan by being the month of revelation is a time of new beginnings. It should be a time of reflection on life over the past year and contemplation of how to better live your life in the upcoming year.
It is ironic that during this Holy Month so many that profess to be devout followers of Islam, instead use this time to incite violence and commit violence. To do the opposite of what this month should represent. I am not a follower of Islam, but I do believe in my rightness of my opinion of Allah’s intention of how we should act during this time. It is NEVER the wish of any loving God, that violence should be committed in his name against the innocent, regardless of their own path. But I have detoured from my direct topic.
The closings of embassies and consulates in North Africa and Middle East is a result of a warning of a threat based on the intelligence community. It does seem ironic that warnings of “chatter” is more believed than the warnings of “experts” on the ground in the locations. It is interesting that people with authority tend to be sitting in offices thousands of miles away and due to ego or arrogance or power trips they seem to be more interested in their positions or in images or in bottom lines or other mundane details that they do not value the pricelessness of human life or the opinions of the individuals that are actually on the ground in the specific locations.
No, I am not saying that we should risk the lives of many just for the one. However, in the case of Benghazi, there was a lot that was done wrong before, during and after that could have probably changed the outcome of the events 11 months ago. It is callus of the Administration to say that the event is over and done with and should be forgotten and move on. We seem to have forgotten that it is better to be human than it is to pretend you are perfect. Humans care, humans make mistakes, humans say they are sorry, humans learn from their mistakes; perfection focuses on image, perfection touts rightness of itself, perfection claims no responsibilities. These conflicts of purpose create chaos that prevents improvement of our world.
It also, is ironic that suddenly we have “chatter” in a volume that has not been seen since 9/11. It seems that most embassies will be closed until Thursday, the end of Ramadan. Unfortunately, considering the recent challenges concerning the public image of the government and the intelligent community, there will be doubt about this well timed new threat. It is my wish that this new threat is not some hyped up show to justify the over zealous actions of government in the guise of National Security. The near future will be challenging to say the least. But I believe it is a challenge that we will survive and it is my hope that we rise above it and move forward in a brighter light than the dimming of our current lighting.

Egyptian Men Prove They Are NOT Real Men….

Egypt violence against women in public groupsThere is a very prevalent double standard that is epidemic in Egypt right now, but exists world wide. This double standard is that men are superior in all aspects except being responsible for their crimes against women. This idiocy that women are totally and completely responsible for all crimes committed against them is based on the corruption of inferior men in positions of spiritual and political power. I know that the Western world would like to say that it is a Muslim flaw, but it is actually a MALE flaw. In general the idea that “women ask for it” that they “drive men to do it” is nothing more than a cop out. If men are so strong in all other aspects of life and the world then they certainly should be “strong enough” to conduct themselves in accordance with honor and integrity. Every man that says that “she asked for it”, that “it is her fault”, is saying the SAME thing about their own mothers. They are saying that it is OK for men to rape and beat and violate their mothers. Now if you took a poll, how many men would say, ‘yes, sure, feel free to go rape my mother’; but, the same men that would be so publicly offended by the suggestion of complacency in crimes against their mother are the same ones that would say about a stranger “what did she do to have that happen”.

The WHOLE society has to decide that sexual crimes are crimes against humanity and society. Every act destroys the foundation of society. Women are the givers of life, they are the nurturers of children and family, and without women life would cease. This does not mean that women are the only victims of the most horrendous crimes; babies, girls, boys, women, men and the elderly are all victims of this complete disregard for humanity and human life. This one SIN will prevent mankind from becoming better than we are right now; as a matter of fact it will actually digress our advancement thus far. Instead but strengthening the ties of society we are ripping them apart and into shreds. If we continue in this manner will we do more damage than can be undone.
There is HOPE. You do not have to be a powerful man to change what is happening. The change starts with you! Start by listening to your own heart and mind about what is right and what is wrong. Most men do not need some “Holy Man” to tell them to respect life….ALL life. If a “Holy Man” tells you that you need only listen to him or do as he says then he is not a REAL “Holy Man”. A sincere and honorable man of faith would tell you to look within your own heart, to seek your own knowledge, to have your own relationship with God. Any man that tells you that it is ever acceptable to hurt an innocent person is not a good man, they are not a man you should respect, they are not a man that has power over you. It is a very simple thing to do…if you are unsure about if the act you are committing is good or bad, you need only ask ONE question; “Would I want this act committed against me or mine?”  Your answer to that question is your best guide to doing the godly thing. Never let another man tell you that something wrong is the WILL OF GOD, IT ISN’T!!!! You will not find any text of any spiritual manner that tells that God demands religion, GOD DEMANDS FAITH IN HIM not in another man. Any man that tells you different does not have yours or Gods interests in mind.
God did not create woman to be destroyed by man. God did not create woman lesser than man. God proves this by making woman the bearer of life. God created man to protect woman. It is time that REAL MEN step forward and show that they have honor and integrity. It has to be other men that condemn the acts of bad men in this SIN. It is the mere SILENCE of “good” men that give these criminals acceptance. Every victim is someone’s daughter, mother, sister, wife. What will you do when it is yours?

UPDATE: (6JUL2013) More proof that Egyptian men have a long way to go to impress anyone…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG6TGhFNSv0&feature=youtu.be

Courage in Uganda

The AU is currently holding a 3-day summit in Uganda, which sustained two bombings on the 11th of July. Al-Shabab, an al-Qaida-linked militant group in Somalia has claimed the bombings were retaliation for civilian casualties by the AU troops that are attempting to restore peace to the war torn Somalia. It seems pathetic that Al-Shabab, one of many insurgent groups that increases the state of terror in the African country by starving, threatening, killing and oppressing innocent civilians, managed to get that claim out without choking on it.

President Obama has seen the AU summit as so important that the US is represented by Attorney General Eric Holder; wow, how insulting for Africa. I guess they can take solace in the fact that ANY top official was sent. We have yet to learn that terrorist groups seed and grow in areas that we find insignificant and below our concern. When they move into actions and areas that are of concern to us we seem surprised at their organization, influence and reach. At least we are consistent in our failings, just like with street gangs and home grown terrorist groups on our own land we have that upper middle class suburban mentality that it cant happen to us. Keep burying your head in the sand and you will end up in the same quandary that the world was in when Hitler ruled Germany, if we wait too long we will be standing alone in the middle of unending chaos without the means to extricate ourselves.

The AU mission in Somalia, which has 49 of 53 members in good standing, is manned by about 6,000 troops from Uganda and Burundi, the hope is that the number will increase with additional troops from 2 more member countries. It will take more than this minor but courageous effort to truly make a difference, however, courage comes from the desire to do right in the face of terror and over whelming odds. This courage shows in the members of the militaries of Uganda and Burundi as well as the leadership of both countries for stepping up and taking action against an enemy to the peace and tranquility of the whole world. We could take a lesson from the little guys.