Extrajudicial Murder

Obama promised more peace and “changing the world’s mind” about the US, but what he delivered was vastly different.

Kazari bans private security firms

President Kazari, whom earlier this year stated that he wanted to see all private security firms out of Afghanistan by the end of 2011 has now set the time line for 4 months hence. Keep in mind that private security firms work hand in hand with the NATO forces and with the State Department and if they didn’t we would not have the man power to continue the mission. So we need to look at what Kazari is really asking for. Does he want to support the corruption within his own government and is looking to fill the coffers of tribal elders and government leaders? Does he want a complete withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan? That will end his career and more than likely his life by the end of the year and I am being generous in that assessment. Currently private security not only helps maintain security of various compounds, they are also very important with regards to security of convoys and VIPs.

Steven Slater is not worth . . . .

the ticker at the bottom of the screen. Much less to be in the headlines of FOXNews numerous times this week when I hit my iGoogle page. I have no use for my time being wasted by the likes of this arrogant, rude, attention whore. Cause that is really all Slater is. He is a grown man whose fame is for acting like a spoiled little brat. Of course the impatient passenger on the flight was a spoiled little brat of the first order as well. But needless to say this man has gotten more than his share of attention and for what? Doing the wrong thing!!!

Treason or Whistle-blowing. . . . . .

There is a lot of controversy over the posting on WikiLeaks of the ‘Afghan War Diary’ . The most focal of these arguments seems to be what to do with PVT Manning. The question that comes to my mind is, was he  looking for his 15 minutes of fame or was he ‘doing little evil to do greater good’? The only way to know for sure is to be inside the mind of PVT Manning. IF he was whistle-blowing, his method was not super smart, in all honesty if he was attempting to save lives then he should have secured the names of persons that he knowingly put at greater risk. Regardless of his initial intent, his final accomplishment seems to show a lack for compassion for the Afghan people and no loyalty or commitment to his fellow soldier. I have to wonder if maybe his reasoning got lost in the possibilities of being some kind of distorted hero.

With Allies like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

If you have not been paying close attention to world politics and activities then you may not be aware of the detrimental actions of two of our ‘best’ Muslim allies.  The end result will be that we will have a harder time achieving our goals in the region and insuring a secure existence for our country and her interests abroad.