No Justice Wanted

Do the ends justify the means? And what happens when the means are totally screwed?!?

Tyranny Is An Insatiable Beast

When the people allow the government to restrict any previous freedom for the sake of security the overall safety of the public has been diminished.

Looters And Rioters Hurt Not Help

I really didn’t want to cover the Ferguson issue anymore, cause I think that over coverage of the incident is causing the problems and not helping anyone or anything. This is a sad story, in so much as outsiders have incited violence for a community that needs peace.

Marriage Vs. Civil Unions

This is a hot button topic that has been used to divert attention from real issues! I know that just pissed some of you off and that is just fine as far as I am concerned. There have been battles fought across the nation for the right to persons involved in same-sex romantic relations to…

Community Organizers; Lions In Sheep’s Clothing

Community Organizers: Their true intent, the more I read or listen or look or find, seems to be to create anger and hate and even violence. Those emotions are destructive not constructive and as such their acts are also destructive in the long run.

Voter Fraud? Perfect Solution.

…it is not the voters that have corrupted the system. It is the politicians, their media owners and their allied ‘activists’. That is the beginning and the ending of the voter fraud.