Zero Per Cent Chance Of Truth

In the work A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse Our Journey from the Age of Prosperity to the Era of Environmental Grief by Vítězslav Kremlík you can follow the dramatic change in science and the press over the last 50ish years that has brought us to such heated and politicized attacks.

What’s happened with Science!

Ironically, we used to consider those that could not understand the things that they could not see for themselves to be ignorant, currently we do not question those that will not attempt to understand anything they cannot see in their petri dishes.

Bright Greens Apocalypse

The sad thing is that now we know that they really were onto something. It can be a really hard thing for someone

Little Steps Are Still Steps

At some point we all ask where did we come from and how did we get here. But the answer is not a simple as textbook theory!

Neanderthal Public Image Improving

It has long been the expert opinion that modern human did not mix with other hominds and that modern human was the lone survivor cause we were better. Maybe our best came from our cousins and not us.

Why Do We Trust Carbon14 Dates?

It is presented publicly that C14 dates are straight forward and almost perfect in results, but that is not the case. See how complex and variable they can be.

FOUND: The Real Unicorn

Once again, Mother Nature, has shown that we do not always know everything, most of the time we do not

The Origin of Life on Earth

Where did we come from?
How did life start?
What is the origin of man?
These are questions that have been pondered by man since the beginning.

DNA: The Most Accurate Ignorance In History

In recent history, the last few decades, all the rage to prove the written history has been centered on the new love affair with the absoluteness of DNA. I know what ALL you PRO DNAers are thinking, it is DNA. And DNA doesn’t lie.