No Justice Wanted

Do the ends justify the means? And what happens when the means are totally screwed?!?

Extrajudicial Murder

Obama promised more peace and “changing the world’s mind” about the US, but what he delivered was vastly different.

What Man Is A Man

With many Syrian men running away like children running to mommy’s bed after a nightmare, Syria is being protected and fought for by the women left behind.

What Man Is A Man

We are told that Syrian refugees invading Europe only want peace and safety, but is that the truth.

Refugee Crysis In Safe Haven

Over the last 4 to 6 years Italy and Greece have been crying, begging, pleading for help in dealing with an overwhelming invasion of illegal immigrants. They are being called refugees, but a large majority are not true refugees from the Western bombed nations of Libya and Syria,

Obama’s Softspot For His Frankenstein

According to their numbers a total of 157 air strikes have been conducted by the US on Islamic State targets. The strikes have destroyed 212 targets of which 162 were vehicles, while only 50 have been strategically significant targets!

ISIS Claims Caliphate

You cannot create monsters and control them when they are full grown. Especially when you do not even understand their history or their ideology or their culture. It is also worth noting that even US experts seem to not grasp the concept of fighting for or being driven either by a desire or a hatred that is larger than one’s self or the complexity of culture, history, religion that interweaves to create the society we call the Middle East.

Egypt’s Good So Let’s Arm Them

Really, just cause Egypt has been SO busy fighting among internal factions and has thus not violated its Treaty with Israel, we are going to start sending them military shipments again? Really, who decided that the Treaty was the best and ONLY measure to use to determine military shipments to a country that can’t keep a government in place for more than a year after ousting the lifetime dictator was sound logic??? Oh, that’s right our lovely State Department!

Who the US Government Really Supports In the Middle East

So as can be my normal state of thinking…..I was catching up on the news the other day and saw the Human Rights Report on Bahrain and the thought came to my mind…doesn’t a vast majority of the most extreme and radical and violent of Islamic Terror Groups seem to have a commonality that should make us take notice. What is that commonality? They are sub-sects of Sunni Islam. The groups that I am including in the afore mentioned group include by are not limited to the Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Barelvi, ISIM, Al-Nursa Front, Wahhabi, Deobandis, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and the list goes on and on. On its own this may not be an ah-ha moment, but when you look at the countries, whose populations are mostly Muslim, that are our allies in the Middle East and Central Asia you see that they also ruled by royal families or ‘elected’ leaders that in majority are conscripts of, yes, Sunni Islam. Now you can have your ah-ha moment; however, if you still are missing the point let’s continue.

Don’t Do It Syria

I do not think that Syria should give up one weapon of any kind. Giving up a weapon is akin to giving up sovereignty. No country should give up one percent of its sovereignty that limits their independence and weakens their stance on the global playing field. The idea that the “world” is still supporting the ‘rebels’ in Syria against the government is totally and completely absurd and shows that the world population is not only ignorant to the repercussions of such actions but is guilty of destroying a sovereign nation by complacency.

We Made The Red-Line So It Could Be Crossed

Early in the midst of the Syrian conflict, when asked about the US getting involved, the government officially stated that the “use of chemical weapons” would be a game changer. If you think about that comment, that is a really interesting “Red-Line”. There was no mention of the things that usually occur in these situations, like the death of innocent civilians, the violation of human rights, or the standing down by the military leaders instead of carrying out immoral acts; chemical weapon use was not a red line in Libya or Egypt or anywhere else in recent history. Yet, for Syria it is the “game changer”.  This should have raised a Red Flag about intentions already in place behind closed doors of Western governments.