No Justice Wanted

“… regardless which [disposition] option we follow however, and especially in light of the planned psychological pressure techniques to be implemented, we need to get reasonable assurances that [Abu Zubaydah] will remain in isolation and incommunicado for the remainder of his life.” 

Abu Zubaydah

Nothing says we know just how immoral, unethical, and down right wrong our actions are as the above statement. Abu Zubaydah is one of at least 119 known victims of the CIA rendition, detention, and interrogation (RDI) program. Suspecting someone of any criminal act does not preclude justice from being served in a just, ethical and moral manner; in fact, to act in any other regard nulls and voids the integrity of the actions of the hypocritically vengeful masquerading as proverbial white knights.

In the case of the CIA, their actions seem almost more criminal than the terrorists that they were so aggressively hunting. In hind sight, the truth is a lack of human intelligence expertise can create not only a vacuum of knowledge about ‘enemies’, it also creates a desperation in reaction that prevents intelligent, logical and rational judgment which respects the morals and legal code of conduct of the ‘good guys’. This dilemma ensures that errors in judgment will be made and that much greater disaster will ensue.

As terror acts increase around the world, one is left wondering how can the U.S. government claim to be winning the war on terror. Does the U.S. even know who the terrorists are? And when asked to identify the enemy in this war on terror, the Pentagon claims “National Security” for a “No Comment” answer. Combine that doubt creating answer with the Senate Report on the CIA RDI program and it makes it very hard for any logically thinking American to have any faith in the actions of the U.S. Government regarding terrorism and foreign policy.

The CIA is an intelligence gathering agency, it has no law enforcement policy or procedure, as a matter of fact it is designed to work outside the rules of law without actually breaking the law. It should have never been the job of the CIA to apprehend any suspect of terror activity; their sole action in the apprehension of terror suspects should have been limited to identification of proper suspects and providing the proper intelligence to agencies, such as the FBI, so that proper law enforcement action could have been taken against the suspects. It is very apparent, in looking at the data from how the RDI program was put together and run, that there was no properly defined end game, and it could even be argued that the start game was not as organized as a local park pick up game.

James Mitchell
Bruce Jessen

There are two names that are given as the creators of the enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs) used on victims of the CIA RDI program. Those names are James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, they are psychologists whom had served in the US Air Force. Mitchell received his PhD from University of South Florida, his dissertation was related to nutrition and diet’s effect on hypertension; and Jessen received his PhD from Utah State University, his dissertation was on family therapy. While, yes these men were affiliated with the SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) program, they were observers to basically check a box with ensuring safety of the military students of the course. They were not developing policy or procedure, they were not writing SOPs or training manuals, they were not doing long term research on the effects of the course on students that passed or failed. As a matter of fact when it comes to real experience, these two men were about as qualified to found any interrogation policy as D.C. Meter Maids. Correction, the Meter Maids are probably more qualified in actual interrogation with suspects than these two men.

These men seem to have convinced officials of very questionable intelligence and even more questionable common sense that not only does torture work, but that what would absolutely ensure success was the complete psychological destruction of detainees to gain intel or worse to prove that they were not with-holding more. Most real and respected experts in the field of torture and interrogation will tell you that the exact opposite is true. That once you torture and ‘break’ a person, they will tell you ‘what you want to hear’ just to end the torture. It appears that in desperation to maintain control and relevance in the DC power war, the CIA rushed head first with blinders on into a terrorism black hole. The CIA has no idea how to investigate and build a prosecutable case against a suspect, again this was not their job. This fact seems to have been of no concern to them as they never considered allowing the justice system to have any part of holding terrorism accountable, having been allowed to operate in that gray area of the slippery slope that signals the self destruction of honor and integrity, the CIA decided that they alone knew how and what to do and whom to do it to to make the world a safe place. Instead what they have done is outranked the terrorists in destroying the safety and security and freedom of America and the world.


The RDI program basically answered to no one externally, when it functioned. What little ‘reporting to’ that was done was done to like minded over reactive neocons that think they are the only ones that know what is best. Even under their own ‘self reporting’ they still could not follow the rules or get it right. By their numbers, the CIA ‘wrongfully detained’ 26 individuals, of  which 3 were subjected to EITs. In addition, the interrogators were supposed to get approval of EITs before using them on any prisoner, yet 17 victims suffered unauthorized EITs. And to what end or success did this program achieve; a mere 17 high value suspects were ever detained. For the record that is less than a 15% success rate!

Not only were their methods flawed once they had a victim, their intelligence sources for picking ‘terrorists’ to detain was also very flawed. Under the Clinton administration the budget of the intelligence agencies and military were slashed to the point that the US had virtually no human assets in unstable areas to provide real true intelligence on the climate and players. Thus, the US as a whole became very dependent on the rumors of the terror world and on the intelligence gathering of other countries. Most dissenters of the war in Iraq claim lies on the part of US officials leading up to the war, I would correct them in that it was not outright lies, it was incompetence and incomplete intelligence pieces to actually and factually know what was going on on the ground in Iraq, coupled with their own delusions of us against them left over from the Cold War. The proof can be seen in the sources that were cited regarding the WMD intelligence, some of which were Saddam’s own high ranking officers trying to save their own lives and insure personal gains for themselves and their families and none of them have ever been held accountable for their bad information that led to the disaster that is currently their homeland.

Gaddafi via telegraph co uk

So who were some of the sources for names of terrorists that the CIA kidnapped? As Human Rights Watch has detailed, Gaddafi was one of the sources supplying the United States with the names of individuals it claimed were terrorism suspects. Most of the names that were supplied by such an honorable man as Gaddafi were members of the Libyan Islamist Fighting Group (LIFG), who were opposed to his rule in Libya. Thus in their ill-conceived rush to retaliate against the ‘bad guys’ the CIA became the thug enforcers for dictators that the US deemed terrorists themselves.

And what has  been the result of the CIA’s rush to be the hero? There are over 100 broken men in the world. There was no regard for their guilt or innocence and no recompense for damages caused or life lost or time stolen, for how can you undo such damage as was inflicted during a torture session. How do you give a man back his pride and his sense of self when you stole it without cause? How do you return a man to family broken and shattered beyond repair? What good is a piece of paper saying we now believe you are not guilty when you have been locked up for years? Where is the justice for families that lost sons and brothers that succumbed to hate under the burden of grief inflicted by the absence of love ones for years? Where is the increased safety due to the creation of that hate? How many more have lost their lives over anger and hate born out of punishment and execution without judgement or proof?

In the hopes of some truth and justice coming out of this senseless ill-planned knee jerk reaction to the tragedy of 9/11, journalists and lawyers and human rights groups are trying to do the right thing by using the justice system of Europe and the US to bring some peace and solace to the victims of the CIA’s RDI program. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has heard 4 cases concerning the involvement of European states with the secret CIA RDI program and is currently hearing 2 more. The 4 cases that the court has ruled on have resulted in finding that the accused European states were complacent to some degree in their action or lack there of regarding the violation of the human rights of the men whom brought the cases before the court. The first case involved a German national of Lebanese descent, whom was a victim of the CIA RDI program. His complaint states that “he was arrested, held in isolation, questioned and ill-treated in a Skopje hotel for 23 days.” This case resulted in the court finding that Macedonia (FYRM) had violated Articles 3, 5, 8, and 13. In 2 cases Poland was found in violation of Articles 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and 38, as well as Protocol 6. In a case against Italy, the state was found in violations of Articles 3, 5, 8, and 13. And currently there are cases pending against Romania and Lithuania. For more on these cases please read the press release for the ECHR. In the US, the ACLU is pursuing action against the men directly responsible for the RDI, Mitchel and Jessen.

In addition to the legal action, there are other groups that are working on bringing the truth to the public audience. The Rendition Project from their about page describes themselves as an unique group of academics and human rights focused individuals working to bring out the truth of the CIA RDI program. Another group that is trying to give a public voice to the victims is The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. BIJ is an independent not-for-profit organization that hopes to educate the public about the realities of power in today’s world. Please follow their projects for more detailed and specific information about this and other important issues of a global level.

Extrajudicial Murder

Photo Credit: Abdul Salam Khan/AP

While traveling in Vietnam, President Obama announced another “successful” drone attack in Pakistan. It appears this time he might actually be correct. From photos of the scene it looks as though a single vehicle carrying the target and at least a driver if not others was hit without damage to other vehicles or individuals; however, this is the exception and not the more common results of Obama’s favored covert drone war on terror.

In case anyone has forgotten, Pakistan is a sovereign country, that we have not declared war against and was not officially consulted prior to the attacks. Before we go further, how do you think it would go over if say Columbia initiated a drone attack of a ‘known’ cartel leader inside U.S. borders? (And we do not even have to consider any collateral damage for this rhetorical hypothetical scenario.) 

drone attacks damage

It has been reported in The Washington Times that while Obama claimed he wanted to get America out of war, he merely wanted to change the way in which the war was fought. Whereas Bush fought his wars openly, Obama wants to fight his in the secrecy of ‘national security’ redaction. For Obama the cloak of ‘national security’ has been his greatest weapon both abroad and within the Beltline. However, the headline of that Washington Times article told the sad truth of his war….. “Obama-led drone strikes kill innocents 90% of the time

Pakistan Drone Attack NumbersThe information for the above article is based on a 5-month long mission in Afghanistan that was, based on the numbers, a complete failure! The complete exposé can be found at The Intercept. The original article states what EVERY American should be thinking, but seems completely unfazed by. “This outrageous explosion of watch-listing — of monitoring people and racking and stacking them on lists, assigning them numbers, assigning them ‘baseball cards,’ assigning them death sentences without notice, on a worldwide battlefield – it was, from the very first instance, wrong,” the unnamed source told The Intercept. Luckily for some of those that have been detained as our enemy or the families of those death-listed there is someone in the States that is working for justice and not revenge being served. As Reprieve started freeing GITMO detainees, George Bush’s Attorney General told them “if you don’t let us imprison and interrogate these guys, we will just kill them.” The drone program amounts to little more than a killing spree of fear and hate that increases the profits for defense contractors flying under the guise of foreign policy’s agenda of keeping the world safe and spreading democracy. Neither of which has improved over the course of the decade and half since 9/11.
Yemen Drone Attack NumbersAs a matter of record, the countries, in which the drone program has been the primary weapon of choice, have seen greater violence and instability. In addition to having less security and democracy and living in constant fear, their citizens have been deemed unworthy to have any access to any proper legal process. This ‘justification’ that a group of people, no matter how ‘evil’ they appear to the world, is not allowed access to the legal process of justice to determine guilt or innocence is completely immoral and by action shows the unworthiness of those justifying and carrying out these executions without the order of a proper and public conviction of crimes.

Based on numbers found in an article in The Guardian at least 6 different targets were ‘hit’ 5 or more times and at least 5 different targets resulted in collateral deaths of over 100 individuals each, with another 35 targets resulting in the collateral deaths of on average over 25 others. The inexcusable fact is that these numbers which are based on 2014 figures are lower than the current truth, if the truth were to ever be told.

Afghanistan Drone Attack NumbersIn 2013,  Obama declared that no drone strike was taken without “near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.” adding that “nevertheless, it is a hard fact that U.S. strikes have resulted in civilian casualties” and said “those deaths will haunt us as long as we live.” Apparently, based on the continued use of these weapons and the continued skirting of accountability, the haunting only lasts till the next morning when he signs the next day’s “kill list”.  It seems that the label of ‘national security’ like a spoonful of honey makes it sweet enough to swallow.

In the course of this very covert public war on terror, at least 8 American citizens have been murdered without due process or judicial precedent. The more troubling fact is that not all drone attacks are target attacks on ‘known’ and ‘identified’ terrorists, some are so-called signature strikes based on indications that people on the ground were likely with Al Qaeda or allied militant groups. Another words, the US government is intentionally murdering foreign citizens based entirely on association and possible behavior and or location, without any real or tangible evidence or even identification.

Somalia Done Attack NumbersWhile it is true that drone attacks have killed alleged terrorists, they have also killed innocent civilians, American citizens, misidentified targets, and victims of the terror groups. Military and intelligence officials argue that in most cases they were confident that they were killing only dangerous militants. However, when they are questioned about the misses and civilian casualties, they insist they did not know that the civilians were present and or that the target was absent. This proves that the intelligence on the ground is haphazard at best and that the method of drone attacks needs to end until such time as it can be carried out within the bounds of proper legal precedent without civilian casualties being the norm and in great excess of the actual stated intent.

Blackmail, Blind Ambition, Brutal Greed, Or All Of These?

WTC_seq_reuters via 911review
Reuters via 911Review

From the first impact into the North Tower at 0846 on 11 September 2001, there have been questions, allegations, and accusations. Truth has been seasoned with controversy, national security, and various conspiracy theories about the who, the what, and the how of the attack, leaving the casualties in the ashes of the event. As stories about the event multiplied so too did the theories that would create various urban legends; was it a complete and total inside job by the US government or was it a Saudi run operation for the US government, was Mossad involved or was it just complete incompetence and self-serving arrogance of various US intelligence agencies unwilling to play ball?

There’s a saying that the stories that last do so cause there is at least a kernel of truth in their origins; yet, variations of all these stories have survived, partly because of the epic and world changing proportions of the tragedy,  thus muddying the waters of the whole and complete truth of what honestly happened that fateful day leaving us to wonder how accountable each accused is.

gitmo via freedomoutpost

While the United States government stated and made the public effort to show honest and truthful reactions to the terrorist attacks, behind the scenes the US had ‘boots on the ground’ within 48 hours. This was the reality when officially military operations were not announced, by then President Bush, until 7 October. President Bush, in the aftermath of the attacks, stated that justice would be brought to the perpetrators of the crime. With that intent, during the military operations an unknown number of ‘suspects’ and ‘enemy combatants’ were captured and detained.

In the ensuing years upwards to 1000 persons may have passed through the gates of GITMO or worse the secret detention locations in various countries around the world. The total true numbers are unknown due to the stonewalling of the Pentagon and other government agencies. Ironically, one of their stated excuses for not releasing a complete and accurate list has been respecting the privacy of the prisoners; yet, it seems that no other respectful consideration has been given in the treatment of the prisoners or their identities. I wonder if anyone has polled the prisoners to see if they want such respect for their privacy over no respect during interrogations and day-to-day treatment regarding things such as forced feedings. I also wonder if it occurred to anyone at the Pentagon that by releasing a whole and complete and accurate list of prisoners maybe things like wrong identities might be sorted out before improperly and immorally detaining innocent persons for years!

911 Report via en wikipedia org

In addition to military operations, a Commission was formed over a year later, 27 November 2002, “to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11 attacks”. This report was published almost 2 years later on 22 July 2004; however, as of today there are still 28 pages of the report that are not public. Recently several members of the Commission, most notably, John H. Lehman, have stated the need to make public those 28 pages, which supposedly implicate several Saudi government officials with supporting the perpetrators of the attacks and or Al Qaeda as a whole. It should be noted that both the Saudi Royal Family and more than a few terrorist groups follow the same fundamentalist faction of Sunni Islam, Wahhadism. It should also be remembered that Bin Laden was the son of  Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, a billionaire construction magnate with close ties to the Saudi royal family. And that the bin Laden family has enjoyed very close ties with the Saudi Royal Family for decades, you can read more about that relationship in a PBS article about Bin Laden

It has come to light that the Obama Administration might release the 28 pages in question. However, it has also been reported by various sources, that upon his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, he was encouraged by the Saudi Royal Family to keep those pages secret. Logic would imply that you would only want kept secret those things that you think or know would hurt your own self, or those that are close to you, or your current and or future interests. It would be interesting to know if that encouragement in fact did occur and by what means was the encouragement linked to American agendas. Was the price and or production output of oil used? What about the ‘discrete’ means of support and contact between the US and ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels via Saudi Arabia? (Of course we are using the term ‘moderate’ and ‘Syrian rebels’ very loosely here) Or were other means of encouragement used? President Obama will no longer be employed in his current position after January and former Prime Minister Tony Blair has done very well financially in the Middle East since leaving office.

Considering that Iran, as a US designated terrorist state, whom has never had anything to do with al Qaeda (they are Islamic enemies) was just found guilty in an American civil court for being responsible for 9/11, I am sure that they would gladly welcome the public release of those 28 pages of the Commission Report. Unfortunately, neither Iran nor any of their allies have such influence with the American government to reach that goal. It seems that the US government is tired of having to just let all that seized Iranian money sit without being accessed for the US economy. What better way to gain access to it than by unjustly finding Iran guilty of 9/11 and using the seized moneys to pay the victims thus getting their hands on money that is not theirs and diverting the guilt from truth to political agenda ends. Furthermore, the sole basis for the guilty finding in the trial is the fact that Iran did not show up and defend themselves….this in a country that claims that the burden of proof is on the plaintiff not the defendant! So much for innocent until proven guilty!

car bomb via weekly ahram org eg

There are those that claim that 9/11 was a ‘false flag’ inside operation to create a pretense for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq for oil. There are a few unanswered questions if that is the case. First, Afghanistan was not a member of OPEC, nor was it a non-OPEC oil provider. So what oil was wanted in Afghanistan? Another unanswered question is that it was for cheaper oil, yet, “on Aug. 24, 2001, the average weighted price for a gallon of gas was about $1.51”  and it has not dropped back to or below that price since. So where is the cheap oil for America? However, a plausible retort could be that OPEC and the Oil Industry have never passed along those savings to consumers. It could be the same market control as is found in the diamond industry, where supply is strictly controlled so that selling prices can be maintained (though the market would say it was controlling value not cost). 

In addressing the ‘false flag’ part of the pretense claim, I find the proof very lacking. The amount of coordination and planning and support that would be required to pull off an event of the magnitude of 9/11 would involve too many people. There is also the fact that keeping such an immoral criminal act secret would be virtually impossible. The closest that a ‘false flag’ theory could get to truth, with the available information being studied logically and reasonably, would have to be adapted to more a rogue act by some small group of over zealous and or disgruntled members of some government agency, probably no higher than middle management level. 

The most common theory for the military operations after the attack would be for control and regime change. It is common knowledge that Saudi Arabia was not happy with the Hussein regime in Iraq, especially after Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait. It is a fact that Hussein, along with his sons, were the worst bullies on the block in the region; however, it needs to be remembered that it was the US, along with regional allies, that put Saddam in power in Iraq to begin with, just as it was US support, money and involvement via bin Laden and al Qaeda that put the Taliban in power in Afghanistan. 

al qaeda afghanistan via USNews com

These 2 facts make the US government, in this respect, at least partially responsible for 9/11. How, you might ask. Simple, bin Laden was a nothing thug playing at war in Africa when he was chosen as the ‘hero of Afghanistan’. It would be very interesting to find out just how the US decided that some nothing thug from Saudi Arabia playing war in Africa could be so useful in Afghanistan. 
Who dropped bin Laden’s name to US officials? Whom in the US government thought that he was ‘the man for the job’? What made bin Laden willing to work with the US? Who provided the introductions? 

We do not have those answers, but, we do know that with US funding and training and support, which would have included being able to freely move internationally, so as to relocate from Africa to Afghanistan, the US created al Qaeda. Thus, since al Qaeda is considered the perpetrators of 9/11, that means that the US created the means by which we were attacked. It also means that 9/11 was completely preventable. The above information also means that since at least the early 80s and maybe even 70s the US was not opposed to using “outside freedom fighters” to incite regime change, especially in the name of defeating the enemy, whoever, that might be. Unfortunately, 9/11 did nothing to teach the US government that that method was not a long game positive for the safety and security of the land, citizens or interests of the United States; whereas this has been and still is the primary method of regime change used by the US at least since Afghanistan and is in full use today from Libya to Syria to Ukraine, leaving an enduring path of destruction and desolation in its wake for decades to come. Is there a single country that can say it is better off since US regime change was brought to bear?

To address the Mossad theories, it is a known fact that Israel has never had much issue with conducting military operations or covert acts within the borders of ally or enemy states alike, if it furthers their agenda. That being said, their apathy with regard to how their actions are seen lessen their desire to focus on discretion in such matters. It seems, that while they are known to be very comfortable using violent means to achieve their ends and their lack of concern about public opinion, thus it would not bother them to risk any American public backlash for such action, they had no true or real reason to commit the act. On such a scale as 9/11 Israel is not quite so discrete; nor would they, based on past actions, conduct such a large-scale operation that did not directly benefit them. And no, 9/11 did not directly benefit them!

US Intelligence AgenciesWhat about the role of US Intelligence Agencies? It is common knowledge that each government agency has too much hubris and not enough team focus. It is also common knowledge that all that hubris has a very negative effect on inter-agency communications. It became known afterwards that numerous agencies had pieces of intelligence that had they been shared and combined would have given a complete enough picture of the intent of the 9/11 hijackers to have at least limited the destruction if not actually preventing it. Thus, the question becomes, how much did each agency know? Did any agency know enough? Was 9/11 intentionally ignored? Were there those whom thought that America ‘needed a wake up call’? Was it just ‘dropping the ball’? We may never know the full extent of which persons in each agency knew what and when they knew and what they did with what they knew.

One thing that is certain is that the whole of the government took advantage of and benefited from the tragic events of 9/11. The government has grabbed unconstitutional authority in the name of security. They have expanded their reach in the name of national interests. They have lined their pockets with the expansion of and implementations of security measures in the name of fighting terror. The disgrace is that the American public is not only not safer from terrorism, they are also not safe from their own government. They have lost freedoms and Constitutional protections and live with a government that has secret courts and immense surveillance tools turned to its own shores. There has been no positive to come out of 9/11 for the American public or her individual citizens.


What Man Is A Man

Meet The Ladies (Part 2)

Kurdish Female Fighters May 2014 REUTERS
Photo Credit: 2014May REUTERS

While Syrian men are making a name for themselves by invading Europe and hiding behind babies and children to show what “big men” they are, Syrian women left behind in the war zone have silently been stepping up and filling the void; along with taking care of their own and their communities some have also been taking up medic bags and arms in an attempt to restore peace and order to their homeland. The first ladies to make a wave in the fight against Daesh and other ‘moderate’ terrorists in Syria and Iraq were the females that were fighting along side their Kurdish male counterparts.

These Kurdish female fighters from northern Syria have helped defend major towns as well as to rescue Kurds and Yazidis from certain death after torture and things worse than death at the hands of Daesh. There have been claims that according to Daesh lunacy dogma if their fighters are killed in battle by female enemies they will be reduced to their rightful spot in hell! If you properly and honestly follow the teachings of Islam, with regard to martyrs then you would know that dying a martyr has nothing to do with and cannot be done by attacking innocents. Being a martyr is about having more strength in your faith/beliefs than in your physical form. In short being a martyr is not about being suicide bombers or mass murderers, it is about standing up for what is right in the midst of violence and certain threat to your own person. A martyr does not willing die, but gives their life for something greater and more important than themselves and that is right and good over evil.

Female-Protection-Forces-via independent
via The Independent (.com)

The Lady Kurds from northern Syria are not the only ladies in Syria that have stepped up to fill the void left by fleeing Syrian men. In the summer of 2014 a Female Commando Battalion was created to serve alongside the Syrian Army. The battalion consists of around 800 female volunteers. The unit helps to defend the area around Damascus. In addition to ladies in the Army, and the Lady Kurds of the North, a new Christian Female Battalion known as, Female Protection Forces of the Land Between the Two Rivers, has been formed near the Iraq border. This new battalion started graduating fighters in August to form the group. These ladies have left behind families and children to help defend their homes and to excise the terror threat to their land.

These ladies come from all ages and walks of life; they were students, hairdressers, mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. They come from Kurdish and Christian towns and even from Canada. They all fight for a better and safer future. Most of them have the same view on Daesh;

“I used to work for a Syriac cultural association, but now I take pleasure in working in the military field,” Thabirta Samir, a 24-year-old trainer with the group, told Agence France-Presse. “I’m not afraid of Daesh, and we will be present in the coming battles against the terrorists.”

 It seems that anywhere you travel in Syria you can find the ladies filling the void, stepping up and doing what they have to do, what needs to be done even when ‘Hell is never far away’, especially in Aleppo. Umm Abdu, having been a wedding dress designer and now after the loss of her husband and son has taken up arms for defense and treats the wounded of the city in the remaining standing hospital. The Civil War, started from the outside, has turned a once stable country into another disaster zone, in the name of peace and democracy in accordance with Western foreign policy goals. The difference seems to be that Syrian women, having seen this policy played out before, are not going to allow what has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to happen to them.

For more on these courageous women and others just like them look for stories via the Syrian Female Journalist Network (SFJN) and the documentary series “Syria’s Rebellious Women”. If these women have their way, there will be hope of a Syria of the future without Daesh and other terrorists.

What Man Is A Man

Part 1

Greek Border Violence Bulent Kilic AFP
Photo Credit: Bulent Kilic AFP

Once again Europe is dealing with violence created by Syrian refugees. These refugees, which are mostly young men, have the courage and strength to rip babies from mothers to use as projectiles at police officers and to push rail cars into border fences. They have also laid children on train tracks and attacked journalists and aid workers that are trying to help their cause. Yet, many, from Western leaders to supposed human rights groups, do not mention these acts of violence by these refugees, they merely justify their actions by stating that the ‘migrants’ only want peace and freedom and to live in safety. That does not happen when one’s reaction to law and order is violence. There has been no headlines speaking about how these ‘poor, desperate refugees’ have spent years trying to do things inside the existing system within the law and in a peaceful manner. That implies that those stories do not exist. If you see stories about those families that are not invading Europe but merely existing in refugee camps, you see Syrian men sitting in their pity and whining while it is their wives and children that are finding some way to survive and provide for the family. This seems to be more common than not among Syrian men.

In addition to such poor behavior by Syrian men running away from the issues in their own country, instead of staying home and putting their house in order; there is also knowledge that several suspected terrorists have entered Europe as ‘poor Syrian refugees’ looking for peace and better lives!
Yet, they actually attack Greek civilians that attempt to show them compassion and generosity by giving them food. It would seem that if the Public Affairs Offices of the EU and NATO wanted to garner public support in their continued illegal ‘rebellion’ in Syria, then they should be flooding the news with reports of how peaceful and controlled and behaved these individuals are; however, we do not see these reports, the best we get is ‘how poorly the local peace officers have treated’ these creatures.

jungle-478260 refugee crisis getty
Photo Credit: Getty

As numbers and tensions increase at the closed gateway to the Balkan refugee route the UNHCR’s coordinator, Vincent Cochetel, discussed the crisis in March.
“They do not understand that they can no longer move onward, that they have to queue; they have to go through the relocation process – for those eligible for relocation and it is not everybody. So, there is a lot of frustration building up, which may lead to acts of violence,” said Cochetel.

What is not understandable and completely lacking logic and common sense that this is something they do not understand. How is it that anyone that supposedly is so educated and from the professional middle-class, as we are repeatedly assured ALL the refugees are, do not understand that there are rules and laws and procedures to handle these situations properly and orderly?

It is equally absurd that groups from the UN to MSF (Doctors Without Borders) still want Greece to shoulder the burden of taking care of these ‘refugees’. Last year the EU agreed to relocate ‘refugees’ from Greece among the other 28 member states. However, “…despite commitments to relocate 66,400 refugees from Greece, states have so far pledged only 1,539 spaces, and only 325 actual relocations have occurred,” according to UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards. It appears that instead of keeping their end of the agreement the EU has decided to pawn their disaster off on Turkey by paying them to take back ‘refugees’ to their country.

What the EU should be doing to take care of the issue is to stop being involved in Syrian regime change for profit! Secondly, they should be fast tracking temporary status and relocation to women with children and then the elderly and sick or injured. No healthy male between the ages of 16 and 55 should be allowed to even be considered for refugee status until there are none of the above mentioned groups in danger. These men need to be returned to their country to fight for their own nation and to do their proper duty to their nation, their family, their clan/tribe.

Refugee Crysis In Safe Haven

Migrant group illegally crossing Europe

The world economy is weak. The job market is more famine than feast. And Europe is facing an unending influx of migrants. Over the last 4 to 6 years Italy and Greece have been crying, begging, pleading for help in dealing with an overwhelming invasion of illegal immigrants. They are being called refugees, but a large majority are not true refugees from the Western bombed nations of Libya and Syria, they are simply opportunists from Central Africa and Central Asia that are taking advantage of the plight of displaced civilians in the aforementioned countries. They are freely flooding into Europe by any and all means possible. They come with nothing, thus they are in need of everything for the countries that are stuck taking them in. They are creating an unbearable debt on the smaller and weaker countries of Europe without any intent of ever returning anything of value to those countries.

migrant route 1Not a single one of these refugees is doing anything the legal or proper or right way; yet, they are all reaping all the benefits denied those that try to do things properly and legally. The burden on the people of Europe via loss of benefits and increased taxes to cover the costs is rude and insulting.

Do not get me wrong, I have all the sympathy in the world for REAL refugees, the ones that have no home left cause NATO bombed it off the map, the ones that have no village cause it has been leveled by the Western backed ‘moderate rebels’. But, I cannot believe that EVERY refugee left without documents. The nature of life in both countries is not new, we are not talking about a sudden natural catastrophe, civilians knew how unstable and uncertain life was. Call me mean or callus, but why didn’t EVERY civilian family have a bug-out bag ready to go at all times and why were these people not carrying documents with them at all times just in case, homes get bombed while you are at the market, village gets overrun while you are at work?

And the excuse about traffickers taking documents from refugees, well that shows illegal intent from the start….if you are a genuine refugee than you know that you have a very legal way out, it might not be as comfortable and first-class as you want it, but beggars need to stop being choosers. I have to completely disagree with the European Union’s sudden ‘welcoming’ of refugees that Italy and Greece have been drowning under for years. This action has only increased the burden on them and other smaller EU members as well as, unconscionablly encouraging the invading non-EU nations without recourse or proper compensation for the invited invasion upon those invaded nations.

via UN Watch

It seems to me that since NATO actions have been at the behest of Middle East allies, that they should be the ones taking in all these poor Sunni refugees. Yet, no refugees have sought safe-haven in any Middle Eastern country. Why is that? United Arab Emirates supposedly has a very robust expanding economy. Saudi Arabia is the new head of the Human Rights Council of the UN, so what better place to seek safe-haven, right. And it is much closer than Germany! France! Britain! Sweden!


This is the first of 3 articles focusing on the migration crisis invading Europe.


Obama’s Softspot For His Frankenstein

The numbers show how little damage the US is willing to do to their Frankenstein. In a Washington Post article the numbers prove that once again Obama is ALL rhetoric about current situations.

090614_anhq_NATO_640 via foxnews

According to their numbers a total of 157 air strikes have been conducted by the US on Islamic State targets. The strikes have destroyed 212 targets of which 162 were vehicles, while only 50 have been strategically significant targets! That says it all in a nutshell!

While it might be a ‘bigger rush’ to hit and take out a moving target, it is no true big deal for I.S. to lose vehicles that they can replace within an hour. It is much more strategically successful for the air strikes to damage and destroy their facilities and weapons systems; that is the only way to ensure any real ‘degrading’ of I.S. Yet, that is not happening. Not only is that not happening, President Obama has openly stated that the US will increase their supply of weapons to ‘moderate’ rebels…..

Would that be the same ‘moderate’ rebels that have been working with I.S., including selling kidnapped American journalists to I.S. for their propaganda?!?!?!
Nice Call President Obama!

We have agreed to fund, support, and help run training camps in Saudi for more ‘moderate’ rebels to help in the battle against I.S. Saudi has been one of the major funnels of money, weapons, supplies and other support for destabilizing Syria from the start, including supplying Chemical Weapons to the moderates so that they can create false flags that can be blamed on Assad and the Syrian military.

We are also publicly stating that we will once again violate the sovereignty of another nation by conducting air strikes in their territory. Of course we have been committing this crime for so long now that it is like speeding on the Interstate for us. We seem to have a complete inability to decide who our enemies are and how to deal with them. We attack Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan while funding, arming and supporting them in Syria and Iraq.
To say we are confused is a complete and total understatement!

What a tangled web we weave when we plan to deceive!!! And how much more tangled it becomes when the motive for the deceiving is greed!

ISIS Claims Caliphate

Now What?

Ah President Obama and Senators McCain and Graham should be so very proud! Their little moderate terrorists are ALL grown up into a full fledged threat to the whole world that cannot be controlled. D.C. never seems to learn from one failure to the next. You cannot create monsters and control them when they are full grown. Especially when you do not even understand their history or their ideology or their culture. It is also worth noting that even US experts seem to not grasp the concept of fighting for or being driven either by a desire or a hatred that is larger than one’s self or the complexity of culture, history, religion that interweaves to create the society we call the Middle East.

ISIS Caliphate Map
via Stratfor Global Intelligence

Who would have thought that President Obama, the man whom ran as the uniter, would be so successful in working toward such controversial goals as arming, aiding, funding, training the sequel to Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL with Senators that seem so politically opposed to any and every thing that the White House has tried to accomplish. But when it counts they seem to have proved that they really can work together while appearing to be totally at odds.

Over the weekend ISIS declared their own state or caliphate. How does that impact the Middle East and the whole world? Well, first and foremost, it completely destabilizes the region in an attempt to supposedly promote stability. Second, and maybe more importantly in the long run, it completely rewrites the view of the US in the Middle East, thus creating more distrust and animosity than previously existed. Thirdly, by realigning the region, it creates chaos that will be used by mega-corps to further separate the 1% from the 99% and provide tools by which to manipulate things like price of oil which will also impact the price of all consumer products on multiple levels. What most people do not realize is that gas or petrol, depending on your part of the world, is not the primary end product of oil production. Petrol makes up the least over all end user consumption of crude oil. Petroleum ingredients are found in everything from cosmetics to plastics to textiles and manufacturing.

The main point is, that it is the opinion, based on the very successful implementation of a disposable consumer society, that control oil and you control the world by virtue of controlling the world’s markets on multiple levels.  Again, let me remind readers that many global economies are no longer based on a gold standard, instead most experts will tell you that they are based on the petrol-dollar, which from some points of view is accurate, however, the most basic economic describer is that most petrol-dollar economies are really just debt economies, meaning they are a complete sham and totally worthless, thus the need to maintain the illusion of richness based on oil dominance. Don’t believe me, pull out your ‘currency’ and read it, it is a promissory note, basically an IOU. So we all go around and pass debt from one to another and take things in that method. Ah, but I have ‘real’ money in the bank, just look at my bank statement…uhm, sorry, no you don’t. Those are just numbers on paper. Those numbers no longer represent your share of gold backing that institution cause the gold isn’t there. And on top of it, the banks charge you to move those numbers from one piece of paper to another and to let you see the numbers and for you to change the numbers. Every single automated and automatic shift of those numbers on paper are charged by fees and penalties and decreased interest or dividends. They show assets in the form of loans (debts) or futures (illusions) and you believe that you have wealth. What you have is owned debt that is under secured and when the global economy collapses due to bad politics in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and Africa, it will not be repaid. The debt completely and astronomically out runs whatever gold/property/capital that might have backed it up at one time.

So how does this relate to the ISIS ‘take over’? Easy, the US and allies used the ISIS and other groups to try to conquer Syria. Syria does not play by the rules. They keep their oil and sell it as they chose. Syria is really just Libya 2.0, in respect to oil control.  This means that US and allies do not directly control ALL oil sources. And that is the true and real end game of stability in the Middle East; complete and total control of ALL oil production. However, the chaos shows that the US is losing its finesse to manage regime change with behind the scenes control in such a manner as to appear to be doing the right thing and it not falling apart until history forgets that it was US that caused the issue to begin with…Saddam and Taliban. The US and her allies have to control ALL the oil production to maintain global control. It is that required control that inhibits the progress of renewable energy sources as well as lifestyle changes being encouraged that would increase the value of nature and decrease control through decreased oil product consumption. Greed of the 1% have encouraged the creation of and growth of ISIS. It is that hollow greed that will also be their downfall, for they have forgotten about the things that cannot be bought and thus will not know how to fight for ideas with their world of mirrors breaks.

UPDATE: This is a great article that shows steps to Syria’s chaos and ISIS rampage… Ian56.

Egypt’s Good So Let’s Arm Them

Really, just cause Egypt has been SO busy fighting among internal factions and has thus not violated its Treaty with Israel, we are going to start sending them military shipments again? Really, who decided that the Treaty was the best and ONLY measure to use to determine military shipments to a country that can’t keep a government in place for more than a year after ousting the lifetime dictator was sound logic? Oh, that’s right our lovely State Department!
Well we can take heart in the fact that our State Department has a stellar record in judging the short term actions of foreign entities. And the US has an even better record of picking ‘better’ sides in disputes in the internal conflicts of other countries. One need only look at Panama, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq, El Salvador, to see how well we pick sides.
The US has a long history of intervening in the internal affairs of other countries, when the US chooses to intervene it is not in the context of moral obligations of the citizens in the said country, in some cases the resulting interference results in the daily situation in the said country being worse, or even much worse as in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is not referring to their current states which are not good by any means, but to their former. Yes, for those who missed it in history class, the US helped put Saddam in power in Iraq. A man who gassed not only his own people, which we did nothing about, but gassed the battlefield in his war with Iran, thus killing not only Iranian soldiers but also his own soldiers. And it was US intervention that put the Taliban in power in Afghanistan.
All intervention into Iraq was pushed for economic reasons and to the benefit of the US and her OPEC allies, whereas the mess we created in Afghanistan that led to 9/11 were merely the US keeping score against the Soviet Union. There was never any real interest in the actual welfare of the citizens of either country. And there is no real concern in the daily lives of the citizens of Egypt either; otherwise we would instead consider the safety and stability of the internal peoples and area of Egypt to determine whether Egypt should receive military shipments.
The US really needs to learn that it cannot buy loyalty, that the citizens and governments are not of the same model as American citizens. You cannot control them buy keeping them focused on money and ‘sparkleys’ and distracting them with misinformation and down right lies. Sure, they will take your money and your ‘sparkleys’; but they have learned the US game well… is all about ME, so there is no need for loyalty. The US only gets involved where there is a profit or benefit for them.
The world doesn’t hate the US cause they are jealous of the American way of life, the world hates the US cause from the other side it is very easy to see the hypocrisy of US foreign policy.

Who the US Government Really Supports In the Middle East

So as can be my normal state of thinking…..I was catching up on the news the other day and saw the Human Rights Report on Bahrain and the thought came to my mind…doesn’t a vast majority of the most extreme and radical and violent of Islamic Terror Groups seem to have a commonality that should make us take notice. What is that commonality? They are sub-sects of Sunni Islam.
The groups that I am including in the aforementioned group include, but are not limited to, the Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Barelvi, ISIM, Al-Nursa Front, Wahhabi, Deobandis, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and the list goes on and on. On its own this may not be an ah-ha moment, but when you look at the countries, whose populations are mostly Muslim, that are our allies in the Middle East and Central Asia you see that they are also ruled by royal families or ‘elected’ leaders that in majority are conscripts of, yes, Sunni Islam. Now you can have your ah-ha moment; however, if you still are missing the point let’s continue.
When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal, they received diplomatic recognition from only three states; Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. All of which are our allies. Yes, that diplomatic recognition was revoked, but it still existed and the ruling families of Saudi Arabia and the UAE are still in power. Further more, this year the Taliban opened “offices” in Qatar, another of our allies, and this office is recognized internationally as it was to be the location for talks between the Taliban and the current government of Afghanistan.
The Saudi Royal Family are followers of a Sunni Islamic sect and have supported with money, arms and other resources the insurrection in Syria. On the other hand, the Syrian government, specifically, Al-Bashar and his family are not followers of any Sunni sect, but, are in fact, Alevites which ascribe more to the Shia Islamic traditions. The Saudi regime does not allow internal criticism of its policies or practices. As is the case with most Islamic States.
The Al Khalifa ruling family of Bahrain and its supporting tribes adhere to the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence, spread by the Uyunid dynasty and is of Sunni foundations. Returning to the origin of this article, Bahrain has been sited in the HR report as detaining and torturing children for participating in the protests in that country. The country has seen protests for months now, yet they are very heavily oppressed by the authorities and most foreign press that attempts to cover the story either receives no support from their main stream media employers or they are strictly limited in their movement within the country itself by the authorities, for of all things safety concerns.
Turkey’s ruling party is Sunni and their government has been criticized repeatedly for their handling of journalists that report negatively about government actions and affairs. In addition, the Turkish government was also very heavy handed in their handling of protesters this spring and summer. Protests that were rarely even mentioned, must less covered in our media outlets. Turkey has also quietly, to the outside world been invoking stricter laws moving the country from a secular state of example, to a more typical Islamic State of the area. Ironic, considering that most ethnic Turks, do not consider themselves Arab and therefore not in close alignment of those whom do.
There is a complete lack of understanding within American society to understand several very relevant factors; first, not all Muslims are the same, second, Islamic factions tend to be much more separate from each other than we are used to with christian denominations, third, religious ideology impacts more directly on political and social aspects of life. Why is it necessary to understand these differences? Cause the US government and her allies are using societal ignorance as a basis for imposing the wishes and desires of the same allies in the region. The result is that legitimate governments are being replaced by governments that are more in line with the goals and stances of the US and her Middle East allies. As a footnote, Iran and Hamas follow Shia’ Islam.
In addition to the fact that we are stepping in the internal affairs of other nations to effect regime change to suit our allies, we are also supporting governments that oppress their own people. And by doing so we are also supporting our own professed enemies to accommodate our hard line allies.
And we have the nerve to call those who speak against our actions, evil and oppressive. Sen. McCain not only supports stepping in in Syria, he met with Syrian rebels, was pictured with known terrorists and murders, yet calls Mr. Putin a hypocrite. Then candidate Obama criticized President Bush for being a war monger and running a hawkish, secretive government. However, as President, Obama has continued the war in Afghanistan, intervened in Libya, oppressed and prosecuted whistle-blowers, continued the Patriot Act and FISA even expanding their reach and drone attacks have substantially increased in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries where our “enemies” are located without regard for the loss of civilians on the ground. President Obama’s administration now with a heavy handedness has judged and convicted the Syrian government even before there was any independent support of attacks even happening and completely disregarding previous reports that would contradict their agenda of stepping in in Syria.

Don’t Do It Syria

I do not think that Syria should give up one weapon of any kind. Giving up a weapon is akin to giving up sovereignty. No country should give up one percent of its sovereignty that limits their independence and weakens their stance on the global playing field. The idea that the “world” is still supporting the ‘rebels’ in Syria against the government is totally and completely absurd and shows that the world population is not only ignorant to the repercussions of such actions but is guilty of destroying a sovereign nation by complacency.
If you look at the time line of events you see a completely contradictory version that what the US and allies is stating publicly and is being supported by all major media outlets in the west. There were supposed to be talks long ago to reach a diplomatic solution to the situation; the Syrian government agreed to these talks, it was the “rebels” that rejected attending these talks. It was Syrian “rebels” were found with chemical weapons in their possession in Turkey in May. It is the “rebels” that are killing Christians. It is the “rebels” that are supported by and members of groups that the western powers have labeled as “terrorists” and while we are screaming the need to support these “rebels” in Syria, they are the same combatants that the soldiers are fighting in other places.
How is this even possible? Cause the public is too consumed about their own petty little issues to pay any attention to real issues that are destroying our world and numerous societies around the world. The media is pitching the propaganda of the politicians and not doing their job of informing the public of truth and facts. Masses are too busy consuming products instead of valuing life and lives. Public education teaches conformity and repetition, not thinking and inquiring.
We claim that we are evolved and civilized and tolerant and peaceful more so than anytime in history. But we identify people by how they are different than us, we focus on the division betwixt groups, we encourage labeling and naming. This is not evolution or civilized behavior. The fundamental flaw with our tolerant attitude is that the definition of tolerance informs that there is an existing hatred or dislike. These are ALL illusions. There is no truth in this evolution. There is no civilization in hate. There will be no peace until their is a complete and total revolution.

We Made The Red-Line So It Could Be Crossed

Early in the midst of the Syrian conflict, when asked about the US getting involved, the government officially stated that the “use of chemical weapons” would be a game changer. If you think about that comment, that is a really interesting “Red-Line”. There was no mention of the things that usually occur in these situations, like the death of innocent civilians, the violation of human rights, or the standing down by the military leaders instead of carrying out immoral acts; chemical weapon use was not a red line in Libya or Egypt or anywhere else in recent history. Yet, for Syria it is the “game changer”.  This should have raised a Red Flag about intentions already in place behind closed doors of Western governments.
For those of you with short term memory, but long term memory loss, let me remind you of one of the possible scenarios for the WMDs that were not found in Iraq after the invasion; there were reports that since Iraq and Syria were allies, both ruled by members of each country’s Bath party, that Hussein’s people moved supplies of WMDs across the border into Syria, it was also suggested that the final destination of these weapons was Russia. I think we can consider these reports to be the prologue for now. No, I am not specifically saying that today’s troubles were planned 10 years ago, however, I think it was one of those moves to be banked and saved for a future rainy day.
Hence, the current paradigm where suddenly we have a “Red Line” “Game Changer” in the form of chemical weapons attack. Interesting little fact that was not well reported in May, at least not in western media, was the confiscation of sarin gas in Turkey, in the possession of Syrian rebels, whom were members of Al-Nursa Front. Yet, western main stream media not only ignored this event, they have implied again and again that the rebels would have NO WAY of acquiring chemical weapons; therefore, the only party that could use such devices would be the Syrian government. It has been ignored and forgotten that when the first “chemical weapons attacks” occurred earlier this year, it was the Syrian government that invited the UN Investigators in to document the source and perpetrators of the crime. And lets not forget that one of the foremost UN Investigators stated that the evidence suggested it was indeed the rebels whom probably used the chemical weapons and not the Syrian government. Fast forward to the latest attack last week, the powers at be that want an escalation have gotten their wish. Therefore, even in light of previous information Sec. John Kerry in his public statement yesterday basically acted as judge and jury against the Syrian government; as well as, daring anyone that would question the US government’s charges to be without logic, intelligence or common sense, not to mention a complete lack of heart and or moral compass. As Sec. Kerry continued, the obvious reasoning was that ONLY the Syrian government would be so cruel as to kill women and children; yes, there has never been a report of extremist militants or suicide bombers ever killing innocent civilians or women or children. Nor has there ever been one side in history that has ever committed a little evil for the greater good of their cause. In this case, rebels actually could have committed the chemical attack in an area that was both close to Syrian government control, as well as, close enough to the operations of Doctors Without Borders, as to have ‘innocent 3rd party’ confirmation of the attack on civilians by the government.
Currently, the US, UK and France are chest-thumping and posturing for military intervention in Syria after a “blatant chemical attacked carried out by the Al-Assad regime”; without any real proof and widely varied reports as to just how many “innocent civilians” were killed or injured. Some outside reports state that “dozens” were killed while various “rebel” groups put the numbers in the hundreds to even over 1000. And the fact that UN Inspectors were delayed getting into the area, by the government, even though the area was controlled by the rebels, supposedly  further implies the absolute guilt of the government. On the other side of that coin, all of the western powers that are making all the accusations are in very close contact with the rebels, yet there was no effort or act on the side of the rebels to step forward and offer protection for the UN Inspectors or agreement to clear the area making it safe for their investigation. This speaks of the same type of violent and destructive “cover-up” of evidence that would prevent the showing of a truth that cannot see the light of day in the near future, as we have seen before. This same awful cover-up took place in Iraq with the mass looting that was not prevented after the initial fall of the regime there. People think it was a callus approach by the US Army or just disorganization, but neither is true; it was the methodical destruction of paper and other evidence that would have shown that several European governments ignored the UN mandates and still conducted, not just business with the Iraq government, but military and highly specialized scientific and technological endeavors.
In addition to the afore mentioned propaganda for military intervention, Sen. McCain and Graham released a joint statement supporting military intervention. McCain was also noted as stating that this was Obama’s fault by not doing anything after the first “chemical attacks”. The actions by McCain, as well as his remarks, show that his position and moral compass has changed greatly in the past decades. It is greatly disturbing that our leadership with such experience as McCain would be so naive about whom he is wanting the US to get in bed with as well as, whom he thinks are viable bodies for the US to back and support in the conflict. Sen. Graham’s hard line stance against Syria is no surprise at all. Graham’s position has always been to attack any opposition to the US. His actions and remarks have always been harsh and without any regard for any descent of American policy. Distracting the American public with an escalation of the Syrian conflict will take the heat off the politicians and the President for not accomplishing their Constitutional duties, like reaching an agreement on a budget, resolving economic and internal issues and improving the quality of life for the majority of the American public.
It is a shame that the Syrian country and people have to be the sacrifice for Western politicians that are not taking care of issues at home.