The Beginning…

I was and am one of the luckiest people in the world. I have managed to find the best best friend and the most perfect for me partner, both in the same person.

Getting To Know “Us”

I would travel the Panamerican Highway. It traverses two continents from Alaska to Argentina. It is almost 30,000 miles through 14 different countries and numerous climates and ecosystems, with spurs into 5 more countries.

How To Do When You Can’t Do

We all have our moments in time when we cannot seem to do those things that make us us, that make us happy, that give us satisfaction.Most of us that choose to pursue a course that uses our thing to share with the world and complete us…

Editorial Note: Cassi

I am not a very intentional writer. No matter how much of a plan… there are the ones that just go completely off the rails and write themselves.

Birthday Bogus

Are birthdays made out to be more than they really are? Why do we celebrate them?

Today Wasn’t It

We all have days where we just do not accomplish what we need to for lots of reasons. Don’t beat yourself up over it!

Iskrena Istina

It is the truth that sometimes we feel like we are the only one that feels the way we do. But, we are not alone in that feeling.

Through Purgatory And Back

My mind and heart both split in two. No, I could not be mean and hateful and not know it. No, the accuser could not be wrong. I was spiraled into purgatory.

I’ll Go

How well do you know your own quirks? Do you try to hide them or embrace and flaunt them?