What Have We Lost

Article said ways you cheat your relationships….
It was very real indeed.
We claim we are looking for true love,
A real relationship,
Fairy Tale ending….

Are we willing to earn it?
Profile says long walks holding hands,
Yet, your phone is what you hold tightest.
A plain “I love you” sits unread in your messenger,
Likes on your last post matters more.

We chase the DREAM and pass on happiness,
We say we want love, loyalty, and friendship
But we chase Facebook Fame
Twitter Titian status
And YouTube stardom.

Filtered photos hashtagging #honesty and #truth
Status quotes claiming love and loyalty
Secret profiles and messages….
Shhh! It’s nothing, not really…..
But, it takes all your time.

Do you know what real love is?
Do you know what real is?
Virtual has invaded our souls.
Virtual has warped our minds.
Convinced us the screen is real.
Illusion is the deal.


Photo byΒ Ben CliffΒ onΒ Unsplash

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