Iskrena Istina

reflective-thinkingI am one of those people that believes in the good in others and the world. That doing good brings good.

However, I would never tell someone that something bad has happened to that it happened because they are a bad person, then I would tell them, that bad things do happen to good people.

But, then there is the saying when something bad happens to someone ‘bad’, we say they got what they deserved.

Broken Isnt BadAnd I know that we can all relate to the person that seems to always get it all, even though they are the worst person, especially to others.

So, what’s the real truth?
If we do our best to be good people doing good as much as possible, do good things happen to us?

And if bad things happen to us, is it just bad luck or did we somehow deserve it?

What is good? What is bad?

Now to throw another variable into the mix, I totally believe in free will, that we make our own choices. We, alone decide how we behave and how we treat others and what decisions we make. Even when we follow someone else’s advise or direction, it is our own choice to do so. And I also believe that all actions have consequences whether good or bad, seen or unseen.

Missing The Mark BetterI believe in some combination of destiny and making our own way. That while the universe or karma or gods or God might have some higher purpose or plan for us, we decide whether or not to follow it or to fulfill it or to live up to our potential.

But, do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you just don’t get a break? That for every step forward that you think you are taking, someone or something comes along and pushes you 2 steps back. Or that you spend more time side-stepping road blocks or naysayers and thus you theoretically stay in the same place instead of getting closer to your dreams.

chasing dreamsAre you ever confused about what your dreams really are? Do you doubt why you are doing what you are doing? Are the dreams you are chasing yours or the ones you have been told by others to follow? What if you have been following the dreams others told you were yours for so long that you have no dreams of your own? How do you create or discover your own dreams?

Then what? What if by luck you think that you figure out what your dream is, what do you do with it? How do you realize it? How do you make your dream the focus of your life? How do you have a good life reaching your dream in a world whose only focus seems to be money? Unless the dream is only to be rich; but, then again, how?

truth next exitIf you have read this far, then you may be asking yourself, so what is the honest truth that she is talking about?

The truth is, that if any of what I have said resonates with you, you are not alone! And if you do not have answers to any of the above dilemmas, again, you are not alone!

I have been trying to figure out a lot of the above questions and find the right answers to them and so far I do not feel like I have any of them. And while, I tend to be a very private person about my own struggles, and prefer to do what I can to help others, maybe I can try to share some of my struggles in hopes of helping out someone else with their own. If providing nothing more than a feeling of not being alone in this!

What Have We Lost

Article said ways you cheat your relationships….
It was very real indeed.
We claim we are looking for true love,
A real relationship,
Fairy Tale ending….

Are we willing to earn it?
Profile says long walks holding hands,
Yet, your phone is what you hold tightest.
A plain “I love you” sits unread in your messenger,
Likes on your last post matters more.

We chase the DREAM and pass on happiness,
We say we want love, loyalty, and friendship
But we chase Facebook Fame
Twitter Titian status
And YouTube stardom.

Filtered photos hashtagging #honesty and #truth
Status quotes claiming love and loyalty
Secret profiles and messages….
Shhh! It’s nothing, not really…..
But, it takes all your time.

Do you know what real love is?
Do you know what real is?
Virtual has invaded our souls.
Virtual has warped our minds.
Convinced us the screen is real.
Illusion is the deal.


Photo by Ben Cliff on Unsplash


You hate them,
Yet you tell them
You won’t  buy them,
Yet you sell them.
Sometimes even
You decide to buy
Instead with truth,
You  settle with a lie.
Why do You do it?
What’s there to protect?
Trying to leave an impression?
Or to gain false respect?
If You get busted
Truth can be dusted
When truth is bent
The lie causes dent.
You say
“I don’t want to be lied to.”
Then again,
Like others,You do it,too.
You swear You never told a lie,
You swear You always speak truth.
No, you don’t, You know it.
No, you don’t, You know it.
Even Mister who wears
Black suit and tie
Works for the people,swears,
By selling pretty lie.
You may even lie for a reason,
Who cares!?
You’ll be charged with a treason.
No longer you can tell,
What’s right and what’s wrong,
It all sounds beautiful,
Like a favourite song.
You can shoot, You can miss,
Is it a curse or is it a bliss?
You can hide,
By telling beautiful lies,
Someone gets wounded,
Perhaps, even dies.
You can lie responding with silence,
Then you go through emotional violence.
You smile because
you were told a secret,
Now, You lie because you sworn
To keep it.
When truth becomes a lie,
The truth is no more
You’re getting high
Just by watching it grow.
When lie becomes truth,
No one asks for proof,
But when You tell the truth,
No one believes,
They demand the proof.
Lies can protect,
Like house without roof.
Honesty became a lonely word,
When you tell truth, will it be heard?
So what is it?
So what do you want?
Truth or a lie,
Sick in bed,
Waiting to die,
Now you hang at the end of the rope,
To be forgiven,
Now – that’s a Hope.


There are words that we never say, at least not out loud and not in public.
Words that we cannot bring ourselves to say.
Words that are too honest and show too much truth.
Words that have too much power.
Those are the words that we never say.

There are words that we say that we should not.
Words that slip out when we are not guarded.
Words that are more about the moment than forever.
Words that have the same power.
Those are words that we didn’t want to say.

There are words that we never get to say.
Words that we hold on to too tightly.
Words that we wait for the right moment to speak.
Words that we want to be just right.
Those are words that we didn’t share.

There are words that mean everything.
Words that share our dreams.
Words that share our hearts.
Words that share our souls.
Those are words that create our world when spoken.

There are words that mean nothing.
Words that are said to be heard.
Words that are for our gain.
Words that beguile ourselves.
Those are words that are not real.

There are words that build us up.
Words of encouragement.
Words of support.
Words of kindness.
Those are words that make us special.

There are words that destroy us.
Words of anger.
Words of apathy.
Words of hate.
Those are words that rip out our hearts.

There are words that bind us.
Words of promise.
Words of hope.
Words of wisdom.
Those are words that hold us tight.

There are words that tear us apart.
Words of critique.
Words of deceit.
Words of walls.
Those are words that divide our whole.

There are words that rescue us.
Words of heroes.
Words of honor.
Words of courage.
Those are words that feed our longing.

There are words that fate us.
Words of reality.
Words of what is.
Words of conformity.
Those are words that chain us.

What are your words?
What are my words?
What are our words?
What are their words?
Cause those are words that…


Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Quality Instead of Quantity

I prefer quality over quantity,
I must love that fatal injury,
When you have quantity –
You have so much of little impact,
A loss while initially stinging –
Is only momentarily felt,
For tomorrow it is replaced by another.

Ah! But quality lost is fatal,
Without death.
When you find something worthy,
Something that shines and sparkles,
And the glow blinds you,
When you treasure it,
Admire it, desire it-
It becomes a part of you.

If your treasure is damaged,
You are equally injured.
If your treasure is out of sight,
You are alone and adrift.

When your treasure leaves,
It isn’t just a flesh wound.
No, when you lose your treasure,
You are eviserated.
You are torn open with gaping gashes,
The bleeding is immense.
Your whole being is submerged,
Yet, you will not drown.

You go blind, you are deaf,
You starve, you thirst.
You wander alone lost
In the dark.
You beg, scream, cry
For the end, that never comes.

That is quality.