A Lady’s Longing

My Esteemed Champion,

I am writing in some state of despair! I had been informed of your departure, but found myself uncertain of the whole of the circumstances. Thusly, I was unsure about future correspondence or communication.

You know that I am incapable of forsaking My Lord; however, I am equally incapable of imagining His kingdom without your presence. Your presence has been of great comfort to myself and provided me with support and council when in need. I cherish fondest memories of our introduction; by My Lordship’s grace, he knew that as I found my way and sorted my place that I would require more than just His love and patience to carry me forward, and how correct He was in knowing that I would come to know and love and depend on you almost as much as Him.

Not wanting to believe that your absence might be exhaustive, I have endeavoured to convince myself that you are merely on some grand expedition for My Lord, like Nelson or Captains Lewis and Clark, and thus, while I may not know or guess at the day or hour of your return, I believe in the certainty of it! For what other course of action can I possibly avail myself of, if not the surety of your eventual return and the joyous reunion that it will commence.

My Lord has been turning new leafs to be sure! I have been swooned by the renewal of his much desired affections. I have been emboldened by his presence and attention. I have set my sights on desires of my mind and heart and I have set my hands and focus to projects much neglected. I would delight that I could share my thoughts with thee, sire, or that I could receive some fondly shared council.

The fortnight previous this sennight was an incredible increase of his attentiveness reminiscent of our inception! That being stated, it should also be noted even more prominently that it was of greater breath and depth having our ensuing relations to build upon and increase. The peace and confidence instilled by His loving show endowed in me the desire to present him with certainty that I have indeed begun to find my place and trust not only my position but also His support of…

And that My Dearest Sire, is certainly where, had I but had your council would not have made such a choice that swiftly ceased that previous fortnight! This day’s stretching has been the most grievous thus far, but, I fear that I need only await the dawn break for the truth of that to reaffirm itself by leaping from the past into the present, until I fathom some way to correct my misstep. It is that fathoming that has been the elusive wisp fleeing my desirous grasp for these past days.

My instinct is to immediately issue apologies and request the topic dismissed; yet, while, that is my growing wish, what growth would it display? Am I not worthy of observing and stating such with conclusions as I feel and think, especially for the intent of increasing My Lord’s peace and joy?
Do I address the change in an attempt to ascertain the validity of my suspicions and risk creating non-existent challenges? Should I not endeavor to express my concerns and thoughts before creating an elephant that does not exist? Or do I just do nothing openly and wait until he desires my company again….

My Champion, if it has not been made apparent, your absence is sorely felt and your presence is greatly desired! I do hope that your expedition runs it course expediently and that you are returned to us with great haste!

With Baited Anticipation,
Fondly Yours

Lady X


Photo byΒ Debby HudsonΒ onΒ Unsplash

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