A Lady’s Longing

My Esteemed Champion,

I am writing in some state of despair! I had been informed of your departure, but found myself uncertain of the whole of the circumstances. Thusly, I was unsure about future correspondence or communication.

You know that I am incapable of forsaking My Lord; however, I am equally incapable of imagining His kingdom without your presence. Your presence has been of great comfort to myself and provided me with support and council when in need. I cherish fondest memories of our introduction; by My Lordship’s grace, he knew that as I found my way and sorted my place that I would require more than just His love and patience to carry me forward, and how correct He was in knowing that I would come to know and love and depend on you almost as much as Him.

Not wanting to believe that your absence might be exhaustive, I have endeavoured to convince myself that you are merely on some grand expedition for My Lord, like Nelson or Captains Lewis and Clark, and thus, while I may not know or guess at the day or hour of your return, I believe in the certainty of it! For what other course of action can I possibly avail myself of, if not the surety of your eventual return and the joyous reunion that it will commence.

My Lord has been turning new leafs to be sure! I have been swooned by the renewal of his much desired affections. I have been emboldened by his presence and attention. I have set my sights on desires of my mind and heart and I have set my hands and focus to projects much neglected. I would delight that I could share my thoughts with thee, sire, or that I could receive some fondly shared council.

The fortnight previous this sennight was an incredible increase of his attentiveness reminiscent of our inception! That being stated, it should also be noted even more prominently that it was of greater breath and depth having our ensuing relations to build upon and increase. The peace and confidence instilled by His loving show endowed in me the desire to present him with certainty that I have indeed begun to find my place and trust not only my position but also His support of…

And that My Dearest Sire, is certainly where, had I but had your council would not have made such a choice that swiftly ceased that previous fortnight! This day’s stretching has been the most grievous thus far, but, I fear that I need only await the dawn break for the truth of that to reaffirm itself by leaping from the past into the present, until I fathom some way to correct my misstep. It is that fathoming that has been the elusive wisp fleeing my desirous grasp for these past days.

My instinct is to immediately issue apologies and request the topic dismissed; yet, while, that is my growing wish, what growth would it display? Am I not worthy of observing and stating such with conclusions as I feel and think, especially for the intent of increasing My Lord’s peace and joy?
Do I address the change in an attempt to ascertain the validity of my suspicions and risk creating non-existent challenges? Should I not endeavor to express my concerns and thoughts before creating an elephant that does not exist? Or do I just do nothing openly and wait until he desires my company again….

My Champion, if it has not been made apparent, your absence is sorely felt and your presence is greatly desired! I do hope that your expedition runs it course expediently and that you are returned to us with great haste!

With Baited Anticipation,
Fondly Yours

Lady X


Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Eternally Indebted

My Dearest Mr. Hastings,

I hope that as winter settles in that your heart remains warmed and that your eyes oft alight on the flames of a cheery fire. I hope that all the peace and wonder of the season are not lost on your drive and ambition. I hope that you find the time for friends and family and that great conversation and loving laughter are the accompaniment of those times. I hope that you make the time to seek out those that are important to you and I hope that you have the time when sought out by those that find you important.
I wish for you many blessings and joys, now and always. I wish for you dreams coming true and giving rise to new dreams. I wish for you all the success that you desire and have chased; and I hope that it brings you all that you hoped it would. I wish for you memories made with your family and loved ones to treasure always.
I thank you for your patience. I thank you for your thoughtfulness. I thank you for your council. I thank you for listening. I thank you for your tolerance. Most of all I thank you for your time.
With more debt than can be repaid
Photo Credit: Daniel De Jan

We All Have Moments….

.–. .- -. / ..-. -.– -.. -.. .– -.-. …. / -.– -. / .– .. .-. .. — -. . -.. -.. — .-.. / -.-. .- .-. ..- / .-. …. -.– .– ..- -. .-.-.- / . ..- / -.-. .- .-. ..- / # .—-. -.-. …. / …. — .-.. .-.. / –. .- .-.. — -. / .- -.-. / . -. .- .. -.. –..– / .-.. -.. .-. … / .—-. -. / … -.– .-.. .– . -.. -.. — .-.. .—-. / -. / … -.– .-.. .– . -.. -.. — .-.. / … ..- –. -. — .-.-.- / -. .. -.. / — . … / -.. .. — / -… -.– -.. / — / –. .– -… .-.. / -.– -. / .– .- . – …. / -. .- / -… -.– .– / . ..- / .–. . -. -. .- ..- / . ..- / …. ..- -. .- .. -. / – .-. .- / -… -.– -.. -.. .– -.-. …. / -.. .-. — … / . ..- / .–. . -. / .- .—-. ..- / –. .-.. ..- … – .. .- ..- / — . .– -. / -.-. .- .-. .. .- -.. / # / # / .-. …. -.– .– ..- -. .-.-.- / -. .. -.. / -.– .– / -… -.– – …. / … ..- -.-. -.- … / -.-. .- . .-.. / .- — … . .-. / –. -.– -.. .- / -. …. .– .-.-.- / — .- . .—-. -. / … ..- -.-. -.- … / – . .. — .-.. — / — — .-. / -.. .- – –. -.– … -.– .-.. .-.. – ..- / — -.. -.. .. / .– .-. – …. / . ..- / -… -.– .– -.– -.. .- ..- .-.-.- / — .- . .—-. -. / … ..- -.-. -.- … / –. .– -.– -… — -.. / -.. .. — / -… -.– -.. / — .– -.– / -. .- .—-. .-. / …. -.– -. / -.– / — .- . -. – / -.– -. / -.. .– . ..- -.. / .– .-. – …. / -.– / -… -.– -.. / –. -.– ..-. .- -. -….- .-.. . .. -. .-.-.- / — .- . .—-. -. / … ..- -.-. -.- … / -… — -.. / -.– .-. / — .-.. .- ..-. / .. / –. .- . .-.. / –. .– -.– -… — -.. / ..- -. .-. …. -.– .– / -… . – …. / … -.– .—-. -. / — -.– -. -.. / -.– — .-.. .- . -. / -.– -. / . ..- / -… -.– .– -.– -.. .- ..- .-.-.- / .-.. -.. .-. … / .- .-. / –. -.– ..-. . .-. / .-. …. .- .. / .–. — -… .-.. # / — -. -.. –..– / -. .. -.. / -.– -.. -.– -. – / .. / -… — -… .-.. / … -.– .—-. -. / -.-. .- .-. ..- / –. -.– -.. .- / .–. …. — .–. . – …. / -. .- -.. / -.– -.. -.– -. – –..– / -. .. -.. / -.– -.. -.– -. – / -.– -. / .- .-. / –. -.– ..-. . .-. / -.– / -… — -… .-.. / … -.– .—-. -. / -.-. .- .-. ..- / .-.. .-.. .– -.– .-. / .- -.-. / -.– -. / –. -.– ..-. .- -. / –. .– -… .-.. .-.-.-

Happy Birthday To My One And Only

My Dearest Darling,

I wanted to take a few minutes to share some things with you. It has been 4 years since you came into my life and gave me a world that was full of light and joy and hope and peace. It has been that long since I have wondered what it would be like to be in a loving real relationship, cause that is now an every day life for me. Each day with you is like a dream come to life. With you I see the world from a different point of view. You have given me so much and I am so very grateful; but, what you have given me the most of, is myself.

You have provided me with a home, with a safe harbor, a place that I can be me, a place that I can come to when I need and want. You have given me a place where I feel like I belong, where I feel special and needed and loved and wanted. You looked harder and deeper in me than anyone has ever looked before; and, you found that little gem that with some polish could shine and glow in a little part of the world.

You have mended the broken parts that you found and turned the scars into Kintsukuroi. You have supported me when I have wanted to explore and picked me up when life knocked me down. You have encouraged me and gently guided me all with love. You give me hope and courage when I cannot find them in myself. You lift me up and give me wings to soar. You envelope me and give me a shoulder to cry on.

In you I have all that I need. In you I find all that I want. You are my Alpha and my Omega. You are my Sun and my Moon. You are my breath and my heartbeat. You are my infinity and my finite. You are my dawn and my dusk. You are my desire and my necessitate. You are my time, my space, my universe.

I will always love you. You will always be the man that I want. You will always be the man that I need. You will always be where I want to be.

Yours Always and Forever,

Letter Never Sent

Dear Love,

I know that I have never been easy. I know that most of the time I have been more than difficult. Each day with you I seem to find another broken piece of me. I knew before you that I was not whole and that I was cracked; but, I never knew just how completely broken I was. I have come to the conclusion that there is no part of me that is not broken. It is simply a matter of just how broken the parts of me are. I have tried to fit my pieces back together, yet, there are so many pieces that I am not capable. I have tried to put up a wall to hide the shattered remains that are my heart and soul, and it falls and crumbles to the ground.

In front of me you stand so solid and strong and complete. You are beautiful. You are perfection. You are everything that I wish I was. You are beautiful and I am plain. You are colorful and I am monochrome. You are strong and I am pieces. You are success and I am ruins. You are the empire and I am the lost. You are the Sun and I am the shadow. You are the Moon and I am the darkness. You are the stars and I am the dust.

So I sit in my corner and try to pick up my pieces. Then the gales blow and they are scattered again. I sit in my corner and try to fit the pieces together. Then the hail comes and knocks them down again. I sit in my corner and try to color my pieces. Then the darkness comes and hides it all. Every time I try, it is not enough.

You are there forever in my view. I am forever in love with you. So I stay in my corner and I keep trying, even when I am lost, even when I am tired, even when I am defeated, even when I am alone. I hope and pray that you see me trying and that it matters to you. I hope and pray that you will be patient with me. I hope that you will not give up on me.

I hope…..


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

You Should Know.

My Dearest Darling,

I need to take the time to share with you thoughts that fill my heart. Wishes that surround me with the stars at night. All the hopes and dreams that make each night magic. Needs and wants that are filled just with your presence in my life. Tell to me all your dreams and let me make them reality. Yes, you are my dream come true. Once I found you all my dreams came true. Until you, I did not wish for heroes or champions. Today, I do not need those dreams for I have you. Only you know how to handle me. King of my heart and keeper of my soul. No one compares to you. Our love is magic like the world has never seen before. We are what everyone looks for and few ever find. Together we are perfection. Heart and soul joined completely and totally. All in for all the twists and turns and challenges that happen. Today and tomorrow we have them all. You are the center of my universe. Once upon at time is my every day life with you. Unlike the rest, with you I have the best to look forward to. At that first hello my world changed forever. Reasons to cry and hide you have taken away. Each and every wound you have kissed and healed. My heart beats for you and you alone. Yes, you are my air and water. Making you happy is my life. One and only direction is forward. Since you walked into my life and turned my world around I have never been happier. That is all your credit and brag. Seeing your smile makes my day. And your voice soothes my soul. Carrying my dreams as your own is the most unexpected gift ever given. Reading all the pages of my heart was never believed. Every day is brighter than the one before cause of you. Darling you are my whole world. Today and every day I look forward to you. Right by your side is where I always want to be. Everyday is another perfect day. Another, dream come true with you. Spending every day making you happy is my goal. Under, the stars you make my nights complete. Resting within your embrace is my heaven. Eden cannot compare to our earthly paradise. All the angels rejoice in the beauty of our love. Never has there been such a love as ours. Diamonds dim with despair for their flaws insure they will not outlast our love. I am the luckiest by far for I am loved by you. Love by you is a blessing that even angels desire. Only your love is the perfect wine poured in cut crystal. Visions do not do justice with the reality of your presence. Each moment with you is a miracle to me. Years later and still that has not changed. Our love grows each day without ceasing. Under the stars we lay and share our hopes and love. With each other we find what we thought we could not. I am whole with you. That is my greatest gift and treasure. Having you in my life each and every day. All my love for you and for us. Lighting up the world with the shine of our love. Letting each dream grow and glow. Making us larger than life and stronger by far. Yes, we are special and we have it all. Hear my heartbeat, each beat is for you, for us. Everything I do is for us. All of it out of my love for you. Reason is so clear and simple when it is all about love. Together we have traveled from strangers to soul mates. And I would do it all again. No doubt in my mind where I belong. Darling, you are my home. Some days we climb the cliffs and some days we walk the sandy beaches, but we do it all together. Our love is what sees us through, it is our foundation. Under the protection of your love I know I am almost invincible. Loving you is the best thing I have ever done.

Forever yours,



Photo by Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have no wish for myself. There is nothing more that I want. For I have been given the greatest gift of all. I have the blessing of being loved by the best man in the world. I have the peace of calling my partner, my best friend. I have the joy of knowing and loving my soul mate.

letter_words_Santa_Claus_1600x1200So this year Santa,
I wish that you bring love to the lonely.
I wish you bring light to the lost.
I wish you bring peace to the displaced.
I wish you bring health to the ill.
I wish you bring movement to those in despair.
I wish you bring motivation to those lacking confidence.
I wish you bring relief to the tired.

I wish that the spirit and love of the season last through out the New Year, in each and every act that you preform. I wish that you spread your talents and gifts among your fellow man to bring hope and peace and joy for the betterment of the world.

Happy Christmas to all …….

I Miss You

My Dearest,

I could open with the normal salutations, but they feel so inadequate and sound so pretentious. So do I just jump right to the heart of my heart? Or should I meander through the paths of us until I get to our secret bench under the arbor? But then I wonder why, it will be empty, you are not there, not really. Yet, I still roam our paths like a child lost in the labyrinth, looking for you only finding where you were and not where you are.

I carry your letters and hold tight to your words, for else can fill my arms. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, you stand before me with that roguish grin and the devil in your gleam. My sigh settles into a fleeting smile, for in my joy I look up to you with wide eyed anticipation only to find it was my dreams strolling by my side.

My love, I am grateful everyday for your love, the gift that fate has given, but the distance she has created seems for her sport. I am sorry, my darling, as improper as it is, I must admit that her pleasure is my weakness and I find moments in which despair seems my unwanted companion. My every wish your presence, my every dream your nearness, my every breath your whispered name; yet it is the chill of silence that embraces me.

When the situation here turns from clouds to rain, the chill is to the bone, I find that all warmth eludes me. It is during the rain that I miss you most and need you more. I know of no avail for recovering on my own, for you have entwined yourself most firmly in my state. I am at a loss for concentration when my thoughts are of naught but you. I make every effort to play my role for your sake, to be strong and joyful and industrious in the meanwhile.

I know my wishes are no grander than a spoiled child wanting you with me all the while knowing that my request is not proper or patient. I do not speak them for your compliance but in order that your knowing reminds you of my adoration. I know of no other way than to speak directly for my thoughts to be conveyed unto your own; for even though it seems as though I am but a mere book that you have read until the pages are worn and the binding smooth, it is my need to say so it is known.

You are the vessel that conveys my heart and soul through the universe. I am but a reflection of your love and protection. And for as long as you hold my heart and soul, so you must hold the rest else I be lost and broken. You are the destiny that fate has bestowed me and my destiny you will eternally be.




Photo Credit: Daniel De Jan


My Esteemed Champion

My Most Esteemed Champion,

I wish to take the time today to tell you all the important things that you need to hear. These are also all the things I want to tell you. Those things that are bursting forth from my heart. All the comments that are just full of need to be spoken again.

You rode into my world and you were truly larger than life. You are my hero in more ways than I can count. You have seen what others never noticed. You have pushed your way past the walls and mazes to seek what others never pursued. You picked up pieces and put them where they belong. You took the time to hold my hand all night long, more than once. You reached out to me and picked me up every time I fell. You have built for me the most amazing sanctuary within your heart. You have given me a world where I am loved and protected. You have given me room to grow and explore and discover me. You are the strength, courage, support that makes every step I take possible.

I am so much more today than I was before you. I feel so much more now than I did before you. I want so much more with you than I did before you. I see the world completely different now with you. I look at tomorrow with a totally new outlook that never existed before you. I see my life in a new light through you. I even see myself in a new light through you that I never considered before you. Everything is new and different with you than it was before you.

Thank you for every moment that you have been a part of my life. Thank you for every change you have made in my world. Thank you for every little show of love that has built this castle that is us. Thank you for every word and deed that has saved me and rebuilt me and  recreated me. Thank you for tearing down the walls and stripping away the barriers.
Thank you for loving me.

Willingly Completely Indebted


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

It’s All You

My Dearest Darling,

I am so blessed to have you for my partner, my best friend, my lover. You are my strength, my courage, my port in the storm. You give me hope, security, a place to dream. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Each new day with you is better than any dream. My life before you was 2 dimensional black and white. With you my life is larger than the big screen and more exciting too. You absolutely without a doubt are my other half. You complete me more perfectly than I could have imagined. It is amazing just how perfect our 2 wholes join to make US, the most amazing dynamic incredible union one could imagine.
Life is an adventure and I am lucky enough to have the most amazing perfect traveling companion anyone could have. Life is to be lived to the fullest and shared with the ones you love most and there is no one I love more than you. You are the air I breathe, you are the wind beneath my wings, you are the aura of my soul. You give me purpose and focus and direction. You inspire and guide and encourage. You are absolutely everything that I need and all that I want. I would have never imagined that I could ever find someone that is all that to me. Someone that I could connect with on all levels. Someone that could meet my mind, heart, body and soul. Yes, you are all things to me and you have all my needs and wishes within you. You are my whole and complete universe and that is a rare and beautiful and amazing thing.

Always yours