Hungary Has Seen The Light!

So, over the weekend the news reported that Hungary, having repaid their debt, wants the IMF out of Budapest. There are also rumblings about the possibility that they will hold a referendum on whether to exit the EU. I cannot adequately express my admiration for the enlightenment of the government of Hungary with regard to the EU. It is totally and completely refreshing to see a country decide to take back their independence from the regional overlords, Germany and France. Once again, I state it is the best choice by far to exit the EU. One need only look at the current situations in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and others to see that the EU is not the best viable option for economic advancement of member nations.
We have created a House of Cards Economy and the cards are ready to fall. We no longer have bullion supported nations; instead we have debt based international conglomerates that are pushing humanity to the brink with their greed for money and power. The ironic thing is that both are illusions of their own creation. Shifting numbers from one column to another on a ledger sheet does not create wealth that wasn’t there to begin with. The Boards of these financial institutions have been their own tailors creating their own Emperor Clothes.
Where the well deserved irony will come into play will be when the house of cards actually falls. Those rich and powerful men in their designer suits and over-priced sports cars, with trophy wives and designer kids will have absolutely no ability to survive in the chaos that they will ignite. It will be the little man, whom was the stepping stones for the tyrants that will adapt and prosper. The little man whom knows hunger and the difference between want and need. The little man whom knows cold and the difference between a friend and someone to use. The little man whom knows hard labor and the difference between a done job and job done right. It will be in this new world order that humanity will have hope and expectation and dreams and desire. For it will be like the phoenix rising out of the ash that those whom suffered oppression for so long will see the sun shine on them without fear and know the glory of the night sky. Those whom were stifled that will inspire and ignite evollutions from revolution.
That will be a day worth rising for and a time worth remembering.

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