An American Phoenix?

But what if one ‘expert’, who makes his money from his own words, said The Rise Of America is something to come and not memories of the past…

Another Warning, Serbia!

When will the Balkan nations figure out that going their own way will be the only way they have any chance at freedom?

Kudos Greece!

So Greece has gone the way of Hungary and Slovakia and bucked the EU oppression! Super for them, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel now. I can only hope that others such as Spain and Portugal and Ireland take note and that Serbia, Bosnia and even Ukraine rethink their current paths!

“More Money Less Insurance”

Ah, if the ACA, better known as ObamaCare, hasn’t totally made you sick yet, give it another few weeks and it will. Looking at the promises made and repeated time and time again, and looking at the numbers, there was never any way that the Affordable Care Act could float as promised.

Working Full Time … For What?

One of the most disturbing problems in the “richest” country in the world is the fact that working full time does not mean you make enough to live. And this statement is not having 1 full-time paycheck trying to support a whole family; it is speaking about supporting just the employee. The fact that someone working 40 hours per week cannot put a roof over their head or food on their table is a huge shame for this country. 
The current minimum wage for the U.S. is $7.25, there are 18 states and the District of Columbia that have minimum wages higher than the national minimum. This may sound like a good thing but the minimum wage does not equate to a living wage. “The idea of a living wage is that workers and their families should be able to afford a basic, but decent, life style that is considered acceptable by society at its current level of economic development,” This is a huge variable, however it is not an impossible accomplishment. In an MIT study it was determined that not a single state has a minimum wage that meets a living wage. There are 2 states that come close to providing a living wage, North and South Dakota, all other states are falling short.

The Government is ShutDown but Special Forces are Working Overtime

In the last couple days the headlines have been touting the successes of US Special Forces Operations in Africa. It is amazing that we have the money to fund more than the basic running of the military services while we are shut down. It is also amazing that there were Special Forces in Libya to take down a terror cell, which I hope was not in control in a government capacity else we have attacked the sovereignty of another country (oh wait we are the US we do not care about the independence of other nations if they are not following our demands): yet, we could not protect our own embassy staff while they were under attack for hours. Even under Clinton we showed more courage and selflessness.

Oh, It’s That Time Of Year Again

The government shut down scare is almost more regular than the arrival of Santa Claus. It is a sad state of affairs when society accepts as the status quo elected officials whom year after year fail to do their job, yet increase their own salaries and benefits. The 27th Amendment insures that even during a government shut down that will shut down absolutely vital areas of government, Congress will still receive their compensation. Should it be an accepted defense for criminals that it was the victims’ fault for having nicer things or more money or driving nice car or some other absurd rational for committing thief, larceny or robbery. Politicians use much more ridiculous excuses everyday for not doing their jobs and thus robbing the American public of their hard earned tax dollars. If politicians put half as much effort into doing their jobs as they do into spinning the excuses for failing at their jobs we would have the most prosperous country in the world, with the best education system and fastest growing economy ensuring the best quality of life for ALL members of society.

Euro Illusion

The EU is stating that Greece will need another bailout; this would be the third one for the country since its fall into the Euro Economic Chasm. If the amount of debt that Greece has occurred were limited to its current total of 350 Billion Euros it would take Greece about 175 years to climb out of debt. Of course, this would only be possible if not only does Greece not incur one more Euro of debt but also actually creates from today a sustainable national income that includes a surplus of an average of 3 Billion Euros per annum. These figures are simple and basic, they do not include interest or penalties or fees or other charges; but the simple numbers are enough to show the real horror that is the Euro Zone.

Hungary Has Seen The Light!

So, over the weekend the news reported that Hungary, having repaid their debt, wants the IMF out of Budapest. There are also rumblings about the possibility that they will hold a referendum on whether to exit the EU. I cannot adequately express my admiration for the enlightenment of the government of Hungary with regard to the EU. It is totally and completely refreshing to see a country decide to take back their independence from the regional overlords, Germany and France. Once again, I state it is the best choice by far to exit the EU. One need only look at the current situations in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and others to see that the EU is not the best viable option for economic advancement of member nations.