What Man Is A Man

Part 1

Greek Border Violence Bulent Kilic AFP
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Once again Europe is dealing with violence created by Syrian refugees. These refugees, which are mostly young men, have the courage and strength to rip babies from mothers to use as projectiles at police officers and to push rail cars into border fences. They have also laid children on train tracks and attacked journalists and aid workers that are trying to help their cause. Yet, many, from Western leaders to supposed human rights groups, do not mention these acts of violence by these refugees, they merely justify their actions by stating that the ‘migrants’ only want peace and freedom and to live in safety. That does not happen when one’s reaction to law and order is violence. There has been no headlines speaking about how these ‘poor, desperate refugees’ have spent years trying to do things inside the existing system within the law and in a peaceful manner. That implies that those stories do not exist. If you see stories about those families that are not invading Europe but merely existing in refugee camps, you see Syrian men sitting in their pity and whining while it is their wives and children that are finding some way to survive and provide for the family. This seems to be more common than not among Syrian men.

In addition to such poor behavior by Syrian men running away from the issues in their own country, instead of staying home and putting their house in order; there is also knowledge that several suspected terrorists have entered Europe as ‘poor Syrian refugees’ looking for peace and better lives!
Yet, they actually attack Greek civilians that attempt to show them compassion and generosity by giving them food. It would seem that if the Public Affairs Offices of the EU and NATO wanted to garner public support in their continued illegal ‘rebellion’ in Syria, then they should be flooding the news with reports of how peaceful and controlled and behaved these individuals are; however, we do not see these reports, the best we get is ‘how poorly the local peace officers have treated’ these creatures.

jungle-478260 refugee crisis getty
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As numbers and tensions increase at the closed gateway to the Balkan refugee route the UNHCR’s coordinator, Vincent Cochetel, discussed the crisis in March.
“They do not understand that they can no longer move onward, that they have to queue; they have to go through the relocation process – for those eligible for relocation and it is not everybody. So, there is a lot of frustration building up, which may lead to acts of violence,” said Cochetel.

What is not understandable and completely lacking logic and common sense that this is something they do not understand. How is it that anyone that supposedly is so educated and from the professional middle-class, as we are repeatedly assured ALL the refugees are, do not understand that there are rules and laws and procedures to handle these situations properly and orderly?

It is equally absurd that groups from the UN to MSF (Doctors Without Borders) still want Greece to shoulder the burden of taking care of these ‘refugees’. Last year the EU agreed to relocate ‘refugees’ from Greece among the other 28 member states. However, “…despite commitments to relocate 66,400 refugees from Greece, states have so far pledged only 1,539 spaces, and only 325 actual relocations have occurred,” according to UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards. It appears that instead of keeping their end of the agreement the EU has decided to pawn their disaster off on Turkey by paying them to take back ‘refugees’ to their country.

What the EU should be doing to take care of the issue is to stop being involved in Syrian regime change for profit! Secondly, they should be fast tracking temporary status and relocation to women with children and then the elderly and sick or injured. No healthy male between the ages of 16 and 55 should be allowed to even be considered for refugee status until there are none of the above mentioned groups in danger. These men need to be returned to their country to fight for their own nation and to do their proper duty to their nation, their family, their clan/tribe.

Refugee Crysis Colors (Y)Our Culture

PEGIDA movement Germany
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There are some leftist idealists that state that every nation that does not want to just open their borders freely and completely are WRONG!

That national and cultural identity are vague, unfounded and outdated notions. That these ideas create wrong policy regarding ‘refugees’ and thus inflame the problem. The leftist idealists would have us all believe that we have NO right to have a language, culture, religion, ethnicity, or traditions to call ours unless they are so loosely held that we change them on the whim of every new arrival. These leftist idealists are the ones that are wrong!

Each one of us has the right to decide whom we want to interact with and whom we want to form relationships with, whom we call family. It is our right to form family and it is the family’s right to decide whom to include and whom to ignore. It is the family’s right to chose new members and to decide how to live, how to raise its young, whom we call clan. It is the clan’s right to decide whom is a member, whom is leader, what the rules are, how they live, how they communicate. And so it goes with villages and cities and nations! We have EVERY right to ban together with those whom we have similar interests, goals, values, and ideals. And we are not evil if we do not want to lose those connections.

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Does every person have the right to live freely in peace? Absolutely; but not at the expense of someone else’s right to the same rights and freedom. This is where the leftist idealists are wrong. If someone wants to move into a new ‘community’ then they should enter with humility and interest and the intent of learning, respecting and understanding. When they enter with the intent of ignoring and even changing the ways of the new community, their language, their rules, their culture that is not immigration that is INVASION! Whether it is one person or 1 million persons.

This does not mean that the ‘immigrant’ has to give up everything that they were before the move, it means that they should with respect live in a balance of both ‘worlds’. And yes, that is very possible. The ‘immigrant’ can and should speak both languages. The ‘immigrant’ can and should respect the laws of the new land while maintaining their core morals. The ‘immigrant’ can and should participate in the cultural activities of the new land. If any of the aforementioned parts of the ‘new land’ are unacceptable to the ‘immigrant’ then the ‘immigrant’ should not enter the new land. The world is full of many different nations with many different languages and cultures and religions and laws, so the ‘immigrant’ should chose their ‘new land’ based on what they are willing to accept in their everyday life.

Taiko Drummers Seatle
Taiko Drummers @ Japanese Cherry Festival Seattle

It is true that many Western countries are very free and allow individuals to practice their personal morals, cultures, religions, languages and that is, in my opinion, the best system to have, however, that does not mean that the ‘immigrant’ has any right or place to ask for more rights or freedoms or to expect the rights and freedoms of others be limited for their benefit. The ‘immigrant’ needs to be grateful for being given a new home, a place of peace to live, the right to be themselves, the right to live their lives.

If all persons of a nation having the same rights is a problem there are nations where that is not the case. If all persons being able to worship freely is a problem there are nations where only a specific religion is allowed to be practiced or no religion at all. If both genders walking the streets freely is a problem there are nations where only males can walk the streets freely. You should not chose a ‘new land’ based on the handouts you might get. In all honesty, other than maybe free language lessons and tours of the city, help with resumes/CVs and maybe some job placement and or training resources and maybe a fund that will help find housing, the ‘new land’ really should not offer handouts to ‘immigrants’ that makes it safer and more successful for both sides.

Indonesia Dance in Leeds and York
Indonesia wins Best Performance @ World Unite 2015 UK

It should be noted, that while some of you might think based on what you have read so far, that I am anti-immigrant….you could not be further from the truth….I am very pro-immigrant. I believe that diversity when it is honest and sincere and respected makes our lives richer and fuller and more successful. Exploring different cultures and learning different ways of life can improve our critical thinking and increase our creativity and allows for better problem solving. And as the saying goes….variety is the spice of life! That comes in the addition of new things like music and food and celebrations being added to the ‘new land’ experience. The advantage is immense for both sides when the process is proper and fair.

This is the third article of three in a series about the illegal refugee crisis in Europe.

Refugee Crysis Is A Positive

Italian Refugee Crisis
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Earlier this month, speaking about the refugee crisis, the Economic Commissioner stated, “There will be an impact on growth that is weak but positive for the EU as a whole, and that will increase GDP by 0.2 to 0.3 percent by 2017.” I would disagree with that statement for a number of reasons. The first of which is that Italy and Greece have been downing in the expense of taking in the refugees for the last 4 years without any real support from the rest of the EU.

Italy has been in recession for the last 6 years and suffers from between 13 and 20 per cent unemployment numbers depending on which source you cite. The unemployment for the youth are up to 43 per cent, yet, that number is blatantly false in that most of the ‘refugees’ landing in Italy are young single men.

'refugees' at French Border
via www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk

So what is the cost to Italy, whom has decided that illegal immigration is no longer illegal, thus you have to place more blame on Italy than the European Union in their case, but the numbers will affect all of Europe. In the ‘welcome centers’ the ‘refugees’ get free board and lodging, mobile phones and €3 per day in pocket money. If this were not enough, they are also provided with free lessons for Italian, driving and job training, like ice cream making.

So what are the real numbers for the Italian tax payer…. €35 per day directly to the ‘refugee’ or roughly €13000 per year per ‘refugee’ in total cost. Some numbers place the number of ‘refugees’ entering Italy in the first half of 2015 was 54,000, thus €702,000,000; using just this number the ‘refugees’ has cost Italy €2,808,000,000 over the past 4 years. Now, however, the EU has set up a relocation ‘solution’ to ease Italy’s burden….the plan is to relocate a mere 40,000 ‘refugees’ over 2 years. Italy will be paid €6000 per head and the receiving state will receive €500 each. As of October 90 ‘refugees’ have been relocated!

Illegal Migrant Entry Numbers(29JUNE2015)

Even if the 40,000 target number is reached in 2 years, it would take 8 and half years to relocate just the number of ‘refugees’ that landed in Italy in 2014 and that number is expected to be the same in 2015. Right now Italy is housing 99,000 ‘refugees’ at a cost of €1.16billion ($1.32B) for this year.

Of the 61,545 asylum requests received through Oct. 9, 2015, 46,490 have been examined and just over half were rejected, the Interior Ministry study said. The EU is helping to fund the deportation of those ‘refugees’ that are rejected, but is also requesting that Italy speed up and increase their deportation.
The bottom line is that the Economic Commissioner does not have ALL the numbers in his equation. And even if there were some miracle and these ‘refugees’ did a 1 day integration into host countries and start contributing to the GDP it would still take years to cover the initial costs that is still in the red. And at the proposed impact of less than a half of a per cent positive impact to the countries of the European Union it would take the ‘refugees’, their children, their grandchildren, their great-grandchildren and probably even their great-grandchildren to get to a point where the costs break even. And these numbers did not take into account the impact of this crisis on non-EU states that are invaded by the ‘refugees’ on their way to the European Paradise!
This is the second of three articles about the refugee crisis of Europe.

Another Warning, Serbia!

Pay Attention Serbia!

(Alexander Astafyev, RIA-Novosti, Government Pool Photo via AP)

You have spent this century bending to the will of the EU in hopes of some delusional promise of a perfect Serbian Utopia……that you will be an equal at the EU lunch table…..but, you are letting the smoke of the EU illusion blind you to the reality of globalization.
You have ignored the plight of Hungary, Greece, Cyprus. You have gained nothing from the examples of Norway and Iceland.

If the situation were not so precarious, I would delight in the cuteness that is so reminiscent of the naivety of Slobodan, when he believed the West would keep its end of the Dayton Accords, even after he was set up to look defiant and disrespectful by being given bad times for media events. It is high time though that you grew up! It is time to make it ‘on your own’! For all your earnestness you do not need to be the lap dog for the EU or for Russia. History has taught us time and time again the importance of the Balkans, especially to outsiders, use that knowledge to be your own nation, your own people, your own destiny.

There is that little voice in the crowd that is telling you something different. It is in the form of Dveri and others that see a different future. It whispers from the outside, from your scattered children. It is suggested from those that want to see a better world. And even from those that would gain from your change of course.
If these voices are not enough to give you pause, then maybe the voices of  the delusion, itself can prove the point! Not only does pressure to conform and bend to the will of others come from the EU itself it is even applied to strong members of the EU. The US is being used to bully its strongest ally, the UK into staying in ‘the club’. The US is threatening that the UK will be ranked with China, or Brazil or India. The ally that solidly backed the US in its combat involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.
Bottom line, if the UK whom has committed more than any other ally to the foreign policy of the US/NATO can be bullied into bending to the EU/US regime, what makes you think that you can ever make a decision for the good of Serbia when you are sitting at the EU lunch table?!?!

Kudos Greece!

Syriza party supporters celebrate in Athens

So Greece has gone the way of Hungary and Slovakia and bucked the EU oppression! Super for them, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel now. I can only hope that others such as Spain and Portugal and Ireland take note and that Serbia, Bosnia and even Ukraine rethink their current paths!
The EU is not the paradise they present themselves as and they are not the solution to the problems in your individual countries. Oh, certainly the EU has contributed and exacerbated issues that were in place in countries so as to put themselves in the position to conquer these countries in a manner that presented them as saviors. I have said before and I will say again..with VERY FEW exceptions…NO ONE outside your country will care more for you and your nation than you will! The struggle will be hard but it will be worth it as it will be YOUR success, YOUR goals, YOUR gains, YOUR home!

Let me ask you a simple question…..what are your priorities and how do they stack up? For most people it starts with home and family and works out from there….that is true pretty much everywhere and with everyone. So if that is the case, please tell me why you would EVER believe that some politician in Brussels would put your little country first????

Syriza made recent history with their almost majority win and is a very logical reaction to the over-bearing strong arm tactics of the EU and IMF in the attempt to destroy Greece to such a degree as for her to not be able to recover in the foreseeable future. And Syriza’s decision to try to work a coalition with just Independent Greeks, whom won 13 seats would make their ability to move forward possible.

The reaction from Brussels is typical and focuses on the money only; “Grexit is unthinkable,” said a second senior Brussels policymaker involved in the negotiations. “It would be extremely bad. Europe is about irreversibility. If you start doubting that, you start pricing in the risk of fragmentation and soon you have no monetary union.…” Think really hard about the part in bold….”Europe is about irreversibility” it sounds more like getting your beat down into a street gang….the only way out is by dying!!! And Brussels treatment of Greece, Cyprus, Spain, and others is very reminiscent of mafia intimidation.

There is hope that change is afoot…This is not a knee-jerk reaction, “It is, instead, testimony to three things: the strategic crisis of the eurozone, the determination of the Greek elite to cling to systemic corruption, and a new way of thinking among the young.” The first 2 of these reasons are intrinsically entwined. It is the systemic corruption of the oligarchs and their misuse of the duties placed on them by the public that have created an unsolvable problem with them, but hope without them.

In that hope has sprung up Solidarity for All, a movement that encompasses many ways that average, everyday Greeks are doing their best to help their country, from free clinics to legal aid to kitchen distribution centers and they are making a difference that others should take notice of…“almost a different sense of what politics should be – a politics from the bottom up, that starts with real people’s needs.” The basis for what REAL politics should be, the taking care of the community as a whole; not the taking from the community what you can and claim you deserve!

There are no better closing words than those of  Theano Fotiou, “The only real way out of this crisis is people doing it for themselves,” she said. “If people don’t participate, we will be lost as a country.”

Listen to her, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal….

2020-04-11 14.41.15 cassimerten.blogspot.com 7c929099dc73


Can We Get An E.U.

Part 2: How to join!

So, now that we know what EU membership really means, you say you still want in. Well just in case some people at home forgot, remember you’re only as free as Brussels says you are; you are only as secure as needed to protect Germany, France, Brussels; your prosperity will be in direct relation to, without exceeding, your resource and labor supplies for the benefit of the same. The EU is now a 28 country bloc, with another half dozen countries naively vying for inclusion. Yet, less than a quarter of the member countries are maintaining some form of economic survival. Matter of fact the only country that isn’t sliding is Germany, which by the way isn’t flying.

via timeline.com

Today you hear people say, how did Hitler get all those regular people, all those intelligent leaders, all those educated people to follow him blindly into such madness and evil. Look at the 1930’s world; there was a great depression, that had come on the heels of over speculation by Wall Street, which had been running free and without responsibility, Germany and Austria were doubly hit since their unconditional surrender and subsequent ‘punishment’ by US/UK/France meant they missed the roaring 20’s blindly embraced by the West, not only had Germany/Austria lost the war, they had lost all pride and security as well as any economic hope. The phrase about money not being worth the paper it is printed on, was so true in Depression Era Germany that it was used as waste paper, for insulation and burned in heaters. There were no jobs, no food, no money, no hope, no dreams. Then along comes Hitler. He gives names to the blame, then gives answers to the fear, he gives hope to the hopeless. He did what most like him do; he divided the people to gain power. It was the Germans being ill-used by those non-Germans that were jealous of ‘German Greatness & Purity’. And that is how Hitler got all those regular, intelligent, educated people to follow him. He promised them solutions and gave them illusions. And the EU learned well from his success. His weapon was hate, the EU uses money. His promise was German Greatness, the EU promise is ‘American Dream’. Hitler couldn’t deliver on his promise and the EU has NO intention of delivering on its promise either.
And still you want to join…..
The peaceful method is to accept the loans and bailouts, to completely restructure your infrastructure and education system to accommodate the needs of the EU even if that compromises your culture, your history, your lands, your people. To open your doors to free trade with member nations that due to advanced technology and productivity in comparison to emerging or damaged or neglected economies severely undermine and even erode the advancement of your industry. In short you are to play the perfect Dicken’s Oliver to the EU Uncle.

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If you cannot seem to get your act together for peaceful subjection then there is the ‘peaceful protest coup’ method, see the timeline of events over the past 8 months in Ukraine. The US and EU pour money into ‘promoting Democracy’ in the target nation by picking and choosing which ‘parties’ and ‘NGO’s’ they support. In addition they run ‘Radio Free Europe’ not to promote freedom of speech or the press, but you promote the opinions, agenda, ‘truth’ of the West. You have negotiations that you do not have to abide by. You hold elections that do not follow the laws of your nation. You remove the current government illegally with the support of US/EU/NATO endorsement. You forcefully put down any and all dissent to EU intergradation.

usceserbia bombing kosovo.net
via kosovo.net

Then, if you still cannot get your act together and join the EU by the aforementioned methods there is last resort, just ask Serbia. You will be violently ripped apart by ‘NATO/UN Peacekeeping’ and upon failure to comply bombed into submission. If violent protests, sorry ‘peaceful protests’ that include violence, and ripping a country apart illegally does not bring it to its knees then outside force to help with the destruction and ethnic cleansing of the independent minded and free thinking are backed by NATO. There is NO military action too great to protect those innocent terrorists that were supported in their division and destruction of nations and lands that resisted the advancement of  the great EU so that Europe can be ‘free and secure and peaceful’.

With all the options listed above there is a membership route for everyone. Just decide how you want to sell your freedom and the freedom of your children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren to the amazing, wonderful, illusion of the European Union.

More EU Members Wanted

Part 1; What Membership Really Is

Anyone can join! We are lowering our entrance standards! We are desperate! We need to make Europe BIGGER and “SAFER”!
Okay, let me repeat for those that seem to not even be familiar with the word ‘geography’ (which, by the way, means study of land), Europe is a continent. It is a specific mass of land. It is one of 7 major land divisions or continents, of which 5 are connected to at least one other major land mass/continent. With the exception of loss of land to water erosion or natural disasters or land growth due to volcanic activity or earthquake caused plate shifts you cannot increase or decrease the size of said major land masses.


Did we all hear that? I know not everyone understands that, so lets continue.

The EU does not control the title of European. I know they would like to. I know they pretend they do. I know they tell countries you have to join the EU to be European. Those are lies. Any country that lies partly or wholly within the borders of the European Continent are European. That is it! That is ALL it takes to be European. No, special rules. No, special permission. No, secret deals. No, economic enslavement. No, outside control. No, secret handshake.
What does this mean? It means that Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and even Russia are just as EUROPEAN as France, Sweden, and Germany.
The pathetic irony is that the EU is selling itself as the identity of Europe. That is an advertising scam, it is called a bait and switch. Actually, it more falls under complete false advertising. The bait and switch part is that the EU promises you FREEDOM, SECURITY, PROSPERITY.
Lets see what you really get….
FREEDOM: Your constitution, laws, foreign policy, trade, education, regulations have to follow the laws, agreements, policies and regulations of the EC. As long as everything that you do is under the rules of the EC and approved by the EC and within the limits of the EC then yes you are free to run your nation (which is now no longer a nation but a member state) as you want.
SECURITY: The EU promises to protect all member countries from threats through the military capabilities of NATO. History lesson, Europe has not been invaded by a totally NON-European force in almost 1000 years. So just who are they protecting you from? Leprechaun invasion? Another Great Fairy Incursion? Ah, I know, rumors are that the Unicorns need more land! Now you might be saying that I am being ludicrous and absurd. But how absurd is it that the leading players in the EC are the same 3 countries that have invaded more countries, both in Europe and around the world, than all outside countries combined. If you no longer learn history, cause then you might not blindly follow your bought leaders into EU purgatory, let me remind you; France, Germany and England have at various times in the last 1000 years been the number 1 aggressors in Europe!
PROSPERITY: Little countries are sold images of 30 hour workweeks with great benefits and good wages and everyone living dream lives with all these material items. But what they don’t tell you is that that is their way of life and to insure their way of life, they intend to control your way of life. They will promise to help you become “European” by reforming EVERYTHING about your country and your culture. Don’t believe me? Name me a country that has joined the EU since 1995 that did not have to change anything within their borders or to reform any part of their governments or culture or education or economy.  However, the generous kind big brother EU will help you out with all these reforms by giving you LOANS and AID Packages (nice word for more loans) to help you meet the needs of the EU. Thus, in reality, your leaders have sold you and your children and their children usually for the next 150 years into servitude to the EU. Again, need reference, ask Greece, which honestly, I haven’t redone current numbers, yet considering their GNP hasn’t increased and their austerity hasn’t lowered debt, with interest and fees and new ‘aid’ they are probably now at between 170 and 190 years.

Why would the EU do this you might ask? Simple the same reasons that they were previously militarily aggressive; first and most important land and resources, secondary if you belong to or are part of them then you are not against them and you are also fodder for their self-defense. You provide a buffer-zone for them and their primary security concerns, themselves.

The EU though must be getting desperate. This joke, albeit it be a very bad joke, in Ukraine is proof that NATO and EU think global domination is a good thing. Both the means and modes as well as the motivation for pursuing regime change so quickly in Ukraine, while still having fires in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt seems completely and totally illogical, not to mention it is logistically and tactically a military nightmare. Yet, they have engaged in ill-planned if not completely ill-thought out nation stealing in Ukraine. For those of you, Ukrainians that think the EU/NATO/US group is looking out for you and wants you as an equal, you have my sympathy.

Will the New Government Be Chastised for Deaths Inflicted

(don’t hold your breath)

The new government in Ukraine, conducted military operations against protestors that had taken over government buildings in the eastern Ukraine town of Kramatorsk. “They must be warned that if they do not lay down their arms, they will be destroyed,” General Vasily Krutov, first deputy head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) told reporters, as cited by AFP. The general went on to state that the protesters were supported by hundreds of Russian soldiers. Those are very strong words for a government that has been commended by the West for being more democratic and patient and controlled in their response Pro-Russian protesters. Yet, not one word of restraint has been uttered by the west concerning the possible loss of life of protesters in eastern towns.

Photo Credit- Sergei Grits/AP

Ironically, the legitimately elected government of Ukraine; that, in response to Pro-EU protesters, agreed to early elections, the legal and proper thing to do to ensure legitimate and fair forming of a new government, was harshly criticized for using force against protesters after they used force and violence to gain control over government buildings in Kiev.  How the rule of hypocrisy does rule the day!
The Kiev military operations resulted in the rapid recapture of the airstrip, this mere fact disproves the Kiev claim that the Russian Army had a contingent of hundreds of troops in support of the protestors, had that in fact been the case, this conflict would not have gone so easily in favor of the government. However, mainstream media in the West will not point out the fact that is so obvious. In fact as this article is being written, AlJazeera is reporting that the US is praising the Kiev government for a ‘measured’ response, but that means congrats on only killing civilians and not losing any troops. How sad that the US considers the ‘Pro-Russian protesters’ in Ukraine to be classified as terrorists and the professional, life-time terrorists in Syria are rebels.
To bolster the Western support and possible future intervention in the Ukraine, the UN has released a statement that places total and complete blame on the Anti-West parties for spreading lies and propaganda to incite hatred and a false sense of insecurity towards the Russian minorities. Guess the UN workers that visited Ukraine, were not informed of the brutal treatment of those that did not support the Pro-EU protestors once the protestors replaced the legitimately elected government by force.

Changing Education in Serbia

As another condition to joining the sinking EU, Serbia needs to reform its education system. There are many countries that need to reform their education systems, some that are more ‘developed’ than Serbia. Part of the ‘issue’ seems to be that the best and brightest of Serbia’s students leave their home country to make it some where else. This basic premise seems to imply that Serbia’s education system isn’t maybe as ‘bad’ as the EU Commission makes it seem. It would actually seem that the greatest reforms should be in the economy and market place as well as in research and development to create an environment that allows for the best to stay home and make their mark on the world from Serbia.
As I said most education systems need to be reformed. Most of them no longer educate, instead they train children to grow into compliant obedient workers for mega-corporations.
This immoral mentality is destroying the culture of humanity. We are not robots. We are creative, curious, adventurous, explorers of the amazing, wonderful world around us. We should be teaching our children to cultivate those traits with respect and morals. Education systems should encourage and treasure the various talents of each and EVERY child. For it is in this manner that we can truly ensure that humanity retains its humanness. We are so focused on advancing our materialistic interests that we forget our cultural needs as well as losing our respect for our heritage, especially if it conflicts with the materialistic advance. This error will be more damaging than any other action by any group or disaster that could impact the planet. It is a complete and total disgrace that not only are we throwing away historical artifacts and locations, we are also not teaching students to value, understand or gain from the knowledge left us by our ancestors.
Serbia is a prime location for a REAL reform in education. Let’s start by showing the EU the door, minding our manners, of course. Then let’s preserve all the history and knowledge of Serbia, both her land and people. Then lets get innovative and motivated and use that rich treasure as our guide for the future. Let Serbia be a new example for how to get it right, how to balance materialistic advances with our humanness. It can be done, we can have both. We can treasure our past and our history and still take steps forward in the materialistic world. This is the perfect time for Serbia to break free embrace her independence and blaze her own path.

Saying It’s Over, Doesn’t Make It So

A few days ago, the UNHCR recommended without much consultation of those being affected, to remove the refugee status of those persons that fled what is now present day Croatia. One of the arguments that the UNHCR used to justify their decision was the inclusion of Croatia in the EU. If joining a club makes you a different country, why wasn’t joining the UN good enough?
The ‘steps’ that one has to go through to ‘be good enough’ to join the EU, have nothing to do with improving the real situation within the borders of said country, they are more an act of obedience. How willing are the new kids to follow orders and conform to the will of the Big Boys. The reality of the EU is not peaceful co-existence, it is economic, political and social control. Make no mistake, any country that has to answer to the demands, even if they are labeled as policies and laws, of another country or governing body down to the daily running of their affairs is neither free nor independent. The con of economic development and aid is not to improve the receiving country, it is instead to insure the conformity of the state to the oppressors. One need only look at Greece, whom ONLY if their economy was healed overnight, will be in-debt to the EU and IMF for the next 150 years. If you consider that 30 years is a generation, the current population of Greece has sold the next 5 generations of its citizens into servitude of EU, without any hope of enjoying the sense of self-worth that sovereignty allows. The situation in Greece is a prime example of how being a member of the EU does not denote that a country is of such quality as to make it a prosperous entity as opposed to being somewhere in the act of rebuilding from destruction or war, as the case in Croatia.
The prime example that Croatia is at most in healing stage and not healed is the anti-Serb actions of persons in Croatia that has continued since the end of the war. Last fall the signs that were in both Latin and Cyrillic script, Cyrillic being the script used most by Serbs were ripped down and or destroyed and now persons using social media are calling for boycotts of businesses and products that are owned and produced by Serbs. This is not the behavior of a compliant people, but Germany and France are not worried they will place more economic burden on the state to bring it into line, of course it will be called loans and economic boost as well as outside investment contingent on demanded behavior. This behavior is not as reprehensible to members of the EU as it is to the persons that have to live with the day to day violence. It is to the advantage of big government to have the little people fighting each other, instead of uniting and keeping government in check.

Geography Is Not Changed By Whims

So once again there are headlines defining Europe and or the EU. Apparently Geography is no longer taught in any school system in the world. Joining the EU does not make someone European. Europe is a continent, it is a geographic body and all countries that are located within the borders of the continent of Europe are European.
I do not understand the concept of the Ukrainians need to join the EU to be European……they already are.. Ukraine is located entirely within the borders of Europe. Nothing changes that and that fact makes ALL Ukrainians European. Even Russia is located within the borders of Europe to the Ural Mountains. So this concept of being European or Russian is also erroneous. It seems to be lost on a lot of people that certain things are not “changeable.” The country you are born in determines your natural citizenship, however, it does not necessarily determine your ethnicity, that is determined by your ancestral lines. The location of the country that you are born in does not move on whims or political elections. Yes, you can move to new countries and you can change your citizenship, however that does not change your birthplace, nor does it change the location of the previous or current country.
Then today there is another headline that the EU isn’t Europe without Serbia…..again I state, Europe is a geographic identity, not a choice, not a club, not a group. Joining Europe is like choosing parents after birth, it does not change your DNA. The same as being born with white or black skin, deciding that you want to be black or white does not change your skin color.  It was this misguided concept that lead to the violence and unrest in Ukraine. So I state, again, that countries should want to be free and independent. They should not want to answer to anyone except their own citizens.  And the citizens of each country should want their governments to only answer to them, not to them and other groups that do not have their best interests in mind. Trust me NO other country has the best interests of your country in mind ahead of or before their own. Only a fool would believe that.
There is absolutely no reason for the EU to care more about your people or country than the government and citizens of said countries. And if the governments and citizens really cared about their countries and their independence and freedom they would not want to join the EU or any other organization that takes away their independence and dictates their policies and alliances.

Ukraine; One Bad Extreme Is Better Than Bad Memories?

Protests continue in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. The public seems to think that they have only 2 options for their future; Russia or the EU. Maybe the people of Ukraine should decide instead of demanding the government to stop being sheep for the Russians and instead be sheep for the EU they should ask their government to be lions for the people of Ukraine.
A nation does not need to be listed in the rolls of the European Union to be European. Being European cannot be given or taken away by the whims of Brussels. Not to mention that looking at how being European has worked out for Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal, and how thin the ice is getting in Italy, Spain and Slovenia.
Ukrainians need to look at the whole picture and figure out for themselves how to walk their own path. The European Union is not out for all the citizens of Europe, they are only out for themselves. If Ukrainians think their politicians are not out for their best interests, and that is probably accurate; why would politicians in Brussels give a damn about the other 99% in Ukraine.
Here is a thought, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia and other regional states should develop their own loose confederation and stand on their own. They should hold dearly to the independence that they have fought so hard to have over the last century. They should work for their own improvement and benefit. There are many opportunities for smaller independent nations to walk their own path and show their true strength and pride. But, this path takes courage and innovation and drive and motivation and focus. It can be achieved and the rewards can be monumental.