Simply Unbelievable!

Book Cover of Strangled by LaDonna Humphrey

Earlier this year, we shared a book about the murder of Melissa Witt and encouraged readers to learn her story and help if they could. Every missing and murdered person deserves for their truth to be told and their justice to be sought. We shared how you could help with Melissa’s truth and justice and today we are still asking for that, but, through different means. 

You may remember that we were positively receptive of LaDonna Humphrey’s interest in the case and how she presented the story, which can be read in our article “Who Killed Melissa Witt?” 

Well, Humphrey has published a new book with Alecia Lockhart, her new bestie in the search for truth and justice.  And this work is simply unbelievable on all levels. We know that it takes money to research and chase down stories and we certainly understand writing books or making documentaries and or podcasts to help cover those expenses to continue the search, but when the focus so blatantly shifts it has to be called out. 

I am so very tired of being let down by books that hype themselves up so much that the only result is for the reader to be let down. This work is supposed to be a continuation of the journey for Melissa Witt’s justice. They claim that in part of the title. They use her face on the cover. Instead of that it is a poorly planned and poorly executed, naive field trip into supposedly the Dark Web. Unfortunately, it reads more like a rejected emo goth middle school contest entry.

The focus of this book was not Melissa, it was totally about the authors. Melissa was not even a supporting character, she was merely the catalyst and selling point. If the book had been presented as what it truly was, the reckless meanderings of two not so skilled researchers into the messy world of necro fetishes, I would have given more credit, but it wasn’t and thus I can’t. 

On the topic that matters most, if you have any information on the abduction and murder of Melissa Witt or are interested in her story please check out Uncovered’s page which has ways that you can support the case and provide information if you have it.

*Book Cover via Amazon product page. 

** Photo Credit via All The Lost Girls 

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  1. Sharp as always. Using her on the cover of the book is what Hello! People and other magazines do with bunch of “Janiffer Lopez has been caught doing THIS! You will not believe!”

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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