What’s With The Doll, Mack?

So about this time last year, I shared a great weekend one-night-stand with you. His name was Raymond, Ray for short, but everyone calls him Mack. Well, how about a spring break fling?!? Why? Cause it will take at least your Spring Break to experience Mack’s new mystery. 

Let me confess upfront, this new adventure is very literally three times (3x) the chaotic train wreck of Message In A Bullet.

We find Mack has gotten a second chance or a second sentence. He has his badge back, but it’s not all warm and fuzzy. Nope, not by a long-shot.  As if his fall from grace weren’t enough, he’s now IAD. Which means that everyone hates him for the right and the wrong reasons. Sometimes Mack can’t win for losing, which he would say is the story of his life.

As the title implies, most of the action centers around a matryoshka doll and a couple living breathing dolls as well. And while both the matryoshka and  Nadia, can put a smile on Mack’s face, they also put a whole lotta hurt on it as well. 

The Windy City never seems to let the dirt blow away and Mack is so deep in the muck and mire it’s over his head. Everyone seems to have some angle and trust, well, that seems more like a curse than something you can count on. Just like a dog with a bone though Mack can’t stop until he has it all sorted out. He’s just wondering how many friends it will cost him this time, cause he doesn’t have any to spare. 

Mack is going to drive you mental with crazy stupid choices that somehow work out — or do they? Well, they kinda sorta maybe do, work out that is. As in Mack’s not dead yet, but not sure that is working out for the better. Then again, in Mack’s world is there such a thing as better or just not as bad as it could have been. When’s the last time something went right for Mack? And yet, the man just doesn’t quit, even when he knows he should, even when he wants to. Nope, it’s his bone and he just won’t let anyone else dig the hole and bury it, it has to be him!

This bone has more rotten meat on it than a 6 week floater in Lake Michigan. It comes with more dirty cops and criminals, spiced with murder, human trafficking, stolen property, lies and deceit, a side of Russians, and Feds for desert. 

So if you have missed Mack and think you can survive another train wreck with the man, The Russian Doll will not disappoint, it just might keep your nerves frayed longer than you imagine.

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