I wonder

Are you still glad I let you in?
Do you still wonder what I think?
Do you still care what I feel?
Is it still important what’s important to me?

Should I take a scenic route?
Should I take the long way?
Should I become silent?
Should I only whisper to myself?

Are you still glad I trust you?
Do you still want my confiding?
Do you still want to know my dreams?
Is it still important where I want to be?

Would you seek me out?
Would you look for me?
Would you call my name?
Would you notice the change?

Are you still glad I want you?
Do you still hear my voice?
Do you still feel my glance?
Is it still important that you are important?

Could we meet someday?
Could we meet someplace?
Could we spend some time?
Could we share some space?


Photo by María Victoria Heredia Reyes on Unsplash

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