Today Wasn’t It

We all have days where we just do not accomplish what we need to for lots of reasons. Don’t beat yourself up over it!

Can We “Write”

Man supposedly has been trying to communicate since the beginning, but just how long has he been ‘writing’?


Most writers can tell you about and complain about Writer’s Block, but what about Writer’s Urge?


I. You. Us. Somewhere. Far. Away. I. Want. You. Here. And now. I. Want. You. To. Stay. I. You. Us. Mountain. Cabin. Snow. I. Want. You. Here. With me. I’ll. Make. You. Feel. My. Love.


They plan escapes, They carry you off to far away lands, They protect you, They make you forget the hourglass sands. Sights and sounds Wonders and delights, Places and people, Hope and freedom. You are strong, You are clever, You are brave, You are pretty. Dreams and desires, Rivers and mountains, War and peace, Justice…

Digging in the Archives of my Randomness…….

Ok so I told you that I would think about what direction I was going to take and let you know.
Well, I think what I will do is give you the idea without spilling the beans so to speak.
I was, hell I am, somewhat intimidated by the idea of character development and even to a degree setting set-up makes me antsy. How much is too much and how little is too little? And either one can make the story really bad. So I thought that I would do something that would put the emphasis more on the dialogue than on the characters or setting.

Digging in the Archives of my Randomness……

Part Two Well, this is day one of our writing exercise. I am not sure that I will actually develop any story line or characters that could one day play out on the pages of even a bad novel, but we will just write and see where we end up. I was actually still writing…

Digging in the Archives of My Randomness……..

Okay, the idea is to write some everyday. While I do think that writing is a great exercise as well as a great source of communication I am not always the best at it. I see writing as a very personal way of expressing ourselves at the deepest levels and since I am not someone who is very comfortable at divulging my inner feelings I seem to maintain a natural writer’s block. If, however, my writing is not of a personal nature but of a factual nature then I seem to find it easy for the words to flow from thoughts to what you see on “paper”.