There are words that we never say, at least not out loud and not in public.
Words that we cannot bring ourselves to say.
Words that are too honest and show too much truth.
Words that have too much power.
Those are the words that we never say.

There are words that we say that we should not.
Words that slip out when we are not guarded.
Words that are more about the moment than forever.
Words that have the same power.
Those are words that we didn’t want to say.

There are words that we never get to say.
Words that we hold on to too tightly.
Words that we wait for the right moment to speak.
Words that we want to be just right.
Those are words that we didn’t share.

There are words that mean everything.
Words that share our dreams.
Words that share our hearts.
Words that share our souls.
Those are words that create our world when spoken.

There are words that mean nothing.
Words that are said to be heard.
Words that are for our gain.
Words that beguile ourselves.
Those are words that are not real.

There are words that build us up.
Words of encouragement.
Words of support.
Words of kindness.
Those are words that make us special.

There are words that destroy us.
Words of anger.
Words of apathy.
Words of hate.
Those are words that rip out our hearts.

There are words that bind us.
Words of promise.
Words of hope.
Words of wisdom.
Those are words that hold us tight.

There are words that tear us apart.
Words of critique.
Words of deceit.
Words of walls.
Those are words that divide our whole.

There are words that rescue us.
Words of heroes.
Words of honor.
Words of courage.
Those are words that feed our longing.

There are words that fate us.
Words of reality.
Words of what is.
Words of conformity.
Those are words that chain us.

What are your words?
What are my words?
What are our words?
What are their words?
Cause those are words that…


Photo byΒ Patrick TomassoΒ onΒ Unsplash


They plan escapes,
They carry you off to far away lands,
They protect you,
They make you forget the hourglass sands.

Sights and sounds
Wonders and delights,
Places and people,
Hope and freedom.

You are strong,
You are clever,
You are brave,
You are pretty.

Dreams and desires,
Rivers and mountains,
War and peace,
Justice and honor.

Find the answer,
Find the way,
Find your purpose,
Find your path.

Time and space,
Light and darkness,
Heroes and kingdoms,
Seas and shores.

Take the chance,
Take the risk,
Take the bet,
Take it all.

They can take you away,
They can bring you back,
They can keep you safe,
They can make you sound.

Words on pages
bound in books
the answer to ever
within each line