Come Forth And Do My Bidding

Calling The Undead

Voodoo Ritual

As we have seen, there are many creatures that are neither living nor dead. The number of such creatures lends to many beliefs. First, that their are many creatures that defy our understanding. Second that there is something after or more than this life. Third, that the natural and supernatural overlap each other.  So let us continue our venture into the land of the night and the realm of the undead…..

We will travel to the Caribbean and the Island of Hispaniola, the country of Haiti, the land of Voodoo.
Across the beautiful tropical isles of the Caribbean is a complex and intriguing mix of Christianity and the ancient religions of Africa. Voodoo is one of the major old practices of the region. Zombi, a possible origin of the word Zombie, is actually a West African deity. Another version of the origin is the use of the Kongo or Dahomey word nzambi or soul. Once mixed with Haitian Voodoo the word became zombi.

According to Voodoo, the body can die one of two ways. The first is a natural death which is just as it sounds, from illness or very old age, the second is unnaturally, murder or tragically, before their time. When that happens, the soul is stuck waiting by the grave for the gods to allow them to move on.

new-orleans-historic voodoo dolls
Historic Voodoo Dolls New Orleans

During this time the soul and the body are vulnerable. It is when this happens that a boko(r) or powerful sorcerer can literally bottle up the person’s soul and thus control both parts of the victim, body and or soul. Most Voodoo practicers do not fear zombies, they fear becoming one!

Can one really become a zombie? According to researcher, Wade Davis, the answer is YES!
Davis has written 2 books The Serpent and The Rainbow and Passage of Darkness. In his research Davis claims that he found a powder/drug that can create a zombie. This powder or drug is a neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin. Which could create a death like state in a victim, whom could later be ‘stolen’ from their grave and revived. Thus, creating the legend of the zombie, by creating an actual Zombie.

So beware of Boko(r)’s offering gifts of food or drink this Hallow’s Eve!!!!!