Words, Words, and More Words

Free Speech Movement at Berkeley

While the world is screaming over WORDS, violence is continuing non-stop.


Boko Haram Slaughter
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While the civilized first world inhabitants are lamenting over the attack that left 12 to 20 people dead in France, thousands were slaughtered by Boko Haram. And NO ONE marched!



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While the civilized first world are lamenting over the incidents in Belgium, hundreds are enslaved by Islamic State. And NO ONE marched!

Ukraine bombings
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While the civilized are lamenting over ‘home-grown’ terrorism, the illegal Ukraine government is bombing its own citizens. And NO ONE marched!



While the civilized leaders are arguing about their own accolades and slamming others’ short-comings, they are ALL still funding and arming the violent. And NO ONE marched!

How many that support #BlackLivesMatter, are rioting over the murder of ‘good young black men’ being murdered in village after village in Nigeria? Where is the anger over those black lives?

How many feminists and #nomeansno supporters are blogging and tweeting about the girls and women of Syria and Iraq being kidnapped and sold as wives and sexual objects? Where is the Rape Culture outrage? Remember one of the reasons we funded, supported and armed the ‘freedom fighters’ were the allegations of rape of Syrian women!! #RapeCultureIsWhen you claim it is wrong in your town but remain silent about someone else’s town!!!

Better Words

Lots of times what others say is so much better than whatever I manage; and today I want to share someone else’s much better words……

From the inspiring and provocative mind of Immortal Technique……

Immortal_Technique“I haven’t really spoken on this before but I will now. My father was a hard man. He was really tough on me, physical training, mental exercises, not being able to offer up unsophisticated excuses for what I did wrong. Those of you who know me personally know that the old Colonel was no joke. One day when I was a very young man he pulled me aside, and he said to me sternly, “Don’t ever be a coward my son.” I looked up at him confused at first, but I just listened. He said, “the definition of a coward is a man who is disrespected at the workplace, laughed at in the street, and walked over by the world. But instead of confronting those things, instead of confronting those people. He goes home and takes it out on the one person who is closest to him. That is not a warrior. That is not a man. He has not vanquished a worthy foe. He is a fuckin’ coward. Don’t you ever be a coward my son.” My father doesn’t really curse so to hear him talk like that left me with a strong impression of what it was to be a man. It is not just great strength that guides us, but great wisdom and great love. I have worked funding lots of programs and shelters over the years. Please remember, if you have a problem, you have a problem. However if you have a problem and you don’t tell anyone then you have a really big problem. Talk to a friend. Tell someone you trust. Call a hotline. Remove the cancer. Peace” ‪#‎ImmortalTechnique‬ ‪#‎domesticabuse‬ ‪#‎tellsomeone‬ ‪#‎warrior‬ ‪#‎father‬

domestic violence psa


Looters And Rioters Hurt Not Help

I really didn’t want to cover the Ferguson issue anymore, cause I think that over coverage of the incident is causing the problems and not helping anyone or anything. This is a sad story, in so much as outsiders have incited violence for a community that needs peace.

Ferguson Burning via nbcnews

The MSM is as much to blame for the violence in Ferguson as the looters are. The media has done a piss poor job, as is their norm, of covering the WHOLE story. They also have covered only the emotions and ignored the totality of the facts. Thus, they have led the public into believing a version of the ‘truth’ that is not complete or accurate. Let’s face it, the facts would not have made for better ratings than the emotions and stirring up the emotions also provided the media with more ‘sustunance’ for their continued ratings battles. If you think the media is looking out for you, you are wrong. If you think the media only prints the truth, you are wrong. If you think the media is unbiased, you are wrong. Media is a business……a HUGE business! So huge in fact that only 6 companies control over 90% of all media in the US and most of those 6 corporations control media internationally, as well.

I have had international friends tell me how dangerous it is to be a journalist in certain countries around the world. They repeat stories of death threats and violent intimidation of reporters for certain stories that they try to publish. They get visits from ‘men in black’ telling them kill the story or it will kill you. Most of them think that it is different here in the States, but I tell them, there isn’t freedom of the press here either. We just censor it differently. Reporters get hired for their point of view. Reporters have their jobs and reputations threatened by their own bosses. Reporters have accidents. Reporters get slandered publicly. Reporters get black-balled in the business. Don’t believe….ask Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, whom lost his job at MSNBC (which was one of their highest ratings show) cause he didn’t stick to their point of view, if the facts differed.

Brown and Wilson via yahoo news

But back to the point, here is the bottom line for Ferguson……
The Grand Jury, which is not the District Attorney and his buddies, but a panel of regular people, just like the trail jury would be, refused to indite Officer Wilson. Think of the Grand Jury as a test run for a trail. What people seem to miss is that it is the burden of the State to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed; in all actuality in our system the defendant does not even have to defend themselves, the whole burden is on the State. When a Grand Jury is convened, it is presented with ALL the evidence that the State would present in the regular trail, witnesses are called to present their statements. Two things that the Grand Jury have that regular trials do not is that their proceedings are conducted in private and the panel are allowed to ask questions so that they can make the best decision.
The members of the Grand Jury along with being regular people were also local people, this means that they, unlike the media and probably the instigators of the looters, had a vested interest in doing what they thought was the right thing.
Looting and rioting did not and will not bring back Michael Brown. The violence will not heal the community. The damage done does not benefit the community. The businesses that were destroyed by the thuggish, immature behavior of the rioters will not improve community relations, it will not entice business owners to move into the community, it will not justify young people that ‘want a better life’ to stay in the community, it does not change the make up of the police force.

Deandre Joshua

Guardian article stated that the decision not to indite Officer Wilson made a public statement that black lives do not matter. I would counter that comment with this….. The looters and rioters made a public statement that black property and black lives do not matter! Everyone is screaming about ‘justice’ for Michael Brown, when what they really mean is revenge. Yet, where is the anger and outrage about Deandre Joshua who was murdered during the riots. Could it be that there is no outrage cause this is likely one black man killed by one or more other black men so the community sees no need for outrage about ALL violence in their community or about their ‘outrage’ over one young black man causing the death of another young black man? Which life mattered more? Michael Brown’s or Deandre Joshua’s? Why is there no outrage and protests about all the gang related shootings in Chicago this year? It is like offensive words….either you are offended or you are not, you can not be offended some of the time and expect people to believe or understand your upset. Only getting angry over some violence is not supporting a cause. Only getting angry over certain cases is not supporting change. Only getting angry does not help improve the situation.

How Doomed Are We?

From the NFL to Mexico to the Middle East one thing is very clear……there is a complete lack of morals and character in the world. This poor horse has been beat by myself more than once and thus is somewhat disconcerting that here we are beating the same poor horse AGAIN!

When you hear the lamest excuses by people to justify their actions and they are able not only to get those words out without choking on them, but that the public accepts those ‘jokes’ without any uproar or condemnation it is apparent that the whole of society has lost their moral compass. But that is not surprising at all considering how people conduct themselves everyday.

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When Ray Rice, after knocking his then girlfriend out in an Atlantic City elevator had no more concern or compassion for her than to drag her lack a sack of potatoes out of the elevator and just drop her on the ground, is upset that the ‘world’ has seen and ‘judged’ him on his private life yet, his true concern is that his career was impacted shows that he was not the least bit morally remorseful about his treatment of the woman that he supposedly wants to spend the rest of his life with. Of course that actually plays into the fact that how we choose our partners these days is not based on wanting to spend the rest of our lives with them or that we value them above all others. In most cases we choose based on looks or money or some other benefit that the person can provide for us. And this is only for the short term. We have no true concept of forever, for our memory as a whole doesn’t seem to last longer than 5 minutes.

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In seeing how little true value we place on choosing our life partner, it is no surprise that we place NO value on people in general. Which was very evident when the wife of the Mayor of Iguala ordered the Police Chief to kill 43 student teachers, whom she thought might interrupt her party. Of course the fact that the Police Chief carried out the order also shows that even those persons whom we should be able to count on to protect and defend the innocent have neither the moral component nor the personal integrity to do the right thing!

Thus it should be absolutely no surprise that violent, radical groups like I.S. are able to not only exist in the world but can recruit across all borders and gain support for actions that should completely and totally morally deplorable to ALL persons and societies. The deniers will say that only the crazy or lost people are likely to join groups like I.S. or act in a similar manner. However, what they fail to acknowledge is that; 1) their numbers show that we have a WHOLE LOT of those lost crazy souls in the world, 2) the fact that so many of those persons exist is the fault of all of humanity. The proof that problems like terrorism are all our fault can be seen in the fact that young persons that were identified as ‘good, normal kids’ are a lot of the recruits headed to Turkey and Syria to join the ranks of I.S.

There is NO quick fix for this dilemma. There is NO short term fix for this dilemma. The only fix is for society as a whole to give up their primary focus of money and materialism and to shift that focus back to morals, integrity, honor, and personal character. If we made that shift as a whole today we would not see any real improvement for a whole generation, which is why we will not fix this issue. What will have to happen will be the near destruction of the world as a whole to wake up those that survive; the ironic part is that our own human history tells us that this has happened before, whether you believe in the story or Atlantis, or Noah’s flood, or Veda’s of India, or the ‘myths’ of many tribal people world-wide, you have been warned about what happens when we lose our humanity.

Egypt in Both Headlines

First, I am sorry that I have not posted here in awhile, but life likes to detour us whether we want it or not. And life has given us a couple huge detours recently, there was the historic floods in the Balkans (which still need huge help), there is the violence in Ukraine, there are several crises in Africa (Nigeria, Libya, Sudan), as well as the elections in Syria and Egypt this past week (give or take a day or two). Which brings me to our topic….Egypt.

Karnak Temple by jumpingnorman via virtualtourist
Karnak Temple by jumpingnorman via virtualtourist

It had been my initial plan to move out of Egypt at least for a bit in our journeys of thought, but as such would have it Egypt had other ideas, I couldn’t afford the $25 exit tourist fee to leave the country! No, I am kidding there, but the exit tourist fee is real. Did you know that when you fly say from Cairo to Luxor as a tourist you will pay a $4 tourist fee, for the airport handling you? And when you are attempting to leave Egypt to return home from holiday or maybe move on to another holiday, rambling destination or whatever you will be charged $25, again for the airport expense of handling you. So their thank you for spending the money to fly into their country, stay and eat in their country, use their businesses and services in your daily activities while in their country, and buy their trinkets in their markets to hand out back home is to charge you for needing to be handled. Really? Cause the $1 -2K for the plane ticket and the at least $500+ I spent in your country wasn’t enough for you, you prove a point of principle by charging me to leave. Considering the political instability, which has led to security issues on the streets, Egypt should be paying tourists $50 for showing up!

Ramses Square Egypt Unrest
Ramses Square via CPJ

That being said the focus of this post is about a curiosity that I noticed recently, well in the recent past, like last few months, in relation to Egypt and the headlines. I am sure you know that Egypt has been in the headlines concerning its ousting of its ‘last’ elected President and the clashes between all sides, you can’t say both as there are more sides than a dance card can hold, have led to less security on the streets and less than civilized behavior by some aspects of society. Egypt is not a top safe travel destination. I’m not easily intimidated, which frustrates some of my male friends in the region, they are really good guys and kinda have over protective/big brother syndrome.  But I have never been overly worried about being abroad alone. That being said I would not just holiday in Egypt right now. Would I still travel there on business or other needed reasons? Sure, but just to go hang out and see the sights, nope I’ll wait till later.

respro_pyramid_British Museum
Excavation at Hagr-Edfu via British Museum

That being said, thus the reason for this post, has anyone else noticed that not only has the Egyptology field been business as usual, it has been business extraordinaire! I mean seriously, every few day not less than every week there seems to be some HUGE NEW find! How is it that in the midst of such unrest, granted not nearly as bad as Libya, but still, not only are digs still going on, they are having a very high, abnormally high success rate. Don’t get me wrong, I think that is a great thing, but it does make me wonder if you can make these great finds while you have to at least have the back of your mind flooded with safety concerns, you in some cases have to actually have either someone watching your back or one eye looking over your shoulder; why weren’t they being made in relative peace-time under Dr. Hawass? And how many more amazing finds are going to be so easily and quickly (yes, I am using the terms loosely, I do know that years of work go into the efforts) discovered with Dr. Hawass no longer GOD of Egyptology? I guess only time will tell, I just hope this means that new and fresh looks and thoughts and ideas will be allowed inside the field now!

Navy Yard Shooting Exposes Real Government Failing

What happened yesterday at the Naval Yard, should not be reason for more control. It should be an argument for the fact that had military personnel, which are properly trained in the handling of firearms, been armed they would have been in a position to prevent the event or severely limit the amount of damage that was done. Why were these military personnel not armed on a military installation? The answer is that then President Clinton issued an Executive Order that prohibited the carrying of firearms by trained military personnel on military installations.
With this decision there is NO common sense allowed to react to events. Think about this; logically if you are one person with even a couple of firearms and even of questionable mental capacity, you would think twice about walking into any area where most or all others are not only armed but are also well trained and experienced with defending themselves and others.
However, there is absolutely NO logical or rational justification for Clinton’s Executive Order, it was all “Political Correctness” to make military installations less intimidating and to have them appear more like regular government facilities instead of the home of our defense and security for our nation as a whole.
This “Political Correctness” movement has completely and totally destroyed the forward progress of not only the Civil Rights Movement but other progressive seeking societal forward steps as well. The government uses political correctness as a way to point out our differences and create false fears based on the differences and to convince us that we see only the differences and not our similarities. It is a simple divide and conquer tactic to keep the whole public distracted so that there is no real effort to keep the government in check. The only way to keep any government honest and in the service of the society is for the society to insist through constant vigilance of and participation with the actions of the government and those elected officials that are to serve us.
The responsibility of citizens of the society are not limited to showing up to the election booth on election days. It the responsibility of citizens to be engaged and informed and knowledgeable of all actions of the government that affect them. You cannot keep your proverbial head in the sand and then wonder how the country fell apart. Complacency is the greatest aid to corruption and misuse of power and the usurping of the leaders for perverse ends. That puts the prevention and the solution solely and completely in the hands of the society.
Expecting the corrupt leaders to end corruption and reform the system or to work for unity over division is akin to expecting the criminals to guard the prisons or the drug addicts to man the pharmacy. Rarely do those individuals that have benefited greatly from their immoral or illegal acts suddenly become honorable and clean up their own disasters.

Violent Video Games Is Not The Issue

video game screenshotLack of leadership and interaction is the real issue. Every time there is some act of horrendous violence the media and politicians and “experts” scream that there is some outside influence, usually violent video games or movies are the named culprit; but they are merely scapegoats. The real issue is more complex and passes closer to the accused in these situations than music or movies or video games. The origin of the issue is big business, now you might be thinking well big business that is music, movies and video games, but this big business is pre-modern violent influence, as defined by today’s experts. Why as defined by ‘today’s experts’, history shows that warriors and battle glory have always been part of our stories, songs and play; yet mass violence is a recent issue.
How is it that I state big business as the origin of this issue, greed….the motivation with ALL big business is ALWAYS greed. It might sound somewhat hypocritical for me to say that nouveau big- business is more culpable than old big business. But it will make sense as I explain my position. As big business grew greedier and could no longer rob their workers of fair wages and treatment they exacted their revenge on the consumer. With the on set of innovation in communications, especially mass media outlets, and the prosperity enjoyed after WWII combined with the independence women experience with the shortage of males for the work-force during the war; big-business had a great opportunity to exploit the consumer for some if not all the profit lost with better labor laws enforced. Marketing became a multi-million dollar job and convinced families that they needed shinier cars, bigger houses, and more gadgets, that truly do not improve our quality of lives regardless of what the ads tell you.
Marketing shifted the measure of success from how you lived your life and raised your children or participated in the community to how big your house was, how new your car was, how many gadgets you had in your house. In short the measure of a man became the bottom line of his “image” (which usually never matches his true bottom line) rather than the character of the man and his actions. In order to increase the “success” of said man, he had to work more and eventually his wife also needed to work as well. As this change occurred another change occurred within society as well, our choices about life revolved around this new measure of success and not about values or happiness or bettering the world.
Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem
Most men have no idea what the above quote states, much less what it means, so far have we come from internal to external value.
The real crime with this is our loss of leadership and example for our children as they grow up. For most children they are in the hands of others from a mere few weeks of age. There is not someone who truly loves them to teach them and guide them and show them how to grow into people of humanity. When children act out, they are screaming for real love, loving action, loving attention; how do adults react? they reply with why are you being so ungrateful you have an iPod, iPhone, XBox, new shoes, new clothes, blah blah blah. And this is the child’s experience in every aspect of their life…..in their daycare and later in school they are 1 of up to 50 kids vying for the attention of 1 teacher, whom in most cases doesn’t even like children much less love the privilege of helping to mold and shape little minds into amazing, creative, soulful adults that could be a positive influence in the world.
teacher-with-kids-school_97632-630Most teachers like the hours and the job security. However, this is not a bash on teachers per say as I believe they are almost as much victims of big-business as children are. Teachers used to spend real time with children, they knew their students, they expected kids to be kids, full of energy and curiosity, little sponges ready to soak up all the information that you could pour into them. Now teachers are the bottom of the food chain in the education system, which should be totally destroyed and rebuilt, but that is another post for another time. Kids that act like kids are labeled as trouble and are drugged. Kids that have no desire or no true ability to be doctors or lawyers or some other “high paying” profession are considered unsuccessful or lazy or worse a failure. This is WRONG!
Big-business bought politicians and political parties to ensure that their profit lines are protected. Greed entered politics on a whole new level and merged into a true hydra for the detriment of humanity and the world. What is good for big-business and government are people that are controlled by them. What is good for humanity is teaching each child that they are the hope and wonder and joy of tomorrow. That they are unique and special and it is that uniqueness and specialness that makes them valuable.
When young adults commit horrendous acts of violence it is because when they whispered, no one listened to them, when they spoke they were told not now I’m busy, when they cried they were told all the “things” they had and are criticized for being thoughtless or disrespectful or selfish (how dare our children want our love and time and attention and affection), when they screamed out they were labeled and medicated, so what choice did they have other than to commit horrendous acts of violence.

Hypocrisy; The US Foreign Policy Maker

obama political cartoonAnother example of how the US government takes advantage of the short memory of the American public is the hypocrisy that is US foreign policy. The US government makes all number of public statements about their stance on events around the world that are claimed to be based on honor and the pursuit of freedom. Yet, one only needs to look at the history of US action in the world to see that what is said publicly and what is done clandestinely are polar opposite.
The official policy of the American government is to never deal with terrorism; is to support the growth of democracy in all areas of the world; to provide support and aid to help improve the lives of the poorest countries and peoples. With the exception to the first part listed most of the policy is left over from the cold war. What is not stated is that the government did not care about the democracy or honesty of the countries that they supported, what they cared about was that the leaders gave their allegiance to the US and not the Soviet Union. To prove the point, one only needs to look at recent history of revolutions and coups and sanctions to see the proof. The US trained Noriega and assisted his rise to power in Panama, only to invade the country and take him into custody under drug charges. The US trained and supported rebels in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras and when one the revolutions failed or ended they moved rebels to the US and introduced to the public MS13 the most violent latin gang in the country. The US trained and supported the rise of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and unless you have been traveling in deep space you know the outcome. The US supported the KLA (Albanian Paramilitary Group that was another Narco-Terrorism Entity) in the separation of Kosovo from FRY. Bin Laden and other individuals that became top leaders in Al Queda were also trained by the US to support their resistance of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan these “rebels” fought in multiple civil wars around the world and built up empires funded by all means of illegal operations. Some of these civil wars that these US trained freedom fighters participated in, include but are not limited to; Bosnia, Somalia, Chad, Congo, Georgia, Chechnya, Libya, Egypt and Syria.
The US states in its press release that it will not support or work with terrorists or negotiate with terrorists, yet we are sending weapons, supplies and funds to terror groups around the world that will use those weapons and training on American people and targets. It is not America’s right to impose their way on the WHOLE world. It is ALL peoples duty to ensure that all other peoples are treated fairly and justly.

We Don’t Like The Problem

hands on prison bars

So Instead Of Fixing It…… WE CRIMINALIZE IT!!

As a society we have totally lost our common sense. What do I mean? I mean that we no longer use logic, reason or common sense to improve our daily lives or to solve problems that we have created from our greed and selfishness. Our greed and selfishness has destroyed our since of community and responsibility to our fellow man.  We are much more concerned with taking from others before they take from us. We only care about winning and not how we play the game. Sportsmanship used to matter, it was much more honorable to lose gracefully and honorably (that means playing by the rules mattered) than to win cheating.
What we have missed is that sports used to teach us some good rules to live by; playing by the rules was for EVERYONE, being part of a team (community/society) means caring about others, winning by the rules was something to be proud of, team captains (leaders) were responsible for keeping the whole team moving in the same direction, practice makes for improvement (but it takes time), team meetings focused on identifying weaknesses and finding solutions. Now instead we only care about winning and then we pretend to be outraged when someone is caught cheating…..we aren’t mad they cheated we are mad they got caught, that means we have to momentarily see the truth. Good thing we have short memories else we might really dislike ourselves for the empty shells we have become.
Now how do we get from sports to crime….unfortunately there are lots of ways to do that…but this particular path is the short one; the one that is too impatient and detached to really invest time and effort into truly solving real problems. There are many examples of how this path actually increases the problems because the fastest solution is usually not just a bad solution but is such a bad problem that it increases the original problem by creating more problems.
We didn’t like children getting killed by drinking and driving, so instead of teaching children to be responsible for their actions and instead of looking at the real issue, that a majority of the incidents that were used to demand raising the legal drinking age were in fact not committed by teens partying on weekends, but by middle-aged drunks between morning and early afternoon during the week. We “solved” this by criminalizing the responsible drinking by legal adults that are still considered capable of choosing the leaders of the country as well as giving their life for the same country, instead of demanding stricter enforcement of laws already in place.
We didn’t like the terror acts committed on 9/11 so instead of admitting that it was the lazy and incompetent security workers in Bangor, Maine allowed the best opportunity for these attacks. So we initiated policy and practices that took away most of our freedoms while traveling, including how, when, and where we can travel. In this case not only have we not truly ever taken the time to understand the event or the circumstances that led to the event, we have American companies making their entire profits off of our “criminalizing” free travel in America.
unbalanced scales of justiceWe didn’t like the increase in violent crimes, so instead of truly looking at the failure of not only the justice and prison system but also the education system as well as government involvement in community “betterment”, we blamed “guns” and criminalized legal gun ownership. We miss the basic premise that it is most often “career criminals” that commit violent crimes and those persons do not tend to worry about laws or walk into legal venues for the purpose of purchasing firearms.
Now, we don’t like seeing homeless people on our streets or in our cities; so what have we done? We are criminalizing homelessness. This is just another example and maybe one of the most absurd that shows just how hollow we have become as a whole. We as a country expect EVERYONE to be successful by the standards of money and things; yet, we do not provide equal or every opportunity to ensure the mostly likely outcome. Of course the real reason that we do not is that government needs division to stay in power. The best way to stay in power is to make sure your enemies are divided.
We have no one to blame for our de-evolution except ourselves.

Egyptian Men Prove They Are NOT Real Men….

Egypt violence against women in public groupsThere is a very prevalent double standard that is epidemic in Egypt right now, but exists world wide. This double standard is that men are superior in all aspects except being responsible for their crimes against women. This idiocy that women are totally and completely responsible for all crimes committed against them is based on the corruption of inferior men in positions of spiritual and political power. I know that the Western world would like to say that it is a Muslim flaw, but it is actually a MALE flaw. In general the idea that “women ask for it” that they “drive men to do it” is nothing more than a cop out. If men are so strong in all other aspects of life and the world then they certainly should be “strong enough” to conduct themselves in accordance with honor and integrity. Every man that says that “she asked for it”, that “it is her fault”, is saying the SAME thing about their own mothers. They are saying that it is OK for men to rape and beat and violate their mothers. Now if you took a poll, how many men would say, ‘yes, sure, feel free to go rape my mother’; but, the same men that would be so publicly offended by the suggestion of complacency in crimes against their mother are the same ones that would say about a stranger “what did she do to have that happen”.

The WHOLE society has to decide that sexual crimes are crimes against humanity and society. Every act destroys the foundation of society. Women are the givers of life, they are the nurturers of children and family, and without women life would cease. This does not mean that women are the only victims of the most horrendous crimes; babies, girls, boys, women, men and the elderly are all victims of this complete disregard for humanity and human life. This one SIN will prevent mankind from becoming better than we are right now; as a matter of fact it will actually digress our advancement thus far. Instead but strengthening the ties of society we are ripping them apart and into shreds. If we continue in this manner will we do more damage than can be undone.
There is HOPE. You do not have to be a powerful man to change what is happening. The change starts with you! Start by listening to your own heart and mind about what is right and what is wrong. Most men do not need some “Holy Man” to tell them to respect life….ALL life. If a “Holy Man” tells you that you need only listen to him or do as he says then he is not a REAL “Holy Man”. A sincere and honorable man of faith would tell you to look within your own heart, to seek your own knowledge, to have your own relationship with God. Any man that tells you that it is ever acceptable to hurt an innocent person is not a good man, they are not a man you should respect, they are not a man that has power over you. It is a very simple thing to do…if you are unsure about if the act you are committing is good or bad, you need only ask ONE question; “Would I want this act committed against me or mine?”  Your answer to that question is your best guide to doing the godly thing. Never let another man tell you that something wrong is the WILL OF GOD, IT ISN’T!!!! You will not find any text of any spiritual manner that tells that God demands religion, GOD DEMANDS FAITH IN HIM not in another man. Any man that tells you different does not have yours or Gods interests in mind.
God did not create woman to be destroyed by man. God did not create woman lesser than man. God proves this by making woman the bearer of life. God created man to protect woman. It is time that REAL MEN step forward and show that they have honor and integrity. It has to be other men that condemn the acts of bad men in this SIN. It is the mere SILENCE of “good” men that give these criminals acceptance. Every victim is someone’s daughter, mother, sister, wife. What will you do when it is yours?

UPDATE: (6JUL2013) More proof that Egyptian men have a long way to go to impress anyone…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG6TGhFNSv0&feature=youtu.be