Déjà vu for Malaysia Airlines

Some of you may remember a phrase made popular by comedian Arsenio Hall, “Things that make you go hmm…”
Well this week there was a really big thing that certainly made me ‘go hmm…..’
On 17 July Malaysian Flight MH17 was downed over the conflict zone of Eastern Ukraine. While the West jumped right to the blame and smear Russia game they have been engaged in forever it seems like, there are some facts and coincidences that line up like one too many white elephants in the smoking room of the Congressional Boys Club.
First; this is the 2nd total loss aircraft incident for Malayasia Airlines within 4 months, I would have to do some research but outside of 9/11 I think that is a one time event.
Second, both Flight MH370 and MH17 had a large number of people of specific groups on their flights. MH370 had 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductor on board, there seems to be some question as to defense contracts and or Chinese relations with the company and or employees. MH17 had 30 respected researchers and healthcare workers headed to a conference on HIV/AIDS.
Third, both planes met their demise in questionable air space. Flight MH370 supposedly changing course in mid flight for no known or apparent reason and MH17 flying a different air route than its previous flights and thus flying over a conflict zone that had known airspace conflicts and aggressions.
Then there are the specific components of Flight MH17 that make you ‘go hmm….’
Why was it flying over the conflict zone?
Why was it escorted by 2 Ukrainian fighter jets?
Why was it flying at only 33000 feet over a conflict zone?
Why did Ukraine Air Traffic Control authorize such a flight path?
Did Ukraine and the West set the commercial airliner up for disaster?
Did Ukraine hope by its actions to increase the probability that MH17 would be damaged or destroyed?
Who gave the OK to allow MH17 to fly over the conflict zone?
Who ordered 2 Ukrainian fighter jets to escort a commercial airline?
Why was this flight chosen to be endangered?
Why was it chosen on the same day that Putin was to return from Brazil?

The sad part of this event is that families lost loved ones for the goal of those in power filled with hate and lacking compassion. The tragic part is that Western media will not ask the questions I have just put forward, they will merely parrot the lines of the Western governments in saying that “Pro-Russian terrorists shot down the plane.” There will be NO real investigative reporting on the topic, there will be no grilling the State Department or the FAA or NTSB regarding the questions that hang so obviously in the air. No, the Western media will tip toe around those very big and very white elephants with their eyes closed so they can pretend they are being honest journalists while merely being parroted front men for the perversions of their corporate bosses.

Hate Is The Shortest Path To Oppression

Americans have been so busy hating Syria, Gaza and Russia that they have not noticed their own conquering by Corporate America. Syria, Gaza and Ukraine are all very nice diversions to keep you worried about ‘threats’ beyond our borders that no one has been watching what is going on in our own house. This is actually a very common thing. Those of us that grew up in the homes of defenders and warriors know that it is very easy for said hero/warrior to spend so much time saving the world that they sacrifice their own to a worse fate.
Take stroll on Twitter and you will find plenty of opinions of all the ‘wars’ in the world, but you will find very little about the war on our freedom and independence in the US. Most Americans are very firmly in the Pro-Israel camp. I have been told by plenty of upstanding Christians that to stop the bloodshed in Gaza, one need only to wipe out all of Hamas. When you ask their feeling about civilians, especially children being killed by Israeli rockets they claim it is Hamas’ fault for using them as human shields. When asked where Jesus states there are times when killing innocents is justified and okay, they reply to tell you that Hamas, hates all Jews and Christians and want to kill them all. They call you a ‘killer’ or ‘hater’ for questioning their morals. Yet, they never give the quote of Jesus’ teaching explaining when killing children is justified and acceptable.
On the topic of Ukraine, most Americans will tell you that “Russia invaded Ukraine.” They will tell you that Russia wants another Soviet Union. They think that Russian soldiers are fighting the ‘mighty and honorable’ Ukraine army. An army so poorly trained and armed initially that any one of our street gangs would have beat them back to Kiev in a weeks time, much less the damage done had they been fighting a professional fighting force. Unfortunately, from a military point of view, the Self-defense forces made the same mistake as the Confederate forces did in the US Civil War. Their mentality and objective was just that, defense, they didn’t want to conquer the other side, they just wanted to protect what was theirs and be left alone. Thus their initial approach to the battle was simply to defend against advances from the UA, to keep their land and property and persons safe. I fear that Novorussia well learn the same lesson the Confederates did in the same manner.
On the poor dead horse, known as Syria, which now has split Iraq, Americans were appalled by ‘Assad the Butcher’ as Western media portrayed him, reporting how prisoners were systematically tortured, beaten, raped and even killed. Yet, in polls and reports by global watch dogs the largest prison population is in the US and the greatest fear of being in prison and of one’s well-being and life if found in prison is also the US. That being said, no American is willing to go to war over US prisons, which are increasingly run by for-profit private corporations, without any oversight; but also completely support the aiding, arming, supporting of terrorist groups that are labeled by the US Government as ‘freedom fighters’ thus empowering ISIS to have the ability, capability, and support to conquer half of Iraq and a third of Syria and is being allowed to sale crude oil to Israel, our ally, whom is carpet bombing one of the few regional supporters of the Syrian government.
One of the reasons that Americans seem unable to connect the dots in conflicts around the globe is in the lack of diversity in US media. Over 90% of US news and media is owned by just 6 corporations and with the buying of Time Warner, by either Comcast or Murdoch then that number goes down to 5, thus limiting more the availability of the American public to receive diverse reporting on any issue. It is the lack of diversity in sources available to the American public that through ignorance make it complacent in global immorality by American mega corporations through control of politicians and thus government. America has anti-trust and monopoly laws yet time and time again different government agencies and the Supreme Court have turned blind eyes to the merging of big business into mega-corporations thus insuring maximum increase in profits and decrease in competition. In addition these corporations reach outside the borders of the US thus the basis for hypocrisy in American Foreign Policy. Our Foreign Policy is based on the greed of US business and politicians not on honor or integrity or our founding fathers’ belief in the right of every man to self determination.

Will the New Government Be Chastised for Deaths Inflicted

(don’t hold your breath)

The new government in Ukraine, conducted military operations against protestors that had taken over government buildings in the eastern Ukraine town of Kramatorsk. “They must be warned that if they do not lay down their arms, they will be destroyed,” General Vasily Krutov, first deputy head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) told reporters, as cited by AFP. The general went on to state that the protesters were supported by hundreds of Russian soldiers. Those are very strong words for a government that has been commended by the West for being more democratic and patient and controlled in their response Pro-Russian protesters. Yet, not one word of restraint has been uttered by the west concerning the possible loss of life of protesters in eastern towns.

Photo Credit- Sergei Grits/AP

Ironically, the legitimately elected government of Ukraine; that, in response to Pro-EU protesters, agreed to early elections, the legal and proper thing to do to ensure legitimate and fair forming of a new government, was harshly criticized for using force against protesters after they used force and violence to gain control over government buildings in Kiev.  How the rule of hypocrisy does rule the day!
The Kiev military operations resulted in the rapid recapture of the airstrip, this mere fact disproves the Kiev claim that the Russian Army had a contingent of hundreds of troops in support of the protestors, had that in fact been the case, this conflict would not have gone so easily in favor of the government. However, mainstream media in the West will not point out the fact that is so obvious. In fact as this article is being written, AlJazeera is reporting that the US is praising the Kiev government for a ‘measured’ response, but that means congrats on only killing civilians and not losing any troops. How sad that the US considers the ‘Pro-Russian protesters’ in Ukraine to be classified as terrorists and the professional, life-time terrorists in Syria are rebels.
To bolster the Western support and possible future intervention in the Ukraine, the UN has released a statement that places total and complete blame on the Anti-West parties for spreading lies and propaganda to incite hatred and a false sense of insecurity towards the Russian minorities. Guess the UN workers that visited Ukraine, were not informed of the brutal treatment of those that did not support the Pro-EU protestors once the protestors replaced the legitimately elected government by force.

Geography Is Not Changed By Whims

So once again there are headlines defining Europe and or the EU. Apparently Geography is no longer taught in any school system in the world. Joining the EU does not make someone European. Europe is a continent, it is a geographic body and all countries that are located within the borders of the continent of Europe are European.
I do not understand the concept of the Ukrainians need to join the EU to be European……they already are.. Ukraine is located entirely within the borders of Europe. Nothing changes that and that fact makes ALL Ukrainians European. Even Russia is located within the borders of Europe to the Ural Mountains. So this concept of being European or Russian is also erroneous. It seems to be lost on a lot of people that certain things are not “changeable.” The country you are born in determines your natural citizenship, however, it does not necessarily determine your ethnicity, that is determined by your ancestral lines. The location of the country that you are born in does not move on whims or political elections. Yes, you can move to new countries and you can change your citizenship, however that does not change your birthplace, nor does it change the location of the previous or current country.
Then today there is another headline that the EU isn’t Europe without Serbia…..again I state, Europe is a geographic identity, not a choice, not a club, not a group. Joining Europe is like choosing parents after birth, it does not change your DNA. The same as being born with white or black skin, deciding that you want to be black or white does not change your skin color.  It was this misguided concept that lead to the violence and unrest in Ukraine. So I state, again, that countries should want to be free and independent. They should not want to answer to anyone except their own citizens.  And the citizens of each country should want their governments to only answer to them, not to them and other groups that do not have their best interests in mind. Trust me NO other country has the best interests of your country in mind ahead of or before their own. Only a fool would believe that.
There is absolutely no reason for the EU to care more about your people or country than the government and citizens of said countries. And if the governments and citizens really cared about their countries and their independence and freedom they would not want to join the EU or any other organization that takes away their independence and dictates their policies and alliances.

US One Step Closer To Ukraine

President Obama stated yesterday, in his address on the Ukrainian Crisis, that the US was imposing sanctions on several high -ranking Russian officials as well as ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and Vladimir Konstantinov of the Crimean Parliament and Viktor Medvedchuk of Ukrainian Choice. So basically, everyone that isn’t supporting the American view of what is right for Ukraine. It is a fact that Crimea is ethnically Russian with very strong ties to Russia. It is very natural for those with Russian heritage and contacts to be concerned with the very anti-Russian rhetoric coming out of the “new” government in Kiev. There have been concerns that some of the groups that make up the new leadership contains those with neo-Nazi ideas, this mere suggestion instead of being properly investigated and then with sourced and verified information refuted, has been buried under all the Russian/Putin imperialistic accusations. While I am not denying any such motive on Putin’s part; he is a very ambitious man with a real desire to see Russia increase her international presence. That is not anything different than any other world leader. That is how world leaders become world leaders.
In this instance there is the fact that Russia is certainly more justified to be involved in Ukraine than the US or even NATO. The first is that Ukraine boarders Russia; second Russia has military interest in Crimea; third there is a strong Russian populace in Crimea that feels insecure with Kiev.
Ironic that it was okay for Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia to succeed from Yugoslavia over ‘ethnic’ differences, but it isn’t okay for Crimea to succeed over basically the same issue. The major difference being that Crimea isn’t seeking NATO protection, it is seeking Russian protection and that cannot be allowed.
Ironic the same supporters of the ‘elections’ in the Balkan break away states now consider elections in Crimea illegal and unfair, carried out under the duress of the alleged presence of armed “Russian soldiers” “on every corner”. Where was the out cry for armed men in black on every corner in Bosnia and Kosovo? How can any armed person be a Russian soldier in Crimea, yet the same individuals in the Balkans were “freedom fighters”? How is it that persons in the streets for any reason in Crimea are said to be outsiders from Russia, yet it is NEVER mentioned that a majority of the “freedom fighters” in the breakaway Balkan states were outside terrorists that had previous military training and experience?

Ukraine; One Bad Extreme Is Better Than Bad Memories?

Protests continue in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. The public seems to think that they have only 2 options for their future; Russia or the EU. Maybe the people of Ukraine should decide instead of demanding the government to stop being sheep for the Russians and instead be sheep for the EU they should ask their government to be lions for the people of Ukraine.
A nation does not need to be listed in the rolls of the European Union to be European. Being European cannot be given or taken away by the whims of Brussels. Not to mention that looking at how being European has worked out for Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal, and how thin the ice is getting in Italy, Spain and Slovenia.
Ukrainians need to look at the whole picture and figure out for themselves how to walk their own path. The European Union is not out for all the citizens of Europe, they are only out for themselves. If Ukrainians think their politicians are not out for their best interests, and that is probably accurate; why would politicians in Brussels give a damn about the other 99% in Ukraine.
Here is a thought, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia and other regional states should develop their own loose confederation and stand on their own. They should hold dearly to the independence that they have fought so hard to have over the last century. They should work for their own improvement and benefit. There are many opportunities for smaller independent nations to walk their own path and show their true strength and pride. But, this path takes courage and innovation and drive and motivation and focus. It can be achieved and the rewards can be monumental.