The Solution To Terrorism

You want to stop terrorists and terrorist attacks?

muslim militants
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There is ONE answer that will solve the problem. As usual, it is an answer that the world’s governments do not want the citizens of the world to ever consider, for it would greatly diminish their power and control; whereas, the recent history of countries ‘under attack’ prove that the governments use these ‘attacks’ to strip away the rights of law-abiding citizens and to increase their power and control over the citizens.

At the beginning of the 20th century, much earlier actually, as a very basic starting point, all democratic, ‘free’ nations had laws in place for crimes committed by one ‘citizen’ against the rights and property and life of any other ‘citizen’. These laws included, theft, assault, battery, rape, extortion, kidnapping/abduction/imprisonment, manslaughter, and murder. For the most part, prior to the 20th century, a person was tried for their actions; while their motive might be introduced in the trial, in order to show why a person would commit the crime, especially if the case was built mostly on circumstantial evidence, the real focus was on the what and not the why of the case. However, as lawyers, along with most everyone else, wanted to be rich and famous, trials began to take on a sensational drama that shifted the courts from systems of justices to game rooms of power between the political wannabees and the salacious immoral actors that thought themselves above the law. This shift left the regular man without any protection or recourse under the law.

teror word globe

One of the results of this shift was the desire of politicians to ‘prove’ to their unprotected citizens, the desire of the government to protect them with the ‘invention’ of ‘extra crimes’. Now, crimes could be more glamorous, more sensational, more dramatic, creating more fame and fortune for the ‘officers of the court’ carrying out the power games. This also, reduced other crimes to being so mundane and ‘regular’ as to not warrant sufficient attention from those same ‘officers of the court’; why should it, what was their benefit for just a typical run of the mill crime. Who wins elections for doing their job honestly and fairly and to the best of their ability? No One! Who gets their face on TV for finding and prosecuting the ‘John’ that rapes and murders the prostitute? No One! Who gains richer clients if they properly insure that a guilty client is treated fairly and justly, but is still responsible and accountable for their crime? No One!

So now we have “hate” crimes and “terror” crimes and even hate and terror are crimes, when did emotions become crimes? Where is the common sense in this? When did crime become an act of love and grace, so that we now need to know when it was committed based on hate and terror? Why do we need to add ‘special dramatic words’ to crimes for them to matter?

The injury or loss of a life is still an injury or loss no matter why it was inflicted. The argument would be to give harsher sentences for those crimes committed as acts of ‘hate’ or ‘terror’. But that is not accurate, that is a lie by the politic to provide election slogans and TV sound bites. It is pure simple personal promotion.

Bali Bombing
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One of the most common appeals of hate and terrorism to ‘new recruits’ is the sense of belonging and the sense of ‘being someone’. It is a way to ‘count’ to get to be ‘famous’. And the politic of the justice system created this appeal with their own self-desire to have the same thing as these ‘criminals’ they so publicly decry.

Everyone wants to be someone, that is nothing new; however, what is new is who the media and by default the public thinks is someone. Being someone is no longer about doing right or good in the world or making the world a better place or serving your fellow man with honor and integrity; it is all about being famous and getting rich. We have totally lost the original meaning of both words; famous is more commonly renown or notorious, which are not positives and rich, being only a material construct.

Thus, it was the introduction of the words ‘hate’ and ‘terror’ into the justice system that created the dramatic increase in these types of crimes and it is their removal that can initiate the greatest decrease in the committing of these crimes as well. How? You may ask.

If a person harms another solely out of hate, prosecute them solely for their acts. Do not give them a stage for their glory! Do not give them a pulpit for their dogma! Do not give them catchy ‘titles’ that immortalize them! Do not use their name in your sound bites so they gain fame! The Judge already with the simple laws has the means by which to mete out the full sentence for their conviction.

If a person harms another solely for terrorism, prosecute them solely for the real crimes they committed. Do not name them part of a group and give them or their ‘group’ status! Do not name their cause, thus giving it credit! Do not use the word terrorism so they gain power! Do not identify their religion or ethnicity to draw ‘special’ attention! Again the Judge already has the means by which to mete out full sentence for their crimes and that is what should be meted out; nothing more and nothing less!

When you stop using the words ‘hate’ and ‘terrorism’ the ‘thrill’ and ‘fame’ and appeal of the ‘group’ will greatly diminish. In today’s world, very few are going to just anonymously sacrifice their lives for a cause that will get them nothing in the end!

No Justice Wanted

“… regardless which [disposition] option we follow however, and especially in light of the planned psychological pressure techniques to be implemented, we need to get reasonable assurances that [Abu Zubaydah] will remain in isolation and incommunicado for the remainder of his life.” 

Abu Zubaydah

Nothing says we know just how immoral, unethical, and down right wrong our actions are as the above statement. Abu Zubaydah is one of at least 119 known victims of the CIA rendition, detention, and interrogation (RDI) program. Suspecting someone of any criminal act does not preclude justice from being served in a just, ethical and moral manner; in fact, to act in any other regard nulls and voids the integrity of the actions of the hypocritically vengeful masquerading as proverbial white knights.

In the case of the CIA, their actions seem almost more criminal than the terrorists that they were so aggressively hunting. In hind sight, the truth is a lack of human intelligence expertise can create not only a vacuum of knowledge about ‘enemies’, it also creates a desperation in reaction that prevents intelligent, logical and rational judgment which respects the morals and legal code of conduct of the ‘good guys’. This dilemma ensures that errors in judgment will be made and that much greater disaster will ensue.

As terror acts increase around the world, one is left wondering how can the U.S. government claim to be winning the war on terror. Does the U.S. even know who the terrorists are? And when asked to identify the enemy in this war on terror, the Pentagon claims “National Security” for a “No Comment” answer. Combine that doubt creating answer with the Senate Report on the CIA RDI program and it makes it very hard for any logically thinking American to have any faith in the actions of the U.S. Government regarding terrorism and foreign policy.

The CIA is an intelligence gathering agency, it has no law enforcement policy or procedure, as a matter of fact it is designed to work outside the rules of law without actually breaking the law. It should have never been the job of the CIA to apprehend any suspect of terror activity; their sole action in the apprehension of terror suspects should have been limited to identification of proper suspects and providing the proper intelligence to agencies, such as the FBI, so that proper law enforcement action could have been taken against the suspects. It is very apparent, in looking at the data from how the RDI program was put together and run, that there was no properly defined end game, and it could even be argued that the start game was not as organized as a local park pick up game.

James Mitchell
Bruce Jessen

There are two names that are given as the creators of the enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs) used on victims of the CIA RDI program. Those names are James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, they are psychologists whom had served in the US Air Force. Mitchell received his PhD from University of South Florida, his dissertation was related to nutrition and diet’s effect on hypertension; and Jessen received his PhD from Utah State University, his dissertation was on family therapy. While, yes these men were affiliated with the SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) program, they were observers to basically check a box with ensuring safety of the military students of the course. They were not developing policy or procedure, they were not writing SOPs or training manuals, they were not doing long term research on the effects of the course on students that passed or failed. As a matter of fact when it comes to real experience, these two men were about as qualified to found any interrogation policy as D.C. Meter Maids. Correction, the Meter Maids are probably more qualified in actual interrogation with suspects than these two men.

These men seem to have convinced officials of very questionable intelligence and even more questionable common sense that not only does torture work, but that what would absolutely ensure success was the complete psychological destruction of detainees to gain intel or worse to prove that they were not with-holding more. Most real and respected experts in the field of torture and interrogation will tell you that the exact opposite is true. That once you torture and ‘break’ a person, they will tell you ‘what you want to hear’ just to end the torture. It appears that in desperation to maintain control and relevance in the DC power war, the CIA rushed head first with blinders on into a terrorism black hole. The CIA has no idea how to investigate and build a prosecutable case against a suspect, again this was not their job. This fact seems to have been of no concern to them as they never considered allowing the justice system to have any part of holding terrorism accountable, having been allowed to operate in that gray area of the slippery slope that signals the self destruction of honor and integrity, the CIA decided that they alone knew how and what to do and whom to do it to to make the world a safe place. Instead what they have done is outranked the terrorists in destroying the safety and security and freedom of America and the world.


The RDI program basically answered to no one externally, when it functioned. What little ‘reporting to’ that was done was done to like minded over reactive neocons that think they are the only ones that know what is best. Even under their own ‘self reporting’ they still could not follow the rules or get it right. By their numbers, the CIA ‘wrongfully detained’ 26 individuals, of  which 3 were subjected to EITs. In addition, the interrogators were supposed to get approval of EITs before using them on any prisoner, yet 17 victims suffered unauthorized EITs. And to what end or success did this program achieve; a mere 17 high value suspects were ever detained. For the record that is less than a 15% success rate!

Not only were their methods flawed once they had a victim, their intelligence sources for picking ‘terrorists’ to detain was also very flawed. Under the Clinton administration the budget of the intelligence agencies and military were slashed to the point that the US had virtually no human assets in unstable areas to provide real true intelligence on the climate and players. Thus, the US as a whole became very dependent on the rumors of the terror world and on the intelligence gathering of other countries. Most dissenters of the war in Iraq claim lies on the part of US officials leading up to the war, I would correct them in that it was not outright lies, it was incompetence and incomplete intelligence pieces to actually and factually know what was going on on the ground in Iraq, coupled with their own delusions of us against them left over from the Cold War. The proof can be seen in the sources that were cited regarding the WMD intelligence, some of which were Saddam’s own high ranking officers trying to save their own lives and insure personal gains for themselves and their families and none of them have ever been held accountable for their bad information that led to the disaster that is currently their homeland.

Gaddafi via telegraph co uk

So who were some of the sources for names of terrorists that the CIA kidnapped? As Human Rights Watch has detailed, Gaddafi was one of the sources supplying the United States with the names of individuals it claimed were terrorism suspects. Most of the names that were supplied by such an honorable man as Gaddafi were members of the Libyan Islamist Fighting Group (LIFG), who were opposed to his rule in Libya. Thus in their ill-conceived rush to retaliate against the ‘bad guys’ the CIA became the thug enforcers for dictators that the US deemed terrorists themselves.

And what has  been the result of the CIA’s rush to be the hero? There are over 100 broken men in the world. There was no regard for their guilt or innocence and no recompense for damages caused or life lost or time stolen, for how can you undo such damage as was inflicted during a torture session. How do you give a man back his pride and his sense of self when you stole it without cause? How do you return a man to family broken and shattered beyond repair? What good is a piece of paper saying we now believe you are not guilty when you have been locked up for years? Where is the justice for families that lost sons and brothers that succumbed to hate under the burden of grief inflicted by the absence of love ones for years? Where is the increased safety due to the creation of that hate? How many more have lost their lives over anger and hate born out of punishment and execution without judgement or proof?

In the hopes of some truth and justice coming out of this senseless ill-planned knee jerk reaction to the tragedy of 9/11, journalists and lawyers and human rights groups are trying to do the right thing by using the justice system of Europe and the US to bring some peace and solace to the victims of the CIA’s RDI program. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has heard 4 cases concerning the involvement of European states with the secret CIA RDI program and is currently hearing 2 more. The 4 cases that the court has ruled on have resulted in finding that the accused European states were complacent to some degree in their action or lack there of regarding the violation of the human rights of the men whom brought the cases before the court. The first case involved a German national of Lebanese descent, whom was a victim of the CIA RDI program. His complaint states that “he was arrested, held in isolation, questioned and ill-treated in a Skopje hotel for 23 days.” This case resulted in the court finding that Macedonia (FYRM) had violated Articles 3, 5, 8, and 13. In 2 cases Poland was found in violation of Articles 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and 38, as well as Protocol 6. In a case against Italy, the state was found in violations of Articles 3, 5, 8, and 13. And currently there are cases pending against Romania and Lithuania. For more on these cases please read the press release for the ECHR. In the US, the ACLU is pursuing action against the men directly responsible for the RDI, Mitchel and Jessen.

In addition to the legal action, there are other groups that are working on bringing the truth to the public audience. The Rendition Project from their about page describes themselves as an unique group of academics and human rights focused individuals working to bring out the truth of the CIA RDI program. Another group that is trying to give a public voice to the victims is The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. BIJ is an independent not-for-profit organization that hopes to educate the public about the realities of power in today’s world. Please follow their projects for more detailed and specific information about this and other important issues of a global level.

Blackmail, Blind Ambition, Brutal Greed, Or All Of These?

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From the first impact into the North Tower at 0846 on 11 September 2001, there have been questions, allegations, and accusations. Truth has been seasoned with controversy, national security, and various conspiracy theories about the who, the what, and the how of the attack, leaving the casualties in the ashes of the event. As stories about the event multiplied so too did the theories that would create various urban legends; was it a complete and total inside job by the US government or was it a Saudi run operation for the US government, was Mossad involved or was it just complete incompetence and self-serving arrogance of various US intelligence agencies unwilling to play ball?

There’s a saying that the stories that last do so cause there is at least a kernel of truth in their origins; yet, variations of all these stories have survived, partly because of the epic and world changing proportions of the tragedy,  thus muddying the waters of the whole and complete truth of what honestly happened that fateful day leaving us to wonder how accountable each accused is.

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While the United States government stated and made the public effort to show honest and truthful reactions to the terrorist attacks, behind the scenes the US had ‘boots on the ground’ within 48 hours. This was the reality when officially military operations were not announced, by then President Bush, until 7 October. President Bush, in the aftermath of the attacks, stated that justice would be brought to the perpetrators of the crime. With that intent, during the military operations an unknown number of ‘suspects’ and ‘enemy combatants’ were captured and detained.

In the ensuing years upwards to 1000 persons may have passed through the gates of GITMO or worse the secret detention locations in various countries around the world. The total true numbers are unknown due to the stonewalling of the Pentagon and other government agencies. Ironically, one of their stated excuses for not releasing a complete and accurate list has been respecting the privacy of the prisoners; yet, it seems that no other respectful consideration has been given in the treatment of the prisoners or their identities. I wonder if anyone has polled the prisoners to see if they want such respect for their privacy over no respect during interrogations and day-to-day treatment regarding things such as forced feedings. I also wonder if it occurred to anyone at the Pentagon that by releasing a whole and complete and accurate list of prisoners maybe things like wrong identities might be sorted out before improperly and immorally detaining innocent persons for years!

911 Report via en wikipedia org

In addition to military operations, a Commission was formed over a year later, 27 November 2002, “to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11 attacks”. This report was published almost 2 years later on 22 July 2004; however, as of today there are still 28 pages of the report that are not public. Recently several members of the Commission, most notably, John H. Lehman, have stated the need to make public those 28 pages, which supposedly implicate several Saudi government officials with supporting the perpetrators of the attacks and or Al Qaeda as a whole. It should be noted that both the Saudi Royal Family and more than a few terrorist groups follow the same fundamentalist faction of Sunni Islam, Wahhadism. It should also be remembered that Bin Laden was the son of  Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, a billionaire construction magnate with close ties to the Saudi royal family. And that the bin Laden family has enjoyed very close ties with the Saudi Royal Family for decades, you can read more about that relationship in a PBS article about Bin Laden

It has come to light that the Obama Administration might release the 28 pages in question. However, it has also been reported by various sources, that upon his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, he was encouraged by the Saudi Royal Family to keep those pages secret. Logic would imply that you would only want kept secret those things that you think or know would hurt your own self, or those that are close to you, or your current and or future interests. It would be interesting to know if that encouragement in fact did occur and by what means was the encouragement linked to American agendas. Was the price and or production output of oil used? What about the ‘discrete’ means of support and contact between the US and ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels via Saudi Arabia? (Of course we are using the term ‘moderate’ and ‘Syrian rebels’ very loosely here) Or were other means of encouragement used? President Obama will no longer be employed in his current position after January and former Prime Minister Tony Blair has done very well financially in the Middle East since leaving office.

Considering that Iran, as a US designated terrorist state, whom has never had anything to do with al Qaeda (they are Islamic enemies) was just found guilty in an American civil court for being responsible for 9/11, I am sure that they would gladly welcome the public release of those 28 pages of the Commission Report. Unfortunately, neither Iran nor any of their allies have such influence with the American government to reach that goal. It seems that the US government is tired of having to just let all that seized Iranian money sit without being accessed for the US economy. What better way to gain access to it than by unjustly finding Iran guilty of 9/11 and using the seized moneys to pay the victims thus getting their hands on money that is not theirs and diverting the guilt from truth to political agenda ends. Furthermore, the sole basis for the guilty finding in the trial is the fact that Iran did not show up and defend themselves….this in a country that claims that the burden of proof is on the plaintiff not the defendant! So much for innocent until proven guilty!

car bomb via weekly ahram org eg

There are those that claim that 9/11 was a ‘false flag’ inside operation to create a pretense for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq for oil. There are a few unanswered questions if that is the case. First, Afghanistan was not a member of OPEC, nor was it a non-OPEC oil provider. So what oil was wanted in Afghanistan? Another unanswered question is that it was for cheaper oil, yet, “on Aug. 24, 2001, the average weighted price for a gallon of gas was about $1.51”  and it has not dropped back to or below that price since. So where is the cheap oil for America? However, a plausible retort could be that OPEC and the Oil Industry have never passed along those savings to consumers. It could be the same market control as is found in the diamond industry, where supply is strictly controlled so that selling prices can be maintained (though the market would say it was controlling value not cost). 

In addressing the ‘false flag’ part of the pretense claim, I find the proof very lacking. The amount of coordination and planning and support that would be required to pull off an event of the magnitude of 9/11 would involve too many people. There is also the fact that keeping such an immoral criminal act secret would be virtually impossible. The closest that a ‘false flag’ theory could get to truth, with the available information being studied logically and reasonably, would have to be adapted to more a rogue act by some small group of over zealous and or disgruntled members of some government agency, probably no higher than middle management level. 

The most common theory for the military operations after the attack would be for control and regime change. It is common knowledge that Saudi Arabia was not happy with the Hussein regime in Iraq, especially after Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait. It is a fact that Hussein, along with his sons, were the worst bullies on the block in the region; however, it needs to be remembered that it was the US, along with regional allies, that put Saddam in power in Iraq to begin with, just as it was US support, money and involvement via bin Laden and al Qaeda that put the Taliban in power in Afghanistan. 

al qaeda afghanistan via USNews com

These 2 facts make the US government, in this respect, at least partially responsible for 9/11. How, you might ask. Simple, bin Laden was a nothing thug playing at war in Africa when he was chosen as the ‘hero of Afghanistan’. It would be very interesting to find out just how the US decided that some nothing thug from Saudi Arabia playing war in Africa could be so useful in Afghanistan. 
Who dropped bin Laden’s name to US officials? Whom in the US government thought that he was ‘the man for the job’? What made bin Laden willing to work with the US? Who provided the introductions? 

We do not have those answers, but, we do know that with US funding and training and support, which would have included being able to freely move internationally, so as to relocate from Africa to Afghanistan, the US created al Qaeda. Thus, since al Qaeda is considered the perpetrators of 9/11, that means that the US created the means by which we were attacked. It also means that 9/11 was completely preventable. The above information also means that since at least the early 80s and maybe even 70s the US was not opposed to using “outside freedom fighters” to incite regime change, especially in the name of defeating the enemy, whoever, that might be. Unfortunately, 9/11 did nothing to teach the US government that that method was not a long game positive for the safety and security of the land, citizens or interests of the United States; whereas this has been and still is the primary method of regime change used by the US at least since Afghanistan and is in full use today from Libya to Syria to Ukraine, leaving an enduring path of destruction and desolation in its wake for decades to come. Is there a single country that can say it is better off since US regime change was brought to bear?

To address the Mossad theories, it is a known fact that Israel has never had much issue with conducting military operations or covert acts within the borders of ally or enemy states alike, if it furthers their agenda. That being said, their apathy with regard to how their actions are seen lessen their desire to focus on discretion in such matters. It seems, that while they are known to be very comfortable using violent means to achieve their ends and their lack of concern about public opinion, thus it would not bother them to risk any American public backlash for such action, they had no true or real reason to commit the act. On such a scale as 9/11 Israel is not quite so discrete; nor would they, based on past actions, conduct such a large-scale operation that did not directly benefit them. And no, 9/11 did not directly benefit them!

US Intelligence AgenciesWhat about the role of US Intelligence Agencies? It is common knowledge that each government agency has too much hubris and not enough team focus. It is also common knowledge that all that hubris has a very negative effect on inter-agency communications. It became known afterwards that numerous agencies had pieces of intelligence that had they been shared and combined would have given a complete enough picture of the intent of the 9/11 hijackers to have at least limited the destruction if not actually preventing it. Thus, the question becomes, how much did each agency know? Did any agency know enough? Was 9/11 intentionally ignored? Were there those whom thought that America ‘needed a wake up call’? Was it just ‘dropping the ball’? We may never know the full extent of which persons in each agency knew what and when they knew and what they did with what they knew.

One thing that is certain is that the whole of the government took advantage of and benefited from the tragic events of 9/11. The government has grabbed unconstitutional authority in the name of security. They have expanded their reach in the name of national interests. They have lined their pockets with the expansion of and implementations of security measures in the name of fighting terror. The disgrace is that the American public is not only not safer from terrorism, they are also not safe from their own government. They have lost freedoms and Constitutional protections and live with a government that has secret courts and immense surveillance tools turned to its own shores. There has been no positive to come out of 9/11 for the American public or her individual citizens.


What Man Is A Man

Meet The Ladies (Part 2)

Kurdish Female Fighters May 2014 REUTERS
Photo Credit: 2014May REUTERS

While Syrian men are making a name for themselves by invading Europe and hiding behind babies and children to show what “big men” they are, Syrian women left behind in the war zone have silently been stepping up and filling the void; along with taking care of their own and their communities some have also been taking up medic bags and arms in an attempt to restore peace and order to their homeland. The first ladies to make a wave in the fight against Daesh and other ‘moderate’ terrorists in Syria and Iraq were the females that were fighting along side their Kurdish male counterparts.

These Kurdish female fighters from northern Syria have helped defend major towns as well as to rescue Kurds and Yazidis from certain death after torture and things worse than death at the hands of Daesh. There have been claims that according to Daesh lunacy dogma if their fighters are killed in battle by female enemies they will be reduced to their rightful spot in hell! If you properly and honestly follow the teachings of Islam, with regard to martyrs then you would know that dying a martyr has nothing to do with and cannot be done by attacking innocents. Being a martyr is about having more strength in your faith/beliefs than in your physical form. In short being a martyr is not about being suicide bombers or mass murderers, it is about standing up for what is right in the midst of violence and certain threat to your own person. A martyr does not willing die, but gives their life for something greater and more important than themselves and that is right and good over evil.

Female-Protection-Forces-via independent
via The Independent (.com)

The Lady Kurds from northern Syria are not the only ladies in Syria that have stepped up to fill the void left by fleeing Syrian men. In the summer of 2014 a Female Commando Battalion was created to serve alongside the Syrian Army. The battalion consists of around 800 female volunteers. The unit helps to defend the area around Damascus. In addition to ladies in the Army, and the Lady Kurds of the North, a new Christian Female Battalion known as, Female Protection Forces of the Land Between the Two Rivers, has been formed near the Iraq border. This new battalion started graduating fighters in August to form the group. These ladies have left behind families and children to help defend their homes and to excise the terror threat to their land.

These ladies come from all ages and walks of life; they were students, hairdressers, mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. They come from Kurdish and Christian towns and even from Canada. They all fight for a better and safer future. Most of them have the same view on Daesh;

“I used to work for a Syriac cultural association, but now I take pleasure in working in the military field,” Thabirta Samir, a 24-year-old trainer with the group, told Agence France-Presse. “I’m not afraid of Daesh, and we will be present in the coming battles against the terrorists.”

 It seems that anywhere you travel in Syria you can find the ladies filling the void, stepping up and doing what they have to do, what needs to be done even when ‘Hell is never far away’, especially in Aleppo. Umm Abdu, having been a wedding dress designer and now after the loss of her husband and son has taken up arms for defense and treats the wounded of the city in the remaining standing hospital. The Civil War, started from the outside, has turned a once stable country into another disaster zone, in the name of peace and democracy in accordance with Western foreign policy goals. The difference seems to be that Syrian women, having seen this policy played out before, are not going to allow what has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to happen to them.

For more on these courageous women and others just like them look for stories via the Syrian Female Journalist Network (SFJN) and the documentary series “Syria’s Rebellious Women”. If these women have their way, there will be hope of a Syria of the future without Daesh and other terrorists.

Enemies Or Partners In Destruction

Brussels Airport Security Photo
Security Photo via NBCNews

In the after mass of the Brussels attacks, it comes to light that most if not all of the suspects were not only known to security officials, but had even already committed crimes that had sent them to prison.  Brahim and Khalid El Bakraoui, were both arrested and convicted of violent crimes. Had they had to serve the entirety of their sentences they would still have been in prison and thus not free to commit the violent attacks on the Brussels Airport in March. Matter of fact the younger brother would only be getting out sometime this year and the older brother not for 3 more years. What is worse is that this is not an exception, this is the norm. Several of the suspects of the Paris attacks had similar stories. The Boston Marathon bombers we also known to have traveled to terror locations and shown violent behavior. 

While I believe that, if someone makes a mistake and they are remorseful and even show by their behavior and actions the truth of that remorse that early release is a good thing; and also that once someone serves their sentence or completes whatever punishment they have been given that should be the end of it. Those things being said, if someone is known to be a gang member or terrorist and especially if their crime is in connection with their gang or terrorist affiliation then there should be NO early release. Also, if you entered a country as a refugee or even a migrant and engage in terrorists activities you should also be deported. I have said it before and I will say it again, if someone travels to any terrorist location for the purpose of ‘joining the cause’ then upon arrival in that area, their passport and citizenship should be revoked.

Raid in Brussels
AP Photo

The fact that the above actions are not being practiced by Western countries in their war on terror shows the true intent of the governments’ commitment to their own publicly stated policies. This is truly the only action that is needed for the public to know that they are being put at risk for the sake of their justification of further oppression of peaceful and law abiding citizens and the transformation of free democracies into the profitable police states of the military industry. If you want to know any government’s or company’s true intention and focus, all you have to do is follow the money. Corporate “America” (America is not the country with corporations that fit this comment) has one goal above all others and that is profit! If you are in business then you do need to make a profit; however, when your desire for profit out weighs all other focus and even destroys your morals, then you are in the wrong.


The top defense contractors made thousands of millions of dollars in profit in FY2013. With Lockheed Martin leading the pack at $10,402 million. Together the top 20 defense contractors made $52,533 million in profit in the same year. Lockheed Martin is the leading defense contractor in the world, in 2014 the company had “defense revenues of $40.128 billion out of $45.6 billion total revenues. That was down $366 million, or -0.1 percent, from last year’s defense revenues of $40.494 billion.”  These contracts are a sizable part of the defense budget which is 55% of the US budget for 2015. Of the top 5 contractors, their overall revenues are made up of defense contracts from 64% of General Dynamics to 75% of Lockheed Martin’s total, based on Washington Technology’s company profiles. The same contractors contributed a combined $7,272,642 in the political arena, both Democrats and Republicans as well as special interest groups. Also in the second quarter of 2015 defense lobbying was up $12.8 million over the same quarter in 2014. One does not need to be an economist to see that there is TOO MUCH MONEY at stake for the war on terror to ever end!

Thus unless the public collectively puts their difference aside and joins together en mass to demand some very real change to our policies and actions regarding terrorism and regime change in foreign nations, we can look forward to many more terror attacks, each more violent and deadly than the previous all in the name of destroying what is left of democracy and freedom to be replaced by military police states that will continue to oppress and imprison and impoverish all in the name of profits.

Tu Me Manques

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Paris found itself under attack last night. Extremists did what cowards always do, they did not attack those that could defend or counter-attack, they did not engage with French Police or Military. No, the cowards murdered civilians that were defenseless, while they were trying to enjoy an evening in the City of Lights. They shot up diners and concert goers and set off explosions at a sports event. None of those acts take any courage and none of those acts got their perpetrators into paradise! Cowards are not welcome in heaven in the presence of God!

I offer my sincerest apologies to the citizens and visitors of France for falling victim to the violence that the government of the US and her allies initiated, trained, supported, supplied and funded, but cannot control. And I am extremely sorry for the hypocrisy with which the President and other world leaders displayed by offering their alleged sincere condolences for your suffering. For your suffering was at their hands so they have no right to even speak of your suffering. President Obama has NO right to speak of the bonds between France and America, for he has no value of the goals of the American Founding Fathers or the French Revolutions and the bonds that were forged then have been destroyed by the greed of modern government leaders at the expense of the citizens of both countries.

At some point the citizens of the world will have to follow the obligation placed on them by the Declaration of Independence…..

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable Rights; that among these, are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness; that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

For it was written for ALL people not just those in power. Yet, those in power would have you forget the words and more importantly the meaning of the words. It is the regular people, the hungry, the homeless, the destitute, the factory worker, the teacher, the mother, the father, the guy walking down the street that has the real power and needs to use it for the betterment of all the world.

For France:  Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem

(no one is a man who does not render the world better)

Nobody Did It,

Well, Maybe Someone

Metrojet Flight 9268 2

Over the weekend, Metrojet Flight 9268 fell out of the sky over the Sinai. All 224 persons on board perished in the crash. As of yesterday, 33 victims had been identified. The first reports, more like denials, was from Metrojet, itself, stating that neither mechanical or pilot error were the cause of the crash. This statement was released even before the black boxes had been secured and delivered to Moscow. This Airbus plane had survived a ‘hard landing’ some 14 years ago, which resulted in the tail of the plane coming in contact with the runway upon landing. It is known that if injuries to the body are not properly repaired then the structural integrity of the aircraft is compromised forever. The compromise is in and of itself a ticking time bomb.

The next denial came from Egyptian and Russian officials that Islamic State was not capable of shooting the aircraft out of the sky. The flight was at 32,000 feet when it apparently broke apart. The US and UK seemed to back up that denial as well, and whom would know better what arms have been supplied to Islamic State via Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Although, it would be an advantageous public relation event, if the plane is found to have been a terrorist attack. Ironically, it would be advantageous to both sides; the US and UK would try to show how Russia ‘asked for it’ or ‘Putin brought it on his people’ by getting involved in Syria, yet, at home for Putin, the Russian public will be much more supportive of the Russian involvement in Syria, not just to stop US/NATO aggression, but also, if Islamic State is to blame, that makes it personal with the Russian people, who have had a much closer and longer war with terrorism than the US or UK. The Russian people are much more personally aware of terrorism; for them, unlike in the US, it is not something that happens somewhere else, across the ocean, it is something that happens even in their own cities. It is something that disrupts their lives and has for years. It is something that they are in fact tired of and ready to be rid of.

Metrojet Flight 9268
via AFP Russian Investigators on Site

The US has presented reports of a heat flash immediately prior to the crash. And as supporting ‘evidence’ numerous American and British officials, including Congressmen and Intelligence Officials, as well as a Spokesperson for the British Prime Minister have all stated that it is most likely a bomb on board the passenger jet that brought it down. These claims have been talked down by Russian and Egyptian officials, however, the US State Department issued a travel warning to Americans in Egypt, especially in the Sinai and London has told British Airlines to suspend flights from Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh airport. There have also been varying degrees of concern expressed by Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands to name a few.

The true losers here are Egypt, whom is struggling with regaining stability within its borders and rebuilding its reputation with international tourists, and the Russian people, whom lost loved ones in the crash. Once again terror has done what it is best at, attacking innocent, unarmed, defenseless civilians. If the US truly was against terrorism and terrorist organizations then they would have stayed out of regime change in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and numerous other places. If there was an honest Global War on Terror then the US and NATO would want all the help they can get from every country, including Russia.

Jihadist, Just Another Word For COWARD!


When your only reaction to someone that speaks differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that thinks differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that acts differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that believes differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that worships differently than you is to kill…YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that dresses differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that loves differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When you only reaction is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

via and AP

The cruel attack on the Paris Office of Charlie Hebdo was the act of COWARDS pure and simple. If you know your path is the best path, if you know you are the most righteous, then you do not have to KILL those you disagree with. For if you were so pure and righteous and just then you would have your acts and deeds and your faith and your belief and the power of your words to defend your path against ALL attacks. If you were strong in your faith and your path and sure of the rightness of your beliefs then you would not be angered or insulted or offended by the words of those you call lesser than you. Of course, if you were so righteous and holy you would not call anyone lesser than yourself.

The fact that you are WRONG in your beliefs and thus cruel and evil in your deeds is a blight on all that claim the path of Islam. However, the fact that ‘moderate’ Muslims, as the politically correct call them, do not rise up and speak out against the acts of the evil nor do they put the effort into correcting the wrongs of those leaders that have corrupted the young followers by doing nothing are showing support for and approving of the evil carried out in the name of their religion. And the weak claim that they are not acting as true Muslims and thus in our eyes are not Muslims and we need not say anything about it are in effect offending and insulting the innocent victims of each act of evil carried out in the name of Islam and Allah. These moderate Muslims are also neglecting their duties as ‘real and true’ followers by not protecting the life of innocent. Allah states clearly and plainly that ALL human life is sacred and valued and is not to be taken!

Whosoever kills a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.  (Al-Ma’idah 5: 32)

Obama’s Softspot For His Frankenstein

The numbers show how little damage the US is willing to do to their Frankenstein. In a Washington Post article the numbers prove that once again Obama is ALL rhetoric about current situations.

090614_anhq_NATO_640 via foxnews

According to their numbers a total of 157 air strikes have been conducted by the US on Islamic State targets. The strikes have destroyed 212 targets of which 162 were vehicles, while only 50 have been strategically significant targets! That says it all in a nutshell!

While it might be a ‘bigger rush’ to hit and take out a moving target, it is no true big deal for I.S. to lose vehicles that they can replace within an hour. It is much more strategically successful for the air strikes to damage and destroy their facilities and weapons systems; that is the only way to ensure any real ‘degrading’ of I.S. Yet, that is not happening. Not only is that not happening, President Obama has openly stated that the US will increase their supply of weapons to ‘moderate’ rebels…..

Would that be the same ‘moderate’ rebels that have been working with I.S., including selling kidnapped American journalists to I.S. for their propaganda?!?!?!
Nice Call President Obama!

We have agreed to fund, support, and help run training camps in Saudi for more ‘moderate’ rebels to help in the battle against I.S. Saudi has been one of the major funnels of money, weapons, supplies and other support for destabilizing Syria from the start, including supplying Chemical Weapons to the moderates so that they can create false flags that can be blamed on Assad and the Syrian military.

We are also publicly stating that we will once again violate the sovereignty of another nation by conducting air strikes in their territory. Of course we have been committing this crime for so long now that it is like speeding on the Interstate for us. We seem to have a complete inability to decide who our enemies are and how to deal with them. We attack Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan while funding, arming and supporting them in Syria and Iraq.
To say we are confused is a complete and total understatement!

What a tangled web we weave when we plan to deceive!!! And how much more tangled it becomes when the motive for the deceiving is greed!

9/11; The Day The US Govt. Hit The Bottom Of The Moral Barrel

WTC_seq_reuters via 911review

13 years ago, today, the US Government threw away what little morals and honor they had left and sold the souls of all the honorable men and women that believe in the ideal of a free and independent democratic republic. There is no one man that is responsible; stop blaming Bush like he flew the planes, himself! That being said hold the feet of ALL government officials to the coals for their part in the crime committed against the citizens of the country.

There is a common trick played in D.C. whereas the ‘elected official’ NEVER specifically says they want something directly to happen; this is to create the ‘truth’ of ‘plausible deniability’ thus supposedly absolving the political from being guilty of some wrong doing or worse tarnishing their image.
Another common trick that politicians play, that was a FAVORITE of then Senator Obama; that is one of abstaining from any and all actions. If you do not participate in speeches or actually vote on bills presented on the floor then you do not have to deny a choice you made nor do you have to explain your actions, cause you were action-less.

There are 2 sayings that apply here, one is a well known one, the other one is from a very respected friend during an intellectual conversation, but is very applicable here;
1) You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.
2) Even when you make no choice that is still a choice, the choice not to choose.

Both of these work well for creating terrorism threats. How? Direct example; it was the US Government that put Saddam in power in Iraq, when the previous regime leaned more to the ideals of an Iraqi-first point of view versus a Western controlled Pan-Arab group and aligned itself with the communist party. This action is directly opposed to the founding of the US, which was based on the ideal that the citizens of any location or nation have the right to self-determination, even if they choose a path that is not ours. Thus it is not up to the US to decide what type of government that the citizens of any nation choose, our only concern should be that they have the freedom and right to choose their government and choose differently in the future under the legal means of their country, but it is still THEIR choice, not ours.

During the Cold War, the US had a single-minded approach to their Foreign Policy, stop the spread of communism. This focus completely disregarded the will of the citizens of most states in question. This policy worked very nicely for the corporate machine that was entrenched into the political wheels of the US Government. For the politicians there was the very pretty ideal for the support of the American public, that of defeating the oppressive, cruel communist regime, to which the US Elite has to give Stalin much gratitude for providing prefect propaganda that could be used for decades to follow. More importantly and less obvious was the ability of the corporate big wigs to use that political ideal to further their global profit base, as well as, backdoor access to directly guide the acts of the US government to benefit the corporate world both at home and abroad, while disregarding the rights of individual citizens of the country.

This single-minded focus of US Foreign Policy was the mechanics that created Al Qaeda — thus by default creating the tragedy of 13 years ago. How? First it was one of many unsupervised CIA global operations to stop the spread of communism. The only criteria one had to have to be funded, trained, supported by the CIA was to be willing to fight the Soviets. The problem with the methods of the CIA covert operations were that they were basically violent in nature without regard for the culture or public opinion of the areas in which they were supporting armed resistance to Soviet advances. In most, if not all cases, those ‘rebels’ were not idealists whom wanted to see democracy succeed in their countries, in the specific case of Afghanistan, that was not even Bin Laden’s country nor the home of many of his soldiers. Their goal was not the best interest of the Afghan people, but the influence of their own like minded oppressors! Al Qaeda never wanted a free Afghanistan, they wanted an Islamic State of Afghanistan……hmmm sounds familiar doesn’t it. And the US Government, via the covert actions of the CIA supported the oppression and destruction of the people of Afghanistan as well as other countries in the name of stopping the spread of oppressive communism!!!

WOW! There is one for the double-speak, hypocrisy play book, support oppressive thugs in over-throwing ‘oppressive politics’!

The real hypocrisy was not in whom the CIA funded, but in how they left those areas, the CIA and thus by association, the US Government, is like inviting the animal kids to the party, you know the ones that come trash everything and then leave. That is what happened all around the world during the Cold War, or worse, they left behind the heartless, soulless mega corporations to continue to rape and pillage the remains from the violence for freedom and democracy. And any one with a 3 digit IQ wonders about why the world hates America? Really?!?!

This history of violent actions followed by inaction or worse corporate action is the true blame for the shame of 9/11. Thus, the US public cannot blame terror or a ‘terror group’ for what happened on that day. It is the fault of the American public for not making a choice to pay attention to the acts of their own elected servants and allow them to deem themselves elected officials. It is the fault of Americans for not making the choice to be active in their communities thus ensuring that those politicians that rose in office were of honor and noble character. It is the fault of the American public for allowing the US Government to surrender to terror 13 years ago today by giving up most of their freedoms and rights in the lie of security.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

As If It Needs To Be Said Again

It is truly sad that this sentiment needs to be repeated!

The absolute best way for the US to end terrorism is to STOP funding it!

President Obama is going to address the I.S. threat in his speech on 10 SEP…….
how ironic that he is choosing to address a US created terror threat on the eve of the anniversary of a terror attack by another US created terror group, Al Qadea.

Here is my statement of FACT…..if there is absolutely ANY attack on US soil here or overseas, I hold the current members of the federal government completely and totally responsible; not because they did not prevent it, but because they initiated it by funding I.S. to begin with, in addition they created the environment both in Iraq and Syria to allow for hopeless young men to be deluded by the propaganda of the twisted dogma by unholy clerics whom have no true understanding of Islam. Thus, the President, the Cabinet, the whole of Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the top leadership of the Intel Community will have committed TREASON against the United States of America.

These alleged beheadings of 2 US journalists by I.S. are suspect at least….

First speaking about Foley, how does one gain upwards of 50 pounds while being held as prisoner? How does one lose a couple inches of neck?

Next, if you threaten another beheading over continued bombing – – why wait weeks to preform said beheading when not even one day was without bombs being dropped on your claimed territory.

Last, if you are mass-killing soldiers and civilians instantly, why hold on to minor journalists from other countries for years and why ask for absurd ransom amounts?

Nothing that I.S. has done has followed the true actions and motives of any previous or known terrorist group. Thus calling into doubt their actual function as a terrorist group. In addition, their access to international leaders also begs the question how they got such connections so quickly if we are to believe the official lines of the US Government.

So Pres. Obama you might want to be VERY careful what you say about your Frankenstein on Wednesday!!!


ISIS Claims Caliphate

Now What?

Ah President Obama and Senators McCain and Graham should be so very proud! Their little moderate terrorists are ALL grown up into a full fledged threat to the whole world that cannot be controlled. D.C. never seems to learn from one failure to the next. You cannot create monsters and control them when they are full grown. Especially when you do not even understand their history or their ideology or their culture. It is also worth noting that even US experts seem to not grasp the concept of fighting for or being driven either by a desire or a hatred that is larger than one’s self or the complexity of culture, history, religion that interweaves to create the society we call the Middle East.

ISIS Caliphate Map
via Stratfor Global Intelligence

Who would have thought that President Obama, the man whom ran as the uniter, would be so successful in working toward such controversial goals as arming, aiding, funding, training the sequel to Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL with Senators that seem so politically opposed to any and every thing that the White House has tried to accomplish. But when it counts they seem to have proved that they really can work together while appearing to be totally at odds.

Over the weekend ISIS declared their own state or caliphate. How does that impact the Middle East and the whole world? Well, first and foremost, it completely destabilizes the region in an attempt to supposedly promote stability. Second, and maybe more importantly in the long run, it completely rewrites the view of the US in the Middle East, thus creating more distrust and animosity than previously existed. Thirdly, by realigning the region, it creates chaos that will be used by mega-corps to further separate the 1% from the 99% and provide tools by which to manipulate things like price of oil which will also impact the price of all consumer products on multiple levels. What most people do not realize is that gas or petrol, depending on your part of the world, is not the primary end product of oil production. Petrol makes up the least over all end user consumption of crude oil. Petroleum ingredients are found in everything from cosmetics to plastics to textiles and manufacturing.

The main point is, that it is the opinion, based on the very successful implementation of a disposable consumer society, that control oil and you control the world by virtue of controlling the world’s markets on multiple levels.  Again, let me remind readers that many global economies are no longer based on a gold standard, instead most experts will tell you that they are based on the petrol-dollar, which from some points of view is accurate, however, the most basic economic describer is that most petrol-dollar economies are really just debt economies, meaning they are a complete sham and totally worthless, thus the need to maintain the illusion of richness based on oil dominance. Don’t believe me, pull out your ‘currency’ and read it, it is a promissory note, basically an IOU. So we all go around and pass debt from one to another and take things in that method. Ah, but I have ‘real’ money in the bank, just look at my bank statement…uhm, sorry, no you don’t. Those are just numbers on paper. Those numbers no longer represent your share of gold backing that institution cause the gold isn’t there. And on top of it, the banks charge you to move those numbers from one piece of paper to another and to let you see the numbers and for you to change the numbers. Every single automated and automatic shift of those numbers on paper are charged by fees and penalties and decreased interest or dividends. They show assets in the form of loans (debts) or futures (illusions) and you believe that you have wealth. What you have is owned debt that is under secured and when the global economy collapses due to bad politics in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and Africa, it will not be repaid. The debt completely and astronomically out runs whatever gold/property/capital that might have backed it up at one time.

So how does this relate to the ISIS ‘take over’? Easy, the US and allies used the ISIS and other groups to try to conquer Syria. Syria does not play by the rules. They keep their oil and sell it as they chose. Syria is really just Libya 2.0, in respect to oil control.  This means that US and allies do not directly control ALL oil sources. And that is the true and real end game of stability in the Middle East; complete and total control of ALL oil production. However, the chaos shows that the US is losing its finesse to manage regime change with behind the scenes control in such a manner as to appear to be doing the right thing and it not falling apart until history forgets that it was US that caused the issue to begin with…Saddam and Taliban. The US and her allies have to control ALL the oil production to maintain global control. It is that required control that inhibits the progress of renewable energy sources as well as lifestyle changes being encouraged that would increase the value of nature and decrease control through decreased oil product consumption. Greed of the 1% have encouraged the creation of and growth of ISIS. It is that hollow greed that will also be their downfall, for they have forgotten about the things that cannot be bought and thus will not know how to fight for ideas with their world of mirrors breaks.

UPDATE: This is a great article that shows steps to Syria’s chaos and ISIS rampage… Ian56.