Enemies Or Partners In Destruction

Brussels Airport Security Photo
Security Photo via NBCNews

In the after mass of the Brussels attacks, it comes to light that most if not all of the suspects were not only known to security officials, but had even already committed crimes that had sent them to prison.  Brahim and Khalid El Bakraoui, were both arrested and convicted of violent crimes. Had they had to serve the entirety of their sentences they would still have been in prison and thus not free to commit the violent attacks on the Brussels Airport in March. Matter of fact the younger brother would only be getting out sometime this year and the older brother not for 3 more years. What is worse is that this is not an exception, this is the norm. Several of the suspects of the Paris attacks had similar stories. The Boston Marathon bombers we also known to have traveled to terror locations and shown violent behavior. 

While I believe that, if someone makes a mistake and they are remorseful and even show by their behavior and actions the truth of that remorse that early release is a good thing; and also that once someone serves their sentence or completes whatever punishment they have been given that should be the end of it. Those things being said, if someone is known to be a gang member or terrorist and especially if their crime is in connection with their gang or terrorist affiliation then there should be NO early release. Also, if you entered a country as a refugee or even a migrant and engage in terrorists activities you should also be deported. I have said it before and I will say it again, if someone travels to any terrorist location for the purpose of ‘joining the cause’ then upon arrival in that area, their passport and citizenship should be revoked.

Raid in Brussels
AP Photo

The fact that the above actions are not being practiced by Western countries in their war on terror shows the true intent of the governments’ commitment to their own publicly stated policies. This is truly the only action that is needed for the public to know that they are being put at risk for the sake of their justification of further oppression of peaceful and law abiding citizens and the transformation of free democracies into the profitable police states of the military industry. If you want to know any government’s or company’s true intention and focus, all you have to do is follow the money. Corporate “America” (America is not the country with corporations that fit this comment) has one goal above all others and that is profit! If you are in business then you do need to make a profit; however, when your desire for profit out weighs all other focus and even destroys your morals, then you are in the wrong.

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The top defense contractors made thousands of millions of dollars in profit in FY2013. With Lockheed Martin leading the pack at $10,402 million. Together the top 20 defense contractors made $52,533 million in profit in the same year. Lockheed Martin is the leading defense contractor in the world, in 2014 the company had “defense revenues of $40.128 billion out of $45.6 billion total revenues. That was down $366 million, or -0.1 percent, from last year’s defense revenues of $40.494 billion.”  These contracts are a sizable part of the defense budget which is 55% of the US budget for 2015. Of the top 5 contractors, their overall revenues are made up of defense contracts from 64% of General Dynamics to 75% of Lockheed Martin’s total, based on Washington Technology’s company profiles. The same contractors contributed a combined $7,272,642 in the political arena, both Democrats and Republicans as well as special interest groups. Also in the second quarter of 2015 defense lobbying was up $12.8 million over the same quarter in 2014. One does not need to be an economist to see that there is TOO MUCH MONEY at stake for the war on terror to ever end!

Thus unless the public collectively puts their difference aside and joins together en mass to demand some very real change to our policies and actions regarding terrorism and regime change in foreign nations, we can look forward to many more terror attacks, each more violent and deadly than the previous all in the name of destroying what is left of democracy and freedom to be replaced by military police states that will continue to oppress and imprison and impoverish all in the name of profits.

As If It Needs To Be Said Again

It is truly sad that this sentiment needs to be repeated!

The absolute best way for the US to end terrorism is to STOP funding it!

President Obama is going to address the I.S. threat in his speech on 10 SEP…….
how ironic that he is choosing to address a US created terror threat on the eve of the anniversary of a terror attack by another US created terror group, Al Qadea.

Here is my statement of FACT…..if there is absolutely ANY attack on US soil here or overseas, I hold the current members of the federal government completely and totally responsible; not because they did not prevent it, but because they initiated it by funding I.S. to begin with, in addition they created the environment both in Iraq and Syria to allow for hopeless young men to be deluded by the propaganda of the twisted dogma by unholy clerics whom have no true understanding of Islam. Thus, the President, the Cabinet, the whole of Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the top leadership of the Intel Community will have committed TREASON against the United States of America.

These alleged beheadings of 2 US journalists by I.S. are suspect at least….

First speaking about Foley, how does one gain upwards of 50 pounds while being held as prisoner? How does one lose a couple inches of neck?

Next, if you threaten another beheading over continued bombing – – why wait weeks to preform said beheading when not even one day was without bombs being dropped on your claimed territory.

Last, if you are mass-killing soldiers and civilians instantly, why hold on to minor journalists from other countries for years and why ask for absurd ransom amounts?

Nothing that I.S. has done has followed the true actions and motives of any previous or known terrorist group. Thus calling into doubt their actual function as a terrorist group. In addition, their access to international leaders also begs the question how they got such connections so quickly if we are to believe the official lines of the US Government.

So Pres. Obama you might want to be VERY careful what you say about your Frankenstein on Wednesday!!!