What Man Is A Man

Meet The Ladies (Part 2)

Kurdish Female Fighters May 2014 REUTERS
Photo Credit: 2014May REUTERS

While Syrian men are making a name for themselves by invading Europe and hiding behind babies and children to show what “big men” they are, Syrian women left behind in the war zone have silently been stepping up and filling the void; along with taking care of their own and their communities some have also been taking up medic bags and arms in an attempt to restore peace and order to their homeland. The first ladies to make a wave in the fight against Daesh and other ‘moderate’ terrorists in Syria and Iraq were the females that were fighting along side their Kurdish male counterparts.

These Kurdish female fighters from northern Syria have helped defend major towns as well as to rescue Kurds and Yazidis from certain death after torture and things worse than death at the hands of Daesh. There have been claims that according to Daesh lunacy dogma if their fighters are killed in battle by female enemies they will be reduced to their rightful spot in hell! If you properly and honestly follow the teachings of Islam, with regard to martyrs then you would know that dying a martyr has nothing to do with and cannot be done by attacking innocents. Being a martyr is about having more strength in your faith/beliefs than in your physical form. In short being a martyr is not about being suicide bombers or mass murderers, it is about standing up for what is right in the midst of violence and certain threat to your own person. A martyr does not willing die, but gives their life for something greater and more important than themselves and that is right and good over evil.

Female-Protection-Forces-via independent
via The Independent (.com)

The Lady Kurds from northern Syria are not the only ladies in Syria that have stepped up to fill the void left by fleeing Syrian men. In the summer of 2014 a Female Commando Battalion was created to serve alongside the Syrian Army. The battalion consists of around 800 female volunteers. The unit helps to defend the area around Damascus. In addition to ladies in the Army, and the Lady Kurds of the North, a new Christian Female Battalion known as, Female Protection Forces of the Land Between the Two Rivers, has been formed near the Iraq border. This new battalion started graduating fighters in August to form the group. These ladies have left behind families and children to help defend their homes and to excise the terror threat to their land.

These ladies come from all ages and walks of life; they were students, hairdressers, mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. They come from Kurdish and Christian towns and even from Canada. They all fight for a better and safer future. Most of them have the same view on Daesh;

“I used to work for a Syriac cultural association, but now I take pleasure in working in the military field,” Thabirta Samir, a 24-year-old trainer with the group, told Agence France-Presse. “I’m not afraid of Daesh, and we will be present in the coming battles against the terrorists.”

 It seems that anywhere you travel in Syria you can find the ladies filling the void, stepping up and doing what they have to do, what needs to be done even when ‘Hell is never far away’, especially in Aleppo. Umm Abdu, having been a wedding dress designer and now after the loss of her husband and son has taken up arms for defense and treats the wounded of the city in the remaining standing hospital. The Civil War, started from the outside, has turned a once stable country into another disaster zone, in the name of peace and democracy in accordance with Western foreign policy goals. The difference seems to be that Syrian women, having seen this policy played out before, are not going to allow what has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to happen to them.

For more on these courageous women and others just like them look for stories via the Syrian Female Journalist Network (SFJN) and the documentary series “Syria’s Rebellious Women”. If these women have their way, there will be hope of a Syria of the future without Daesh and other terrorists.

What Man Is A Man

Part 1

Greek Border Violence Bulent Kilic AFP
Photo Credit: Bulent Kilic AFP

Once again Europe is dealing with violence created by Syrian refugees. These refugees, which are mostly young men, have the courage and strength to rip babies from mothers to use as projectiles at police officers and to push rail cars into border fences. They have also laid children on train tracks and attacked journalists and aid workers that are trying to help their cause. Yet, many, from Western leaders to supposed human rights groups, do not mention these acts of violence by these refugees, they merely justify their actions by stating that the ‘migrants’ only want peace and freedom and to live in safety. That does not happen when one’s reaction to law and order is violence. There has been no headlines speaking about how these ‘poor, desperate refugees’ have spent years trying to do things inside the existing system within the law and in a peaceful manner. That implies that those stories do not exist. If you see stories about those families that are not invading Europe but merely existing in refugee camps, you see Syrian men sitting in their pity and whining while it is their wives and children that are finding some way to survive and provide for the family. This seems to be more common than not among Syrian men.

In addition to such poor behavior by Syrian men running away from the issues in their own country, instead of staying home and putting their house in order; there is also knowledge that several suspected terrorists have entered Europe as ‘poor Syrian refugees’ looking for peace and better lives!
Yet, they actually attack Greek civilians that attempt to show them compassion and generosity by giving them food. It would seem that if the Public Affairs Offices of the EU and NATO wanted to garner public support in their continued illegal ‘rebellion’ in Syria, then they should be flooding the news with reports of how peaceful and controlled and behaved these individuals are; however, we do not see these reports, the best we get is ‘how poorly the local peace officers have treated’ these creatures.

jungle-478260 refugee crisis getty
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As numbers and tensions increase at the closed gateway to the Balkan refugee route the UNHCR’s coordinator, Vincent Cochetel, discussed the crisis in March.
“They do not understand that they can no longer move onward, that they have to queue; they have to go through the relocation process – for those eligible for relocation and it is not everybody. So, there is a lot of frustration building up, which may lead to acts of violence,” said Cochetel.

What is not understandable and completely lacking logic and common sense that this is something they do not understand. How is it that anyone that supposedly is so educated and from the professional middle-class, as we are repeatedly assured ALL the refugees are, do not understand that there are rules and laws and procedures to handle these situations properly and orderly?

It is equally absurd that groups from the UN to MSF (Doctors Without Borders) still want Greece to shoulder the burden of taking care of these ‘refugees’. Last year the EU agreed to relocate ‘refugees’ from Greece among the other 28 member states. However, “…despite commitments to relocate 66,400 refugees from Greece, states have so far pledged only 1,539 spaces, and only 325 actual relocations have occurred,” according to UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards. It appears that instead of keeping their end of the agreement the EU has decided to pawn their disaster off on Turkey by paying them to take back ‘refugees’ to their country.

What the EU should be doing to take care of the issue is to stop being involved in Syrian regime change for profit! Secondly, they should be fast tracking temporary status and relocation to women with children and then the elderly and sick or injured. No healthy male between the ages of 16 and 55 should be allowed to even be considered for refugee status until there are none of the above mentioned groups in danger. These men need to be returned to their country to fight for their own nation and to do their proper duty to their nation, their family, their clan/tribe.

Hate Is The Shortest Path To Oppression

Americans have been so busy hating Syria, Gaza and Russia that they have not noticed their own conquering by Corporate America. Syria, Gaza and Ukraine are all very nice diversions to keep you worried about ‘threats’ beyond our borders that no one has been watching what is going on in our own house. This is actually a very common thing. Those of us that grew up in the homes of defenders and warriors know that it is very easy for said hero/warrior to spend so much time saving the world that they sacrifice their own to a worse fate.
Take stroll on Twitter and you will find plenty of opinions of all the ‘wars’ in the world, but you will find very little about the war on our freedom and independence in the US. Most Americans are very firmly in the Pro-Israel camp. I have been told by plenty of upstanding Christians that to stop the bloodshed in Gaza, one need only to wipe out all of Hamas. When you ask their feeling about civilians, especially children being killed by Israeli rockets they claim it is Hamas’ fault for using them as human shields. When asked where Jesus states there are times when killing innocents is justified and okay, they reply to tell you that Hamas, hates all Jews and Christians and want to kill them all. They call you a ‘killer’ or ‘hater’ for questioning their morals. Yet, they never give the quote of Jesus’ teaching explaining when killing children is justified and acceptable.
On the topic of Ukraine, most Americans will tell you that “Russia invaded Ukraine.” They will tell you that Russia wants another Soviet Union. They think that Russian soldiers are fighting the ‘mighty and honorable’ Ukraine army. An army so poorly trained and armed initially that any one of our street gangs would have beat them back to Kiev in a weeks time, much less the damage done had they been fighting a professional fighting force. Unfortunately, from a military point of view, the Self-defense forces made the same mistake as the Confederate forces did in the US Civil War. Their mentality and objective was just that, defense, they didn’t want to conquer the other side, they just wanted to protect what was theirs and be left alone. Thus their initial approach to the battle was simply to defend against advances from the UA, to keep their land and property and persons safe. I fear that Novorussia well learn the same lesson the Confederates did in the same manner.
On the poor dead horse, known as Syria, which now has split Iraq, Americans were appalled by ‘Assad the Butcher’ as Western media portrayed him, reporting how prisoners were systematically tortured, beaten, raped and even killed. Yet, in polls and reports by global watch dogs the largest prison population is in the US and the greatest fear of being in prison and of one’s well-being and life if found in prison is also the US. That being said, no American is willing to go to war over US prisons, which are increasingly run by for-profit private corporations, without any oversight; but also completely support the aiding, arming, supporting of terrorist groups that are labeled by the US Government as ‘freedom fighters’ thus empowering ISIS to have the ability, capability, and support to conquer half of Iraq and a third of Syria and is being allowed to sale crude oil to Israel, our ally, whom is carpet bombing one of the few regional supporters of the Syrian government.
One of the reasons that Americans seem unable to connect the dots in conflicts around the globe is in the lack of diversity in US media. Over 90% of US news and media is owned by just 6 corporations and with the buying of Time Warner, by either Comcast or Murdoch then that number goes down to 5, thus limiting more the availability of the American public to receive diverse reporting on any issue. It is the lack of diversity in sources available to the American public that through ignorance make it complacent in global immorality by American mega corporations through control of politicians and thus government. America has anti-trust and monopoly laws yet time and time again different government agencies and the Supreme Court have turned blind eyes to the merging of big business into mega-corporations thus insuring maximum increase in profits and decrease in competition. In addition these corporations reach outside the borders of the US thus the basis for hypocrisy in American Foreign Policy. Our Foreign Policy is based on the greed of US business and politicians not on honor or integrity or our founding fathers’ belief in the right of every man to self determination.

Step back and look carefully.

While it is VERY true that I am not a conspiracy theorist, I would not label those individuals as crazy, out of touch, or paranoid. Not everything they say is wrong; as the saying goes, ‘just cause I am paranoid, doesn’t mean I am wrong‘. Those words are very true. I also believe in 2 more important things:
1) that EVERYONE has the right to free speech, up to the point that it infringes on another’s rights,
2) that no matter how EXTREME the views of individuals might be, they are entitled to their point of view and they help to provide a broad dialogue on issues that should be important to all citizens.

So today, I would like to present a different view on certain statements that are being printed in the media and my opinion of said statements might seem logical or paranoid; but, hopefully, they will start a dialogue.
The government currently in power in Ukraine is a legitimate government. They were elected by the Parliament.’ Before the protests started, not one single leader of Western countries stated that the legally elected government of Ukraine was not legitimate. Matter of fact that government was recognized and conducted business like any other European country. In order to ensure peace and democracy, that government even offered to hold early elections to allow the protesters to change the government in power legally, the pro-West protesters continued their violence until they were in power by a vote under duress of what was left of the Parliament.
The people in power in Kiev have sanctioned/ordered “anti-terrorist” actions against pro-Russian protesters in Eastern Ukraine.’ Whereas the legitimate government was criticized as being brutal when it finally sanctioned appropriate force by police, the new power grabbers are being praised for being measured and restrained by using the military against its own citizens, whom are being called Russian spies.
The United States has not ended its Global War On Terror. Top on the terrorist enemy list is Al Qaeda and its off-shoots. It has been reported not just by media, even mega-corporate controlled western media, but also, by the various terror groups, themselves, that most of Al Qaeda’s off-shoots have sent fighters into Syria to remove the legitimate government of that country. The law of the land states that a traitor is any person that by any action supports or enables through any means the enemy of the state or provides comfort. Now this law is broad as it is expected to be applied with logic and reason based on the intent of those charged. That being said, the media has reported that the US is now directly and officially arming the rebels of Syria. Their supposed ‘get out of jail’ clause is that they are only arming moderate rebels, yet only a complete idiot or the most naive fool would believe that ONLY moderate rebels will have access to any items provided. Not to mention that arms and money and any other needed support has been provided indirectly via American allies in the region. Yet, not one person in the US government is being investigated for treason. It will be interesting to see how the government reacts if some independent journalist actually grows a pair and reports on US weapons being used against US soldiers in other areas of the world, like, maybe, Afghanistan! Which will be a very distinct possibility.
Again I say, if Pro-Russian protesters are equated with terrorists and professional terrorists that entered Syria solely for the purpose of overthrowing the legitimate government there are equated with rebels or freedom fighters how can any independent country in the world think that it can be independent in opinion and action, even internally, and not risk invasion directly or covertly by the US and EU!

Don’t Do It Syria

I do not think that Syria should give up one weapon of any kind. Giving up a weapon is akin to giving up sovereignty. No country should give up one percent of its sovereignty that limits their independence and weakens their stance on the global playing field. The idea that the “world” is still supporting the ‘rebels’ in Syria against the government is totally and completely absurd and shows that the world population is not only ignorant to the repercussions of such actions but is guilty of destroying a sovereign nation by complacency.
If you look at the time line of events you see a completely contradictory version that what the US and allies is stating publicly and is being supported by all major media outlets in the west. There were supposed to be talks long ago to reach a diplomatic solution to the situation; the Syrian government agreed to these talks, it was the “rebels” that rejected attending these talks. It was Syrian “rebels” were found with chemical weapons in their possession in Turkey in May. It is the “rebels” that are killing Christians. It is the “rebels” that are supported by and members of groups that the western powers have labeled as “terrorists” and while we are screaming the need to support these “rebels” in Syria, they are the same combatants that the soldiers are fighting in other places.
How is this even possible? Cause the public is too consumed about their own petty little issues to pay any attention to real issues that are destroying our world and numerous societies around the world. The media is pitching the propaganda of the politicians and not doing their job of informing the public of truth and facts. Masses are too busy consuming products instead of valuing life and lives. Public education teaches conformity and repetition, not thinking and inquiring.
We claim that we are evolved and civilized and tolerant and peaceful more so than anytime in history. But we identify people by how they are different than us, we focus on the division betwixt groups, we encourage labeling and naming. This is not evolution or civilized behavior. The fundamental flaw with our tolerant attitude is that the definition of tolerance informs that there is an existing hatred or dislike. These are ALL illusions. There is no truth in this evolution. There is no civilization in hate. There will be no peace until their is a complete and total revolution.

We Made The Red-Line So It Could Be Crossed

Early in the midst of the Syrian conflict, when asked about the US getting involved, the government officially stated that the “use of chemical weapons” would be a game changer. If you think about that comment, that is a really interesting “Red-Line”. There was no mention of the things that usually occur in these situations, like the death of innocent civilians, the violation of human rights, or the standing down by the military leaders instead of carrying out immoral acts; chemical weapon use was not a red line in Libya or Egypt or anywhere else in recent history. Yet, for Syria it is the “game changer”.  This should have raised a Red Flag about intentions already in place behind closed doors of Western governments.
For those of you with short term memory, but long term memory loss, let me remind you of one of the possible scenarios for the WMDs that were not found in Iraq after the invasion; there were reports that since Iraq and Syria were allies, both ruled by members of each country’s Bath party, that Hussein’s people moved supplies of WMDs across the border into Syria, it was also suggested that the final destination of these weapons was Russia. I think we can consider these reports to be the prologue for now. No, I am not specifically saying that today’s troubles were planned 10 years ago, however, I think it was one of those moves to be banked and saved for a future rainy day.
Hence, the current paradigm where suddenly we have a “Red Line” “Game Changer” in the form of chemical weapons attack. Interesting little fact that was not well reported in May, at least not in western media, was the confiscation of sarin gas in Turkey, in the possession of Syrian rebels, whom were members of Al-Nursa Front. Yet, western main stream media not only ignored this event, they have implied again and again that the rebels would have NO WAY of acquiring chemical weapons; therefore, the only party that could use such devices would be the Syrian government. It has been ignored and forgotten that when the first “chemical weapons attacks” occurred earlier this year, it was the Syrian government that invited the UN Investigators in to document the source and perpetrators of the crime. And lets not forget that one of the foremost UN Investigators stated that the evidence suggested it was indeed the rebels whom probably used the chemical weapons and not the Syrian government. Fast forward to the latest attack last week, the powers at be that want an escalation have gotten their wish. Therefore, even in light of previous information Sec. John Kerry in his public statement yesterday basically acted as judge and jury against the Syrian government; as well as, daring anyone that would question the US government’s charges to be without logic, intelligence or common sense, not to mention a complete lack of heart and or moral compass. As Sec. Kerry continued, the obvious reasoning was that ONLY the Syrian government would be so cruel as to kill women and children; yes, there has never been a report of extremist militants or suicide bombers ever killing innocent civilians or women or children. Nor has there ever been one side in history that has ever committed a little evil for the greater good of their cause. In this case, rebels actually could have committed the chemical attack in an area that was both close to Syrian government control, as well as, close enough to the operations of Doctors Without Borders, as to have ‘innocent 3rd party’ confirmation of the attack on civilians by the government.
Currently, the US, UK and France are chest-thumping and posturing for military intervention in Syria after a “blatant chemical attacked carried out by the Al-Assad regime”; without any real proof and widely varied reports as to just how many “innocent civilians” were killed or injured. Some outside reports state that “dozens” were killed while various “rebel” groups put the numbers in the hundreds to even over 1000. And the fact that UN Inspectors were delayed getting into the area, by the government, even though the area was controlled by the rebels, supposedly  further implies the absolute guilt of the government. On the other side of that coin, all of the western powers that are making all the accusations are in very close contact with the rebels, yet there was no effort or act on the side of the rebels to step forward and offer protection for the UN Inspectors or agreement to clear the area making it safe for their investigation. This speaks of the same type of violent and destructive “cover-up” of evidence that would prevent the showing of a truth that cannot see the light of day in the near future, as we have seen before. This same awful cover-up took place in Iraq with the mass looting that was not prevented after the initial fall of the regime there. People think it was a callus approach by the US Army or just disorganization, but neither is true; it was the methodical destruction of paper and other evidence that would have shown that several European governments ignored the UN mandates and still conducted, not just business with the Iraq government, but military and highly specialized scientific and technological endeavors.
In addition to the afore mentioned propaganda for military intervention, Sen. McCain and Graham released a joint statement supporting military intervention. McCain was also noted as stating that this was Obama’s fault by not doing anything after the first “chemical attacks”. The actions by McCain, as well as his remarks, show that his position and moral compass has changed greatly in the past decades. It is greatly disturbing that our leadership with such experience as McCain would be so naive about whom he is wanting the US to get in bed with as well as, whom he thinks are viable bodies for the US to back and support in the conflict. Sen. Graham’s hard line stance against Syria is no surprise at all. Graham’s position has always been to attack any opposition to the US. His actions and remarks have always been harsh and without any regard for any descent of American policy. Distracting the American public with an escalation of the Syrian conflict will take the heat off the politicians and the President for not accomplishing their Constitutional duties, like reaching an agreement on a budget, resolving economic and internal issues and improving the quality of life for the majority of the American public.
It is a shame that the Syrian country and people have to be the sacrifice for Western politicians that are not taking care of issues at home.

Typical Hypocrisy

Chemical Attack syria via NYTThe insanity in regards to Syria continues full force. Today it has been reported that the UN Human Rights Council has issued a report that “has condemned Syrian troops’ attacks on the town of Qusair, and the use of foreign fighters in the offensive.”   Yet there is NO mention for the condemnation of foreign fighters in the rebel ranks. This report was drafted by Quatar, which has foreign fighters inside Syria on the rebel side. This gives ALL anti-American factions world-wide just one more justification to hate the US.
I find it ironic that the most recent scandal in the US is over the Justice Department gaining warrants for journalists’ emails and phone records; in justifying their actions they allude to the possibility of treason or other criminal activity and of course they are playing the national security card. However, over the weekend Senator John McCain, of all politicians, pulled a Jane Fonda. I have been steadily loosing respect for the Senator over the last decade and his stunt this weekend sealed the coffin in my opinion. How dare he go and meet with rebels and just take their word that they are not extremist. How dare he say we should support these rebels whom are possibly even more guilty of war crimes than the Syrian government.
I’m curious, Sen. McCain, what do you think about the honor of your favored rebels‘ action in this video? If you can watch this video with your wife, children and grandchildren and look them in the eye and say that the rebels should be supported then I think you and your whole family should go on an extended visit to the rebel held area of Syria. I also challenge President Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron, and President François Hollande to do the same. Gather your family for movie night and watch that video and tell your wives and children how good the rebels are and how they deserve our support. But there is ONE rule….you have to watch the WHOLE video and your have to make sure your wives and children don’t turn away or cover their eyes either, cause after all the rebels are fighting the good fight just like we have for over 200 years.
Any American government official that supports arming the “moderate” rebels, cause we can prevent the weapons from falling in the hands of terrorists and extremists; I have three words for you…”Fast and Furious”….that was such a stellar example of American control of weapons in the hands of criminals.
If the West had truly wanted to support the “real” or “true” Syrian rebels, then they should have stepped up on day one of the revolution/civil war, before the extremists and terrorists flooded into the war zone. It isn’t like we are not aware of this activity. Terrorists, radicals, extremists, whatever label you want to give to them have been flooding into the war zones that involve Muslim peoples for over 40 years.
Once again the West has made a total mess by stomping into the affairs of a sovereign state. It can be understood how Britain and France do not respect the sovereignty of another state considering they have given up theirs to the EU and the arrogance of the current US government is also well documented. The real crime is that once again it is not American or British or French citizens that are paying the price. The afore mentioned leaders need to ask themselves one question before they stick their noses into the affairs of others “What if the table were turned?” The answer to that question should be their guide for their actions.
As a footnote, let it be known that I absolutely NEVER accept that a government has the right to violate the human rights of their own citizens. And when that violation occurs as the normal approved practice of a government I do expect the governments of other countries to step in swiftly and effectively and remove the government with the least amount of collateral damage and protect the population until the new government is in place and then leave.

Keeping Balance in Syria

Assad and Putin Handshake via RandToday Russia announced that it would proceed with fulfilling orders with the Syrian government against the wishes of some western nations. I have to say BRAVO Russia!!!!
Britain and France pushed for the EU to lift the arms embargo against Syria so that “moderate rebels” could be supported in their revolution. This revolution officially started 2 years ago, but there is reason to believe that the idea of revolution in Syria was being nurtured as long as a decade ago. But as per the efficient what if scenario planning we have seen with the west in recent history, or even not so recent history, they had half a plan or a really bad plan and winged it in application.
If the primary, yes I am being sarcastic, reason for supporting revolution in Syria was the state of the citizens in Syria; then waiting 2 years after the revolt to openly and officially decide to support the rebels with arms is too late. The official statement of the western supporters of the rebels is they want to support the “moderate” rebels. I am curious as to how they expect to insure that the weapons are only used by “moderate” rebels. Just what does a “moderate” rebel look like? How does the “moderate” talk? Or walk? More importantly how do you tell the “moderate” rebels, once you have labeled them, that they cannot give the weapons to the “radical” or “extremist” rebels. That would be a great conversation to overhear….. Western Powers….we support you but you cannot share your weapons with all the kids on the play ground, only the other “moderate” rebels get to share with you. Rebels (with fingers crossed behind their backs)… sure we understand, only the “good” rebels will get these weapons, thank you so much.
The fact that the leaders of the Western Powers that want to further arm the rebels feel that stating they are only going to arm moderates and anyone believes that NO radicals, NO extremists will have access to the weapons is proof positive that they are totally deluded and so far removed from reality and the rest of the world that they are totally and completely unqualified to lead or to handle the current situations with any true hope of outcomes that will benefit anyone.
What we have to remember is that there is NO world leader in power that sincerely has any concern for the betterment of the world or even their own country. The world leaders have so removed themselves from the real world that even if they wanted to do something sincerely good they would not have the means or the capacity to do so. There is not one world leader that cares about the citizens of Syria, the only concern is if they can control or influence the new Syrian government once al-Assad has been forcibly removed from office.
The West has started more fires than it can control or put out. They have lost the reality that to ensure stability there needs to be a balance of power….when everyone is on the same side or are of the same ilk then stability has totally been undermined and while the leaders are so diluted with their own greed and egos it will be rest of us that will pay the price.