Who the US Government Really Supports In the Middle East

So as can be my normal state of thinking…..I was catching up on the news the other day and saw theΒ Human Rights Report on Bahrain and the thought came to my mind…doesn’t a vast majority of the most extreme and radical and violent of Islamic Terror Groups seem to have a commonality that should make us take notice. What is that commonality? They are sub-sects of Sunni Islam.
The groups that I am including in the aforementioned group include, but are not limited to, the Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Barelvi, ISIM, Al-Nursa Front, Wahhabi, Deobandis, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and the list goes on and on. On its own this may not be an ah-ha moment, but when you look at the countries, whose populations are mostly Muslim, that are our allies in the Middle East and Central Asia you see that they are also ruled by royal families or ‘elected’ leaders that in majority are conscripts of, yes, Sunni Islam. Now you can have your ah-ha moment; however, if you still are missing the point let’s continue.
When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal, they received diplomatic recognition from only three states; Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. All of which are our allies. Yes, that diplomatic recognition was revoked, but it still existed and the ruling families of Saudi Arabia and the UAE are still in power. Further more, this year the Taliban opened β€œoffices” in Qatar, another of our allies, and this office is recognized internationally as it was to be the location for talks between the Taliban and the current government of Afghanistan.
The Saudi Royal Family are followers of a Sunni Islamic sect and have supported with money, arms and other resources the insurrection in Syria. On the other hand, the Syrian government, specifically, Al-Bashar and his family are not followers of any Sunni sect, but, are in fact, Alevites which ascribe more to the Shia Islamic traditions. The Saudi regime does not allow internal criticism of its policies or practices. As is the case with most Islamic States.
The Al Khalifa ruling family of Bahrain and its supporting tribes adhere to the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence, spread by the Uyunid dynasty and is of Sunni foundations. Returning to the origin of this article, Bahrain has been sited in the HR report as detaining and torturing children for participating in the protests in that country. The country has seen protests for months now, yet they are very heavily oppressed by the authorities and most foreign press that attempts to cover the story either receives no support from their main stream media employers or they are strictly limited in their movement within the country itself by the authorities, for of all things safety concerns.
Turkey’s ruling party is Sunni and their government has been criticized repeatedly for their handling of journalists that report negatively about government actions and affairs. In addition, the Turkish government was also very heavy handed in their handling of protesters this spring and summer. Protests that were rarely even mentioned, must less covered in our media outlets. Turkey has also quietly, to the outside world been invoking stricter laws moving the country from a secular state of example, to a more typical Islamic State of the area. Ironic, considering that most ethnic Turks, do not consider themselves Arab and therefore not in close alignment of those whom do.
There is a complete lack of understanding within American society to understand several very relevant factors; first, not all Muslims are the same, second, Islamic factions tend to be much more separate from each other than we are used to with christian denominations, third, religious ideology impacts more directly on political and social aspects of life. Why is it necessary to understand these differences? Cause the US government and her allies are using societal ignorance as a basis for imposing the wishes and desires of the same allies in the region. The result is that legitimate governments are being replaced by governments that are more in line with the goals and stances of the US and her Middle East allies.Β As a footnote, Iran and Hamas follow Shia’ Islam.
In addition to the fact that we are stepping in the internal affairs of other nations to effect regime change to suit our allies, we are also supporting governments that oppress their own people. And by doing so we are also supporting our own professed enemies to accommodate our hard line allies.
And we have the nerve to call those who speak against our actions, evil and oppressive. Sen. McCain not only supports stepping in in Syria, he met with Syrian rebels, was pictured with known terrorists and murders, yet calls Mr. Putin a hypocrite. Then candidate Obama criticized President Bush for being a war monger and running a hawkish, secretive government. However, as President, Obama has continued the war in Afghanistan, intervened in Libya, oppressed and prosecuted whistle-blowers, continued the Patriot Act and FISA even expanding their reach and drone attacks have substantially increased in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries where our “enemies” are located without regard for the loss of civilians on the ground. President Obama’s administration now with a heavy handedness has judged and convicted the Syrian government even before there was any independent support of attacks even happening and completely disregarding previous reports that would contradict their agenda of stepping in in Syria.