I hear the silence it is so very loud,
It vibrates ’round me like a bomb.
I hear the silence it is so very quiet,
It seeps in every corner of my being.

I hear the silence yelling from within,
I hear the silence deafening all around,
I hear the silence crushing everything,
I hear the silence screaming, screaming
I hear the silence.

I see the darkness it does not end,
It goes on and on like an empty void,
I see the darkness surrounding the flicker,
It glares hungrily at the center of me.

I see the darkness the black hole growing,
I see the darkness the abyss within,
I see the darkness seeping into corners,
I see the darkness staring back at me,
I see the darkness.


Photo byΒ Annie SprattΒ onΒ Unsplash