Da li — Znam

Da li me vidiš?
Ne znam.
Vidim te!

Da li me slušaš?
Ne znam.
Slušam te!

Da li me znaš?
Ne znam.
Mislim tako.

Da li te znam?
Ne znam.
Mislim ponekad.

Da li me želiš?
Mislim tako.
Želim te!

Da li me trebaš?
Mislim tako.
Trebam te!

Znam da me voliš.
Volim te.

Znam da si moje srce.

Znam da si moj svet.

Znam da si moj početak.

Znam da si moj kraj.



Photo by Joao Tzanno on Unsplash


So long ago….

Твој осмех мами ме,
Твој осмех зна да вара ме,
Твој осмех пали ме,
Твој осмех храни ме.
Твој глас храбри ме,
Твој глас весели ме,
Твој глас зна да увери ме
Твој глас савршен је.
Волим те највише на свету.

and then….

​Good morning babe,

How could I not love you
Every morning I open my eyes I think of you
And every night I close my eyes I think of you
That should tell you how much I miss you.
How could I not be in love with you?
Every time I think of you my heart skips a beat.
Right! I cant get you out of my head.

I just want to be with you, nothing else matters.

Look into my eyes and you’ll see what I’m talking about,
Over and over I think that your
Voice is the best song I’ve ever heard
Eternity is how long I want you beside me.

You are my most amazing,
Obviously,  most beautiful,
Undeniably, the most important person on the planet!


The things I hang onto most,
The most valuable gifts I have,
The places that I hide in the dark.


Photo Credit: Daniel De Jan