Another Warning, Serbia!

Pay Attention Serbia!

(Alexander Astafyev, RIA-Novosti, Government Pool Photo via AP)

You have spent this century bending to the will of the EU in hopes of some delusional promise of a perfect Serbian Utopia……that you will be an equal at the EU lunch table…..but, you are letting the smoke of the EU illusion blind you to the reality of globalization.
You have ignored the plight of Hungary, Greece, Cyprus. You have gained nothing from the examples of Norway and Iceland.

If the situation were not so precarious, I would delight in the cuteness that is so reminiscent of the naivety of Slobodan, when he believed the West would keep its end of the Dayton Accords, even after he was set up to look defiant and disrespectful by being given bad times for media events. It is high time though that you grew up! It is time to make it ‘on your own’! For all your earnestness you do not need to be the lap dog for the EU or for Russia. History has taught us time and time again the importance of the Balkans, especially to outsiders, use that knowledge to be your own nation, your own people, your own destiny.

There is that little voice in the crowd that is telling you something different. It is in the form of Dveri and others that see a different future. It whispers from the outside, from your scattered children. It is suggested from those that want to see a better world. And even from those that would gain from your change of course.
If these voices are not enough to give you pause, then maybe the voices of  the delusion, itself can prove the point! Not only does pressure to conform and bend to the will of others come from the EU itself it is even applied to strong members of the EU. The US is being used to bully its strongest ally, the UK into staying in ‘the club’. The US is threatening that the UK will be ranked with China, or Brazil or India. The ally that solidly backed the US in its combat involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.
Bottom line, if the UK whom has committed more than any other ally to the foreign policy of the US/NATO can be bullied into bending to the EU/US regime, what makes you think that you can ever make a decision for the good of Serbia when you are sitting at the EU lunch table?!?!

Honorable Death, Disrespected Rest

You are young. You are free. You have your whole life ahead of you. Full of dreams. Full of promise. Pure smiles and bright eyes. Hearty laughter and merry nights.

Then war breaks out! There is an evil that is burning countries and killing people. Like many young men in many countries, you step up, you don the uniform, take up arms and leave home to look evil in the eye.

This is your first trip away from home, unfortunately, it will be your last. You will never return to the rooms of your childhood, the village of your family, the pretty girl down the lane. For your last stand will be in a foreign land, no longer full of adventure and heroism; yet, resolved in getting out alive with your brother in arms. At least one of you must get back home, someone must tell the tale. The fight must prevail and the lesson not be forgotten. For this is hell! This is no way for boys to become men! No way for women and children and the old to perish!

It isn’t you that will tell the tell. Your last sight is the sky you have never known. Laying in dirt your hands never touched. You are a soldier buried with honor and gratitude in a land, not yours that you protected to the end. You have laid in rest while children grew free of the evil you fought. You have watched the world move forward without the evil you fought. You gave the greatest value you had, you gave your life.

Now decades later, someone that lived better for your sacrifice wishes to dishonor and disrespect you. Mr. Nikola Spaisic, wishes to treat you in the manner that the evil you defeated would have treated him. Over fees that have not been paid for your dirt roof.

This is unacceptable. This is disrespectful. And the methods which Mr. Spaisic are using, even if there was any good intentions as motivation, are not suitable for such a responsibility of caring for our past heroes and loved ones, our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters, our grandparents and best friends. These are the soul of our nation, our country, our place,our time and are not just commodities to barter and rent and sell!

Mr. Spaisic, maybe you need to search your soul and seek out a better suited path for your professional travels in life, for your disrespect and apathy for our roots is not suitable for the honor of caretaker for those that took care of us!


Now you see me, now you don’t!


“Congratulations! You and your baby are completely healthy. You should be released from the hospital within 48 hours”. Those are exact words so many mothers in Serbia have been hearing over the past 3 decades; sadly only one of the two leaves hospital.

While being drugged mothers were often asked to sign a paper and few moments later their newborns were pronounced dead. Baby stays in hospital and no one knows what happens after that.

Horror begins.

Baby-trafficking has become one of the most profitable branches of criminal activity in Serbia; if this issue is on the rise then why everyone in the brown-leather recliner chair remains silent about it. What’s their share and what is it at stake? Who’s responsible? According to some reports more than ten thousand children have been stolen, and the lack of the appropriate law only allows this illegal activity to bloom into corporate size business.

Over the period of time, thousands of “dead” Serbian children have been “adopted” by new parents living in various countries including, but not limited to, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Russia, Norway, Sweden, The United States of America, Canada and Australia. It sounds and it is horrible, but getting a newborn was/is as easy as placing an order for a birthday cake, except that these little angles come with a price tag of up to $50.000, depending on the newborn’s overall health score and it may include several other factors.

According to the Association “Parents of missing children in Serbia”, approximately 20 newborn babies are pronounced dead every month and then sold to clients world wide. While it may sound simple, committing such crime including sale and delivery, involves a huge, seems almost unbreakable, chain of people and state-run agencies – doctors, nurses, hospital caretakers, public notaries, justice of the peace, directors of public cemeteries and many others.

Awareness of this issue is very low and if ever brought up, it is stopped immediately and prevented from any further discussion. In 2012, the Association has created petition and collected much-needed thirty thousand votes and signatures to pass this issue onto the Legislative Assembly and the House of Parliament. Unfortunately, that’s where it all ended. While no one is being held accountable or responsible for what happens, parents whose children have been stolen have decided to continue the battle.

Law must be created and this bill has to pass. It has to! Creating this bill would not completely stop this activity but it would most certainly reduce any possibility for this cancer of society to spread any more. Adopting this document would prohibit the extradition to PUC Funeral Services without previously obtained special permission, it would require identification of a dead newborn (including placenta) and mandatory analysis of the DNA of both parents to confirm paternity or maternity. All this would be required so that situations, like that in Spain, where doctors used the same baby and its placenta, kept it frozen for months and showed it to several different parents to convince them that their babies were dead, would never happen again.

If this happens, Serbia will be the first country in the world with this kind of law and hopefully stimulate others to follow the example thus prevent this type of activity and correct the warped behaviour of medical personnel on a much larger scale.

Our 100 Year Loss

100 years ago today the little country with a huge heart stood up to a much larger European power. The little country was Serbia, she refused to be ‘annexed’ and ‘occupied’ by the Austro-Hungary Empire. The Serbs believed, just as our Founding Fathers, that men had the right to determine their own destinies and that freedom was worth fighting for. When the little country of Serbia stood up to her aggressor, she showed the world that some ideas were worth the fight and were larger than any invading army. It was not an easy fight, nor was it short or civilized, for those are not the way of war. It was the heart and soul of each Serb that supported her cause and did in fact aid in her ability to hold out against such insurmountable odds.

During the days of this struggle of the Serbian people in a land far removed from American Shores, it was the original spirit of America that stood with them and is best remembered in these words by then President Wilson;

save-serbia-our-ally-posterOn Sunday, 28th of this present month, will occur the fourth anniversary of the day when the gallant people of Serbia, rather than submit to the studied and ignoble exactions of a prearranged foe, were called upon by the war declaration of Austria-Hungary to defend their territory and their homes against an enemy bent on their destruction. Nobly did they respond. So valiantly and courageously did they oppose the forces of a country ten times greater in population and resources that it was only after they had thrice driven the Austrians back and Germany and Bulgaria had come to the aid of Austria that they were compelled to retreat into Albania. While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken. Though overwhelmed by superior forces, their love of freedom remains unabated. Brutal force has left unaffected their firm determination to sacrifice everything for liberty and independence.

It is fitting that the people of the United States, dedicated to the self-evident truth that is the right of the people of all nations, small as well as great, to live their own lives and choose their own Government, and remembering that the principles for which Serbia has so nobly fought and suffered are those for which the United States is fighting, should on the occasion of this anniversary manifest in an appropriate manner their war sympathy with this oppressed people who have so heroically resisted the aims of the Germanic nations to master the world. At the same time, we should not forget the kindred people of the Great Slavic race–the Poles, the Czechs and Jugo-Slavs, who, now dominated and oppressed by alien races yearn for independence and national unity.
This can be done in a manner no more appropriate than in our churches.
I, therefore, appeal to the people of the United States of all faiths and creeds to assemble in their several places of worship on Sunday July 28, for the purpose of giving expression to their sympathy with this subjugated people and their oppressed and dominated kindred on other lands, and to invoke the blessings of Almighty God upon them and upon the cause to which they are pledged.
Woodrow Wilson, President
The White House, July 1918

If as an American you managed to get through that speech without the slightest hint of shame or guilt or feeling of smallness, then you have lost all of the spirit that built this once great nation. For those of you that think that America is still the ‘Greatest’ nation on Earth and deserving of the title of ‘Superpower’ let me point out the basic tenant of the founding of America and of her foreign policy up till 100 years ago, when She sold out and lost her honor and valor and integrity;

It is fitting that the people of the United States, dedicated to the self-evident truth that is the right of the people of all nations, small as well as great, to live their own lives and choose their own Government…

Whether we adhere to the truth or not, it is still truth that it is the RIGHT of the people of ALL nations to live their own lives and choose their own governments. It is NOT the right of this country or any other country to impose by bribery, intimidation, or force their own will for their own gain over the people of another country. And it should NEVER be accepted by the people of any nation that their government allow such incursions against their sovereignty.

Oh Serbia; As The Rains Fell

Part 2: The During

via Vreme 1221

The Ides of May will be hard to forget for most Serbs, for a while at least. But the government was trying to sweep the water under the proverbial carpet as it fell. It seems that the government’s solution for not being up to the job of dealing with the historic floods was to pretend they were in control by trying to hide what was really going on. In the article, linked in the caption of the picture to the right, from a television presentation of government meeting regarding the flood, the lack of leadership is apparent based on PM Vucic’s inability to stick to one train of thought decision within 1 meeting and does not need to be noted more than to say, it is sheer luck and the ability of those on the ground in the disaster zones that more property, persons and equipment were not lost. For those members of the Emergency Services that were in the zone trying to make a difference, listening to the PM was more like playing “Red Light, Green Light” instead of being part of a cohesive government action.
To add to the poor leadership choices that were being made, or more precisely not being made, the government also focused more attention on attacking people than they did to meeting their legal obligations for the safety of those same people. Less than 1 month after the flooding and what can the government say they have done successfully? Signed a loan agreement with UAE. Questioned at least 17 persons and charged at least 3 for supposedly inciting panic, by sharing information via Social Media. Ironically, numerous reports are that rescue teams were able to save several hundred persons due to information shared via Social Media. What panic ensued from reports on social media? That has not been properly presented. What was the information that was SO insightful as to create panic? Passing information regarding where rivers were breaching banks and by how much; and how many people were either affected or had succumbed to the disaster. While it is commonly known that sometimes initial figures can be inaccurate, it has also been proven that initial reports seem to be more reliable than not. Much discredit that comes afterwards is to the fact that someone in the government spoke that shouldn’t have or that information was accurate and shows ineptitude on the part of the government.
One would think that the government would have more important things to do during a natural disaster than to threaten, question and arrest people whom more than likely were making every sincere effort to help out their fellow man. And if passing along unverified information or numbers that the government hadn’t confirmed or didn’t want released is a crime and was worth more attention than flood response, then members of government are guilty of not only inciting panic, but also dereliction of duty and negligence. If the reports are true, as PM Vucic states in the article linked in the above picture, then the government kidnapped almost 100 children from their homes and separated them from their parents without consent of the parents. This conduct if in fact occurred as descried by PM Vucic, is inexcusable, immoral, unethical and illegal. Yet, there is no word on the location and condition of these children and their parents.

During the course of the floods it was very apparent that many cracks were shown in the government and their ability to handle such situations. Just because something might only happen every 100 years or might never happen is no reason to be so absolutely unprepared for such situations. As was stated in our previous article in this series, the basic skeleton for handling natural disasters is the same. But without the skeleton you are a jellyfish carried on the current without any choice, instead of a man able to determine his own course. It is never a good government that acts as a jellyfish, in lieu of a man. The reality is that while the jellyfish cannot be blamed for where it goes or the damage that it causes along the way, leaders are completely responsible not only for their direct actions, but also for the actions of those following their direct orders. If one hasn’t the fortitude for such repercussions then one should not be in public service position. Also, if your primary motivation for holding public office is your own ego and personal gain you are going to be a failure in such situations as floods. One does not out ego Mother Nature! The best that one can do is to find the most harmony from respect of her power and cycles. Zepce 16May2014
via Zepce 16May2014

One of the most apparent concerns to surface during the floods was just how divisive egos are in Belgrade. Yet, these fissures are not just withing Belgrade proper or within the municipality, but also have expanded to create in some places not just crevasses but canyons between Belgrade and outlying regions and municipalities. When one determines how they deal with another member of government based in a manner that publicly appears to be solely based on political party affiliation the whole public should not just be concerned, but also outraged to the extreme. Secondary, most people that are in any public office or that have any experience with public service know that you have more ‘Monday Morning Quarterbacking’ than you ever have supporters. That being said if you are going to pursue a career in the public sector you have to be able to handle criticism and extreme scrutiny of all decisions and actions that can in some way shape or form be blamed on you. If you are a good leader you learn to live with it. If you are a great leader you know that the best method for handling such individuals is to productively and positively engage them. However, it appears that PM Vucic instead censored them or by order or implication or facilitation directed the hacking of sites critical of actions and members of the government. That action is the action of a weak and or fearful leader. Which makes the whole nation weak and fearful. Serbia does not need more fear or weakness.

Oh Serbia, But Not For Her Politicians

Part 1 The Beginning

Serbian Floods 1

It seems that not only the world, but Serbia’s own government has forgotten about the disaster that befell the country less than a month ago. The rain that fell on the Balkans in early May led to the largest natural disaster in Europe in over a century. Floods ravished towns and villages from Croatia to Serbia. While Croatia was moderately impacted do to its upriver locale, Bosnia and Serbia were not so fortunate. The land and people that still have scars healing from the wars that broke up Yugoslavia were freshly ripped apart with rushing rapids spilling over river banks and rain soaked hills crashing down under the weight sending lives and hopes flowing out of sight with the deluge.

From various sources and reports it appears that voter apathy during the last election resulted in an incompetent and impotent government, at least so far as natural disasters are concerned, which is the one time, above all others, that citizens need their leaders to step up and do right by them. Yet, there was an apparent stunned ‘deer in the headlights’ freeze that occurred in Belgrade, thus snowballing the impact of what was an unpreventable act of nature. I am sure I can speak for most intelligent persons when I say, the flood was not the fault of the government; that being said, there is much in their action and more weighted their inaction that is their responsibility.

Serbian Floods 2
Obrez, Serbia, on Saturday, May 17

It always amazes me that when weak governments are faced with such situations as acts of nature, especially ones that can be observed in their formation and development, government inaction is always based on the fear that knowledgeable persons panic. The exact opposite is the case! Knowledge prevents panic. An informed public is a calm and responsible public, of course that is only true when the information given is honest and truthful and given in a timely manner. As we know, this is not how Vucic or the rest of the government acted. As a matter of fact it appears that they almost did the exact opposite. Instead of looking at elevation maps and previous flood zones as well as consulting with meteorology and geology experts and issuing timely warnings and watches, in which, the police and military, as well as, civil leaders of each locale could prepare and assist in maintaining the safety of their residents and coordinate with their regional and national counterparts to ensure not only that all affected persons could evacuate in a timely manner, that they also would be removed to areas that were not under threat, specifically, not to remove persons to other locations down river or in the possible flood zones of other rivers, nor into the danger zone of landslides due to excessive rain undermining the structural integrity of hills and mountains. It would appear that the existing foundation of an Emergency Response Team or plan or even thought was not in existence in Serbia. While I understand that the current government is ‘somewhat’ new, there should have been in place for some time now the existence of an Emergency Management and Response team that was not political in nature; thus that it ranks were filled with experts in the various fields needed to ensure proper reaction to various Emergency situations with a focus on natural disasters. I have since seen a news article that remarked about Serbia working on plans to be ready for an earthquake; I sincerely hope it is better in application than their flood response was! But that merely reiterates the initial assessment that there was not already in place any comprehensive natural disaster plan.

How does one know you might ask; simple, the skeleton of all response plans to natural disasters is the same. You have to know your high risk areas and your safe areas and what your risks are. You have to know your infrastructure, its sources, its limits, its centers, its age, its repair status, its redundancy capacities and all available backups to all parts of the infrastructure. You have to know your transportation capacity and capabilities for each type of event. You have to know your medical capacities, your hospitals and their level of care, their capacities and triage/mass incident abilities, as well as any special care or focused treatments that could be highly valuable during specific events. You have to know your lodging/feeding capacities for evacuees, how many locations can be converted and the capacity of each as well as the level of lodging/feeding that it can facilitate along with the coordination of volunteers that can assist in the setup, operating and clean up of said sites. You have to know your manpower resources, their locations, their abilities, their training levels and the location and numbers of specially trained and or focused teams, to ensure maximum use for minimal causality numbers. You have to know your equipment resources and capabilities, you have to also have prep locations to move equipment to prior to known disasters to facilitate rapid response in the face of the disaster; focusing on using the proper equipment for the various situations to ensure maximum response with minimal damage to property or equipment or person. You have to know your communication resources and have the systems in place to ensure flow of information even if other parts of your infrastructure collapses and insure that all members of Emergency Response Teams are trained in the use of all possible, not just probable equipment systems. You have to know your monetary resources and set up priority with regard to acquiring and upgrading equipment while understanding the limits of your personnel and the ability of your support systems to run such acquisitions. You have to require and provide training for essential personnel, while also encouraging and facilitating the training of support staff and volunteers that will be as important in implementation as main teams are in time of need. You have to set up and run various training scenarios, these should be on local, regional, national levels with focus being on different aspects of need so as to constantly assess and redefine your progress and development to ensure maximum results. You have to keep up to date with other partners within the region and world, facilitate the inclusion of your teams in training under partners and encourage outside teams to train within Serbia; this provides not only exposure to different and broader experience, knowledge and ideas, it also establishes report that can be vital when disaster occurs.

The next concern after resolving all the above issues are that you have to ALWAYS have a Plan B that can be applied instantly! For example if your telecommunications goes down how will you coordinate with teams in the field and command posts as well as keeping those affected informed to lessen the number of causalities. If your primary roads or railways are damaged or destroyed how will you move persons out of danger zones. If the initial disaster instigates a secondary disaster how will you focus your resources and divide your manpower to handle both events. All of this is primary knowledge for anyone that has any training, education and or experience with natural disasters, yet it appears to have been almost wholly non-existence at the Interior Ministry.

Changing Education in Serbia

As another condition to joining the sinking EU, Serbia needs to reform its education system. There are many countries that need to reform their education systems, some that are more ‘developed’ than Serbia. Part of the ‘issue’ seems to be that the best and brightest of Serbia’s students leave their home country to make it some where else. This basic premise seems to imply that Serbia’s education system isn’t maybe as ‘bad’ as the EU Commission makes it seem. It would actually seem that the greatest reforms should be in the economy and market place as well as in research and development to create an environment that allows for the best to stay home and make their mark on the world from Serbia.
As I said most education systems need to be reformed. Most of them no longer educate, instead they train children to grow into compliant obedient workers for mega-corporations.
This immoral mentality is destroying the culture of humanity. We are not robots. We are creative, curious, adventurous, explorers of the amazing, wonderful world around us. We should be teaching our children to cultivate those traits with respect and morals. Education systems should encourage and treasure the various talents of each and EVERY child. For it is in this manner that we can truly ensure that humanity retains its humanness. We are so focused on advancing our materialistic interests that we forget our cultural needs as well as losing our respect for our heritage, especially if it conflicts with the materialistic advance. This error will be more damaging than any other action by any group or disaster that could impact the planet. It is a complete and total disgrace that not only are we throwing away historical artifacts and locations, we are also not teaching students to value, understand or gain from the knowledge left us by our ancestors.
Serbia is a prime location for a REAL reform in education. Let’s start by showing the EU the door, minding our manners, of course. Then let’s preserve all the history and knowledge of Serbia, both her land and people. Then lets get innovative and motivated and use that rich treasure as our guide for the future. Let Serbia be a new example for how to get it right, how to balance materialistic advances with our humanness. It can be done, we can have both. We can treasure our past and our history and still take steps forward in the materialistic world. This is the perfect time for Serbia to break free embrace her independence and blaze her own path.

Croatia in the EU Gives Serbia New Opportunities; But will they take them….

Trade_organizations_in_Europe_by_GDPCroatia has now officially become part of the EU. It would appear that no one in Croatia has been following the plight of current EU members such as Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Portugal. It is amazing that anyone would want to become part of the EU, or that it can still successfully sell itself on an image without substance. Joining the EU is played as getting invited to sit at the lunch table with the cool, rich kids. But just like in school, the image that some of those “really cool kids with their perfect lives” portray is not the reality of their homes. They drive their fancy sports cars and wear designer clothes and take holidays to all the cool spots…. but what you don’t see being on the outside looking in, most of the time, is that it is all on credit, it is all on borrowed ideas or promised future successes; it is all debt and sold souls.
Sure at one time in the past, there were countries in the EU that were full of prosperity and opportunity and were built on strong and solid foundations with vision and innovation. The problem is that those blessed countries got greedy. They wanted more and more and expected even more. Their greed consumed them, they became so caught up in having more and spending more and shining more than the guy next door that they lost sight of morals and values and honor and integrity and even of the law itself. Avoiding the guilt of the law was easy….just change the law, write the regulations so that they are so lengthy and complex that even most experts cannot understand them or know when they are being violated or not. And then the wheeling and dealing and back door agreements started hiding the cracks in the foundation; once they succeeded in hiding the first crack they decided that it was easier to just hide the real problems than you actually rebuild the foundation and make the house stronger. And now the castles of the past have been replaced with a house of cards. They are like movie sets pretty fronts with nothing holding them up.
Joining the EU is, as we have already stated, willing giving up your independence and sovereignty. You are compelled to conduct your affairs in accordance with the laws and regulations of the EU. Joining the EU today is like pledging the most popular fraternity on campus. You go through all the kissing ass and jumping through hoops just to be considered a pledge then you need to go through the hazing the purpose of which is to convince you that you are really joining a brotherhood, a group that is as strong as family. If you survive then you are called a brother, but you are more like a permanent guest as the leaders are already in place and during the hazing you have been taught your place, at the bottom of the barrel.
But specifically as it relates to Croatia and Serbia; the export/customs expenses has hurt Croatia and can help Serbia increase exports to areas that Croatian products are now going to more than double in cost. Serbia will lose some of its sugar exports since there is a total export limit to EU, however with the new markets of CEFTA members the loss of the sugar export to Croatia should not be significant. And the new market areas that Serbia can exploit within CEFTA should help with the economies of all concerned.
This opportunity is one of the ones that is available solely because Serbia is NOT an EU member. Which brings up another negative of joining the EU and that is the limits placed on the country in creating opportunities that benefit one’s own people. That is again returning to the basic principle that you are not allowed to benefit your own without approval of the EU, which is not inclined to think of your best interests but of their own. This actually keeps innovation and competition contained and limited and owned. The EU is a pretty form of imperialism which is the destruction of capitalism and innovation and limits the advancement of individuals and nature.
Let’s hope that Serbia realizes the opportunity that is now her’s and that she embraces the path that will lead to health and prosperity and innovation to the benefit of ALL Serbs!!!

An Open Letter for Different Option for the Nation of Serbia without the EU

Belgrade Serbia Historic Skyline
Photo Credit: Daniel De Jan

It is desire to see Serbia improve its current conditions and to elevate its economy as well as the standard of its people that demands the composition of this Open Letter stating that there is NO positive to joining the EU and many negatives.

In looking at the recent history of Europe and the area that was formerly the state of Yugoslavia, the first thing that needs to be taken into account is that Yugoslavia was the most stable and established and healthy economy to emerge from the Iron Curtain after the Cold War. This primary fact presents a very real threat to the EU and specifically to the countries of Germany, France and Britain. The big 3 of the EU have enjoyed a patriarchal regime within the EU since its conception. In their eyes there was and will never be room for any dissenting voices. And certainly not one that was aligned with Russia.
In looking at the events that led up to the destruction of Yugoslavia it is very logical to see that there was in place certain feelings and wishes and even goals by the Big 3 of the EU. There can be NO doubt that they saw the benefit of a shattered Yugoslavia. It would be much easier to control and manipulate 6 plus small weak and beholden countries than to try to control one larger stable united country.
It is our opinion that if you look at the facts of how the EU with the support of all the members of NATO acted, there has been NO equality or fairness in conduct and treatment with regard to Serbia and Serbs. You need only look at the actions of The Hague to see the complete and total basis. There are uncountable Serbians whose demise has never been investigated nor acknowledged in those parts of Yugoslavia that were taken away from Serbia by the force or manipulation of the EU and NATO. There has been no real accountability for the torture and death of Serbians in any of the Balkans. The short answer is that the EU and NATO supported or at least turned a blind eye to what must have been considered “justified revenge genocide”. There is NO valid argument against this statement.
Based on the above remarks, there is absolutely NO justification for ANY benefit for the Serb peoples or the nation as a hold to be under the jurisdiction and authority of the same group that willing allowed the destruction and dismemberment not only of the nation of Yugoslavia but also of the Serbian people. And any member of the current government that would argue the contrary should be questioned extensively about their loyalty to the nation and her citizens as well as to what personal benefit they have received or been promised for supporting handing the nation over to the same body that supported the disembodiment of the nation.
This letter not only shows true and valid cause against joining the EU, it also now offers better options for the nation and people outside the confines of the EU. The people and nation would do much better to reestablish their own economy on their own, working with other countries and peoples outside the borders and influence of the EU. The best example for the belief that this is the right route for Serbia; look at what has happened in Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia. To support the argument we suggest several areas of improvement and development that will benefit all of Serbia.
The first of these ideas is to overhaul expand and completely and comprehensively rebuild the tourism industry. This would not be successful under the auspices of the EU. The greatest projections would support much better success outside the EU. This is done by promoting Serbia as a more economical option for a true and realistic European experience for non-Europeans. This is best done with the current currency of Serbia. There is an advantage to having a currency that is NOT the Euro.
The next idea includes developing trade agreements in new markets. There are whole areas of the world that are looking for ways to improve their own economies or that are ready to be emerging nations. Through comprehensive trade agreements with these new and improving markets; and by not being a super economy, Serbia is better able to understand and share in the experience of bringing these new economies into their own. This will increase the positive view of Serbia as well as provide a future customer base for the innovative tourism industry that was suggested as the first idea. In addition in cooperation with the new and emerging economies lays the opportunity for Serbia to increase its standing in the academic and intellectual fields. Which leads to the third part of this proposal.
There are top rate countries, which due to political differences, have untapped riches and talents in the form of their people and ideas. This provides another area that can be exploited for the benefit of Serbia and her people. That would be the improvement and expansion of her education system. Again, by not joining the EU and in cooperation with other similar states, Serbia can in the future offer a more economical education to international students and thus receive mutual benefit of this international collaboration.
These ideas are just the primary or initial foundation that will allow overflow into all other areas of the Serbian economy. And THIS success, is REAL success, and can only be accomplished if Serbia respectfully and graciously DECLINES the implementation of the Brussels agreement over Kosovo and stays out of the EU.