Are “Illuminati” Conspiracy Theorists Crazy Wrong?

Alex Jones Tinfoil Hat
Alex Jones of InfoWars

Most of us laugh at the ‘crazies’ that are convinced that there is some secret group, usually the Illuminati, that really controls the world and not us or even our ‘democratically elected’ governments have any real power to do anything about it or to change how things are.

Now I am not one that believes in the Illuminati theory, however, I very much believe that corporations and those that run them, the CEOs and board members, do what they must and can do with whomever they need to to get what they want, usually more profit for the shareholders! I also think it is extremely naive to think that any national or international corporation cares about the consumer as a person or individual. The masses are nothing more than numbers on spreadsheets that are to be manipulated to decrease overhead and increase profits!

The paradox is that I am also an incredibly hopeful and optimistic and overly idealistic personality, usually much to the irritation of those closest to me. I am always wanting to make things better for everyone. I am always questioning everything. I am always concerned about the world in general and humanity in particular. So I would love to wake up one day and find out that Capitalism is a great economic model…..but that will never happen.

Capitalism is to communism as liberals are to conservatives! They are only different sides of the same coins! The difference between capitalism and communism can best be illustrated by comparing the power wielded by Wall Street, in the US and the Kremlin, in the Soviet Union. And socialism seems to most often end up being the worst of the two combined!

Deals That Made The World CoverI was recently sent an early release copy of a new book by Jacques Peretti titled The Deals That Made The Worldin which Peretti, lays out how greed and ambition carried out and negotiated in secret meetings and backroom deals has impacted our everyday lives and not for the better. At least not for the better of the regular guy just trying to get by or get ahead.

Peretti lays out the fake data, and fake science that corporate behemoths have used to decrease overhead and or increase profit, by selling a load of crap in fancy marketing! The opening volley exposes the Phoebus cartel’s two-pronged approach to increasing profits and maintaining their power and control. Not, only do they (the member corporations from the light bulb industry) agree to limit the life-span of their individual products, they also agree to work together to destroy any upstart business that would try to sell longer lasting light bulbs!

Before you go all, “I am a savvy consumer and only do business with ‘good business companies’,” keep in mind this book includes deals by Apple and Elon Musk. Not much surprise to most, I hope, is that the biggest players of “screwing over the public for profit” are the food and pharmaceutical companies! In addition, the reader is exposed to such maneuvers as the leveraging of political risk to produce profit in uncertainty to the tactics of how to take advantage of the widening inequality gap by Tobias Levkovich and Citibank.

This book was an unfortunate substantiation to some of my previous suppositions concerning corporate capitalism. The information put forward by Peretti furthers my belief that “too big to fail” is fiction, and most of them should be allowed to when they mismanage themselves into failure for the sake of higher profits. Peretti’s disclosures also further solidified my belief that the best economy for the masses is free markets with very limited regulations and no government rewards or benefits.

Regardless of your economic bent or your political disposition, this book is a must read for understanding the current wielding of power in the world and insight about where the world is headed if nothing changes.

*Copy Received For Review.

I Say To You

Today the sun shines bright
Hear the summer rain
All the rainbows brightly colored
Now the flowers drink
Kneel among the trees

Yes more laughter
One hand in the other
Under the starlight

Make sweet dreams
Yours always the sweetest

Head on your shoulder
Easy as Sunday morning
Roof top dancing
Oh my Hero, I love you


Photo Credit: Daniel De Jan

You Should Know.

My Dearest Darling,

I need to take the time to share with you thoughts that fill my heart. Wishes that surround me with the stars at night. All the hopes and dreams that make each night magic. Needs and wants that are filled just with your presence in my life. Tell to me all your dreams and let me make them reality. Yes, you are my dream come true. Once I found you all my dreams came true. Until you, I did not wish for heroes or champions. Today, I do not need those dreams for I have you. Only you know how to handle me. King of my heart and keeper of my soul. No one compares to you. Our love is magic like the world has never seen before. We are what everyone looks for and few ever find. Together we are perfection. Heart and soul joined completely and totally. All in for all the twists and turns and challenges that happen. Today and tomorrow we have them all. You are the center of my universe. Once upon at time is my every day life with you. Unlike the rest, with you I have the best to look forward to. At that first hello my world changed forever. Reasons to cry and hide you have taken away. Each and every wound you have kissed and healed. My heart beats for you and you alone. Yes, you are my air and water. Making you happy is my life. One and only direction is forward. Since you walked into my life and turned my world around I have never been happier. That is all your credit and brag. Seeing your smile makes my day. And your voice soothes my soul. Carrying my dreams as your own is the most unexpected gift ever given. Reading all the pages of my heart was never believed. Every day is brighter than the one before cause of you. Darling you are my whole world. Today and every day I look forward to you. Right by your side is where I always want to be. Everyday is another perfect day. Another, dream come true with you. Spending every day making you happy is my goal. Under, the stars you make my nights complete. Resting within your embrace is my heaven. Eden cannot compare to our earthly paradise. All the angels rejoice in the beauty of our love. Never has there been such a love as ours. Diamonds dim with despair for their flaws insure they will not outlast our love. I am the luckiest by far for I am loved by you. Love by you is a blessing that even angels desire. Only your love is the perfect wine poured in cut crystal. Visions do not do justice with the reality of your presence. Each moment with you is a miracle to me. Years later and still that has not changed. Our love grows each day without ceasing. Under the stars we lay and share our hopes and love. With each other we find what we thought we could not. I am whole with you. That is my greatest gift and treasure. Having you in my life each and every day. All my love for you and for us. Lighting up the world with the shine of our love. Letting each dream grow and glow. Making us larger than life and stronger by far. Yes, we are special and we have it all. Hear my heartbeat, each beat is for you, for us. Everything I do is for us. All of it out of my love for you. Reason is so clear and simple when it is all about love. Together we have traveled from strangers to soul mates. And I would do it all again. No doubt in my mind where I belong. Darling, you are my home. Some days we climb the cliffs and some days we walk the sandy beaches, but we do it all together. Our love is what sees us through, it is our foundation. Under the protection of your love I know I am almost invincible. Loving you is the best thing I have ever done.

Forever yours,



Photo by Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash


So long ago….

Твој осмех мами ме,
Твој осмех зна да вара ме,
Твој осмех пали ме,
Твој осмех храни ме.
Твој глас храбри ме,
Твој глас весели ме,
Твој глас зна да увери ме
Твој глас савршен је.
Волим те највише на свету.

and then….

​Good morning babe,

How could I not love you
Every morning I open my eyes I think of you
And every night I close my eyes I think of you
That should tell you how much I miss you.
How could I not be in love with you?
Every time I think of you my heart skips a beat.
Right! I cant get you out of my head.

I just want to be with you, nothing else matters.

Look into my eyes and you’ll see what I’m talking about,
Over and over I think that your
Voice is the best song I’ve ever heard
Eternity is how long I want you beside me.

You are my most amazing,
Obviously,  most beautiful,
Undeniably, the most important person on the planet!


The things I hang onto most,
The most valuable gifts I have,
The places that I hide in the dark.


Photo Credit: Daniel De Jan

Nothing More

Yesterday seems gone,
Every day passes,
Sun rises and sets,
It pours,
And on it goes.
Make up reasons,
Say your whys,
Cry your tears,
And hide your eyes,
Reason is gone.
Ever more needs,
Doing it again,
Bring all you have,
Uphill all the way,
Time will not hide
I know too well.
Why not you ask,
Isn’t that always it,
Longing for more,
Losing it all,
Never reaching the end.
One more day, you pray,
Today be the day,
Tell me the reason,
Edge closer to the end,
Let the rain in.
Let the rain fall,
You will swim,
Or you will sink,
Under you go, going, gone.


Photo by Vlad Calin on Unsplash

For You

Today is a bright sun-shinny day
Happiness awaits us forever
All we have is perfect for us
Now we move forward together
Knowing we are going to make it

You are our strength
Only with you is this possible
Unknown ground is new adventures

For all you do I am yours
Only with you do I shine
Reaching new heights with you

Bringing new wonders to my eyes
Each and every day something special
I have the best of everything
Nothing compares to your love
Growing with your support

My world is absolutely amazing
You are my favorite escape

Words will never be enough
Oh you are held in such esteem
Reason and logic despair
Love and hope encompass all
Doubt not my adoration ever


Photo Credit: Cassi Merten

Volim te

All I want is to see you smile
Love you till the end
Letting you see the best
Every thought of you
Sweet dreams away carry me

Gathering emotions
Under the stars
The way I am
Every night with you

Zig then zag through the maze
Up and down and up again
Make you feel my love

Greatness is in the heart
Every breath that catches
Bringing me closer
Underneath your clothes
Reaching up and out
Touching heaven
Stars falling all around
This is paradise
All I have to see is you
Gather near my love


Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Feel This

Making me smile
Opening doors
Righting wrongs
Every little thing you do

Taking my breath away
Holding my hand
Always lifting me up
New adventures everyday

Wrapping me in your love
Oh, I’ve gotta a secret
Reading my thoughts
Decoding my moods
Seeing my best

Calling just to hear your voice
Allowing my moments
Not forgetting

Every breath I take
Variable not at all
Every moment with you
Rarely more could be

Each day more than the last
Xtra is the norm with you
Pieces collected
Reasons growing
Every look
Smiles to share
Secrets to keep


Photo by Bianca Berg on Unsplash

It’s All You

My Dearest Darling,

I am so blessed to have you for my partner, my best friend, my lover. You are my strength, my courage, my port in the storm. You give me hope, security, a place to dream. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Each new day with you is better than any dream. My life before you was 2 dimensional black and white. With you my life is larger than the big screen and more exciting too. You absolutely without a doubt are my other half. You complete me more perfectly than I could have imagined. It is amazing just how perfect our 2 wholes join to make US, the most amazing dynamic incredible union one could imagine.
Life is an adventure and I am lucky enough to have the most amazing perfect traveling companion anyone could have. Life is to be lived to the fullest and shared with the ones you love most and there is no one I love more than you. You are the air I breathe, you are the wind beneath my wings, you are the aura of my soul. You give me purpose and focus and direction. You inspire and guide and encourage. You are absolutely everything that I need and all that I want. I would have never imagined that I could ever find someone that is all that to me. Someone that I could connect with on all levels. Someone that could meet my mind, heart, body and soul. Yes, you are all things to me and you have all my needs and wishes within you. You are my whole and complete universe and that is a rare and beautiful and amazing thing.

Always yours

I had a thought

My Dearest,

Today, it crossed my mind just how far we have come. How much we have shared and learned and discovered about each other and us. All the ups and downs have been worth it. Never before have I wanted something so much. Knowing that you are there for me and that you love me is the best feeling in the world. You are absolutely the best thing ever to happen to me and the best thing in my life. Of every little thing that you do I am forever grateful. Unconditionally you shower me with your love and support. Forever would never be enough time for me to show you all the ways you have made my life better. Out stretched hands reaching for the stars like a child free to dream is how you make me feel. Right before me you stand full of magic and wonder and giving me the encouragement I need to grow and learn to fly. Each and every day your confidence in me helps my confidence in myself. Very much so. Either by word or deed you have a way of making me feel special and important. Ready to catch me if I fall or cheer me on if I fly. You are my greatest inspiration. Letting me be me is one of your greatest gifts that you have given me. I feel so safe and protected by your love. There is nothing that I cannot do with your support. There is no place I would rather be than right here with you. Lead me around the world and back again. Every where and any where that you are, that is my favorite place to be. Thank you for loving me. Hearing me when I speak.. I love that I matter to you. Nothing in the world makes me feel the way that you do. Giving you my all is nothing less than you deserve for all that you do for me. Today is the first day for me to love you more than I loved you yesterday. Heart and soul soar to reach the stars and give them to you. All that I am is enhanced by your love. Tomorrow is the best thought in the world, next to today that is. You are my first thought and my last thought each day. Our journey has just begun and I am so excited. Ultimately, this is my greatest dream; YOU. Defining my love for you is something that is beyond my ability to fully express. Oh, but I will continue to try to find the words.

I wish for you to know all the ways that you impact my life. Like the brightest star in the sky, you shine over my whole world. One of my favorite things is just how much you know me. Viscerally you seem to flow through my veins, soaking into my every cell. Every day you give me more and more. You are more precious than any treasure in the world. Others can agree with me about your value. Understanding how many gifts you have is an overwhelming ecstasy. Each and every gift you have makes the lives of those around you enriched. Those that know you well, know just what a rare and special gift you are. Every one of us that can say we know you can say we are better for it. Really, just your presence can be enough to impact those that can feel your energy. Never before have I been so blessed. Always will I be grateful for every gift and every moment. Lifetime is such a short time, so I will ask for 1000 lifetimes to repay you. Love from you is the most special I have ever had. You are that special to me. Forever I will be yours. Our time is eternal. Real and true is my every thought and word and deed. Even in the night your light is there like the stars shining like diamonds in the night sky. All you give is without compare. Caring and sharing and giving what is needed and wanted. Heaven is not a place, it is just being with you. Ask and there is nothing that I would not give. Nothing would be too much or more than you deserve. Day and night and day and night you are the center and the goal. Each thought of you brings a smile that also brings peace and security. Voices carry over the distance to feel empty nights with promise. Each action is just one more reason to fall in love all over again. Rising to your heights just to see your sights. Yes, you are a prime destination for me. One I will always desire and pursue. Needing your presence is just something that is part of me now. Ever’more you are the center of my universe and the star of my dreams.