I Say To You

Today the sun shines bright Hear the summer rain All the rainbows brightly colored Now the flowers drink Kneel among the trees Yes more laughter One hand in the other Under the starlight Make sweet dreams Yours always the sweetest Head on your shoulder Easy as Sunday morning Roof top dancing Oh my Hero, I…

You Should Know.

My Dearest Darling, I need to take the time to share with you thoughts that fill my heart. Wishes that surround me with the stars at night. All the hopes and dreams that make each night magic. Needs and wants that are filled just with your presence in my life. Tell to me all your…


So long ago…. Твој осмех мами ме, Твој осмех зна да вара ме, Твој осмех пали ме, Твој осмех храни ме. Твој глас храбри ме, Твој глас весели ме, Твој глас зна да увери ме Твој глас савршен је. Волим те највише на свету. and then…. ​Good morning babe, How could I not love you…

Nothing More

Yesterday seems gone, Every day passes, Sun rises and sets, It rains..it pours, And on it goes. Make up reasons, Say your whys, Cry your tears, And hide your eyes, Reason is gone. Ever more needs, Doing it again, Bring all you have, Uphill all the way, Time will not hide I know too well….

For You

Today is a bright sun-shinny day Happiness awaits us forever All we have is perfect for us Now we move forward together Knowing we are going to make it You are our strength Only with you is this possible Unknown ground is new adventures For all you do I am yours Only with you do…

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Love Numbers

69 32867483 626, 4 5878 926833 968 86 5669 469 6824 4 5683 968. 968 273 9484688 2 36828 843 2378 84464 3837 46 69 5433. 4 226668 788 4686 96737 5878 469 6824 968 4283 23333 86 69 5433. 968 87859 273 69 3837984464. 263 968 273 259297 94373 4 9268 86 23. 86546…

Volim te

All I want is to see you smile

Feel This

Making me smile
Opening doors
Righting wrongs
Every little thing you do

It’s All You

My Dearest Darling, I am so blessed to have you for my partner, my best friend, my lover. You are my strength, my courage, my port in the storm. You give me hope, security, a place to dream. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am the luckiest girl in…

I had a thought

My Dearest, Today, it crossed my mind just how far we have come. How much we have shared and learned and discovered about each other and us. All the ups and downs have been worth it. Never before have I wanted something so much. Knowing that you are there for me and that you love…