Nobody Did It,

Over the weekend, Metrojet Flight 9268 fell out of the sky over the Sinai. All 224 persons on board perished in the crash.

Déjà vu for Malaysia Airlines

On 17 July Malaysian Flight MH17 was downed over the conflict zone of Eastern Ukraine. While the West jumped right to the blame and smear Russia game they have been engaged in forever it seems like, there are some facts and coincidences that line up like one too many white elephants in the smoking room of the Congressional Boys Club.

Step back and look carefully.

While it is VERY true that I am not a conspiracy theorist, I would not label those individuals as crazy, out of touch, or paranoid. Not everything they say is wrong; as the saying goes, ‘just cause I am paranoid, doesn’t mean I am wrong’. Those words are very true. I also believe in 2 more important things:
1) that EVERYONE has the right to free speech, up to the point that it infringes on another’s rights,
2) that no matter how EXTREME the views of individuals might be, they are entitled to their point of view and they help to provide a broad dialogue on issues that should be important to all citizens.

Will the New Government Be Chastised for Deaths Inflicted

The new government in Ukraine, conducted military operations against protestors that had taken over government buildings in the eastern Ukraine town of Kramatorsk. “They must be warned that if they do not lay down their arms, they will be destroyed,” General Vasily Krutov, first deputy head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) told reporters, as cited by AFP. The general went on to state that the protesters were supported by hundreds of Russian soldiers. Those are very strong words for a government that has been commended by the West for being more democratic and patient and controlled in their response Pro-Russian protesters. Yet, not one word of restraint has been uttered by the west concerning the possible loss of life of protesters in eastern towns.

Geography Is Not Changed By Whims

So once again there are headlines defining Europe and or the EU. Apparently Geography is no longer taught in any school system in the world. Joining the EU does not make someone European. Europe is a continent, it is a geographic body and all countries that are located within the borders of the continent of Europe are European.

Keeping Balance in Syria

Today Russia announced that it would proceed with fulfilling orders with the Syrian government against the wishes of some western nations. I have to say BRAVO Russia!!!!
Britain and France pushed for the EU to lift the arms embargo against Syria so that “moderate rebels” could be supported in their revolution. This revolution officially started 2 years ago, but there is reason to believe that the idea of revolution in Syria was being nurtured as long as a decade ago. But as per the efficient what if scenario planning we have seen with the west in recent history, or even not so recent history, they had half a plan or a really bad plan and winged it in application.