Tyranny Is An Insatiable Beast

hc-will-gay-marriage-backers-win-nationwide-20-001When the people allow the government to restrict any previous freedom for the sake of security the overall safety of the public has been diminished. That is a really scary environment to live in. Americans like to hold themselves up as examples that the rest of the world should strive to be…..but what exactly is America today???

Today’s America would be recognized by our Founding Fathers, but in a very bad way! Our government would remind them of the tyranny of the British Crown and would be quite the insult that we took their sacrifice so lightly that we WILLINGLY allowed and even asked for and encouraged the creation of such a condition that we are now in. Our founding was based on a very limited government and the right and responsibility of individual men to live their lives in the way that brought out the best in them and thus improved the community in which they lived as well. The was to be an individual responsibility to one’s self and own. What did one’s own mean? Well part of the vision and intelligence of the founding fathers was that it was up to each man to determine what was ‘his own’ but for sure it began with individual responsibility.

Unfortunately, the majority of citizens in the USA have either decided it is easier to have others, in this case the government on every level, think for them or have been duped into believing that others think better than they do. That leaves the minority trying to reign in the Hydra that is the government. And of course that upsets the beast!

ferguson-missouri-9-via businessinsiderIf you have ever looked at ‘questionable’ police arrests, you will find that a majority of those arrests, especially during protests or civil disobedience acts, as defined by the government, result in a majority of the arrests being for the sole charge of ‘resisting arrest’. Isn’t it ironic that you can be arrested for nothing more than resisting being arrested. But what is more concerning is that what is defined as ‘resisting’ is left up totally and completely to the discretion of the arresting police officer. Which means that you can be arrested, for anything from physically defending yourself from law enforcement members to merely asking ‘what am I being arrested for’. Being arrested for the latter is actually a violation of the individual’s civil rights as defined by the Constitution. Also, a majority of these arrests never see the inside of a courtroom so no REAL justice can be served. There is NO real recourse for the individual that was illegally detained for exercising their rights under the First Amendment of  the Constitution.

Now one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the world is pushing for resisting arrest to be a felony charge. This is not only disgraceful it is completely unconstitutional! And it is a very open attempt to remove the active minority from the political process, since convicted felons lose their right to vote and other rights that are reserved for ‘good citizens’. This move, if successful would mean the end of democracy in America and would leave NO option but revolution to the minorities that seem to be the only truly active participants in communities.


Marriage Vs. Civil Unions


This is a hot button topic that has been used to divert attention from real issues!

I know that just pissed some of you off and that is just fine as far as I am concerned.

There have been battles fought across the nation for the right to persons involved in same-sex romantic relations to get married and enjoy the ‘legal’ benefits that are reserved for spouses.

wedding via bufalogov org
via buffalogov.org

I think this is a bad solution to a complex issue. Marriage should not be a legal issue, it should be a religious/spiritual ceremony, thus it should be up to each religious organization whom they determine to be eligible for marriage. This religious ceremony should have no more legal status than baptism or confirmation!

The legal counter-part that should give the desired benefits should be a Civil Union Declaration. This declaration should be made to the courts and should declare that 2 persons, regardless of their biological or religious relationship, wish to be seen as a union in the eyes of the law. This would give them all benefits that are now reserved only for spouses. This would also declare that the partner in the union can be supported by the other member in the union and gives the persons special status that is currently reserved for spouses, such as ‘spousal privilege’ and survivorship status if one of the union dies.

Handfasting-1 via stylemepretty
Handfasting via stylemepretty

Why should we have 2 different statuses? There are several reasons for this solution. The first is that defining marriage, a religious union, by law violates not only the First Amendment, but also blurs the line between Church and State. Another reason is that ‘family’ comes in many different fashions and types and styles. Whom we love and how we love should NEVER be limited to the definitions of religious organizations or the whims of government.

Just because 2 people are involved in a romantic relationship regardless of any other factors, they should not have to ‘be married’ to be considered legitimate. Our divorce rate proves that a ‘marriage certificate’ does not improve relations or commitments. Also, sometimes siblings, cousins, or best friends have become life-long companions, AND that is okay and should not be discriminated against or judged, nor should it be considered less of a commitment to another person than any marriage.

maui_civil_union via gayhawaiiwedding

It should not be the right of the government to determine the rightness of any relationship between 2 consenting adults. If people were allowed to identify their relationships as they fit their lives we would find less broken homes and lower divorce rates as well. Yes, there would have to be provisions for the dissolution of Civil Unions and yes, a husband and wife can also be parties of a Civil Union, but by allowing Civil Unions between any 2 adults you would recognize the importance of social contact and relations to the health and well-being of society as a whole.


Voter Fraud? Perfect Solution.

City of Fairbanks AK

There have been numerous articles and lots of political crying foul over voter fraud. It seems really ironic that any politician would even pretend any concern about the validity of elections here in the US. The land of the free has not truly had a transparent or unquestionable election in over 20 years.
No amount of voter anything will change that as it is not the voters that have corrupted the system. It is the politicians, their media owners and their allied ‘activists’. That is the beginning and the ending of the voter fraud.

On what do I base these accusations, you might ask. It is simple, as Americans have become impatient, self-absorbed, internally focused they want the outward intrusions such as elections to be convenient and easy. Americans have also become impatient, they do not want to wait for anything, not the fruits of their labor or the results of counting election ballots. Enter the mega-media conglomerates…..and their projections, who needs actual results and who asks for the vote counts when we have exit poll surveys, cause NO ONE has ever lied to a pollster, not to mention that in my who adult life, which may not be as long as others, I have NEVER been approached by or seen these exit pollsters!!!

Don’t want any issues with voter fraud….go OLD SCHOOL!

The Express Tribune Pakistan

EVERYONE votes on Election Day! Do away with early voting, if our forefathers could walk or ride horseback to vote then we can certainly drive our cars to the polling stations. If people in 3rd world or warring countries can walk for days, risking life and limb, not to mention bombings, killings and persecutions to proudly display an inked finger then we certainly can tear ourselves away from Duck Dynasty and Keeping Up With The Kardashians long enough to check a few boxes on a piece of paper.

Iraqi Women Voting via http://www.CherieBlair.org

Worried about the ID issue….again go LOW TECH! Do not get so bent out of shape about who someone is when they come in to vote and ink their finger with ‘permanent’ ink then they cannot come back for vote 2. But this only works when we have 1 Election Day, like most of the rest of the world.

Want valid results……NO PROJECTIONS ALLOWED!!! Do not allow exit pollsters and do not allow projections! PROJECTIONS absolutely disenfranchise voters in half the country! When MSM calls National Elections by 9 pm EST, which is hours before the polls close in half the country that is basically telling that half of the country that their votes do not count. So require media to only report actual counted ballots.

CNN Election Night 

Now, I am not stupid, I know none of the afore mentioned solutions will be implemented. Why should they? We do not really want to have honest, valid elections, we do not really care, not the masses whom are too self absorbed to be bothered and not the politicians whom sold their souls when they entered the game for the chance to win. But then again if you are not going to actually fix the problem, then stop talking about the problem! But then again if politicians or reporters stopped talking about problems they have no intention of trying to solve they would have to be eerily silent forever.


Big Brother Obama Has Played The National Security Card Again

obama signing executive order in oval office
Over the holiday Obama signed an Executive Order that gives the government COMPLETE control over all communications in a National Security event. The fact that he signed this order on the Friday afternoon of the holiday weekend which actually started on Wednesday, shows that he knew it would be a political fiasco considering the recent outrage over PRISM. It also shows that there should be more outrage. If his intentions were honorable then he would have done it in the full light of a working day. What is as important as what a politician does is when they do it.
While Obamanites might argue that being able to control the airwaves in an emergency is a good idea, if that was the pure and only reason for this Order then he would have done it with lots of fanfare at 10 am on Tuesday morning, but he didn’t. So the primary reason for doing this late on the 2nd day of a 4 day holiday weekend, was to have a few news reports talking about it as possible. Why does a politician, that is known for their narcissism, do something that will not given them desired publicity……cause the publicity that would arise outta this action would not give positive and beneficial results to his personal/professional goals.
Also the wording of in the event;  “Such communications must be possible under all circumstances to ensure national security, effectively manage emergencies and improve national resilience.” should concern people. We have seen the government, especially sine 9/11, use the term National Security as a blank check whenever they think the need exists and there is little to no oversight. We know this from experience. We have heard of judges signing warrants without being able to read most of the warrant due to classification of the information included in the warrant. You would think that we could find judges that could be vetted so that they could read full petitions for warrants. We have even had reports that judges have signed warrants after the searches indicated in the warrants have actually taken place.
We have seen the use of the phrase ‘National Security’ used to justify PRISM, the huge expansion of the TSA, the creation of Homeland Security, as well as excessive watching of journalists and citizens in their private communications, there have even been reports of veterans being taken into custody and even placed in psychiatric wards of jails and hospitals. Where is the “this goes too far” fail-safe line?
As long as the American public accepts the illusion that the government has our best interest at heart or that they will ALWAYS do what is best for the country or her citizens, we will move closer and closer to enslavement in the guise of National Security.

Learn Your Constitution; It Was Written For YOU!

US ConstitutionIt seems that most Americans have no clue about the words or the meaning contained in the Constitution. It is that ignorance that has allowed greedy, immoral, selfish politicians to usurp our freedoms and line their pockets with our tax dollars while not actually performing the duties set out for them in the Articles of the Constitution. The Constitution states that the federal government is supposed to be limited and that it is to be a body of the people, by the people and for the people.
There were very good reasons behind setting up a government around the population. The first was to eliminate a disconnected ruling class from the masses, this is done with the words “of the people”; all people are to be involved in government, it is EVERY citizen’s duty and obligation to be informed and to participate in government. The next reason was to ensure that government worked for the good of the individual, “for the people”; government is not to oppress or dictate, nor is government to infringe on the rights of the states or the individual, government it to be limited to only those duties that are required to ensure a secure nation, not personal security, that is the responsibility of the individual. The last part is that ALL power, ALL approval in the actions of the government rests in the authority given to the government “by the people”; we are the people, we have the right, the responsibility and the duty to keep the government in check.
WE THE PEOPLE are the counter balance to the tyranny of government. Power more often than not corrupts those who gain it. Our founding fathers knew this, they threw off the chains of a government that was tyrannical and oppressive and out of touch with the colonists. The Revolutionists did not wage a war at the drop of a hat, they voiced their opinions, the sent envoys to speak on their behalf before Parliament and the King. The took all forms of peaceful means to avoid war. In the end they faced 2 choices, to be treated as less than they were or to revolt and gain independence that ensured that each man would be treated as they should.
Those men believed that each man had the right to live free and to achieve their full potential without being burdened or oppressed by the government. They had more faith in the individual as the strongest link in the chain of the collective. They knew that men by nature are selfish and will protect what is theirs, so they created a government to give the means to always have something worth protecting and fighting for if the need arose. It is this environment of opportunity created by the founding fathers that became known as the American Dream. The belief that anyone no matter how they began life or who they were yesterday had the same chance to follow and fulfill their dreams as every other person without discrimination or limitations.
And it is this very thing that is at risk of extinction right now with the current administration. It is not the sole fault of the current administration, this has been a slow progression that began with the New Deal, but this current administration has done the most damage to the individual and his freedoms and has been the most oppressive and divisive of any previous administration. It has been the liberal/democrat mentality to enslave the masses, especially the poor or under educated in order to maintain control. It is time that those individuals that believe that liberal/democrat politicians have their best interest at heart to open their eyes to the reality that their true intent is to keep them oppressed and poor and uneducated so that they can maintain control. They do not believe that the “poor huddled masses” can think for themselves or make good choices either. They have taken it upon themselves to create a government that will do the thinking for the poor and “take care” of them. But they are the real reason that the poor and disenfranchised stays poor and disenfranchised.
If you are not one of the “poor huddled masses” you might think this doesn’t concern me, but it does. The Constitution states that our duty as citizens is not just our for ourselves, it is our duty to make sure the government does not infringe or diminish the rights of anyone. Do not wait until it is your rights that are being trampled on to care.

This isn’t Nazi Germany, yet

Obama White House Lawn Press Conference
“You can’t have 100% security and also then have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience. We’re going to have to make some choices as a society.” -President Obama on NSA surveillance controversy

This concept that the world can and should be 100% secure is ludicrous. Life is not suppose to be without risk or pain or hurt. As the saying goes you cannot have a rainbow without some rain. It is amazing that Americans have become so complacent and straight up lazy that the normal expectation is that the government is responsible for your safety always and that giving up your freedoms and rights that our fore-fathers gave their lives for means so very little now. Benjamin Franklin along with all the other founding fathers are rolling over in their graves and shedding tears of anguish and disappointment. The founding fathers knew that to keep a country free the primary and necessary ingredient was active, informed, involved and motivated citizens. It is this understanding that is the basis for the most famous words “of the people, by the people, for the people.” While most Americans seem to be all about for the people when the person is themselves they seem to have lost the other two parts of the foundation. With knowledge and wisdom our founding fathers in the writing of the Constitution insured that we were to always have the means to keep the government in line.

Apparently our lovely education system is failing in its goal of educating our citizens to take their place in this country as active and informed members of society that keeps our government limited and in check. Of course that is because the public education system in this country is by design and method trying to create socialist subjects of a corrupt, ever expanding government. But that is fodder for a whole other post. Back on track the Constitution was written in a way to limit the federal government. Yes, I am telling you that it a fact, the federal government is supposed to limited. That is to ensure that we never become subjects again but always remain citizens. The preamble of the Constitution states our duties and responsibilities as citizens. Yes, we as citizens have duties and responsibilities and very few of us live up to those responsibilities. As a means for us, the citizens, to fulfill our duties we were given the method and means by which to keep the government in check. They are known as the Bill Of Rights. And there is NEVER a good reason to limit those rights. Once you allow those rights to be limited, especially for the sake of security, you have given up both your rights and your security. The difference is that if you give those rights to the government and not keep them for yourselves then you have just made the whole country weaker and you have helped in the corruption of the government and started the rotting process. When this country fails, you need to stand up tall and proud and say, “Yes, this is my work, this is what I have helped to create.” When your family members are imprisoned for something stupid, do not get upset, remember you wanted your government to keep you 100% safe. When you cannot go to your local library or bookstore and pick up any book of your choice you should feel happy in the realization that you are being protected by your government. When you see nothing bad about the government in the news, cheer for joy cause you wanted to be taken care of like a serf instead of stepping up and acting like a free man.

There are some of you that are reading this and saying, that would never happen here. You sound like the Germans of the 1920’s and 30’s. It can and will happen as long as you ignore your duty and responsibilities to yourself, your family and your country. The only thing that evil needs to flourish is for good men to do nothing. That is exactly what happened in Germany with Hitler. He was charismatic and had all the answers and promised to restore the glory of Germany and to create a job for everyone. He promised to create a perfect, safe society where everyone would go to school, have a job, have a home, be fed. And he started by growing the government to create jobs and then in the schools he taught only what he wanted the children to know and created a subject population that was completely loyal to him. Then he instigated gun registration “for the safety of the society” and created a nation where anyone could be jailed or removed for the most insignificant of offenses. He encouraged neighbors to not be involved but to spy and rat on their neighbors. He created division between the sub-cultures that made up German society. He kept people so focused on little details that even outsiders missed the grand plan until it was too late.
The smart members of society see these same things happening in the name of security and are speaking out and of course the government is going to call them crazy and paranoid, they do not want the masses to see the truth. They want the masses to be so focused on the next new gadget that you just HAVE TO HAVE or else you are no one, so that they can further watch you and control you and label you and know when they will need to contain you. Welcome to 1984 and you have NO ONE to blame, you asked and begged the government to take away your rights and to enslave you, so do not cry out in despair when you are taken away in shackles or when your children are the ones that have turned you in. For you were too busy with your petty money and things collecting to be bothered with being involved in your community and being responsible for your rights and the rights of your family. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND YOUR FAULT! YOU CANNOT SAY YOU DID NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! YOU DID! Doing nothing is more damaging than doing the wrong thing this time.