What Man Is A Man

We are told that Syrian refugees invading Europe only want peace and safety, but is that the truth.

Refugee Crysis Is A Positive

UN Officials completely removed from the migrant crisis work hard at painting a pretty “Happy Ever After” that can’t ever be.

Refugee Crysis In Safe Haven

Over the last 4 to 6 years Italy and Greece have been crying, begging, pleading for help in dealing with an overwhelming invasion of illegal immigrants. They are being called refugees, but a large majority are not true refugees from the Western bombed nations of Libya and Syria,

Saying It’s Over, Doesn’t Make It So

A few days ago, the UNHCR recommended without much consultation of those being affected, to remove the refugee status of those persons that fled what is now present day Croatia. One of the arguments that the UNHCR used to justify their decision was the inclusion of Croatia in the EU. If joining a club makes you a different country, why wasn’t joining the UN good enough?