US The Land Of Boys

Heisman Trophy

It is increasingly difficult to find a real man in this country and that is very much to the detriment of the whole of the country and the world as well. Now some of you might say just walk down the street of any city and you will see lots of men. In fact when I walk down the city streets what I see are not men, but grown boys. And that fact has hurt our stance in the world as well as hurting every aspect of American society as a whole. Boys are no longer raised to be men, they are coddled and pampered and spoiled and lavished upon from birth and it is double if they have some athletic talent or some fame.
Currently, there is lots of outrage being written about the Heisman winning quarterback from FSU getting pretty much a probable free pass on sexually assaulting a young lady in Tallahassee. Not only was he not investigated thoroughly, he was also rewarded with the Heisman. While yes, I do agree that the Heisman should be based on the athletic talent of the nominees, there should also be some standard of moral and ethical character to become nominees; a certain code of conduct of merit and above average academic standing in their institution. In Heisman’s day there were such standards, of course in his day we were still raising boys to be men. Wonder what Mr. Heisman would say about some of the nominees and worse some of the winners of the trophy that bears his name.
This behavior is not new and instead of becoming more victim fair and just, the justice system has actually become the opposite. Americans like to claim that we are the land of the free and that everyone is equal, yet in practice America is one of the least equal countries in the world. Especially in how the legal and justice system treats people.
American media slams Putin over ‘Pussy Riot’ and Egypt over the lack of investigating rapes of female journalists, with comments about their Western dress and manner bringing the assaults on. America also decries the ‘unjust and unfair’ treatment of girls and women under certain conservative Islamic governments. And while I do agree that the treatment of many groups of people in the world needs to be improved, starting with girls and women; America is not a glorified example of perfection in this instant.
Our schools tell girls they are only allowed to dress certain ways cause ‘boys will be boys’ and when our boys are being criminals we slam the victims with ‘why are you ruining their lives’ or ‘why are you being such a little bitch’. What needs to be said to the boys is ‘how dare you’ and then they need to be held accountable and punished for their actions.
It is time for boys to be raised to be men again. It is time for them to learn that they should have self-discipline, self-control, self-respect. Anytime that a boy is even accused of sexual misconduct or assault it should be asked why did you put yourself in a position to have this issue at all! And if they are guilty of the charges, then it needs to be determined if what they did to their victim was something that they would wish on their mother! And above all they need to be punished for their actions. Real and good men treat every girl the way they would want their sister treated and every woman the way they want their mothers treated. Boys, especially grown boys, do whatever they want and know that mommy (and some ‘fathers’ too) will fix whatever trouble they get into.

Egyptian Men Prove They Are NOT Real Men….

Egypt violence against women in public groupsThere is a very prevalent double standard that isΒ epidemic in EgyptΒ right now, but exists world wide. This double standard is that men are superior in all aspects except being responsible for their crimes against women. This idiocy that women are totally and completely responsible for all crimes committed against them is based on the corruption of inferior men in positions of spiritual and political power. I know that the Western world would like to say that it is a Muslim flaw, but it is actually a MALE flaw. In general the idea that “women ask for it” that they “drive men to do it” is nothing more than a cop out. If men are so strong in all other aspects of life and the world then they certainly should be “strong enough” to conduct themselves in accordance with honor and integrity. Every man that says that “she asked for it”, that “it is her fault”, is saying the SAME thing about their own mothers. They are saying that it is OK for men to rape and beat and violate their mothers. Now if you took a poll, how many men would say, ‘yes, sure, feel free to go rape my mother’; but, the same men that would be so publicly offended by the suggestion of complacency in crimes against their mother are the same ones that would say about a stranger “what did she do to have that happen”.

The WHOLE society has to decide that sexual crimes are crimes against humanity and society. Every act destroys the foundation of society. Women are the givers of life, they are the nurturers of children and family, and without women life would cease. This does not mean that women are the only victims of the most horrendous crimes; babies, girls, boys, women, men and the elderly are all victims of this complete disregard for humanity and human life. This one SIN will prevent mankind from becoming better than we are right now; as a matter of fact it will actually digress our advancement thus far. Instead but strengthening the ties of society we are ripping them apart and into shreds. If we continue in this manner will we do more damage than can be undone.
There is HOPE. You do not have to be a powerful man to change what is happening. The change starts with you! Start by listening to your own heart and mind about what is right and what is wrong. Most men do not need some “Holy Man” to tell them to respect life….ALL life. If a “Holy Man” tells you that you need only listen to him or do as he says then he is not a REAL “Holy Man”. A sincere and honorable man of faith would tell you to look within your own heart, to seek your own knowledge, to have your own relationship with God. Any man that tells you that it is ever acceptable to hurt an innocent person is not a good man, they are not a man you should respect, they are not a man that has power over you. It is a very simple thing to do…if you are unsure about if the act you are committing is good or bad, you need only ask ONE question; “Would I want this act committed against me or mine?”Β  Your answer to that question is your best guide to doing the godly thing. Never let another man tell you that something wrong is the WILL OF GOD, IT ISN’T!!!! You will not find any text of any spiritual manner that tells that God demands religion, GOD DEMANDS FAITH IN HIM not in another man. Any man that tells you different does not have yours or Gods interests in mind.
God did not create woman to be destroyed by man. God did not create woman lesser than man. God proves this by making woman the bearer of life. God created man to protect woman. It is time that REAL MEN step forward and show that they have honor and integrity. It has to be other men that condemn the acts of bad men in this SIN. It is the mere SILENCE of “good” men that give these criminals acceptance. Every victim is someone’s daughter, mother, sister, wife. What will you do when it is yours?

UPDATE: (6JUL2013) More proof that Egyptian men have a long way to go to impress anyone….