Dear Windows, Good-Bye, Without Love

Are you tired of Windows? Are you looking for a better OS that gives you what you want without stealing your soul and life?Linux has what you want!

UPS Trumps NSA

You life and your business is UPS’s information…you have no secrets from Brown!

This isn’t Nazi Germany, yet

This concept that the world can and should be 100% secure is ludicrous. Life is not suppose to be without risk or pain or hurt. As the saying goes you cannot have a rainbow without some rain. It is amazing that Americans have become so complacent and straight up lazy that the normal expectation is that the government is responsible for your safety always and that giving up your freedoms and rights that our fore- fathers gave their lives for means so very little now. Benjamin Franklin along with all the other founding fathers are rolling over in their graves and shedding tears of anguish and disappointment. The founding fathers knew that to keep a country free the primary and necessary ingredient was active, informed, involved and motivated citizens. It is this understanding that is the basis for the most famous words “of the people, by the people, for the people.”