Zero Per Cent Chance Of Truth

“Investigating fraud in sports — which is a multi-billion-dollar business today — is apparently safer than writing about the weather”

Nothing in life is one sided or one faceted. Nothing has one truth and one “right” side. Everything has multiple sides and facets and is complex. No, profession as a whole is made up of all highly intelligent people. Science does NOT require a certain level of intelligence to excel. An average or below average intelligence with focus, persistence, and hard work can attain a position of expertise in a field of science. Having a position of authority, especial within government does not guarantee wisdom, understanding, or intelligence. The problem arises when persons in those positions of power convince the masses that they are more than what they really are and abuse their positions out of greed and ego based on being more than they are.

One area in which this corruption is most notable is in the field of climatology and the dogma of climate change. First, lets make some things crystal clear:

Climate Protests

* One, climate and weather are not the same thing.

* Two, climate is ALWAYS in change. No “climate denier” denies that, but some climate alarmists do.

* Three, the Earth has been hotter, significantly hotter than now and life lived through it. Some can argue that life, in fact, thrived through it. According, to paleo experts there were times when there were more species of plants and animals than are presently believed to be on Earth today and those were during the “hotter than today” times.

* Four, according to historic evidence from various different sources (written, ice cores, tree rings, ocean core samples, etc.) a cyclonic pattern can be discerned. Matter of fact several different cycles, smaller ones within larger ones, can be identified going back eons. And most of what is being blamed on “post-industrialization CO2 pollutions” could also fit just as nicely, sometimes even more so, into the known cycles.

It seems that a couple things have happened. People have forgotten “that everything that glitters is not gold.” And for all the known wrongs committed by all governments and more all the immoral and illegal acts of members of government, for whatever unknown reason, people will blindly follow these same untrustworthy organizations with these same untrustworthy people blindly in the worst of times.

Add in that the press is no longer a watchdog of government and big business. There is little to no push back or questioning of the science or government policies, nor any accounting of the costs of such policies. The press is no longer even superficially unbiased, they have an agenda and they relentlessly push it to the point of slander and libel of individuals and organizations that they see as “the opposition”.

In the work A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse Our Journey from the Age of Prosperity to the Era of Environmental Grief by  Vítězslav Kremlík you can follow the dramatic change in science and the press over the last 50ish years that has brought us to such heated and politicized attacks. While not the primary focus of the book, Kremlik shows how the climate change movement is not inline with or truly part of environmentalism and the conservation movement, in fact their agenda destroys the environment and thus will increase any impact that humans have on increased pollutions in the air and subsequent warming that may or may not be triggered. Since science truly does not know what continued “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere will create, a second Venus or the next glacial maximum all this “solving the problem” is not fixing anything.

What Kremlik does best in his work is show that when added up there are more experts that disagree with the dogma than support the dogma. He also shows just how political the “science” has gotten. All the layperson has to do is follow the money, or to think about this, if finding “how much man is screwing up the climate” and “how to fix it” is what pays your bills are you going to tell your boss that man isn’t screwing up the climate or that there is no way to “fix it” ? Not if you want to keep your job and your status.

What A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse also shows is how brutal the “Climate Gods” and their advocates are to anyone who even hesitates to fall in line with the adherents. There is a very scary undercurrent of the Climate Dogma and Policy Dictates that has truly questionable intent. Unfortunately, most people do not look into who runs some of the most popular environmental movements such as Greenpeace and WWF. Or even know the foundation missions of the largest funders of NGOs and non-profits.

How can a government funded “NGO” watchdog group independently critique the government policies and actions? How can scientists practice honest science when serving political bodies with political agendas? How can the public trust the policies and actions when all the lines are blurred? And Kremlik shows just how blurred the lines are and how muddy the water is.

This work is very fact based and not softened with nice or funny anecdotes, but it is not a long read. The book is under 300 pages of text with over 50 of references to fact check on your own if you would like. There are some quotes that read very roughly, I do not know if that is due to accuracy of quotes from speaking interactions or bad translations or bad editing, it is not prevalent throughout the book but it does happen several times. Regardless, this is a book that should be read by all.

*Copy Received For Review.

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The Solution To Terrorism

You want to stop terrorists and terrorist attacks?

muslim militants
via The Imaginative Conservative

There is ONE answer that will solve the problem. As usual, it is an answer that the world’s governments do not want the citizens of the world to ever consider, for it would greatly diminish their power and control; whereas, the recent history of countries ‘under attack’ prove that the governments use these ‘attacks’ to strip away the rights of law-abiding citizens and to increase their power and control over the citizens.

At the beginning of the 20th century, much earlier actually, as a very basic starting point, all democratic, ‘free’ nations had laws in place for crimes committed by one ‘citizen’ against the rights and property and life of any other ‘citizen’. These laws included, theft, assault, battery, rape, extortion, kidnapping/abduction/imprisonment, manslaughter, and murder. For the most part, prior to the 20th century, a person was tried for their actions; while their motive might be introduced in the trial, in order to show why a person would commit the crime, especially if the case was built mostly on circumstantial evidence, the real focus was on the what and not the why of the case. However, as lawyers, along with most everyone else, wanted to be rich and famous, trials began to take on a sensational drama that shifted the courts from systems of justices to game rooms of power between the political wannabees and the salacious immoral actors that thought themselves above the law. This shift left the regular man without any protection or recourse under the law.

teror word globe

One of the results of this shift was the desire of politicians to ‘prove’ to their unprotected citizens, the desire of the government to protect them with the ‘invention’ of ‘extra crimes’. Now, crimes could be more glamorous, more sensational, more dramatic, creating more fame and fortune for the ‘officers of the court’ carrying out the power games. This also, reduced other crimes to being so mundane and ‘regular’ as to not warrant sufficient attention from those same ‘officers of the court’; why should it, what was their benefit for just a typical run of the mill crime. Who wins elections for doing their job honestly and fairly and to the best of their ability? No One! Who gets their face on TV for finding and prosecuting the ‘John’ that rapes and murders the prostitute? No One! Who gains richer clients if they properly insure that a guilty client is treated fairly and justly, but is still responsible and accountable for their crime? No One!

So now we have “hate” crimes and “terror” crimes and even hate and terror are crimes, when did emotions become crimes? Where is the common sense in this? When did crime become an act of love and grace, so that we now need to know when it was committed based on hate and terror? Why do we need to add ‘special dramatic words’ to crimes for them to matter?

The injury or loss of a life is still an injury or loss no matter why it was inflicted. The argument would be to give harsher sentences for those crimes committed as acts of ‘hate’ or ‘terror’. But that is not accurate, that is a lie by the politic to provide election slogans and TV sound bites. It is pure simple personal promotion.

Bali Bombing
via 25 Worst Acts Of Terrorism Ever Committed

One of the most common appeals of hate and terrorism to ‘new recruits’ is the sense of belonging and the sense of ‘being someone’. It is a way to ‘count’ to get to be ‘famous’. And the politic of the justice system created this appeal with their own self-desire to have the same thing as these ‘criminals’ they so publicly decry.

Everyone wants to be someone, that is nothing new; however, what is new is who the media and by default the public thinks is someone. Being someone is no longer about doing right or good in the world or making the world a better place or serving your fellow man with honor and integrity; it is all about being famous and getting rich. We have totally lost the original meaning of both words; famous is more commonly renown or notorious, which are not positives and rich, being only a material construct.

Thus, it was the introduction of the words ‘hate’ and ‘terror’ into the justice system that created the dramatic increase in these types of crimes and it is their removal that can initiate the greatest decrease in the committing of these crimes as well. How? You may ask.

If a person harms another solely out of hate, prosecute them solely for their acts. Do not give them a stage for their glory! Do not give them a pulpit for their dogma! Do not give them catchy ‘titles’ that immortalize them! Do not use their name in your sound bites so they gain fame! The Judge already with the simple laws has the means by which to mete out the full sentence for their conviction.

If a person harms another solely for terrorism, prosecute them solely for the real crimes they committed. Do not name them part of a group and give them or their ‘group’ status! Do not name their cause, thus giving it credit! Do not use the word terrorism so they gain power! Do not identify their religion or ethnicity to draw ‘special’ attention! Again the Judge already has the means by which to mete out full sentence for their crimes and that is what should be meted out; nothing more and nothing less!

When you stop using the words ‘hate’ and ‘terrorism’ the ‘thrill’ and ‘fame’ and appeal of the ‘group’ will greatly diminish. In today’s world, very few are going to just anonymously sacrifice their lives for a cause that will get them nothing in the end!

Beyond Apathetic Disillusionment


For well over 15 years, maybe even my whole adult voting life, I have been completely disillusioned with both political parties and even the minor parties seemed for the most part to be complete extremes of some thought or whim or another. Who was an intelligent, logical, rational person supposed to vote for? On top of that I was a confused mix of my own intelligence and the values instilled in me in my childhood. Maybe, more so than most regular, normal, girl or boy next door kids, I became a very eclectic mix of the conservative military values I was surrounded by and the over driven push for knowledge. Thus I have some very ‘Republican’ ideals and some very ‘Democratic’ ideals as well, but mostly I have ideals that are VERY unRepublician and unDemocratic.

First and foremost, I believe in the Constitution in it’s truest form. Unfortunately, between the Republicans wanting to infringe on freedom of religion and speech and the Democrats wanting to infringe on the right to bear arms and both parties wanting to strip away the rest of the 1st Amendment protections for press and assembly and protest, as well as taking away most protections found in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Amendments under the guise of national security within the intentionally very vaguely worded Patriot Act and NDAA, it makes both parties completely un-American.

political parties logo

In keeping with the Constitution and the intentions of the founding fathers, the Constitution was written to keep government limited and as close to the people as possible, thus the emphasis on states’ rights. Yet, states are constantly being given mandates from the federal government about what they can and cannot do and what laws they can and cannot pass. All of this violates the intent and spirit and even letter of the law of the Constitution, however, being that the Supreme Court is political due to the rise of political parties, the Court no longer uses the Constitution as its measure, but merely as its means if it happens to benefit them or as a door mat if it does not. Neither party has any desire to have a limited government, their only differences are the areas of government that they want to be the largest. Republicans want the military/police arms of the government to increase in size; whereas the Democrats want the social/welfare arms to be the largest.

Political parties create division and prevent unity. The first elections were ‘independent’ men running ‘singularly’. Our Presidents and Vice Presidents were determined by the 1st and 2nd place finishes of candidates in the election, supposing that one had the majority of the vote. Sometimes you had 2 men that were from different political thoughts, but they worked together, they compromised, and came together for the good of the nation. These are things that do not happen today, politicians do not come together for the good of the nation, only for the good of their wallets.

TeaParty Protest via Wikipedia
Taxpayer Protest via wikipedia

As an American and a voter, there are a couple things that I would like to see happen in the electoral system; first, I think that any candidate should have to have a clear majority of the popular vote, so over 55%, not just of those that got out and voted but of the whole voting population, and to encourage ALL voters to get out and vote, give them a NO vote, which says that they do not accept any of the candidates: second, either do completely away with political parties, or make them ‘equal’ in how they nominate candidates, another words you have candidates that do not even get a simple majority of the voters that voted in a state primary instead of only receiving their percentage of delegates they get all of them, and the Super-Delegates need to be completely done away with, that completely usurps the democracy of the primary process. Another change that needs to be made, the Electoral College needs to do their voting in public, it needs to be a televised event so that voters truly understand their input and limits of their wishes when it comes to deciding who runs this country.

Monday morning quarterbacking will not change anything. Working with your own little click will not change things. Attacking each other will not change things. All the splinter groups need to work together on their common interests! There are members of all sides that want the same changes, maybe not for the same reason, but that can be handled later. Look for reasons to work together and make the common changes! Start with the local levels and state levels first! If petitions were successful in three-quarters of the states for say term limits for Congress then Washington would see that an Amendment by the people would be possible. The voting public needs to come together for EVERYONE’S right to vote and be fairly governed.

Community Organizers; Lions In Sheep’s Clothing


It would be more accurate to state that they are lions in lions’ clothing pretending to love sheep! Why? Cause these ‘super’ people come into communities that are in some way victimized and preach of what should be better and what should exist; yet, in general the most that they do is just that preach! Their true intent, the more I read or listen or look or find, seems to be to create anger and hate and even violence. Those emotions are destructive not constructive and as such their acts are also destructive in the long run.

Now before you get too upset with me, know this….I am all for protesting, free-speech, even revolution and I am not for conforming just for the sake of conformity, security over freedom, or the right of authority without consequence!
NO government and certainly NO ONE is above the law and immoral and unjust laws need to be removed from the books! (but that is for another time)

Abby Sewell (February 27, 2011) Los Angeles Times.

Back on track; you may ask yourself how can she say that? These people do things to make the world a better place and that is a good thing. Well, let’s just see how I drew my conclusions. The primary handbook that is used by community organizers from Obama to the Tea Party is Rules of Radicals, by Saul Alinsky. It instructs these leaders to ‘rub raw’ the injustices and hardships of the people they are organizing; basically to whip them up into an angry mob mentality in order that they raise loud angry voices to speak out ‘for themselves’. This is the primary goal of the community organizer, to get all the ‘victims’ to scream and yell and be angry!

While I will agree that there are times when you have to yell and scream and even get mad, that should not be your first means of improving society and it should not be your primary means of improving society. That anger that will lead to violent riots instead of powerful peaceful protests should be considered the community’s ‘means of war’ and as with ALL diplomatic relations, war should be the absolute last option chosen to resolve an issue and only used when all other means of resolution have failed completely and it is a matter of life and death.

Being community organizer is one of those ‘titles’ that sounds all intellectual and enlightened and compassionate until you really examine it. First off, it implies that you are from the community, yet Obama was not from Chicago, he moved there cause he landed the job as ‘community organizer’, he was, as most are, an outsider. Now, for the record, being an outsider does not mean you cannot care about a community, but most people will agree that few care as much about a community as the people who live there and have always lived there. While I have given him due credit for his rhetoric for years, that does not truly make someone a whole or real person and since that is his only talent that I have seen thus far, it actually supports the fact that Obama is a shell of a man, without integrity, honor, valor, or courage and thus without character. Sadly, he is likable to most people. That said, being likable does not make you good or right. Many criminals on all levels are very likable people, they have families and friends and loads of people that would speak of how likable they are, yet, they still lie, steal, cheat, kill, destroy the very things that they claim to hold so dear.

The next thought one believes about the community organizer is that they want to help build a stronger community. This aspect is a little harder to examine, it takes the perception that is in rare use today; that is in using the community to create and build their own ‘better world’ on their own, using their own talents and skills. What the community organizer does is little things that give the appearance of helping, like organizing letter writing campaign to get street lights replaced. Offering buses to local school board meetings or commissioner meetings, not for building and creating working relations but to have you show your anger! Getting out the vote, but telling you which candidate you should vote for!

food for the hood
Food For The Hood via

What really makes a community stronger is developing not only your local talents and treasures, but in thus doing so encouraging those that would leave to stay, by giving them a reason. For example: the schools are not giving your kids the best education; sure going to board meetings and PTAs and the like and voicing your thoughts and concerns are good, but put more energy into fixing the problem yourself. Even if you have to do it yourself, in your own home, set up group homework meetings where kids are encouraged and supported to do their homework and have members of the community facilitate these meetings, don’t worry about how smart you are or aren’t, you will be surprised at how the kids can help and tutor each other. As a community ‘reward’ the kids for their work and dedication, it can be as simple as making little ribbons for good report cards or giving out goodie bags for perfect attendance. If the school won’t work with you, do these things in someone’s home or a local church or rec center. Have community clean up days…..EVERYONE get out and pick up trash or pitch in and help paint a senior’s home. Create a list of the shut ins and single moms and at risk kids; find out what they need, meals cook, rides to health appointments, walking kids to and from school and as a whole community help each other out, improve the quality of life for the WHOLE community. The best you will get from a ‘community organizer’ like Obama is the success of government ‘throwing more money’ at a problem, but EVERYONE knows that by the time that it travels all the way down to the community, there is nothing or very little left.


If you did not know what illusions are created by community organizers, all you have to do is look at Obama’s time in politics. He does not roll up his sleeves and get his own hands dirty. His concept of compromise is to stir up anger and make threats, tactics learned in the pages of Saul Alinsky’s book. If you are such a blind Obama supporter that you can find no fault in his performance, then look at the members of Congress that belong to the Tea Party, judge them, for they follow the same play book that Obama does.

You wonder why we cannot get passed grid lock in DC, we have two opposing sides that both have learned to use anger and division and ‘war’ to get things accomplished and those in the middle have no strength of leadership to put the two spoiled toddlers in time out and move forward. That is cause grid lock serves the whole very well. They do not have to admit to bad votes or no progress and each side has a villain to blame without consequence.


D.C.’s Chicken Little Game

chicken little
Disney’s Chicken Little

OH MY how DC loves to create panic!

Of course it serves them well to do so. They have been creating panic on demand since WWII. The ‘evil’ Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain was a perfect boogeyman for the expansion of the federal government past the bounds and confines of the Constitution. Brought home with McCarthyism witch hunts the government flexed it muscle against the very source of its power and authority in the name of security and the trusting masses acquiesced. Thus the downhill slide began!


After the American public gave an inch for the greater good of stopping the spread of political communism and anyone of note that spoke out against the aggressive nature of the US government’s dealings with the Soviet Union were demonized and even black-balled, from actors to writers to artists. That was all the incentive the ‘Men In Black’ needed to keep pursuing their goals of an ideal American world. It was a modern-day witch hunt; but it was merely the first in a long line of modern-day political and ideological witch hunts!

via wikipedia

The next witch hunt was against the Anti-War/Civil Rights Movements. Those movements were not separate crusades, they overlapped greatly. The common core was based on the same belief, the value of individual life no matter whose life it was and the right to live that life in peace and security. The government still used the same attack and smear campaign that worked so well for them in the 1950’s. However, there are rumors that persist that claim that the government stepped up its force in dealing with its perceived enemy. And that it is the true reason for the deaths of such beloved public figures as John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.


In addition to the very public and very noticeable war against political enemies, there have been less visible wars against the American public waged by the American government. Those wars have been in the form of creating panic about ‘pandemics’ that have suddenly appeared on the American medical scene. The largest one in recent history is the fear that was spread for years and still to some extent exists today about HIV and AIDS. The government had developed some tact and decorum by the time this ‘war’ arose so that their attacks against undesirables was portrayed as ‘public service campaigns’ and ‘awareness battles’ to help protect those at greatest risk. In addition to having AIDS as a target, they also had avian flu and swine flu.


Then by luck, or according to some hook and crook, the US Government got their best propaganda tool for a direct and extensive attack on the American public. The bombings of 9/11 brought a very ‘real’ threat to American soil, the only real question is whom the true and real perpetrators were and just whom knew what and when and how much. More importantly did the ‘Men In Black’ true patriots allow, encourage or carry out these events? It seems nearly impossible that there is absolutely NO culpability on the part of factions of the US Government via ignorance, apathy, incompetence or design on some or all levels. And 13 years later the US Government is still attacking the American public and the American public still thinks they are only giving a temporary inch for the good of security.

Terrorism is not the only campaign being waged against the American public to ensure the security of the American government. Add to terrorism, the crushing debt that is the foundation and structure of the American Dollar as well as the ‘open border’ crisis with Mexico and now the Ebola scare. Oh but life is good for those ‘Men In Black’!

Voter Fraud? Perfect Solution.

City of Fairbanks AK

There have been numerous articles and lots of political crying foul over voter fraud. It seems really ironic that any politician would even pretend any concern about the validity of elections here in the US. The land of the free has not truly had a transparent or unquestionable election in over 20 years.
No amount of voter anything will change that as it is not the voters that have corrupted the system. It is the politicians, their media owners and their allied ‘activists’. That is the beginning and the ending of the voter fraud.

On what do I base these accusations, you might ask. It is simple, as Americans have become impatient, self-absorbed, internally focused they want the outward intrusions such as elections to be convenient and easy. Americans have also become impatient, they do not want to wait for anything, not the fruits of their labor or the results of counting election ballots. Enter the mega-media conglomerates…..and their projections, who needs actual results and who asks for the vote counts when we have exit poll surveys, cause NO ONE has ever lied to a pollster, not to mention that in my who adult life, which may not be as long as others, I have NEVER been approached by or seen these exit pollsters!!!

Don’t want any issues with voter fraud….go OLD SCHOOL!

The Express Tribune Pakistan

EVERYONE votes on Election Day! Do away with early voting, if our forefathers could walk or ride horseback to vote then we can certainly drive our cars to the polling stations. If people in 3rd world or warring countries can walk for days, risking life and limb, not to mention bombings, killings and persecutions to proudly display an inked finger then we certainly can tear ourselves away from Duck Dynasty and Keeping Up With The Kardashians long enough to check a few boxes on a piece of paper.

Iraqi Women Voting via

Worried about the ID issue….again go LOW TECH! Do not get so bent out of shape about who someone is when they come in to vote and ink their finger with ‘permanent’ ink then they cannot come back for vote 2. But this only works when we have 1 Election Day, like most of the rest of the world.

Want valid results……NO PROJECTIONS ALLOWED!!! Do not allow exit pollsters and do not allow projections! PROJECTIONS absolutely disenfranchise voters in half the country! When MSM calls National Elections by 9 pm EST, which is hours before the polls close in half the country that is basically telling that half of the country that their votes do not count. So require media to only report actual counted ballots.

CNN Election Night 

Now, I am not stupid, I know none of the afore mentioned solutions will be implemented. Why should they? We do not really want to have honest, valid elections, we do not really care, not the masses whom are too self absorbed to be bothered and not the politicians whom sold their souls when they entered the game for the chance to win. But then again if you are not going to actually fix the problem, then stop talking about the problem! But then again if politicians or reporters stopped talking about problems they have no intention of trying to solve they would have to be eerily silent forever.


Other’s Acts Should NEVER Change Your Morals

But the crimes of one side do not justify those of the other.” Those words need to be hung on the walls of every government building in every city, especially those government buildings that supposedly protect and defend the masses. Once again just reading the headlines it is so evident that we lose more of our humanity everyday and blame those we injury, oppress, persecute as being at fault. Maybe my point of view is skewed cause I did not have siblings so I could not use the age old “it was their fault”, “they started it”, “but they did ____ to me.” If I did something I was responsible for my actions period, end of story! However, in situations where I was with others, like classrooms or friends’ or family’s (cousins) homes I did experience paying a larger ‘fine’ cause I was quick to own up to my part of any ‘bad thing’. But NEVER did that change my moral that I and I alone was responsible for my actions. Even if someone does something to me, it is still ALL ME that dictates how I react.

So what has happened? Several things have happened. First as I have stated several times previously, society has lost its moral core. We now focus on Our Rep not on our character, we are only worried about our image, what other people think about us. The real problem is that we have shifted from wanting people to base their thoughts of us on our actions, instead we want our images to be our measure one based on the clothing brands we wear, the cars we drive, the houses we live in. We act one way and expect others to treat us better, we show NO respect, self or other-wise but demand respect from EVERYONE. For a white person to use the N word it is a crime, yet blacks use that vulgar word in everyday language and the lyrics of their songs and the lines of the media. If the word is wrong (and I think it is a vulgar disgusting word) then it is ALWAYS wrong, not just when it isn’t used by you. If you have no more respect for yourself than to use a word that you claim is SO offensive than why are you surprised that white people offend you with your word? If you want respect for yourself then respect yourself!

olson_scott arrested via
Scott Olson Arrest via

How we act and survive as a society is directly related to how we act and survive as individuals. And that is clearly seen in how we allow media and government to use double standards and keep us divided. EVERY violent death of an unarmed person should be a HUGE outrage by all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or gender. It should NEVER be a black or white suspect, just as it should NEVER be a black or white victim. It should ALWAYS be a violent suspect and an unarmed victim! The focus should be on the facts of the crime not on the ‘drama of division’ forced down our throats by ‘the man’ to keep us from uniting and rising up.

Does this mean that I think racism isn’t an issue? Of course I know that racism is an issue, but it is a created issue to benefit government and media. Poor people face the same issues no matter what color their skin is. Hungry people don’t fare better or worse cause of ethnicity. Homeless people do not find better shelter based on religion. As long as you focus on what makes us different, instead of remembering that we are all people, we all love, we all grow, we all bleed and we all die, those whom benefit from our division win. And as long as you expect government to change your heart you will be heartless. There is absolutely NO incentive for government to EVER create a unified public. A unified public is a powerful public and threatens the establishment. That is not conspiracy theory that is human nature, it is not human nature to give up power for the improvement of your fellow man!

Marco Longari-AFPGetty via nydailynews
UN School Gaza via Marco Longari AFP/Gettty Images

This perversion of our true nature, to be social caring creatures that care for each other extends across the globe. Just look at how we choose what is good or bad in another country and how we think we should or shouldn’t intervene. In Israel we support the bombing of schools and other ‘safe’ places cause supposedly Hamas has built tunnels under these ‘safe’ places to use them as shields, but instead of sticking to their claimed moral superiority the government of Israel justifies their uncaring murder of children, civilians and the elderly, ‘because Hamas made us do it’. But in the same breath, Hamas is a savage terrorist group that is inhumane for shelling civilian targets in Israel. The basis for this WHOLE conflict was the alleged abduction and murder of 3 teenage Jewish settlers by Hamas, which there was NEVER an actual POLICE investigation into what happened to the boys nor any charges or arrest (legitimate that is) nor any trail, but the ‘war’ is completely morally correct and totally supported by the US government. Side note here, almost 10% of our elected members of Congress (both houses) are both US and Israeli citizens…..CONFLICT OF INTERESTS!!! Another side note, no other country has any citizens sitting in the US Congress, matter of fact it is still ILLEGAL to hold dual citizenship in the US. But those with Israeli citizenship not only are never questioned they are allowed high government positions and sometimes serve in positions both in the US and Israel!

Ukraine Separatists via businessinsider-com-au
Ukraine Separatist via

In Ukraine the US government supported the illegal change of government in February of this year, and have not only supported but repeatedly praised the ‘restrained and measured use of force’ of the ‘Anti-Terrorist Operations’ in the East of the country. If the US government considers a military incursion into regions (think states) of dissent (think protests) then how can you be surprised at all by what is going on in Ferguson. The US government openly calls those that do not support the government ‘Russian terrorists’, why, cause ethnically they have more Russian aspects, including speaking Russian, imagine what the US government reaction would be if the citizens of Texas to California finally got upset and protested and wanted to leave the US over the failure of the federal government to solve the border issue….It would be military action against Mexican and Central American terrorists!!! Yet, the citizens of said states would be well within their Constitutional rights! Better yet, just who do you think would come to the aid of said states? If you do not think that Mexico might get involved then you do not understand politics on even a basic level. It is very natural for a country to be concerned about destabilization on its borders; think about it this way, you live in a very nice neighborhood and a house goes up for sale, the new owners do not keep their yard ‘neat’ and they have older cars just sitting in the drive and they are regularly arguing loudly and throwing things and just all around bad neighbors……are you not going to do something to try to either get them to move or change their ways and be more in line with the rest of the block? That is how regional politics works too…it is keeping the block safe and pretty!

The bottom line if we want real change as the song goes “We have to start with the man in the mirror,” but in addition to that, we have to demand that media (start there cause they are focused on money) stop playing the race card as they are not us, the regular people on the street, they don’t know us and they don’t care about us. We need to decry any foul committed against any person with the same passion as if it was against ourselves. We need to together nurture each other so that we have the security in each other to take the time to be pro-active in our communities and hold authority accountable all the time not just when they REALLY upset us, but also to work with them (most of the little guys, like the beat patrolmen are not the enemy they are as much victims of the establishment as we are) when they get it right. No matter how bad the incident we have to find some way to work together against the media (mainstream) and government (highest levels) and the best way is to work with and unite with alternative little media and the ‘foot soldiers’ of our community.

If we do this we have a very high likely hood of creating a society that our children will thrive in and be happy in! Isn’t that result worth it?!?!


ISIS Claims Caliphate

Now What?

Ah President Obama and Senators McCain and Graham should be so very proud! Their little moderate terrorists are ALL grown up into a full fledged threat to the whole world that cannot be controlled. D.C. never seems to learn from one failure to the next. You cannot create monsters and control them when they are full grown. Especially when you do not even understand their history or their ideology or their culture. It is also worth noting that even US experts seem to not grasp the concept of fighting for or being driven either by a desire or a hatred that is larger than one’s self or the complexity of culture, history, religion that interweaves to create the society we call the Middle East.

ISIS Caliphate Map
via Stratfor Global Intelligence

Who would have thought that President Obama, the man whom ran as the uniter, would be so successful in working toward such controversial goals as arming, aiding, funding, training the sequel to Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL with Senators that seem so politically opposed to any and every thing that the White House has tried to accomplish. But when it counts they seem to have proved that they really can work together while appearing to be totally at odds.

Over the weekend ISIS declared their own state or caliphate. How does that impact the Middle East and the whole world? Well, first and foremost, it completely destabilizes the region in an attempt to supposedly promote stability. Second, and maybe more importantly in the long run, it completely rewrites the view of the US in the Middle East, thus creating more distrust and animosity than previously existed. Thirdly, by realigning the region, it creates chaos that will be used by mega-corps to further separate the 1% from the 99% and provide tools by which to manipulate things like price of oil which will also impact the price of all consumer products on multiple levels. What most people do not realize is that gas or petrol, depending on your part of the world, is not the primary end product of oil production. Petrol makes up the least over all end user consumption of crude oil. Petroleum ingredients are found in everything from cosmetics to plastics to textiles and manufacturing.

The main point is, that it is the opinion, based on the very successful implementation of a disposable consumer society, that control oil and you control the world by virtue of controlling the world’s markets on multiple levels.  Again, let me remind readers that many global economies are no longer based on a gold standard, instead most experts will tell you that they are based on the petrol-dollar, which from some points of view is accurate, however, the most basic economic describer is that most petrol-dollar economies are really just debt economies, meaning they are a complete sham and totally worthless, thus the need to maintain the illusion of richness based on oil dominance. Don’t believe me, pull out your ‘currency’ and read it, it is a promissory note, basically an IOU. So we all go around and pass debt from one to another and take things in that method. Ah, but I have ‘real’ money in the bank, just look at my bank statement…uhm, sorry, no you don’t. Those are just numbers on paper. Those numbers no longer represent your share of gold backing that institution cause the gold isn’t there. And on top of it, the banks charge you to move those numbers from one piece of paper to another and to let you see the numbers and for you to change the numbers. Every single automated and automatic shift of those numbers on paper are charged by fees and penalties and decreased interest or dividends. They show assets in the form of loans (debts) or futures (illusions) and you believe that you have wealth. What you have is owned debt that is under secured and when the global economy collapses due to bad politics in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and Africa, it will not be repaid. The debt completely and astronomically out runs whatever gold/property/capital that might have backed it up at one time.

So how does this relate to the ISIS ‘take over’? Easy, the US and allies used the ISIS and other groups to try to conquer Syria. Syria does not play by the rules. They keep their oil and sell it as they chose. Syria is really just Libya 2.0, in respect to oil control.  This means that US and allies do not directly control ALL oil sources. And that is the true and real end game of stability in the Middle East; complete and total control of ALL oil production. However, the chaos shows that the US is losing its finesse to manage regime change with behind the scenes control in such a manner as to appear to be doing the right thing and it not falling apart until history forgets that it was US that caused the issue to begin with…Saddam and Taliban. The US and her allies have to control ALL the oil production to maintain global control. It is that required control that inhibits the progress of renewable energy sources as well as lifestyle changes being encouraged that would increase the value of nature and decrease control through decreased oil product consumption. Greed of the 1% have encouraged the creation of and growth of ISIS. It is that hollow greed that will also be their downfall, for they have forgotten about the things that cannot be bought and thus will not know how to fight for ideas with their world of mirrors breaks.

UPDATE: This is a great article that shows steps to Syria’s chaos and ISIS rampage… Ian56.

Oh Serbia; As The Rains Fell

Part 2: The During

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The Ides of May will be hard to forget for most Serbs, for a while at least. But the government was trying to sweep the water under the proverbial carpet as it fell. It seems that the government’s solution for not being up to the job of dealing with the historic floods was to pretend they were in control by trying to hide what was really going on. In the article, linked in the caption of the picture to the right, from a television presentation of government meeting regarding the flood, the lack of leadership is apparent based on PM Vucic’s inability to stick to one train of thought decision within 1 meeting and does not need to be noted more than to say, it is sheer luck and the ability of those on the ground in the disaster zones that more property, persons and equipment were not lost. For those members of the Emergency Services that were in the zone trying to make a difference, listening to the PM was more like playing “Red Light, Green Light” instead of being part of a cohesive government action.
To add to the poor leadership choices that were being made, or more precisely not being made, the government also focused more attention on attacking people than they did to meeting their legal obligations for the safety of those same people. Less than 1 month after the flooding and what can the government say they have done successfully? Signed a loan agreement with UAE. Questioned at least 17 persons and charged at least 3 for supposedly inciting panic, by sharing information via Social Media. Ironically, numerous reports are that rescue teams were able to save several hundred persons due to information shared via Social Media. What panic ensued from reports on social media? That has not been properly presented. What was the information that was SO insightful as to create panic? Passing information regarding where rivers were breaching banks and by how much; and how many people were either affected or had succumbed to the disaster. While it is commonly known that sometimes initial figures can be inaccurate, it has also been proven that initial reports seem to be more reliable than not. Much discredit that comes afterwards is to the fact that someone in the government spoke that shouldn’t have or that information was accurate and shows ineptitude on the part of the government.
One would think that the government would have more important things to do during a natural disaster than to threaten, question and arrest people whom more than likely were making every sincere effort to help out their fellow man. And if passing along unverified information or numbers that the government hadn’t confirmed or didn’t want released is a crime and was worth more attention than flood response, then members of government are guilty of not only inciting panic, but also dereliction of duty and negligence. If the reports are true, as PM Vucic states in the article linked in the above picture, then the government kidnapped almost 100 children from their homes and separated them from their parents without consent of the parents. This conduct if in fact occurred as descried by PM Vucic, is inexcusable, immoral, unethical and illegal. Yet, there is no word on the location and condition of these children and their parents.

During the course of the floods it was very apparent that many cracks were shown in the government and their ability to handle such situations. Just because something might only happen every 100 years or might never happen is no reason to be so absolutely unprepared for such situations. As was stated in our previous article in this series, the basic skeleton for handling natural disasters is the same. But without the skeleton you are a jellyfish carried on the current without any choice, instead of a man able to determine his own course. It is never a good government that acts as a jellyfish, in lieu of a man. The reality is that while the jellyfish cannot be blamed for where it goes or the damage that it causes along the way, leaders are completely responsible not only for their direct actions, but also for the actions of those following their direct orders. If one hasn’t the fortitude for such repercussions then one should not be in public service position. Also, if your primary motivation for holding public office is your own ego and personal gain you are going to be a failure in such situations as floods. One does not out ego Mother Nature! The best that one can do is to find the most harmony from respect of her power and cycles. Zepce 16May2014
via Zepce 16May2014

One of the most apparent concerns to surface during the floods was just how divisive egos are in Belgrade. Yet, these fissures are not just withing Belgrade proper or within the municipality, but also have expanded to create in some places not just crevasses but canyons between Belgrade and outlying regions and municipalities. When one determines how they deal with another member of government based in a manner that publicly appears to be solely based on political party affiliation the whole public should not just be concerned, but also outraged to the extreme. Secondary, most people that are in any public office or that have any experience with public service know that you have more ‘Monday Morning Quarterbacking’ than you ever have supporters. That being said if you are going to pursue a career in the public sector you have to be able to handle criticism and extreme scrutiny of all decisions and actions that can in some way shape or form be blamed on you. If you are a good leader you learn to live with it. If you are a great leader you know that the best method for handling such individuals is to productively and positively engage them. However, it appears that PM Vucic instead censored them or by order or implication or facilitation directed the hacking of sites critical of actions and members of the government. That action is the action of a weak and or fearful leader. Which makes the whole nation weak and fearful. Serbia does not need more fear or weakness.

More EU Members Wanted

Part 1; What Membership Really Is

Anyone can join! We are lowering our entrance standards! We are desperate! We need to make Europe BIGGER and “SAFER”!
Okay, let me repeat for those that seem to not even be familiar with the word ‘geography’ (which, by the way, means study of land), Europe is a continent. It is a specific mass of land. It is one of 7 major land divisions or continents, of which 5 are connected to at least one other major land mass/continent. With the exception of loss of land to water erosion or natural disasters or land growth due to volcanic activity or earthquake caused plate shifts you cannot increase or decrease the size of said major land masses.


Did we all hear that? I know not everyone understands that, so lets continue.

The EU does not control the title of European. I know they would like to. I know they pretend they do. I know they tell countries you have to join the EU to be European. Those are lies. Any country that lies partly or wholly within the borders of the European Continent are European. That is it! That is ALL it takes to be European. No, special rules. No, special permission. No, secret deals. No, economic enslavement. No, outside control. No, secret handshake.
What does this mean? It means that Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and even Russia are just as EUROPEAN as France, Sweden, and Germany.
The pathetic irony is that the EU is selling itself as the identity of Europe. That is an advertising scam, it is called a bait and switch. Actually, it more falls under complete false advertising. The bait and switch part is that the EU promises you FREEDOM, SECURITY, PROSPERITY.
Lets see what you really get….
FREEDOM: Your constitution, laws, foreign policy, trade, education, regulations have to follow the laws, agreements, policies and regulations of the EC. As long as everything that you do is under the rules of the EC and approved by the EC and within the limits of the EC then yes you are free to run your nation (which is now no longer a nation but a member state) as you want.
SECURITY: The EU promises to protect all member countries from threats through the military capabilities of NATO. History lesson, Europe has not been invaded by a totally NON-European force in almost 1000 years. So just who are they protecting you from? Leprechaun invasion? Another Great Fairy Incursion? Ah, I know, rumors are that the Unicorns need more land! Now you might be saying that I am being ludicrous and absurd. But how absurd is it that the leading players in the EC are the same 3 countries that have invaded more countries, both in Europe and around the world, than all outside countries combined. If you no longer learn history, cause then you might not blindly follow your bought leaders into EU purgatory, let me remind you; France, Germany and England have at various times in the last 1000 years been the number 1 aggressors in Europe!
PROSPERITY: Little countries are sold images of 30 hour workweeks with great benefits and good wages and everyone living dream lives with all these material items. But what they don’t tell you is that that is their way of life and to insure their way of life, they intend to control your way of life. They will promise to help you become “European” by reforming EVERYTHING about your country and your culture. Don’t believe me? Name me a country that has joined the EU since 1995 that did not have to change anything within their borders or to reform any part of their governments or culture or education or economy.  However, the generous kind big brother EU will help you out with all these reforms by giving you LOANS and AID Packages (nice word for more loans) to help you meet the needs of the EU. Thus, in reality, your leaders have sold you and your children and their children usually for the next 150 years into servitude to the EU. Again, need reference, ask Greece, which honestly, I haven’t redone current numbers, yet considering their GNP hasn’t increased and their austerity hasn’t lowered debt, with interest and fees and new ‘aid’ they are probably now at between 170 and 190 years.

Why would the EU do this you might ask? Simple the same reasons that they were previously militarily aggressive; first and most important land and resources, secondary if you belong to or are part of them then you are not against them and you are also fodder for their self-defense. You provide a buffer-zone for them and their primary security concerns, themselves.

The EU though must be getting desperate. This joke, albeit it be a very bad joke, in Ukraine is proof that NATO and EU think global domination is a good thing. Both the means and modes as well as the motivation for pursuing regime change so quickly in Ukraine, while still having fires in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt seems completely and totally illogical, not to mention it is logistically and tactically a military nightmare. Yet, they have engaged in ill-planned if not completely ill-thought out nation stealing in Ukraine. For those of you, Ukrainians that think the EU/NATO/US group is looking out for you and wants you as an equal, you have my sympathy.

Oh Serbia, But Not For Her Politicians

Part 1 The Beginning

Serbian Floods 1

It seems that not only the world, but Serbia’s own government has forgotten about the disaster that befell the country less than a month ago. The rain that fell on the Balkans in early May led to the largest natural disaster in Europe in over a century. Floods ravished towns and villages from Croatia to Serbia. While Croatia was moderately impacted do to its upriver locale, Bosnia and Serbia were not so fortunate. The land and people that still have scars healing from the wars that broke up Yugoslavia were freshly ripped apart with rushing rapids spilling over river banks and rain soaked hills crashing down under the weight sending lives and hopes flowing out of sight with the deluge.

From various sources and reports it appears that voter apathy during the last election resulted in an incompetent and impotent government, at least so far as natural disasters are concerned, which is the one time, above all others, that citizens need their leaders to step up and do right by them. Yet, there was an apparent stunned ‘deer in the headlights’ freeze that occurred in Belgrade, thus snowballing the impact of what was an unpreventable act of nature. I am sure I can speak for most intelligent persons when I say, the flood was not the fault of the government; that being said, there is much in their action and more weighted their inaction that is their responsibility.

Serbian Floods 2
Obrez, Serbia, on Saturday, May 17

It always amazes me that when weak governments are faced with such situations as acts of nature, especially ones that can be observed in their formation and development, government inaction is always based on the fear that knowledgeable persons panic. The exact opposite is the case! Knowledge prevents panic. An informed public is a calm and responsible public, of course that is only true when the information given is honest and truthful and given in a timely manner. As we know, this is not how Vucic or the rest of the government acted. As a matter of fact it appears that they almost did the exact opposite. Instead of looking at elevation maps and previous flood zones as well as consulting with meteorology and geology experts and issuing timely warnings and watches, in which, the police and military, as well as, civil leaders of each locale could prepare and assist in maintaining the safety of their residents and coordinate with their regional and national counterparts to ensure not only that all affected persons could evacuate in a timely manner, that they also would be removed to areas that were not under threat, specifically, not to remove persons to other locations down river or in the possible flood zones of other rivers, nor into the danger zone of landslides due to excessive rain undermining the structural integrity of hills and mountains. It would appear that the existing foundation of an Emergency Response Team or plan or even thought was not in existence in Serbia. While I understand that the current government is ‘somewhat’ new, there should have been in place for some time now the existence of an Emergency Management and Response team that was not political in nature; thus that it ranks were filled with experts in the various fields needed to ensure proper reaction to various Emergency situations with a focus on natural disasters. I have since seen a news article that remarked about Serbia working on plans to be ready for an earthquake; I sincerely hope it is better in application than their flood response was! But that merely reiterates the initial assessment that there was not already in place any comprehensive natural disaster plan.

How does one know you might ask; simple, the skeleton of all response plans to natural disasters is the same. You have to know your high risk areas and your safe areas and what your risks are. You have to know your infrastructure, its sources, its limits, its centers, its age, its repair status, its redundancy capacities and all available backups to all parts of the infrastructure. You have to know your transportation capacity and capabilities for each type of event. You have to know your medical capacities, your hospitals and their level of care, their capacities and triage/mass incident abilities, as well as any special care or focused treatments that could be highly valuable during specific events. You have to know your lodging/feeding capacities for evacuees, how many locations can be converted and the capacity of each as well as the level of lodging/feeding that it can facilitate along with the coordination of volunteers that can assist in the setup, operating and clean up of said sites. You have to know your manpower resources, their locations, their abilities, their training levels and the location and numbers of specially trained and or focused teams, to ensure maximum use for minimal causality numbers. You have to know your equipment resources and capabilities, you have to also have prep locations to move equipment to prior to known disasters to facilitate rapid response in the face of the disaster; focusing on using the proper equipment for the various situations to ensure maximum response with minimal damage to property or equipment or person. You have to know your communication resources and have the systems in place to ensure flow of information even if other parts of your infrastructure collapses and insure that all members of Emergency Response Teams are trained in the use of all possible, not just probable equipment systems. You have to know your monetary resources and set up priority with regard to acquiring and upgrading equipment while understanding the limits of your personnel and the ability of your support systems to run such acquisitions. You have to require and provide training for essential personnel, while also encouraging and facilitating the training of support staff and volunteers that will be as important in implementation as main teams are in time of need. You have to set up and run various training scenarios, these should be on local, regional, national levels with focus being on different aspects of need so as to constantly assess and redefine your progress and development to ensure maximum results. You have to keep up to date with other partners within the region and world, facilitate the inclusion of your teams in training under partners and encourage outside teams to train within Serbia; this provides not only exposure to different and broader experience, knowledge and ideas, it also establishes report that can be vital when disaster occurs.

The next concern after resolving all the above issues are that you have to ALWAYS have a Plan B that can be applied instantly! For example if your telecommunications goes down how will you coordinate with teams in the field and command posts as well as keeping those affected informed to lessen the number of causalities. If your primary roads or railways are damaged or destroyed how will you move persons out of danger zones. If the initial disaster instigates a secondary disaster how will you focus your resources and divide your manpower to handle both events. All of this is primary knowledge for anyone that has any training, education and or experience with natural disasters, yet it appears to have been almost wholly non-existence at the Interior Ministry.

NO Honor Left in DC

I know that it has become common open knowledge that politicians are selfish, greedy, arrogant, narcissistic liars, but there used to be some lines that they didn’t cross, at least not very often nor openly, as the public still watched them and had morals that were lacking inside the Beltway. Now the public has fallen completely under the provided delusions of mainstream media, which is owned by Big Business, the very same group that owns the politicians. I have come to the conclusion that here in the US the public will not wake up and smell the coffee until they hit the sidewalk after falling off the Empire State Building! That is the sad sad state of American society. Most Americans have allowed themselves and their children to be so dumb downed by MSM and public education, not that private is much better, yes, I have had experience with both, that they completely accept the crimes committed by our government both at home and abroad. They believe the propaganda about threats and enemies cause they are ignorant of both the locations and histories of the events abroad. The problem is that after WWII, the prosperity that followed was so intoxicating after rations during both wars and the depression betwixt them that most became addicts of “The Good Life” which replaced “The American Dream”. No longer did Americans want the opportunity to live a comfortable life making an honest living from an honest days work. Instead, because the men that had served their countries so well and came home and had the chance to give something to the comfort of their families, greed at the corporate level saw a great opportunity. These corporate tycoons, had seen how well propaganda and advertising had worked for the success of the war effort; thus they tweaked it and turned it into their own success machine to corrupt the American mind. A massive campaign was launched against the American public. Mass communications, in the form of radio and then TV, were the weapons used in this war for the mind. Corporations poured ideas into the minds of Americans that love was no longer about how you treated each other, but what you gave to them; success was no longer measured by remaining true to your values or morals, but by how big your house was or how new your car was or how many outfits you owned; your neighbors were no longer those you counted on and shared with and helped out, they were the ones that you competed with to prove that you were the better father, husband, provider.
The campaign was a success and the prosperity keep rolling along. It seemed NOTHING could stop the money flowing freely into the hands of the rich making them richer. Then something came along to upset the proverbial apple cart. The civil rights movement happened and people became focused on something other than spending money. The Civil Rights Movement, in and of itself, probably would not have been that much to overcome, yet the movement snowballed. The movement woke up the spirit of human nature, the one that corporations had been so diligently lulling to sleep with their slogans and spokespersons. With the Civil Rights movement came the Peace Movement and a resurgence in the feminist movement. Then the unthinkable happened, President Kennedy made his famous speech and implored to the humanity in us all; “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”  And then he had the audacity to set up the Peace Corps, so that Americans could not just help their country, but also the people of other countries. (Yes, afterwards the CIA and others corrupted it) But, the final straw seems to be that President Kennedy refused to send the US into a war that he decided we could not win; not for lack of ability, yet, because those whose freedom we were supposed to secure, had no real desire to be free. As the saying goes, you cannot save people that do not want to be saved.
However, by luck or design, the three heroes of this awaking of the humanity in society, President Kennedy, his brother, Bobby, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. all met with untimely and violent deaths. The light of humanness dimmed and the war that couldn’t be won was fought and abandoned 10 years later. In that time their was still one keeper of light in the battle of good and evil, or corruption and honesty, that was the press. And that was what most people thought probably up to 9/11 and some still do. Yet, quietly and with the help of government, that should have prevented it as a violation of the First Amendment, tycoons were emerging within the news industry. As of today 6 corporations control over 90% of the media, that means that there is absolutely no independent and fair reporting taking place within this spectrum of journalism. And this 90% is also, working with the government to squash the less than 10% that is independent.  As for when the news media was firmly in the pocket of big business and government can be debated, I would say that it was completely controlled by the beginning of the wars in the Balkans, maybe even as early as the first Gulf War. But no doubt since the Balkans, there has not been any independent and fair and balance reporting of any world event by MSM.
It is of great shame that people are more concerned about Kim and Kanye getting married (who cares, it is publicity and nothing more, how they did it shows that), the latest criminal act by Justin Bieber (any parent who lets their daughter support this jerk and his career is telling their daughter that type of boy is good enough to take care of you one day, SHAME on parents for selling out daughters so cheaply), or the rantings of a complete and total jerk, that would currently be Donald Sterling (I will say again from what I heard of his comments, he isn’t a racist, he thinks EVERYONE is beneath him equally, he was being a controlling jerk of a boyfriend, nothing more), than they care about violence going on in Syria, or Libya or Ukraine, or the humanitarian disaster in the Balkans. And it is this shame that allows immorality, and corruption to live healthy and happy in our sacred halls of government.