I remember your eyes,
I could drown in their depths,
And I would drown happy
And fulfilled.

I remember your smile,
It lights up the whole room,
And sets my soul ablaze,
Consuming me in an eternal flame.

I remember your voice,
The sound captivated me,
Hypnotic and mesmerizing,
Wrapping my heart in bliss.

I remember your laughter,
Full of love and life,
So honest and sincere,
It fills me with joy.

I remember every thing,
Every little detail,
Every little moment,
They are my greatest treasures.


You hate them,
Yet you tell them
You won’t  buy them,
Yet you sell them.
Sometimes even
You decide to buy
Instead with truth,
You  settle with a lie.
Why do You do it?
What’s there to protect?
Trying to leave an impression?
Or to gain false respect?
If You get busted
Truth can be dusted
When truth is bent
The lie causes dent.
You say
“I don’t want to be lied to.”
Then again,
Like others,You do it,too.
You swear You never told a lie,
You swear You always speak truth.
No, you don’t, You know it.
No, you don’t, You know it.
Even Mister who wears
Black suit and tie
Works for the people,swears,
By selling pretty lie.
You may even lie for a reason,
Who cares!?
You’ll be charged with a treason.
No longer you can tell,
What’s right and what’s wrong,
It all sounds beautiful,
Like a favourite song.
You can shoot, You can miss,
Is it a curse or is it a bliss?
You can hide,
By telling beautiful lies,
Someone gets wounded,
Perhaps, even dies.
You can lie responding with silence,
Then you go through emotional violence.
You smile because
you were told a secret,
Now, You lie because you sworn
To keep it.
When truth becomes a lie,
The truth is no more
You’re getting high
Just by watching it grow.
When lie becomes truth,
No one asks for proof,
But when You tell the truth,
No one believes,
They demand the proof.
Lies can protect,
Like house without roof.
Honesty became a lonely word,
When you tell truth, will it be heard?
So what is it?
So what do you want?
Truth or a lie,
Sick in bed,
Waiting to die,
Now you hang at the end of the rope,
To be forgiven,
Now – that’s a Hope.


I starred at myself,
Then I looked in the mirror.
I saw nothing but bones covered with flesh,
Covered with soft pale skin.
But then how soft it really is,
Or as a matter of fact
How soft am I?
Day in and day out,
I see people die,
They kill each other,
No fear, no guilt.
It seems that humans are losing senses
It’s scary when you realize
Your thoughts can be read
From anywhere, everywhere.
It’s scary when you realize
That what you once had
Is no longer just yours,
It’s everyone’s.
You see people get murdered
Simply for saying things out loud.
For trying to protect others.
Humans are consumed
By being civilized,
By their own ideas of perfection,
By the hunger for money,
By the power of false…
Humans want to improve nature by killing it,
To improve health by destroying it.
Then I woke up realizing
It was only just a nightmare.
I woke up grateful knowing
I’m just a beast.


Shine like toasted almonds,
Shine like toasted almonds!

Serving Pie with Earl Grey Tea,
I chew to be happy,
Stirring now, stirring now,
Creamy filling for the pie.

Sugar, lemon, Vanilla beans
The filling also needs,
Drained cherries, from a can,
Toss the almonds in the pan.

Pour cream in shells
And bake them right away,
Oh,Right away!
At first touch I knew
The cherry pie was almost baked
I want more colour on the crust.

So cut right, first slice, then plate up
Then sprinkle sugar over the top.
I chew now the first bite,
It’s beautiful, delicious and it’s light.

Shine like toasted almonds,
Shine like toasted almonds!
It’s beautiful, delicious and it’s light.

Cherry’s Queen of pie universe
When it’s glazed it shines beautifully
Feel the heat,it smells right
Add some almonds in the pie.

Put some anise star, you’ll see
For pies, it is an ecstasy
When you probe it, steam comes out
Toss some almonds on the top.

Pour cream in shells
And bake them right away,
Oh,Right away!
At first touch I knew
The cherry pie was almost baked
I want more colour on the crust.


I wish you can see more than darkness,
I wish you can hear more than silence,
I wish you can feel more than just pain,
You know, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I can draw lines, turn it into art.
I can play music straight from my heart.
I can offer you a hug or two,
I can love you. Can you love me, too?

I am an artist. Please, let me show you.
You’ll be impressed. It is only for you.
It will be perfect. It will be honest.
It will be like you – beautiful, flawless.

I can offer more than the best
Will you be friend or just a guest.
I won’t hurt you like others do.
Right to be loved. You  have it, too.


Shuttering dreams,
Nightmare – It seems.
Hanging. Waiting.
Social approval.
Perhaps,it is removal.

Standing alone,
Watch people go by.
Unnoticed beauty.
Action is neutral.
Reaction is brutal.

Words you offered
Are promises slaughtered.
It gets better.
Life was given,
Sins forgiven.

In public. Awkward.
Reading a book.
Lunatic. Yes!
Oh my gosh! Look!
Moving forward.

Wait there.
Broken glass.
Shattered screen.
Destroyed mass.

Wake up. Wake up.
Is it too late.
Once real.
You were great.

Wake up. Wake up.
Let’s be friends.
Forget the screens.
No!? That’s where it ends.

I Miss You

I miss you
When you are gone,
The skies are gray,
Long are the days,
When I am alone.

I miss you
When you are gone,
The silence is loud,
My tears fill the clouds,
When I am alone.

I miss you
When you are gone,
Forever lasts the night,
Memories fill my sight,
When I am alone.

I miss you
When you are gone,
When I am all alone,
I miss you.


Photo Credit: Daniel De Jan


Will you come back?
Please do!
I’m waiting for you.
This winter.

I don’t want to
make a snowman, alone.
I just want us to
chase after snowflakes, together.

Will you come back?
I pray that you do!
I’m waiting for you.
This winter.

You don’t have to
walk in the snow.
I will carry you,
As I would have before.

Will you come back?
I hope that you do.
I’m waiting for you.
This winter.

I will protect you
While you sleep.
Wake up, son,
It’s snowing…

There goes another year.
I’m still waiting.

Yes! So What?

Yes, I believe in fairies
and look for their rings
So What!

Yes, I believe in luck
and look for rainbows
after every storm….
So What!

Yes, I believe in hope
and look for right
in every wrong….
So What!

Yes, I believe in courage
and look for the warrior
in everyone…
So What!

Yes, I believe in Santa
and look for giving
So What!

Yes, I believe in magic
and look for charm
in everything….
So What!

Yes, I believe in kindness
and do my best deed
every chance…..
So What!

Yes, I believe in dreams
and voice my wishes
every night…..
So What!

Yes, I believe…..
So What???


Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

First Memory

Shadows climb across the walls
Darkness moves ever closer
Silence pushes in and in
Fear weighs the air down
Is anyone there
Will anyone come


The child closes her eyes
Tears will not help
She curls up in a ball
But still the cold is there
Hoping praying wishing
For what
For whom


There is no dawn to come
There is no sun to shine down
The air is gray and thick
The clouds do not rise or fade
What is the crime
What was the sin


Despair has conquered all
Even the evil is gone
Still there is no safety
Still there is no hope
What will be tomorrow
Will it be better


How do you live
How do you survive
How do you hope
How do you believe
Is there more some where
Is there some one who cares




Photo by Max Hofstetter on Unsplash