Random Thoughts About Random Things

So today I am going to point out some random things that display how far we have distanced ourselves from common sense. It just amazes me some days how much most people just go along with the crowd without a single thought. Why do people buy into the idea that EVERYONE has the same DREAM. We don’t! We are individuals, we all have different talents and gifts, different strengths and weaknesses. There is a very good reason for that, it is suppose to take ALL of us using our individual talents and gifts to make the world a better place and to make our quality of life better. It should disappoint us greatly that we no longer encourage individualism but instead blindly enforce conformity.

We think it is best for our children to wear uniforms to school, instead of expressing their individuality. And that is the foundation of uniforms. That is why uniforms are used by military, law enforcement, and prisoners. They are a symbol of being just a part of a whole. In those 3 examples the need for uniforms are for the completion of the mission successfully. However, in the instant of schools, the use of school uniforms has limited the individual growth of our children. It inhibits their natural curiosity and creativity. In most states, the whole purpose of the “education” system is not to educate but to teach conformity and blind obedience.

And with the prison system, while the use of uniforms is appropriate, the system itself is so broken that it in NO way accomplishes the mission of rehabilitation. Matter of fact the prison system works just like the welfare system; it is designed to keep the fallen down and to ensure that the broken remain in pieces. The Cook County Jail is the largest jail in the country and it is also the largest mental health facility in the country as well. As a nation we spend hundreds of millions on luxuries for the ‘public servants,’ which in no way benefits the nation as a whole, yet we release individuals back into society, with no betterment from the start of their incarceration and no path to achieve betterment on their own. And spending money on that would benefit the whole nation, even the greedy corporations that could have a broader labor force and stronger consumer base for their products and services. Which begs the question, why keep them down….

The current state of the US, shows just how much damage can be done when your primary focus is money. When your motivation is greed. When your desire is for instant gratification. When you measure success by the number of things you have. When your dreams come from without instead of within. When you blindly support the inept leaders of your government. When the real leaders of the country are owned by big business. When you allow laws that infringe on basic common sense and human rights. When you surrender unconditionally to terrorism, yet allow a half planned war against terrorists.

If you think the observances are extreme, think, on your own, about these examples. It is illegal in most states to collect rain water on your own property. It is illegal in most counties to grow a garden in your yard. Walking into the Social Security Administration office with picture ID does not prove you are living. You are required by law to purchase products, think of insurance. Everyday you allow the government to infringe on your rights and the rights of your fellow man under the guise of safety and national security. So when you have NO real rights left you have no one to blame but yourself…..cause knowing what the Kardashians were doing and buying the latest shoes was more important than attending the local school board meeting; cause you throw a party every year for the Super Bowl but cannot find the time to vote on election day, both of which fall basically on the same day every year.