Extrajudicial Murder

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While traveling in Vietnam, President Obama announced another “successful” drone attack in Pakistan. It appears this time he might actually be correct. From photos of the scene it looks as though a single vehicle carrying the target and at least a driver if not others was hit without damage to other vehicles or individuals; however, this is the exception and not the more common results of Obama’s favored covert drone war on terror.

In case anyone has forgotten, Pakistan is a sovereign country, that we have not declared war against and was not officially consulted prior to the attacks. Before we go further, how do you think it would go over if say Columbia initiated a drone attack of a ‘known’ cartel leader inside U.S. borders? (And we do not even have to consider any collateral damage for this rhetorical hypothetical scenario.) 

drone attacks damage
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It has been reported in The Washington Times that while Obama claimed he wanted to get America out of war, he merely wanted to change the way in which the war was fought. Whereas Bush fought his wars openly, Obama wants to fight his in the secrecy of ‘national security’ redaction. For Obama the cloak of ‘national security’ has been his greatest weapon both abroad and within the Beltline. However, the headline of that Washington Times article told the sad truth of his war….. “Obama-led drone strikes kill innocents 90% of the time

Pakistan Drone Attack NumbersThe information for the above article is based on a 5-month long mission in Afghanistan that was, based on the numbers, a complete failure! The complete exposé can be found at The Intercept. The original article states what EVERY American should be thinking, but seems completely unfazed by. “This outrageous explosion of watch-listing — of monitoring people and racking and stacking them on lists, assigning them numbers, assigning them ‘baseball cards,’ assigning them death sentences without notice, on a worldwide battlefield – it was, from the very first instance, wrong,” the unnamed source told The Intercept. Luckily for some of those that have been detained as our enemy or the families of those death-listed there is someone in the States that is working for justice and not revenge being served. As Reprieve started freeing GITMO detainees, George Bush’s Attorney General told them “if you don’t let us imprison and interrogate these guys, we will just kill them.” The drone program amounts to little more than a killing spree of fear and hate that increases the profits for defense contractors flying under the guise of foreign policy’s agenda of keeping the world safe and spreading democracy. Neither of which has improved over the course of the decade and half since 9/11.
Yemen Drone Attack NumbersAs a matter of record, the countries, in which the drone program has been the primary weapon of choice, have seen greater violence and instability. In addition to having less security and democracy and living in constant fear, their citizens have been deemed unworthy to have any access to any proper legal process. This ‘justification’ that a group of people, no matter how ‘evil’ they appear to the world, is not allowed access to the legal process of justice to determine guilt or innocence is completely immoral and by action shows the unworthiness of those justifying and carrying out these executions without the order of a proper and public conviction of crimes.

Based on numbers found in an article in The Guardian at least 6 different targets were ‘hit’ 5 or more times and at least 5 different targets resulted in collateral deaths of over 100 individuals each, with another 35 targets resulting in the collateral deaths of on average over 25 others. The inexcusable fact is that these numbers which are based on 2014 figures are lower than the current truth, if the truth were to ever be told.

Afghanistan Drone Attack NumbersIn 2013,  Obama declared that no drone strike was taken without “near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.” adding that “nevertheless, it is a hard fact that U.S. strikes have resulted in civilian casualties” and said “those deaths will haunt us as long as we live.” Apparently, based on the continued use of these weapons and the continued skirting of accountability, the haunting only lasts till the next morning when he signs the next day’s “kill list”.  It seems that the label of ‘national security’ like a spoonful of honey makes it sweet enough to swallow.

In the course of this very covert public war on terror, at least 8 American citizens have been murdered without due process or judicial precedent. The more troubling fact is that not all drone attacks are target attacks on ‘known’ and ‘identified’ terrorists, some are so-called signature strikes based on indications that people on the ground were likely with Al Qaeda or allied militant groups. Another words, the US government is intentionally murdering foreign citizens based entirely on association and possible behavior and or location, without any real or tangible evidence or even identification.

Somalia Done Attack NumbersWhile it is true that drone attacks have killed alleged terrorists, they have also killed innocent civilians, American citizens, misidentified targets, and victims of the terror groups. Military and intelligence officials argue that in most cases they were confident that they were killing only dangerous militants. However, when they are questioned about the misses and civilian casualties, they insist they did not know that the civilians were present and or that the target was absent. This proves that the intelligence on the ground is haphazard at best and that the method of drone attacks needs to end until such time as it can be carried out within the bounds of proper legal precedent without civilian casualties being the norm and in great excess of the actual stated intent.

What Will Sorry Change?

hiroshima bombing
Hiroshima, Japan 6AUG1945

On 6 August 1945, the United States made a decision that has been debated passionately since. The date marks the death of at least 100,000 Japanese civilians in the city of Hiroshima; and the first use of nuclear weapons in known history. Since the dropping of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the morality of even having such weapons, much less using them has been a hot topic in many areas of discussion. At the time of the event, many Americans completely supported the decision; however, today the thought of using nuclear weapons is one of the most appalling imaginable. Ironically, one of the safety balances that existed during the Cold War that no longer exists was the mutual annihilation factor of the US and the USSR having ‘equal’ numbers of warheads.

Kerry in Hiroshima
Kerry in Hiroshima via pressherald.com

Recently, during a G7 gathering, US Secretary of State Kerry visited the site. This makes him the highest ranking US government official to ever visit the site. Kerry’s honor will be short lived, as Pres. Obama will be touring the Hiroshima site during his visit later this month. The announcement has drawn criticism that even just showing up at the site can be seen as an apology.
Hello! People see just what they want to see anyway, when they look with an agenda!

This is one time where I have to tell Obama critics they really do need to grow up. If the general practice should be that heads of countries should never attend the sites of previous conflicts with mass casualties then all world leaders would have to go to the Moon to make any trips. Human history is full of such disasters, some will say that it is human nature, but I say it is evil nature, which is different, not that humans cannot be filled with evil, they can. I also believe that holding on to wrongs forever is just as wrong as the original crime and creates just as much destruction.

While I have no issue with Obama going to Hiroshima, I would be less accepting and supportive if he was making an official or even unofficial apology. It was a decision made during in a war with the intent of winning the war. Just like it would be insignificant for Japan to apologize for the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Apologies for acts during war should be limited to war crimes and other illegal acts of participants in the war, both military members, as well as, civilians. It should also be understood that civilian casualties are a part of war; yes, they should be limited and every effort should be made to limit them, however, they will occur.

In this case, for a war that most of the surviving combatants and civilians have already died; what will “sorry” change?
Will it turn back time? Would that ensure something better?
Will it bring the dead back to life? Will that definitely improve the world?
Will it change history? Will that make either country more just?

Participants in wars should be the most honorable and just that society has to offer, sadly that is rarely the case and even less so today. That being said it is not fair or just or right to judge wartime actions by peace time standards. In addition, demanding or demeaning things like official apologies is less important than moving forward by learning from the past. I do believe that it is possible for President Obama to visit Hiroshima without apologizing and it being a good and positive thing. In truth, official apologies have no true or real or sincere value, they are at most political stunts and thus irrevocably flawed from conception.

Community Organizers; Lions In Sheep’s Clothing

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It would be more accurate to state that they are lions in lions’ clothing pretending to love sheep! Why? Cause these ‘super’ people come into communities that are in some way victimized and preach of what should be better and what should exist; yet, in general the most that they do is just that preach! Their true intent, the more I read or listen or look or find, seems to be to create anger and hate and even violence. Those emotions are destructive not constructive and as such their acts are also destructive in the long run.

Now before you get too upset with me, know this….I am all for protesting, free-speech, even revolution and I am not for conforming just for the sake of conformity, security over freedom, or the right of authority without consequence!
NO government and certainly NO ONE is above the law and immoral and unjust laws need to be removed from the books! (but that is for another time)

Abby Sewell (February 27, 2011) Los Angeles Times.

Back on track; you may ask yourself how can she say that? These people do things to make the world a better place and that is a good thing. Well, let’s just see how I drew my conclusions. The primary handbook that is used by community organizers from Obama to the Tea Party is Rules of Radicals, by Saul Alinsky. It instructs these leaders to ‘rub raw’ the injustices and hardships of the people they are organizing; basically to whip them up into an angry mob mentality in order that they raise loud angry voices to speak out ‘for themselves’. This is the primary goal of the community organizer, to get all the ‘victims’ to scream and yell and be angry!

While I will agree that there are times when you have to yell and scream and even get mad, that should not be your first means of improving society and it should not be your primary means of improving society. That anger that will lead to violent riots instead of powerful peaceful protests should be considered the community’s ‘means of war’ and as with ALL diplomatic relations, war should be the absolute last option chosen to resolve an issue and only used when all other means of resolution have failed completely and it is a matter of life and death.

Being community organizer is one of those ‘titles’ that sounds all intellectual and enlightened and compassionate until you really examine it. First off, it implies that you are from the community, yet Obama was not from Chicago, he moved there cause he landed the job as ‘community organizer’, he was, as most are, an outsider. Now, for the record, being an outsider does not mean you cannot care about a community, but most people will agree that few care as much about a community as the people who live there and have always lived there. While I have given him due credit for his rhetoric for years, that does not truly make someone a whole or real person and since that is his only talent that I have seen thus far, it actually supports the fact that Obama is a shell of a man, without integrity, honor, valor, or courage and thus without character. Sadly, he is likable to most people. That said, being likable does not make you good or right. Many criminals on all levels are very likable people, they have families and friends and loads of people that would speak of how likable they are, yet, they still lie, steal, cheat, kill, destroy the very things that they claim to hold so dear.

The next thought one believes about the community organizer is that they want to help build a stronger community. This aspect is a little harder to examine, it takes the perception that is in rare use today; that is in using the community to create and build their own ‘better world’ on their own, using their own talents and skills. What the community organizer does is little things that give the appearance of helping, like organizing letter writing campaign to get street lights replaced. Offering buses to local school board meetings or commissioner meetings, not for building and creating working relations but to have you show your anger! Getting out the vote, but telling you which candidate you should vote for!

food for the hood
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What really makes a community stronger is developing not only your local talents and treasures, but in thus doing so encouraging those that would leave to stay, by giving them a reason. For example: the schools are not giving your kids the best education; sure going to board meetings and PTAs and the like and voicing your thoughts and concerns are good, but put more energy into fixing the problem yourself. Even if you have to do it yourself, in your own home, set up group homework meetings where kids are encouraged and supported to do their homework and have members of the community facilitate these meetings, don’t worry about how smart you are or aren’t, you will be surprised at how the kids can help and tutor each other. As a community ‘reward’ the kids for their work and dedication, it can be as simple as making little ribbons for good report cards or giving out goodie bags for perfect attendance. If the school won’t work with you, do these things in someone’s home or a local church or rec center. Have community clean up days…..EVERYONE get out and pick up trash or pitch in and help paint a senior’s home. Create a list of the shut ins and single moms and at risk kids; find out what they need, meals cook, rides to health appointments, walking kids to and from school and as a whole community help each other out, improve the quality of life for the WHOLE community. The best you will get from a ‘community organizer’ like Obama is the success of government ‘throwing more money’ at a problem, but EVERYONE knows that by the time that it travels all the way down to the community, there is nothing or very little left.

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If you did not know what illusions are created by community organizers, all you have to do is look at Obama’s time in politics. He does not roll up his sleeves and get his own hands dirty. His concept of compromise is to stir up anger and make threats, tactics learned in the pages of Saul Alinsky’s book. If you are such a blind Obama supporter that you can find no fault in his performance, then look at the members of Congress that belong to the Tea Party, judge them, for they follow the same play book that Obama does.

You wonder why we cannot get passed grid lock in DC, we have two opposing sides that both have learned to use anger and division and ‘war’ to get things accomplished and those in the middle have no strength of leadership to put the two spoiled toddlers in time out and move forward. That is cause grid lock serves the whole very well. They do not have to admit to bad votes or no progress and each side has a villain to blame without consequence.


Obama’s Softspot For His Frankenstein

The numbers show how little damage the US is willing to do to their Frankenstein. In a Washington Post article the numbers prove that once again Obama is ALL rhetoric about current situations.

090614_anhq_NATO_640 via foxnews
via foxnews.com

According to their numbers a total of 157 air strikes have been conducted by the US on Islamic State targets. The strikes have destroyed 212 targets of which 162 were vehicles, while only 50 have been strategically significant targets! That says it all in a nutshell!

While it might be a ‘bigger rush’ to hit and take out a moving target, it is no true big deal for I.S. to lose vehicles that they can replace within an hour. It is much more strategically successful for the air strikes to damage and destroy their facilities and weapons systems; that is the only way to ensure any real ‘degrading’ of I.S. Yet, that is not happening. Not only is that not happening, President Obama has openly stated that the US will increase their supply of weapons to ‘moderate’ rebels…..

Would that be the same ‘moderate’ rebels that have been working with I.S., including selling kidnapped American journalists to I.S. for their propaganda?!?!?!
Nice Call President Obama!

We have agreed to fund, support, and help run training camps in Saudi for more ‘moderate’ rebels to help in the battle against I.S. Saudi has been one of the major funnels of money, weapons, supplies and other support for destabilizing Syria from the start, including supplying Chemical Weapons to the moderates so that they can create false flags that can be blamed on Assad and the Syrian military.

We are also publicly stating that we will once again violate the sovereignty of another nation by conducting air strikes in their territory. Of course we have been committing this crime for so long now that it is like speeding on the Interstate for us. We seem to have a complete inability to decide who our enemies are and how to deal with them. We attack Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan while funding, arming and supporting them in Syria and Iraq.
To say we are confused is a complete and total understatement!

What a tangled web we weave when we plan to deceive!!! And how much more tangled it becomes when the motive for the deceiving is greed!

D Day +70 years

Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. And this post should be about honoring the honorable, brave men that stormed the beaches and eventually fought their way to Berlin. My problem is that it seems that their service to once great nations was in vain. Thus, the ceremonies taking place on sacred ground are a farce. Many of the remaining warriors from that Good War traveled great distances, both physical and emotional, to stand on the same sand that was stained with the blood of young boys full of heroic fear. Those young men from nations near and far stepped up and took a stand against evil and oppression. They trusted their governments and they were full of idealism. It was, on the surface, the Good War.
But, today it seems that we are full of bad wars and the leaders cannot be trusted. Ironically, those immoral, cowardly (with the exception of Prince Phillip) leaders of the West turned this momentous occasion into a political drama scene. Apparently, POTUS can sink lower than thought possible. Less than month ago the hottest story was how the US treats its survivors of this historic day, which Obama managed to hide behind an even more insulting event to those men and women that have given so freely in defense of the idea of America. He traded 5 high ranking Taliban leaders for 1 little Private that willing walked off his post in a war zone after sending home all personal valuables and stating his disillusionment with certain aspects of the situation. With these fires burning at home, POTUS flies off to Europe as the leader of the US at the ceremony remembering D-Day, 70 years ago. The truly pathetic role that Mr. Obama chose to play this week was one of a spoiled, entitled, ill-mannered child, mad that he wasn’t getting all the other kids at the cool table to follow his demands and knowing that all those “nobody kids” in the world were watching the event unfolded in real time.
Here is the deal POTUS, when you travel as the elected leader of the US, you are representing EVERY American. Some of us are not so uncultured as to think your behavior which is more reminiscent of a reality TV show (insert your own example of de-evolution) represents us and we are appalled that you think your classless rude behavior elevated you on the world chessboard. How dare you smear what our fathers and grandfathers died for on that beach! How dare you use their sacrifice to take jabs at Mr. Putin, whom represents an important ally in that Good War, that apparently you did not study while prancing and strutting through the halls of Harvard, finally decrying your blackness, having found that it gets you extras without actually being anything special, which is also an insult to each and every African-American whom fought and defended this nation and did it not by pointing out the color of their skin but in spite of the color of their skin. You shame them the most, they fought and struggled for you to have an equal and fair chance and you took their struggle and mocked it by claiming their heritage as your own and demanding benefit for it.
You should have conducted yourself with class and dignity. You should have focused on the meaning of this event. You should have made EVERY attempt to take the higher road, you know that one that you often look up to and wonder what it is, since you have never actually taken the high road. This was not the time for political drama pouting. If you thought shunning Mr. Putin and speaking of the Iron Curtain and Cold War, made you a better man, it is just more proof of your totally and completely naracistic personality. You are not the better man, the better man would have shaken the hand of the man whom leads the country who lost more than 20mil people at the hands of Hitler, the US did not suffer cities under siege or bombings or combat in the streets and you totally belittled the price paid by all Russians over what, your campaign of “Everyone Hates Russia”? Shame on you!!! This was NOT your day, it was the day of those that fought and those that suffered and those that gave their lives. And you could not for one day think past yourself! I do hope that you are proud of yourself; cause I as one American am not!
To EACH and EVERY man and woman and child that suffered, survived, fought, and died from EACH and EVERY country; I salute you, I thank you, I honor you. To the men and women that fought the Good War, on D-Day and every day of the struggle you are our heroes, our hope and our future! Not just on this day but on everyday.

Obama Meant Making Public EVERYONE ELSE’S Skeletons

One of Obama’s loudest “Changes” he promised when he campaigned was transparency. What we have gotten is even more status quo than under the “tyranny of Bush”. Most government watch groups have come to the same conclusion, the current administration is the most secret we have had in memory. It seems that absolutely even the most general knowledge is classified due to National Security.
In order for any information to be made public under this administration it either requires a HUGE court battle or gained by ‘illegal’ means. Of course publicly everything is Bush’s fault or was an inherited mess from Bush. I wonder how many years Obama would have had to been POTUS before Bush was no longer responsible for the current situation. The sadder truth is that the American public has become so complacent that they allowed Obama’s excuses and passing the buck to be rewarded by a 2nd term.
Of course the American public has also allowed for a Congress that has not done their Constitutional duty for more years than we can remember to stay in office and in power. Then we complain about the economy not getting better, the tax burden getting worse, and yet we do not fix things. Still things get worse and when they get too bad it will be too late. There is too much affection between big business and government and not enough between government and the public.
I said before Obama became POTUS that he was ALL talk and I have to say on that he has not let me down at all. And that is a very sad fact. I do have to say that he has surprised me by how aggressively his administration has gone after whistle-blowers and charging more people with treason than ALL other presidents combined. Just as disturbing are the down-right totalitarian policies of spying on your cubical mate and even being held accountable if they show honor and courage by blowing the whistle and you didn’t squeal to the bosses before it happened. It appears that Mr. Obama and his advisers took Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 to heart as instruction manuals. They were supposed to be wake up calls for the public, maybe that is why they are not read anymore in lit classes in American High Schools. Of course today schools are just training facilities for conformity into a socialist totalitarian system run behind the scenes by big business.
It has become a concern for some in wondering just what it will take to wake the American people up and to get them to care; my concern is whether there will be anything left of the America that the world looked up to when that finally happens or will it really be too late.

More Honorable Is An Honest Enemy Than A Dishonest Hero

Obama Putin
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There has been a lot of remarks recently by regular people about just how horrible Russia and Putin are and how the whole world should back Ukraine, which they do not realize means backing a government that bullied its way into power. One of the words used to describe Putin has been bully. Yes, Putin very much can be a bully and if people had been paying attention to the world around them for longer than 5 minutes they might have some real concept of the political climate that has existed in Russia for several hundred years. If you are going to criticize and judge then you should do that with regard to the environment that the one you are criticizing exists in.
By comparing everyone and everything to your narrow American view you are being arrogantly egocentric. This arrogance creates misconception and fosters misunderstanding that will lead to dislike and distrust. If you want to criticize someone and be taken seriously then you should use the standard of their environment to be the measure by which you criticize and ridicule.
Russia was ruled by the Czars for centuries and as is usually the case that meant that even under good or descent Czars life for the masses was hard and meager. Then in the beginning of the 20th century came Lenin’s Revolution, while one can argue the positivity of his intentions, the fact is that Stalin pretty much reverted to the strict oppression of the masses that was reminiscent of life under the Czars. After the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Iron Curtain it seemed as the Soviet Union broke up, much to the eager encouragement of the West, that Russia herself might spiral out of control in a free fall of corruption and organized crime. One of the largest factors in this free fall was the lack of a strong leader to put the government and country back together.
Enter Putin, yes he is former KGB, and he is from the old school. That being said he is intelligent, focused, motivated, savvy, educated and above all strong enough to have remained in power for decades. What is his secret to his staying power; easy, he is brutal and ruthless and cunning. He is a man that cut his ‘political’ teeth in the intelligence world, he is probably one of the most knowledgeable world leaders in respect to understanding the complexities of international relations and the intranational relations of all leading countries as well as most if not all emerging ones as well.
The West and Russia, primarily (China, more recently) have been competing for the rest of the world for the last 500 years. So the events in Middle East, North Africa, and now Europe are not new and should not come as surprising. As for the ‘aggressiveness’ of Russia and Putin’s remarks and ‘actions’ I think most Americans should reverse the situation and think about how we would react if say Quebec managed to unseat the legitimate government of Canada and by the actions of their extremists made the residents of several English speaking provinces nervous and they asked the US for help. US actions would be at least on the same level as Russia’s has been if not escalated. Make no mistake that the US would be much more assertive with similar action on her own borders.

“More Money Less Insurance”

Ah, if the ACA, better known as ObamaCare, hasn’t totally made you sick yet, give it another few weeks and it will. Looking at the promises made and repeated time and time again, and looking at the numbers, there was never any way that the Affordable Care Act could float as promised.
Let’s take a walk down memory lane;
Obama promised that “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it.” The fact is that from the time that the ACA was signed into law and companies started seeing the requirements and the number crunchers started crunching the numbers: companies have been cutting full-time employees to part-time status; companies have been limiting the hours that part-time employees are working; companies have informed employees that insurance benefits will be limited or dropped. It is estimated that 2 million Americans have lost the health care that they had. And there are more to follow, not to mention that for those 2 million most are finding that their premiums will increase by up to 50% over their lost benefits and that might not even mean similar coverage.
Obama’s stance was that the ACA was a way for those that currently did not have or could not afford health care to be covered. It was to catch those that had fallen through the cracks of the old system. The problem is that a significant number of those millions of uninsured Americans will not only still fall through the cracks they will also be punished for it. And the insurance companies are still making billions in profits every year, as they are raking in on this force purchase of their products.If Obama wanted to really help out the poor and uninsured then he should have taken a very courageous approach to healthcare. He should have fought to make all hospitals and clinics and other health industries non-profits. He should have consolidated the health industry and imposed rules and regulations that insure that patients are put before profits. He should have developed a method by which medical students and others receiving a degree or certification in the health industry are required instead of paying back student loans, those individuals should commit to equal service to their length of education in the poorest and most in need areas of the country. There is even a bonus in this that maybe some of these persons that pursue a health care career for the primary purpose of monetary gain, might actually learn the real and true purpose of healing others. It is about giving and not receiving.Now there are those that say the naysayers are just trying to scare people for political motives. And the supporters of ObamaCare can show figures for how many people have been helped by the ACA. But here is the bottom line, big business has more pull in Washington than any individual group of private citizens; therefore, the insurance and healthcare industry would have never allowed any law to be passed that would in any way diminish their profit margin.
The real losers here are future American citizens. The way to have a healthier public is to limit the greed of, not only, big business, but also, of the falsely entitled self: to reteach people to be active; to use common sense; to practice moderation; to be responsible for their own choices; to think about the ramifications of ALL their actions.

Big Brother Obama Has Played The National Security Card Again

obama signing executive order in oval office
Over the holiday Obama signed an Executive Order that gives the government COMPLETE control over all communications in a National Security event. The fact that he signed this order on the Friday afternoon of the holiday weekend which actually started on Wednesday, shows that he knew it would be a political fiasco considering the recent outrage over PRISM. It also shows that there should be more outrage. If his intentions were honorable then he would have done it in the full light of a working day. What is as important as what a politician does is when they do it.
While Obamanites might argue that being able to control the airwaves in an emergency is a good idea, if that was the pure and only reason for this Order then he would have done it with lots of fanfare at 10 am on Tuesday morning, but he didn’t. So the primary reason for doing this late on the 2nd day of a 4 day holiday weekend, was to have a few news reports talking about it as possible. Why does a politician, that is known for their narcissism, do something that will not given them desired publicity……cause the publicity that would arise outta this action would not give positive and beneficial results to his personal/professional goals.
Also the wording of in the event;  “Such communications must be possible under all circumstances to ensure national security, effectively manage emergencies and improve national resilience.” should concern people. We have seen the government, especially sine 9/11, use the term National Security as a blank check whenever they think the need exists and there is little to no oversight. We know this from experience. We have heard of judges signing warrants without being able to read most of the warrant due to classification of the information included in the warrant. You would think that we could find judges that could be vetted so that they could read full petitions for warrants. We have even had reports that judges have signed warrants after the searches indicated in the warrants have actually taken place.
We have seen the use of the phrase ‘National Security’ used to justify PRISM, the huge expansion of the TSA, the creation of Homeland Security, as well as excessive watching of journalists and citizens in their private communications, there have even been reports of veterans being taken into custody and even placed in psychiatric wards of jails and hospitals. Where is the “this goes too far” fail-safe line?
As long as the American public accepts the illusion that the government has our best interest at heart or that they will ALWAYS do what is best for the country or her citizens, we will move closer and closer to enslavement in the guise of National Security.

Big Brother Getting Bigger…

celebrate WhistleBlowers
Celebrate Whistle Blowers justiceseeds.org

Obama’s run for President was based on Change and Transparency…..We have certainly gotten the CHANGE, but the transparency is more a myth than Camelot! During Obama’s tenure more whistle-blowers, an asset in successfully ensuring an honest and transparent government, have been prosecuted than under all other administrations combined, twice as many to be exact. And while by the numbers (6) that may not be a huge number the implications are immense. In addition, the spying on journalists and news agencies is a complete and total violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution, the US one, just in case you forgot we had one as the current administration seems to have. And now we are getting reports that under the PRISM program we have even been spying on…well, yes, you guessed it….EVERYONE; US citizens, the foreign friends of US citizens, the friends of the foreign friends of US citizens, and even high-ranking officials in the governments of our enemies and, oh, did we mention, also our allies…..oops. The NSA is the proverbial spoiled brat that has gotten caught with their hand in the cookie jar. To our allies, if you are waiting for an apology, don’t expect one and certainly do not expect it to be sincere.

Take heart allies and enemies alike, you are not the only government officials that the US government is spying on; through a program labeled, INSIDER THREATS they are also spying on their own officials and encouraging, no, actually coercing government employees to snitch on any employee that appears to be a threat. What constitutes a threat is vague, but worse is that failure to report such a threat will result in punishment possibly even criminal prosecution. The methods of this administration show the thug like means by which Mr. Obama started his political career. He did not win his first political race fairly, he won cause he had the petition for his opponent invalidated for not having enough “registered voters” as signers. And getting in the Senate was an appointment. And like him or not, if not for early voting (which is a total joke), he would not have won either presidential election. No one should be surprised by his actions or the actions of his administration, not if said actions seem to be of a thug-like nature.
The scandal about the NSA and PRISM is just the latest scandal in what is very much a pattern of abuse of power from Washington in earnest since 9/11 and has been excessively utilized under Obama. It is ironic that Obama criticized the Bush administration for its secrets and hard-line when it came to National Security and now he uses the excuse of National Security to do things that the Bush Administration probably didn’t even dream of. The Patriot Act and various other legislation regarding National Security were allowed to pass with vague wording in order to allow government agencies movement within the laws; but, it also allows very much for abuse under the law. Again, I repeat myself, restricting or disregarding liberties in the name of security is not security at all. And those citizens that would allow their rights to be taken away to have security will find themselves without liberty or safety and they do not deserve either one.
SnowdenAnd while the government can scream NATIONAL SECURITY, like they do every time they want to violate the rights of any person in America or to carry out a drone attack on American citizens and others abroad, they do not seem to see the broader picture. It is one thing, not a very smart thing, to lack moral prowess in handing foreign citizens abroad; but to show complete disregard for the rights of American citizens domestically and abroad, they are telling every other country that they do not have to respect the basic human rights of American citizens either. We show enough hypocrisy in our foreign policy without making that our domestic policy as well.

This isn’t Nazi Germany, yet

Obama White House Lawn Press Conference
“You can’t have 100% security and also then have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience. We’re going to have to make some choices as a society.” -President Obama on NSA surveillance controversy

This concept that the world can and should be 100% secure is ludicrous. Life is not suppose to be without risk or pain or hurt. As the saying goes you cannot have a rainbow without some rain. It is amazing that Americans have become so complacent and straight up lazy that the normal expectation is that the government is responsible for your safety always and that giving up your freedoms and rights that our fore-fathers gave their lives for means so very little now. Benjamin Franklin along with all the other founding fathers are rolling over in their graves and shedding tears of anguish and disappointment. The founding fathers knew that to keep a country free the primary and necessary ingredient was active, informed, involved and motivated citizens. It is this understanding that is the basis for the most famous words “of the people, by the people, for the people.” While most Americans seem to be all about for the people when the person is themselves they seem to have lost the other two parts of the foundation. With knowledge and wisdom our founding fathers in the writing of the Constitution insured that we were to always have the means to keep the government in line.

Apparently our lovely education system is failing in its goal of educating our citizens to take their place in this country as active and informed members of society that keeps our government limited and in check. Of course that is because the public education system in this country is by design and method trying to create socialist subjects of a corrupt, ever expanding government. But that is fodder for a whole other post. Back on track the Constitution was written in a way to limit the federal government. Yes, I am telling you that it a fact, the federal government is supposed to limited. That is to ensure that we never become subjects again but always remain citizens. The preamble of the Constitution states our duties and responsibilities as citizens. Yes, we as citizens have duties and responsibilities and very few of us live up to those responsibilities. As a means for us, the citizens, to fulfill our duties we were given the method and means by which to keep the government in check. They are known as the Bill Of Rights. And there is NEVER a good reason to limit those rights. Once you allow those rights to be limited, especially for the sake of security, you have given up both your rights and your security. The difference is that if you give those rights to the government and not keep them for yourselves then you have just made the whole country weaker and you have helped in the corruption of the government and started the rotting process. When this country fails, you need to stand up tall and proud and say, “Yes, this is my work, this is what I have helped to create.” When your family members are imprisoned for something stupid, do not get upset, remember you wanted your government to keep you 100% safe. When you cannot go to your local library or bookstore and pick up any book of your choice you should feel happy in the realization that you are being protected by your government. When you see nothing bad about the government in the news, cheer for joy cause you wanted to be taken care of like a serf instead of stepping up and acting like a free man.

There are some of you that are reading this and saying, that would never happen here. You sound like the Germans of the 1920’s and 30’s. It can and will happen as long as you ignore your duty and responsibilities to yourself, your family and your country. The only thing that evil needs to flourish is for good men to do nothing. That is exactly what happened in Germany with Hitler. He was charismatic and had all the answers and promised to restore the glory of Germany and to create a job for everyone. He promised to create a perfect, safe society where everyone would go to school, have a job, have a home, be fed. And he started by growing the government to create jobs and then in the schools he taught only what he wanted the children to know and created a subject population that was completely loyal to him. Then he instigated gun registration “for the safety of the society” and created a nation where anyone could be jailed or removed for the most insignificant of offenses. He encouraged neighbors to not be involved but to spy and rat on their neighbors. He created division between the sub-cultures that made up German society. He kept people so focused on little details that even outsiders missed the grand plan until it was too late.
The smart members of society see these same things happening in the name of security and are speaking out and of course the government is going to call them crazy and paranoid, they do not want the masses to see the truth. They want the masses to be so focused on the next new gadget that you just HAVE TO HAVE or else you are no one, so that they can further watch you and control you and label you and know when they will need to contain you. Welcome to 1984 and you have NO ONE to blame, you asked and begged the government to take away your rights and to enslave you, so do not cry out in despair when you are taken away in shackles or when your children are the ones that have turned you in. For you were too busy with your petty money and things collecting to be bothered with being involved in your community and being responsible for your rights and the rights of your family. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND YOUR FAULT! YOU CANNOT SAY YOU DID NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! YOU DID! Doing nothing is more damaging than doing the wrong thing this time.