“There Was NO Global Deluge……”

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The Great Flood is marginalized by many academics which is a shame. The definition of great and or global seems to be what inhibits them from being able to pursue the story that has been remembered by peoples all over the world as more than just a story. I have to say, to be honest I am sometimes surprised that we have managed to learn as much as we have considering how limited the view of academics can be.

There have been various investigations into finding Noah’s flood. There are several major stories that have been used to guide searchers for the proof of this global flood. In addition to Noah, we have the Epic of Gilgamesh, the tales of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the oddities of Tiahuanco. However, sometimes, even the fringe investigators with a focused passion can get as narrow-viewed as the ‘mainstream academics’. Where the academic denies everything that seems to be outside the normal and mundane annals of approved history, the fanatic can do the opposite in that everything points to or proves their passion. Again we are back to the issue that instead of letting the evidence tell us the tale, we tell the tale using only the evidence or part of the evidence that supports our tale or force the evidence to suit us.

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Here is another thought about a great worldwide flood; what if there were several huge regional floods. As we know from the Tsunami of 2004 something that is a non-global event can effect WHOLE cultures and thus be remembered as a culturally global event. Maybe if the same approach or openness is applied to the world’s many flood stories then we can understand more of our pre-history.

One of the main issues that academics point to against the single global flood event is that the dates for Plato’s Atlantis and Biblical Noah and Sumerian Gilgamesh are varied. In my opinion that just makes the search more interesting. Cause now we have the chance to find a global/biblical flood or to find floods that created culturally global memories. If we look at the searches that seekers have made we are given options for how the story or stories might play out.

1) For Noah’s Flood, of which there is a very good book by the same name, there has been research that shows that about 5,450BCE, the Black Sea was roughly 100m lower than today’s shorelines. And there is an almost perfect death line in the depths where differing waters collided.

2) For Atlantis there seems to be evidence of sudden flooding with the collapse of an inland lake due to the ending of the last Ice Age, in what is present day Canada about 9,500BCE, which corresponds exactly with Plato’s account.

3) As for oddities like Tiahuanco, which could date from about 11000 – 15000 years ago based on mathematical and astronomical calculations, there is the collapse of Lake Livingston in frozen North American that could have been the first flooding at the ‘end’ of the last Ice Age or more specifically the end of the Older Dryas.

These are just a few of the mysteries that can be explored to give us new and amazing insight into what might have been before our accepted history, or even what might have led to what we consider our accepted history.