Qatar goes public….

Protesting Qua tar terrorism funding
So there is a new public bank roller for terrorists and we support them….Big Surprise…NOT!!
For those of you who do not know what or where Qua tar is; it is a small monarchy in the Persian Gulf. Their citizens have basically no freedoms or rights, but they are our ally cause they allow us to operate a base on their land. They are not promoters of democracy that would threaten their position in their country. But they have been bank rolling most of the Arab Spring and then some. The Taliban has opened “offices” in of all places…..Qua tar! The Muslim Brotherhood receives money in Egypt and Libya. They are bankrolling the activities of the rebels in Syria, including sending fighters into Syria to fight along side all the other terrorists that have poured in from all over the world. It was Qua tar that supported the UN report condemning Hezbollah fighting with the Syrian Army. Qua tar apparently feels that it is in a position to be the new big player in the Middle East and their personal history and recent actions show that will be a dangerous thing for the people in the region. The only thing that Qua tar has done that can come close to being called a good or positive thing is 21 improvement projects in the Gaza Strip of Palestine. The dangerous issue with their good will is that it is carried out with bad intentions. They know what we Americans still don’t understand, in the poorest most desperate places in the world…..loyalty can be bought.
Qua tar makes public statements about moving to more democracy, which when you really have none than even words on public statements are a “move” toward democracy, yet the scheduled elections keep getting put off. It is a Sunni Muslim state which uses Sunni law in most matters. While Qua tar does allow its foreigners to practice their faiths in “private”, as they are allowed to have their own places of worship as long as the buildings do not show any religious symbols or affiliation externally, most citizens practiceΒ Wahhabism.