D Day +70 years

Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. And this post should be about honoring the honorable, brave men that stormed the beaches and eventually fought their way to Berlin. My problem is that it seems that their service to once great nations was in vain.

The Government is ShutDown but Special Forces are Working Overtime

In the last couple days the headlines have been touting the successes of US Special Forces Operations in Africa. It is amazing that we have the money to fund more than the basic running of the military services while we are shut down. It is also amazing that there were Special Forces in Libya to take down a terror cell, which I hope was not in control in a government capacity else we have attacked the sovereignty of another country (oh wait we are the US we do not care about the independence of other nations if they are not following our demands): yet, we could not protect our own embassy staff while they were under attack for hours. Even under Clinton we showed more courage and selflessness.

Navy Yard Shooting Exposes Real Government Failing

What happened yesterday at the Naval Yard, should not be reason for more control. It should be an argument for the fact that had military personnel, which are properly trained in the handling of firearms would have been armed they would have been in a position to prevent the event or severely limit the amount of damage that was done. Why were these military personnel not armed on a military installation? The answer is that then President Clinton issued an Executive Order that prohibited the carrying of firearms by trained military personnel on military installations. With this decision there is NO common sense allowed to react to events.

Something TOTALLY New,

a book review. Actually this is more a strong recommendation if you care about anyone who puts their lives, not only on hold, but, on the line in defense of this nation and her people.  The book, The Good Soldiers written by David Finkel, a staff writer for The Washington Post, is a gritty, in your face look at current warfare.